(Update: Time’s Up) Contest: Win A myCharge Battery Backup Unit And Never Worry About Low Battery Again

Update: Time’s up folks, we’ll post the winners shortly!

Do you worry about low battery life? Have you ever found yourself with a dead phone right when you need it most? I know I have and thanks to my recent of review of the myCharge Peak 6000, the folks at myCharge want to make sure you don’t worry about battery life again. With our data consumption on smartphones increasing faster than battery life, there have been far too many days in my life that I’ve found myself reaching for a charger long before the day is over. We hope that technology catches up to data hungry needs in the future, but for now companies like myCharge are doing their part to keep you constantly charged.

So here’s the deal, this contest is short, sweet and easy: Tell us the worst thing that’s ever happened to you because of a dead cell phone battery.

I’ve racked my brain trying to think of my worst case scenario and honestly, I’ve got nothing. I’m sure there are plenty of times I’ve had some notable moment with a dead smartphone, but I can’t think of anything. I’m sure it’ll come to me later, after I’ve already posted this.

On a separate note, thanks to my total rockstar status I’ll be running the very same contest on DroidDog.com and TodaysiPhone.com giving you six total chances to win.

Be sure to check out the myCharge.com website and take a look around.

The Prize: 

  • One first place winner will receive a myCharge Summit 3000 rechargeable battery pack.
  • One runner-up will receive a myCharge Voyage 1000 or myCharge Sojourn 1000 depending on smartphone preference.

How To Enter: 

  • Leave a comment that states the worst thing that has ever happened to you because of a dead cell phone battery. All replies must be original and will be checked against various internet sites to make sure originality.
  • All comments must be left by 5pm EST on Friday, October 12th.

Winner Selection: 

  • The contest will run for a full 24 hour period with winners being selected by the sole discretion of TmoNews staff.
  • The winning contestant will be notified via email, so please leave your email addresses in the comment of via your Disqus login.


  • Open to legal residents of the United States, age 18 and older. Do not take part in the contest if you are not physically in the United States at time of entry. Sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law.

Prize Value: 

  • myCharge Summit 3000: $79.99
  • myCharge Voyage 1000/Sojourn 1000: $39.99

Rules & Regulations:

  • Only one entry per person
  • TmoNews reserves the right to disqualify any entrants for any reason, including but not limited to: submitting multiple entries, creating multiple accounts to enter, adjusting initial comment, any act to circumvent the standard rules or process for the purpose of winning.
  • If the winner does not acknowledge the winning announcement email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected as a replacement.
  • Actual shipment will arrive via FedEx or UPS with by a date to be determined.
  • In the event of sabotage, acts of God, terrorism or threats thereof, computer virus or other events or causes beyond the Sponsor’s control, which corrupt the integrity, administration, security or proper operation of the Promotion, TmoNews reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify entrants and/or modify, cancel or suspend the Promotion.
  • The Promotion Entities expressly disclaim any responsibility and entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless TmoNews from and against any and all claims, actions, demands and/or liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever relating to or arising in connection with participation in this Promotion (regardless of the cause of such injury, damage or loss) and/or the delivery and/or subsequent use or misuse of any of the prizes awarded.

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  • jonathan3579

    The worst thing to ever happen to me when my battery died is that I was locked out of my house, couldn’t call any friends, and ran out of gas because I couldn’t check the card amount remaining. The worst part… This was only 2 weeks ago.

  • Oscar Dominguez

    It just happened I was unable to record President Obama at the University of Miami because my Galaxy Nexis battery died !

  • Ali Ataya

    After I got off the bus, my Galaxy s 4g was completely drained. I needed to call my friend to pick me up but I had no way of communicating with him. I had to walk,in the rain, to the nearest store and ask them to use their phone. After some hesitation, the women finally let me use the store phone. I then called me friend but he didn’t answer. In the end, I walked 2.5 miles to the nearest bus and finally found a bus that would drop me off close to my home. Thanks phone battery.

  • sapphiraa

    it didnt say where to leave the comment so ill leave it here. the worst thing to ever happen to me from a dead cell battery is that i couldnt listen to my music when riding in the car and was bored fro about an hour and a half to 2 hours….i almost died of boredom of nothing good on the radio and no internet access for internet radio/youtube/games/etc.

  • Louie Tsang

    worst thing while the phone back then werent power hungry as they are now was me going to school in Manhattan when 9/11 happened and i couldnt call my mom to let her know i was alright… i wasted all my batteries playing snake on the old nokia on the subway… fml… eventually i got to a pay phone a few hours later tho.

  • Joel Morales

    Worst thing that has happened was having my cell phone battery drain right before my little brother graduated from Marine boot camp in San Diego.

  • Ashlee

    My phone died and I had to actually sit through all day of classes without Scrabble, Facebook or any communication from the outside world! It felt like forever LOL While my instructors probably appreciated it… my sanity did not :)

  • eevon

    I was having bad stomach cramp during pregnancy and almost black out. My husband did not answer my phone call and my phone battery died on me too :S

  • Law

    When my battery died, i was stuck in an unknown street and do not know where to go next…

  • bydavidrosen

    I was stuck at a really boring party with no phone to play on. Help!

  • ian g.

    Watched MDNA last night with my with wife, I would have loved to take more videos and pictures of the concert but half way through the concert my phone battery was at 10%…

  • Tree Nguyen

    The worst thing was that my phone died when I was using my phone for navigation in the middle of no where! And it took me like 3-4hrs to get back to where I go and got pulled over by a cop… :/

  • dianeredcay

    OMGoodness after being on the phone for an hour waiting & listening to boring music to open my employment they finally answer & my phone went DEAD I could have cried my ear & hand were so sore.I need to keep my battery CHARGED

  • Jimmy

    I live my RV on theroad 6 months of the year, once my car charger was going out and I broke down on the highway with my pets in the summer heat and with like 3% power. I called roadside assistance but the phone died before I got past being on hold for a real person…….. So after an hour or so of trying to get someone with a phone to stop and help I remember my old phone was in my glove box, a quick sim change out and my old phone had just enough juice left to call and get a tow truck in rought

  • Brent

    car brokedown in the middle of nowhere + dead phone = long long walk… sucked!

  • Brandyn Rodriguez

    Worst thing that happened to me was that I was on my first out of state trip to California from Texas and me and family went to Disneyland. I was usin my phone to take pictures of the amazing time that I was having when my phone dies after being there for 3 hours. I went to the charging station that they have for $2 an hour but of course the machine was down and wouldn’t take my credit card. So in the end I lost out of many memories Disney parades and all the crazy things that one would love to have memories of.

  • Kenneth J Pawlik Jr.

    ,Worst ever… Traveling to visit friends in North Texas, bad traffic = accident. During calling police, home, friends, and family, battery dies. Get rental car and back on road, boom hit another car that stopped suddenly. No cell, no charger, no removable battery (One S) ; thankfully the person I hit graciously let me use their cell to call for additional assistance again! Lesson… Always carry a back up charger!

  • For four days (since i didn’t have a UK charger) I couldn’t call my friends and family, when i first came to study in UK. It was a nightmare.

  • Phillip

    Worst thing that happened to me was when my father died. I was actually at a football game and my battery died from being used to check scores and such. So, I was with all my friends, my father died in afternoon caused by a car accident. To make is worse, I actually had a voicemail from him about an hour before it happened. I missed my last opportunity to speak to my father because a dead battery.

    • Tyberious

      I was going to post my story about being locked out of my condo building, in winter, wearing nothing but pants.
      But give it to this guy. His story made me shed a manly tear.

  • I was stuck on a backpacking trip and my T-Mobile G2 which I use for music on the trail had a dead battery half way through. Boring day with no music.

  • achusaysblessyou

    Halfway through a phone interview, luckily I was at home so I just hooked it back up and blamed it on a dropped signal :p

  • thepanttherlady

    Worst thing (that comes to mind as worst anyway) was hitting traffic on the way home (gotta love SoCal traffic :/) and couldn’t call the YMCA where my kids were to let them know I was stuck in traffic. Policy is if you’re X amount of minutes late, they try an emergency contact then they call the police to pick the kids up.
    I have a 1988 Pathfinder and the cigarette lighter doesn’t work so no charger. :(

  • Pretty much i had a date to go too she had texted me her address i was on my way to pick her up and my phone died :( yup you can imagine how that sucked!! and she was HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Qing Quan Jiang

    Last time when I was in a foreign country with my girlfriend and We got separated in a busy city area with a cellphone that has no battery. All because I was taking pictures, browsing the web, and playing games on it.

  • I had gotten a job interview in Seattle (where I now live) while I was unemployed in Las Vegas (like everybody else). My phone died shortly after arriving in Seattle and along with it died all the details of my interview (address, time, interviewer, contact info etc). I didn’t know anyone in Seattle and had left my charger and laptop at home and ended up having to ask people for directions the good ol’ fashioned way. I ended up miraculously showing up right on time (15 mins early) and got the job on the spot. Now I always travel with spare batteries!

  • Keisha Shivers

    My phone died while I was out of town for the weekend. My only device for communication was the hotel phone and my Google address book. I couldn’t even call my my mother to tell her when my flight landed.

  • DeBo

    Missed a chance to go to the world series 2010 because my phone was dead

  • StarMenace

    I was in Chicago with my wife on a vacation. We were walking down Michigan Ave when we came up to Louis Vuitton. I was like, “Let’s check it out!” My wife said, “We can’t even afford to go inside.” So, we ended up going inside anyway. While in the store, there were a couple of gangster-looking guys that walked in. I thought I recognized one of them but my wife said, “They’re going to rob the store, let’s get out!” She was literally terrified but as we started out the door it finally dawned on me where I knew one of the guys from. It was Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls! I walked over to meet him and asked to take a picture with him. He said sure… I whipped out my trusty HTC One S to snap a pic, after a full day of taking hundreds of shots… Lo and behold, the battery was dead, my wife had her phone in the hotel room, and I have no proof that I met Derrick Rose in Louis Vuitton. It was embarrassing and shameful.

  • Adam

    One night in the dead of a very cold Chicago winter, my phone died after I had been dropped off at the wrong address of a new friend. Since I had no way to call my ride back, I had to climb up the side of a house to plug my cell phone into their extension cord which was connected to a chain of Christmas lights. Normally, I would have plugged it into a nearby house outlet but they were all frozen solid and I couldn’t plug it in. I’m pretty short so once I got down and had the phone plugged in, I had to find cinder blocks to stand on just to reach the length of the cord hanging down. The whole time I must have looked crazy because I was standing in a stranger’s driveway, hooked up to their Christmas lights trying to turn my cell phone back on.

  • Monday

    I went on vacation to New York and everyday we went out to see the city, after taking pictures for an hour with my sensation my battery would die.

  • I went to drop off 8 boxes of paperwork (yes 8) for a client, half way there I realize my phone is dead, so I stop off find a store and buy a charger, I get in the car start driving and open the charger at the next light, plugin…. nothing. I drive back change the charger for a diff one, same issue. my GS II refuses to charge from the generic car chargers and theres no place nearby or on the way with chargers that are different. so I find a payphone and realize I dont have quarters, I goto a store, buy a drink and get quarters then find a payphone, call work, where they call the client and he calls someone else to come get the papers from me. since I had to leave the car in the street and get the boxes to their buildings rear delivery entrance I had to keep them from getting wet, the only way for that was to remove my jacket and keep it on the boxes. 25 minutes waiting in the rain for the guy to come find me and tell me I could have waited up front in the lobby. 2.5 hours total for a 20 minute thing, and soaked to the bones…. wish I had a charger at that point.

  • Scott R

    I was about 10 minutes from a deadline to get information to a potential client in order to secure a winning bid on a contract, when my phone died. I was nowhere near a place to charge it and did not have a back up battery. Because I couldn’t make the call in time, I missed the deadline and lost a $75,000 deal. I now carry 2 phones with extra batteries because I am not going to lose out on that kind of money again!

  • gary carmona

    The worst thing that happened to me was when I had to traveling to a friends house and I was getting directions via my phone and I had no charger or anything so I was driving for 12 hours on the parkway trying to find out where I was going.

  • Jim Yee

    Every time my mom calls me when my battery dies, she starts to panic. After a few failed calls, she would literally contact the world to see if they can reach me or if they have seen me. At that moment, my mom thinks the worst and thinks that something bad has happened to me or I’m dead…The second I charge my phone, I get several phone calls and text messages asking me where I am and about how worried sick they were about me… The worst part about is that my mom gives me a whole lecture about it and I get in trouble… oh parents

  • The worst thing to ever happen to me and oh boy was it the worst was when I was driving home with my 5 month old daughter on a raining night and my phone was nearly dead. Then my left tire blew-out causing me to pull over on the expressway, and I tried to change on the spare, which I couldn’t because my dad had my jack. I called him no answer I called my fiance at the time and nothing. Then I tried to call a tow truck and my phone died, this is where everything went down hill, My daughter got fussy started crying I was soaking wet from being outside the vehicle looking for my spare. The vehicle was near a low ditch so cars that went by threw water on me and my vehicle then i had to push the car slowly to avoid further damage to the rim of the wheel. After 2 hours I finally got help from expressway Help trucks and got my spare put on, but even before that once the fellow who help put tire back in the trunk he close the trunk door on my hand which was in the the wedge. The worse night I can remember all thanks to my phone battery dieing, Oh i forgot to mention there was a point where my phone after dieing fell out my pocket and into the highway puddle and even with the rice remedy I had to eventually trash the phone. Oberoi587@gmail.com

  • Mark Traverso

    just today i missed a job interview, because my battery died. If I had a mycharge I would not have had to look like an idiot and had to reschedule the interview

  • Worst thing to happen to me was I was about to leave to go to work. I locked all the doors to the house and walked out to the car when i realized I left my keys hanging on the wall. So i tried to call my roommate to tell them to come home and open the door for me, but in the middle of me asking them my phone died. So I ended up being 2 hours late for work with no phone to call for help.

  • ZeroPeaches

    The worst thing that happened while my phone died is when I was stuck on the toilet at work with no toilet paper and couldnt call anyone. Sat there for a good a good 45 mins yelling for someone to help, which ended up being my supervisor, needless to say she was not happy with me for being gone so long.

    • Tbyrne

      Just like Eric’s story below don’t cha think?

  • SiTiNo

    worse thing that happened to me was i met a girl in the club, got her number we texted for a that night, next night received a text from her saying come to my place with a pack of condoms, i got no car so i had to take transportation and while on the train my stupid phone died while in my pocket, when i took out to read the text to see her address once more its when i noticed the damn thing wouldn’t turn on, that’s just horrible, wasted money on condoms, transportation, and got no sex cuz i couldn’t remember her number to call from a pay phone if i can even find one of those around anymore and i couldn’t remember her street address, my galaxy s3 is now also having problems with the battery but its still holding up pretty good but this backup battery will be great just in case

  • Outrager

    I’ve actually never had that problem. But when my phone battery is low I don’t play any games so the worst is probably just me being bored.

  • Fell off my motorcycle in the middle of nowhere, so of course, my phone starts to roam because it had no service. The battery was low and my phone died in 20 minutes. Luckily, someone came to help but didn’t have a phone. He drove us about 2 miles away from the fall site and then we were stopping cars to use their phone. We stopped about 5 cars until one actually let us use there phone. It was the middle of nowhere so 5 cars took about an hour. We called AAA and they towed me to my apartment. I got home, plugged in my phone and saw a bunch of text from my girlfriend which was now mad at me because she has been trying for a few hours to get a hold of me and couldn’t. To sum it all up: I was hurt, phone less, and had a mad girlfriend. What a wonderful day.

  • Helen Wagner

    Was attending a conference with a co-worker in March in Alabama. We were at a wooded state park, for fun , staying in a cabin on the lake, for a mountain view. At 3am that night, a tremendous storm came through, with howling wind and rain. The force of the wind was causing the rain to come in through the window seals. It went pitch black, and it was frightfully scary. My phone battery was out of juice. ( Her phone was broken and she had not replaced it yet. ) I would have loved to have had some light from it and to call my husband, and check the weather. It turns out that a tornado had passed over us, and had hit the ground 1/4 mile from us. We were able to borrow a phone from others in an adjoining cabin, but it was soooo dark and spooky until sunrise! I would have loved to have had a MyCharge!

  • Guest
  • I obsessively stay on top of it, often running late because of charging my phone, so worse i’ve experienced is riding the train with no music

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    worst for me is at a good concert being front row and running out of battery. this week i was watching DEV here in ABQ and i would have gotten the whole thing on video if it hadn’t been for my battery running down and shutting off. i got some good shots but i missed the end and of course my HTC One S doesn’t have a switchable battery :(

  • Victor Contreras

    Worst Thing that ever happen to me was back in college, UTEP, my CBR954RR’s just didn’t wanna start. I tried popping the clutch and jumping it but no dice.it was around 8PM. at the time i had my not so trusty CliqXT. I figured i can call my dad who is a mechanic and he could check it out for me and get it going at least to my house, which is directly up and over the franklin mountains next to UTEP. Well my phone was so dead it wouldn’t even try to turn on. So i figured screw it i’ll trek it home. well while i reached the top i found out we have mountain lions that sometimes wander close to the suburb. I saw a pretty large lion like figure walking down in front of me towards the houses at the base and disappear into the yards. i didn’t really want to go back the other way since i was already halfway home so i kept on my descent. after i reached the base of the mountains my house was about 8 blocks away so i figured im safe, almost there and i did make!!!, i know anti-climactic

  • mnaz105

    I was at the times square TMobile store during that find the elf contest to win $1,000 and a Galaxy S2. It was me and two other people getting ready to tweet to win. Let’s just say, the other two got their tweets in and i was holding a dead paper weight. Worst feeling ever to have your battery die when you need it most.

  • I couldn’t utilize my mobile coupon for a free meal at Fridays.

  • Stranded, locked out with a broken down car and nobody around for a mile. Sucked.

  • Guest

    Long story short…..Worst thing that happened to me was missing out on the birth of my twin daughters because i had a dead battery on my phone.

  • guest

    (All comments must be left by 5pm EST on Thursday, October 12th.) Hey David… Oct. 12th would be friday. Just thought i would let u know.

  • Travis Faulkner

    My first two years of college were at the US Coast Guard Academy and during the winter of my sophomore year I got stuck in snowy traffic in Boston visiting my girlfriend. As with most things military the Academy had a strict policy about returning from leave on time. Before I could call to let the Officer of the Day know I couldn’t get back in time, my cell battery had died and I had no way to call. By the time I got back to the Academy Monday morning they had already begun AWOL paper work on me and I could have been arrested. It was not a good day!!!

  • eeriephenomenon

    Sitting on the toilet, ran out of toilet paper, no battery to call for help! :'(

  • Steve Snyder

    My phone is like an appendage and when it dies, I feel disconnected from the world. The worst incident was during a major deployment at work, and I was traveling from home to work and was in the middle of giving an update to Sr mgmt, when the phone died. Unfortunately, I did not have a car charger with me, so I could not power up the phone and was unable to give an update until I arrived at work 20 minutes later. I was embarrassed and vowed to never let that happen again by buying a second battery for my phone and always having a charger in my car. This would give me that added comfort for power when I am not near a power source, but need the phone.

  • Missed my own surprise bday party because my battery died.

  • I don’t even know where to start with this… Lol you DEF should have consulted me for scenarios when it comes dead battery nightmares. I have had more than my fair share of drained battery drama… :( the absolute WORST thing EVER that happened to me occured last year. I was attending Thanksgiving dinner and my family choose to dine at this lodge way up in the middle of the mountians at this beautiful, but isolated resturaunt. After the meal we said our goodbyes and parted ways, using my phone’s GPS to get to the location and social networking during the dull parts of the gathering lead my battery to be in it’s red state and OF COURSE I did not bring a charger. I’m trying to recall by memory my way to naviagate home paying attention to road signs, but NOT seeing that deer that casually jumped out in front of my lil VW causing me to scream and turn the wheel to avoid hitting Bambi :( … And I succeeded, I did NOT hit the adorable doe… I did, however manage to hit that oak tree on the shoulder of the road…. (I may have hit a few actually but it was the one in the middled of my bumper that caused the issue) anyways, after prying free from the air bags (and what a horriffic smell that is by the way) and getting myself out of the car so that I could weep at the damages my beautiful Dub had endured and some moderate cursing on my part, I grabbed my cell phone to call for help and low and behold DEATH. Nothing. I pressed that power button, and just a lil flicker… I even took out the battery, got religious, ya know said a lil prayer and crossed my fingers, promising my first unborn child, ect… I did it all but nothing. So there I was in the 40degree weather on Thanksgiving day in the middle of the mountians somewhere in PA w/no one in sight. (Thoughts of The Hills Have Eyes and Deliverance not far from my mind) my cell phone battery completely dead. My beloved BlackBerry 9900 :( all juiced out…. I had to sit there for nearly FIVE hours until some1 FINALLY happened to drive by and saw the mess that was my car myself… Def NOT fun times… One of the worst holidays of my life AND made sooooo much worse by the fact the my battery had died and I had no back up…. If I won this I WOULD def make a habit of carting it around w/me, afterall the myCharge seems like an accessory that is not only helpful and practical but stylish too … I DEF NEED this :) Everyone does actually lol never know when Bambi will strike again… :/ -Ashley Email: x.Techn0sexual.x@gmail.com

  • nycplayboy78

    I was stranded two years ago and I left my car charger at home and I was on the phone with AAA for help and the phone died on me…I was LAWD…Good thing a Good Samaritan came by and helped me out and called AAA for me and all was well…

  • joeyd

    Well to sum it up quickly my wife still holds a grudge with me cause she was at the grocery store n her water broke she had the ambulance take her to the hospital I was at home with a dead battery playing call of duty and didn’t even know it. my mother in law came banging on the door by the time I got to the hospital I missed the birth of my daughter. Now she is prego again and this will definitely keep me out of the dog house

  • Diamond Prince

    The worst thing to ever happen to me is when me and 2 friends went to san fransisco for gay pride and there were no hottels available so we had to sleep in our car our phones died so in the morning we went to a mcDonalds and we seen a outlet behind a fake tree so we charged our phones for about 30 min then the Manager found it and asked us to leave. We left and as we walked for a wile I was on my phone it died after some time. I busy looking for an outlet that I lost them or they lost me lol it took us 4 hours to find each other there phones were charged a lil but since I have a android it dies fast and takes forever to charge :/ if I was to have the mycharge battery It would have totally changed our day and we would have had more time to gave fun thoes 4 hours it took me to find them so please pick my I really really need a mycharge battery….

  • Tmobile man

    The worst thing that happened when my phone ran out of juice was when my best friend, who I consider my brother, was in a car crash in another state and I did not have the ability to get a hold of his family to check on his status etc. I was at my college campus without a charged phone due to frequent calls to his mother, and I was left wondering if he was okay or not and that was a horrible time to go through.

  • A Marks

    My daughter was literally taking her first steps so I took out my phone to capture a video just to see if go to 0% battery and shut off! sadly, we didn’t get a video of that precious moment! :-(


  • me

    The worst thing that happened to me was.
    I was waiting for a very important call back for a job in a different state. I was driving on the freeway when the call came in and seen I was at 18% battery life. I was talking to the interviewer and looking for the charger when my phone DIED!
    I couldn’t find my charger and to wait until I got off the highway.
    Needless to say I didn’t get the job!

  • medrock

    Big fan of tmonews, this would do me a lot of good, loved the review

  • Enzowned

    My phone was dying as I headed to the E.R. in an ambulance, alone. It died throughout my time there, and my conversation cut short with my mom. Not a huge deal, but she was worried.

  • bleeew

    The worst to happen to me was telling a story though a text message, which was 6 texts long, and the battery died and had to restart the text, and all the multitasking I was doing(research, youtube..). I was disconnected from the world and needed a charget, and it was the longest 2 hours ever.

  • Heading back home last winter break from college and my cell phones dies which wasn’t a problem but living in Fresno which is full of farms you are driving miles with no traffic and we only have 2 neighbors that take that road which is about 13 miles long so almost half thru my piece of crap car with no cigarette lighter for car charger stops…so long story short ended up freezing my butt off walking for an hour instead of being able to call for a ride!

  • shack180

    The worst thing that happen to me when my phone battery died was when I had my mytouch 4g . I was on a road trip / bike run to vegas when my back tire blew out and spun out and tossed to off of it . My my leg was scraped to the flesh it hurt like a mother . But I dragged myself to my back pack to get my cellphone to call triple A and my wife . But it did not go as planned my dam battery was dead I was out their for 5 hrs before someone drove by and helped me to the hospital. . Thank god I had water and a bandanna for my leg I still have that dam scar till this day 5 hours in 108 heat .long store short if my cellphone battery was not dead I wouldn’t have been stuck .smh that’s why I would love to win so I will always have a extra charge with me .

  • will

    phone battery and car battery died while on a road trip during snowstorm had to wait and flag down someone for help

  • javaman83

    I use my phone as my gps. At the time I was using a T-Mobile G2. A fuse had gone out in my car during a road trip, causing my accessory plugs not to work. I was at Riot Fest East 2001 in Philly, and was going to the aftershow at The TLA. My phone died as I was getting ready to go between venues. My wife had about 4% on her G2, so we were able to write down the directions, but for a minute we thought we were going to be stranded in Philly.

  • Micah Madru

    We got lost on the way to devil’s punch bowl because my battery died and it was my navigation. It was a school function and we ended up having to ask someone traveling by where the closest gas station was because we were low on gas too! That was a good waste of an hour driving aimlessly.

  • 30014

    I missed out on a late night hook up back in the day because my g1 battery died on me. She was someone i had been chasing for a while to. It’s all good though, i eventually got her.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

    Thursday (today) is October 11th, Friday October 12th.

  • The worst time my phone died was two years ago, I had just turned 18 and decided it was time for my first road trip. I decided it would be no biggie because I could use google maps and not worry about the battery because I had a car charger. Yeah well the car charger stopped working while i was in the middle of who knows where and my phone died and I had no way of knowing where to go. Yeah it sucked.

  • aznproah

    Never had a worst case scenario but I’d always get really frustrated when I look at my phone after work and it shows it has a decent amount of life left. But after I start to text, it’d die and not turn back on.

  • Aaron Burke

    A few years ago, I was leading a top-secret team of super soldiers (being the superest of them all, of course) to defeat a mad scientist’s plot to enslave the world (like you do). As per usual in these type of missions, everything was going perfectly to plan, and we were getting bored. …Nah, just kidding. These things never go according to plan. Have you ever tried to plan for every possible outcome of a mad scientist’s scheme? It’s impossible I tell you. They’re called MAD SCIENTISTS for a reason!

    Anyway, so there we were, half my team was busy fighting off killer robot scorpions with lasers for tails, and the other half was fighting off gigantic mutant starfish with kung-fu skills. Don’t ask. We succeeded in fending off the abominations and made our way to the scientist’s inner sanctum. Unbeknownst to me, my CO had been trying to call me for several minutes. As you may have guessed, however, my phone was dead.

    Turns out we had the wrong place. We accidentally invaded Stephen Hawking’s vacation home. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll get over it eventually.

  • alexthegreat

    So I was talking to my mom on the phone. We were kind of arguing. So anyways my phone out of nowhere vibrated and turned off. My mom hates it when I hang up on her. So I ended up with a dead phone and a slap in the face (it hurt), and on top of that she took my dead phone. (This is like the FML website now lol)

  • The worst thing that happened while my battery was dead was not being to able to find my crew in the middle of Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas and having to hitch hike a ride back home because I wasn’t able to find them in between 100,000 people.

  • BIGG13

    About a month and a half ago my family and I went to see one of my brothers graduate from basic training at Ft. Benning. Upon entering Houston we took the HOV lane and got stuck in a humongous traffic jam. The two phones in the vehicle were dead so we could not contact HPD or anyone else and ended up walking over two miles back telling all the vehicles to start backing up so we could all get out. By the time we were had reached the last car officials had already came in the opposite end and removed a broken down car and we were stuck walking back to our vehicle with several angry people waiting for us to return to our vehicle and move.

  • Lost a job offer….

  • The worst thing that happened to me while my battery was dead , hm. I missed a call from one of my potential customers and that onset a poor start of communications.

  • Worst thing that happened to me was my battery died when I was in nj and was lost. I couldn’t use my maps and no one to contact. Had to walk for hours before I found a train anywhere. Smh i hate dead batteries lol

  • Capt. Red Beard

    The worst thing to happen to me was on a day the
    world was against me and my phone decided to take sides with the world. I
    live in San Antonio Texas and drive to Austin twice a week for work. On
    this day of days which I thought I had planned out, (had a meeting with the big
    wigs and a presentation) from my clothes (pressed and laid out), presentation
    (slides and graphics all set) and even the jokes I would use to break the ice
    (lame now that I think about them). All my planning went out the window
    starting with the time I woke up. 9am: The
    baby is crying, and find out a power outage killed my alarm clock, at this
    point I’m good the meeting is not until noon and thought I still have plenty of
    time… my wife feeds the baby while I got ready. Once I’m done wife asks me to hold the baby
    while she makes me breakfast…. Baby spits up: Shirt ruined, I have to go iron
    another shirt. Still not too bad, just need to hurry it’s an hour and half
    drive for me and I still need to coordinate with my team to make sure all
    is well. Roughly 10:15: I leave
    the house and figure I have just enough time to get there and go over things to
    make sure it’s all falling in line… 11:03: Half way there the car dies out on me in
    San Marcos. This is just not my day everything is working against me
    (later my wife tells me the battery light had been coming on, I take her car to
    save gas and only drive it those two days of the week) it is at this
    point in time I realize “I’m not going to make it”. This is
    whack!!!! I call my boss and tell him the situation and he tells me “That
    sucks…. OK”. We figure I can just call in to the meeting and I
    could go through the slides since I had my laptop with my part of the
    presentation which I had sent to him the day before; Way to improvise!!!
    It is at that point that my phone beeps with 10% battery power left.
    You say “no problem just use the car charger”, right?
    Wrong, I plugged it in and waited for the meeting to start. I called in
    pushed the conference number and ID to join. The meeting starts and the
    normal banter ensues about five minutes in the agenda starts rolling and after some
    announcements and one other presentation it was my teams turn to present and I
    was up first. “With that I’ll turn
    it over to the Reports and Analysis Team”, my phone went dead and from
    what I hear I was the only one on the phone for the meeting and all they heard
    was a dial tone after our introduction. The good thing is I had my notes
    on the instructor portion of the slides so my team could go off of them once
    they realized I was not coming back on the line. This happened a few
    weeks ago and I get “o ooo” when I call in from the San Antonio office
    for a meeting, perhaps I won’t live it down and hope this series of events was just
    an anomaly. So the question goes back as to why my phone did not charge
    with the car charger. The issue with the car was that the alternator went out
    and the car was using the battery to run on, once the juice in the battery went
    out the car shut down and had no place to draw a charge from. It seemed so practical and a perfect solution
    to my dilemma but I was so pre-occupied with slides that my foolishness did not
    occur to me. This may not be
    disaster like you faced David but to me this perfect storm was out to get me.

  • I was at cedar point this past august with my two friends. My mother and my friends mother were about to leave us as we split up (We are all 18 they are much older). We promised we would call them around a certain time to meet for dinner or what not. So we split and I wandered into the Millennium force line with us after a few rides and it was 3pm, we said wed eat around 4:30 and the line a hour wait, not bad. We got bored and started playing games and sharing pictures and just average things you would do with a smart phone while bored. My friends Iphone died and my friends droid 2 and my Htc G2 both had low battery. Our phones were about two years old at this time and the battery would not last for more than a few hours. So as we go on the ride and got off It started raining and we figured we would walk back to room. It was 4:15ish and it stopped raining but most of the lines got shorter so we went into the maverick line which said 30 minutes. This was short. We got off and it as around 5:30. Our phones dead and to my thinking I would have suspected my mom to just go eat by herself. But my friends mom freaked out and thought we were abducted (may I remind you we are 18) and a group of workers asked our names and we told them. They sighed with relief and told us this story and how everyone was looking out for us. I laughed and when we got back to the room after dinner we each had about 20 missed calls.

  • justinglen

    the worst thing that happened when my phone died: i was forced to interact with people in real life.

  • Tequila

    A dead phone battery is better than google googles!

  • My Vibrant cant last more than a few hours between a charge, better now with CM9, but stock it was horrible. Battery died when at the Pogues concert and died when at the Cocksparrer concert. I blame it for making me get blind drunk both times.

  • theycallmemrdo

    One time, I was getting this girls number. and when we were half way there, her phone turned off due to the dead battery. after that, she did not remember her phone number and i never saw her again. :(

  • Andrew G

    There was a time when I was in Boston and we were starving and had already made plans to go this to this one restaurant where they had the best wings ever in the area. I used my phone as a GPS since Boston area has a weird road structure that even the GPS had to reroute over and over again. It was a fair distance to the location and half way through the battery died, we had an address and idea of where it was yet we spent too long to find the place. So we ended up getting pizza, my body/appetite never forgave me for it since.

  • This always happens to most of us. I usually save my juice so it will last me throughout the day. But most of the time I ended up with 30% or more when I arrive home. At some time I was confident enough to use my phone extensively like browsing, playing games or configuring stuff in the middle of the day. Only to end up needing the battery later that day because I got stock in the middle of the road with a flat tire or emergency use of navigation because I made that detour to nowhere. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this kind of battery situation. But this is the commonly worst thing to smartphone users like me.

  • TMoFan

    I forgot to charge my G2 the night before yesterday and it died in the afternoon. Since I don’t wear a watch anymore I was completely lost and found myself constantly checking the black screen of my dead phone as I tried my best to make an appointment and my classes later in the evening.

  • sargas

    I guess most of this isn’t completely verifiable, but http://goo.gl/jYkYF is a part of it. I was on a date that ran pretty late, carrying my first smartphone (Openmoko Neo Freerunner). The battery life was nothing to brag about, and I missed calls/texts throughout the night that something had happened to a friend of both me and the girl I was with. When I got home late, I was still a little restless, so I drove to a grocery store without thinking to recharge my phone enough to check. When I came back, my sister told me what she heard on Facebook, and so I charged enough to get the rush of voicemails and texts. The statements I had made to the linked newspaper were when I was still a little dazed the next day, after sleeping during the day having been out all night with people also in some level of shock. I went back to my trusty Motorola V195 for the rest of that night, since some things were more important then having a dead smartphone.

  • JNicole

    The worst thing that ever happened to me when my phone died… A potential love lost…

    There was this man who’s name I will say was Josh and we went on a few dates but I ended up taking my ex-boyfriend back, so I basically dissed Josh to get back together with him (big mistake). I didn’t do it to be a jerk, I just was still in love with my ex and he suckered me in. I always regretted that decision because I ended up getting dumped by the ex- boyfriend anyway and Josh was a sweet, mature and cute guy who I genuinely did feel a connection with…

    Several months after I got dumped by the ex, Josh and I reconnected and became cool again, but we didn’t talk very often. So one day I had planned to go to Philadelphia to visit a friend and go bar hopping after I got off of work at 8PM. I knew that Josh partied in Philly almost every weekend so when I was at work i texted him like hey I’m going to Philly tonight, will you be out there by any chance? He told me yeah and that he would def like to meet up and go out together. I was excited because I thought maybe we could rekindle something and that he would one day trust me fully again… this was my chance!

    Well I got off of work with my already packed bag in my car and drove straight to my friends house to get all pretty. I thought it was going to be a great night. Everything was going well, I got to her house with no problem, even though it was my first time visiting her there, thanks to the gps on my good old blackberry curve. I knew the battery was low after the drive but it was okay because I had packed my charger in my bag (or so I thought). Like 30 mins into getting there I went to get my phone out of my purse to call Josh. It was dead. I’m like ok let me get my charger. Looking in my bag, don’t see it, looking in my purse, not there. I even checked my car thinking maybe it fell out of my bag. Nope. So this is when I start to panic. See this was years ago, when everyone’s charging ports were mostly all different sizes besides the iPhone. I had the mini USB port and I asked everyone in the house if they had a charger my size, but no one did. If I knew Josh’s number by heart I wouldn’t have cared so much because I could have just called him from my friend’s phone. If only I had his number. I literally tried everything. I even called my best friend because her boyfriend was an acquaintance of Josh, hoping he had his number or someone he knew did. No luck. And of course it was night time so all electronic stores were closed. Therefore, I never saw Josh that night.

    When I got home and charged my phone the next day, I had a couple of text messages from the night before from him like, Hey are we still meeting up… I’m going to so and so bar, let me know where you’ll be cuz I want to see u… Hello.

    It was sad. I felt horrible and I knew no matter what I said he was going to think I was just dissing him again and making up the worst excuse ever. I mean how many times do people use the excuse, “my phone died.” It’s kind of comparable to, “the dog ate my homework.” No one ever believes it, unless the person saying it is a reliable honest person, but Josh was still iffy about me from what I did in the past, so it was useless.

    I still texted him anyway and told him what happened and I kept saying sorry. He never called or texted me again, so that marked the true end of any hope I had for me and Josh. I did see him a few times after that in public places but it was awkward, especially this one time when he was with a female who I think was his new girlfriend. :-/

    This was the worst thing that happened to me when my phone died.

  • sn0903

    Mine actually just happened this morning… had a family member brought to the hospital via ambulance. I forgot to charge my gs3 overnight and my lighter plug in my car doesnt work. I tben got seperated from the ambulance and had no idea my dad was brought to the local hospital when he should have been brought to the next town over. I got to the wrong hospital and waited. No cellphone and obviously if anybody has ever looked for one, you would find that payphones are virtually non existent. Needless to say, after about 40min of driving my car like i stole it, i found my dad and everything is okay. This is one product i will seriously invest in, to leave in the car in case of emergency (like this one)

  • David Lee

    it was a rainy day & trash day for the town i’m living … i was rush out to bring the trash out. right after i closed the door i’ve noticed i locked myself out AND i recalled i left my set of keys on the counter! ok, i know i can get back into the house through garage! oops! second strike… the battery on the keypad to open the garage door was no battery! luckily, i always have my mobile phone with me, i can call for help! 3rd strike!!!! battery icon is RED! please, just let me make ONE quick phone call for help…dailed the number, phone ringing on the other side, someone picked up… BAM! got cut-off because now my phone battery was EXHAUSTED!!
    end up i WALKED couple miles in the rain, went to the nearest main street of my town, & get the locksmith. i was soaking wet & the guy at locksmith said: you can call us!
    yea, i know…

  • JR

    My phone died and i couldn’t finish entering this contest on Tmonews until i got home.

  • I had a car charger that was broken because of the wiring and so I couldn’t use it…my car broke down at about 1am on my way home in the middle of nowhere about 30 minute drive away from the nearest gas station so I had to walk or wait until a car passed me. I finally got to the gas station but it was closed so I sat on the curb for another half hour or so until FINALLY I saw a car coming my way. They let me use there phone to call AAA but they said it was going to be an hour or so wait…2 hours (!) later they show up while I’m just sitting there in the freezing cold with no coat and nothing to do. They drive me back to my car and give me a tow…I didn’t get home til around 8 am.
    If I win, which I won’t, send email to jarad21@gmail.com

  • Sean

    Once I was browsing tmonews.com and my battery died. Worst day ever.

  • Michael Pina

    This past March I was lucky enough to take a trip over to Europe for 10 days. I spent 3 days wandering the street of Pairs, France and 7 days crashing in my friends dorm in Oxford. On my 8th day of the trip I took a solo trip to London. I did the whole sightseeing thing but came prepared with 3 BB Bold 9900 batteries, 2 batteries for my htc sensation and 2 emergency battery chargers. I charged all the devices and batteries the day before.
    I took plenty of photos on my 2 phones and was communicating back home on my unlocked Bold9900. When it came time for me to leave back to Oxford I was already 2 batteries down. I spent some extra time in the Tower of London and missed my bus back to bus station where I would take it Oxford. I switch to my 3rd battery for my bold and it is dead. It never took a charge. Disappointed I got to my HTC Sensation only to realize I never unlocked it to prepare for international travel. I resort to emergency battery chargers. Devices that served me well while I was @ CES in January. Both devices where dead. So there I am at the Tower of London with only 45% battery on my bold. And a HTC Sensation not ready to be used. I quickly pull up google maps and find my bus station that would take me back to my friends dorm. I use a simple tour guide map to navigate back to the bus stop. Keeping the radio signals off unless necessary to conserve any last bit of battery. I am grateful for being loss and I literally stumbled my way up to Big Ben and Westminster area. I tripped on my way to big ben and fell on top of my sensation. The screen cracked.
    I left the tower of London @ 5pm local time and did not arrive to my bus stop till 1230pm. The locals where very friendly and helped me find my way a few times. I didn’t have much money left and could not take a cab. You see I kept getting loss as the map was not all that accurate and kept having to back track. I walked some 15 miles that day. Running walking in new boots left my feet mangled. I finally reach my bus station with 6 percent battery board my bus and finally get to rest. I’m tired cold and hungry. I bbm my friend with my remaining battery life and tell her to be at the school entrance at 130 or so. Her school has a strict no visitors policy. I wasn’t supposed to be sleeping in her dorm but like the Ninja I was, snuck in and out at my leisure. I arrive and she isn’t not there so I walk around the outside of the campus only to be questioned by a very nice security guard. I tell him my situation and he agrees to let me wait in his office. I borrow his charger for a few minutes and try to get a hold of my friend. She doesn’t respond to me till 5am. She walks in stumbling from a night out on the town.

    Moral of the story have a reliable friend who 1. Doesn’t remove your batteries from being charged to plug in her hair curler 2. Have a sufficient power supply when traveling abroad.
    I still have a few blisters from all the walking I did.

  • Alex Corvius

    The worst thing that happened to me was that I had a car accident and while I was calling 911 I suddenly hear the call dropped, I supposedly had enough juice to make the call but my gs2 suddenly turned of, nobody was on site and had to wait 3 hours for a police car to pass by and helped me. All because of a deer!!!! Plus I was on my way to work and I was put on probation because I didn’t call one hour before my shift . Suspended for 1 week without pay …

  • J-Gambill

    Worst thing that happened to me was When I was On the Phone with my mom and my phone died. And she thought I hung up on her And I got Beat up for it and till this day she doesn’t believe me .

  • Newskinnebula

    I was arrested for sleeping in my car in a parking lot that didn’t allow overnight parking. I had a few drinks and didn’t want to drive because I was in Long Island, NY and live in New Jersey. Due to the time of my arrest I was in custody for approximately 36 hours and my car had been towed. Needless to say when I left the courthouse my smartphone was dead, and I absolutely reeked having not been able to shower and staying in a holding cell for the majority of this time. I was in an unfamiliar place and had no idea where to go. Relying on my dwindling skills of human interaction I was able to find a train, where I am sure the looks I was getting were not those of pity. I’m sure I was a pleasure to sit near, but I finally arrived at the town where my car had been towed. I walked around for two hours, asked a few people where the tow company was located and no one knew. I even tried a pay phone, where I would have attempted to place a collect call to the tow company or a friend if the pay phone hadn’t been disconnected. I eventually found the tow company and thankfully was able to charge my phone, even though my iPod touch had been stolen and no one at the company would admit to it. I didn’t argue long because all I wanted was a shower. So I called a friend who politely allowed me to use his shower. Without my phone I was lost though, GPS would have helped find the tow company and the train, but I wouldn’t have needed it because I would have just called my friend and asked for a ride. I did however use my GPS to get to his house after getting my car back. Not having a charged phone added needless hours of annoyance to an already terrible weekend. Thanks.

  • Mike Goetz

    The worst thing that happened with a dead phone was just a few months ago. My wife, daughter, and I were moving cross country from California to New Jersey. We were driving my pickup with a Uhaul trailer with all of our stuff. We had an enjoyable first couple of days and were enjoying seeing the sites and all of that because neither of us had traveled beyond the west coast before. Driving along at night one day an engine light comes on on my truck and we were forced to stop at the next exit at a truck stop to check on things and the truck would no longer run, at all. I worked on it for some time, realized it may be the alternator since it was a charging system failure, so during the night I got the alternator removed from my truck and found a very nice person that drove me to an auto parts store the next morning to have it checked and get it replaced if needed. We got the new alternator and the guy helped me install it back in my truck, all the while my daughter and wife had attempted to sleep in the pickup. I got the truck started back up and let the battery charge so that we could drive it. At this point we had spent the entire night on our phones searching the internet for solutions to our problem and killed the batteries on both of our phones. Since the truck was running now we thought we were fine and plugged our car chargers back in to start charging our phones and we drove off. We turned onto the entrance to the freeway in Ohio and bam, truck dies again. Now we are stuck on the side of a busy freeway with 2 dead cell phones and absolutely no idea what to do. I would say probably half an hour later a highway patrol officer stopped by and asked us what was going on. Luckily, he let me sit in his patrol car and charge my phone for a good half an hour while he called a tow company for us so that we could figure out what to do. Now when my wife and I go on trips anywhere for the day we have both phones charged and keep one turned off completely until we absolutely need it so that we will never run into a situation where both of our phones are dead and we have no way to call for help if needed.

  • J

    I was so excited to check tmonews.com for the latest updates on all things T-Mobile. I pulled out my phone and to my horror, HORROR, my phone was dead.

  • AE

    this happened to me twice..where someone who stole my iphone before saved all my contacts and would prank call my family members at times because i had them saved as “mom, brother, aunt, grandma” etc. well one day, i had a dead iphone (yes my new iphone :P) coincidentally, a prank caller decided to call as a police impostor and this time called my grandmother, and told her that i was hospitalized/critically injured (something along those lines) so my grandmother who was obviously shocked tried to call my phone (which happened to be dead and no signal was going through.. which only meant that call was most likely true. until in the knick of time, i walked into the house with my limbs intact, only to find my grandmother crying and calling everyone else..which is funny because i thought something happened in the family. just like to say, people who think these prank calls are funny..no. that’s really low of anyone..

  • Emmanuel M

    The worst thing that happened to me while my phone died was missing a great job opportunity. I left my charger in my brothers house and was out and about taking care of shores. I check back with the employer and wasn’t able to reach anyone until the next day when they told me the position was given to someone else.

  • Supa Producer Posta

    The worse thing that happen to me is when Sylvon Marshall from Interscope Geffen A&M Records called me about possible signing and my died and I was no where near a charge! 0_0 Thank God he picked up when I called back!

  • I was on my way to my best friends bachelor party and I got lost and drove 200 miles in the wrong direction because my phone battery died. I had no navigation on the highway. It was the middle of the night and there were no exits or gas stations to stop off at to ask for directions. I was so tired I had to stop off at the nearest hotel and stay over night. The next morning when I went to leave, I realized that I forgot to plug my phone into charge over night. I had to go ask someone at the hotel for directions and go to the nearest store to buy a car charger for my phone.

  • predation

    I was getting to the best part of Debbie does Dallas and then my phone died.

    • no you lose you’re not original

  • Trung Bui

    Worst thing that happened to me is being drunk at a bar and not being able to call a friend to pick me up. Not that bad but I don’t run out of batteries often.

  • I had a friend who broke down while he was in down town Dallas, I was using my map function while talking on my g1 via blu tooth (massive battery eater on its own). Right when I got down town my phone died. I live in ftworth and hardly ever went to dallas so a simple drive turned into an all night drive and my friend sleeping in his car. Turns out I was completely on the other side where i should have been. I learned two things one car charger and two write things down.

  • Zigagee

    I was on the phone with my girlfriend, about to break up with her. She starts talking about getting married and I try to blurt out “I think we should…” and my battery died. The next day I found out she bought a dress, scheduled a church, and ordered plane tickets for her family.

    Now I charge my phone 3 times a day because I can’t afford another wife.

  • Good

    Couldn’t use vibrator app to fullfill girlfriend :/

  • ghulamsameer

    I was flying standby with my family from New York to Atlanta and the plane had one seat left, so we decided that I go on that flight and wait for the next one with my family. I get off the plane and my phone’s dead. I walk around the world’s busiest airport for 3 hours until I finally find my family again.

  • ruben m.

    Went to pick up a brand new computer. Stopped at a dollor store to get an extention cord. Car just dies and phones already almost dead and think im going to be late for work. I was able to squeeze in a short ssentence of where I was before I hear that dead silence. Ended up being 10 mins late for work. Got written up but was able to keep my job… never again..

  • Samuel Pedraza

    Worst thing that happened was trying to get a location of where I needed to go. I was on my way to Florida from Texas and needed to get to where i needed to go ASAP but didn’t know where the place was at. I texted my friend when I had it on low battery and then IT DIED.

  • kev2684

    My Phone died when i needed it most. as a GPS. i’m on an unfamiliar roads and i was forced to use my Nexus 7 (no internet at all to use as a turn-by-turn navigation) as my map. i felt like i was back in the 90s where i actually need to hold and read a map when i’m lost.


    The worst thing that has happened to me was 2 week ago in Universal Horror Nights in Hollywood. Im 16 years old and i cant drive just to let you guys know. I went on Friday October 28 with my girlfriend. We left right after school so i had no time to charge my phone. My mom took us and she told me that if we needed a ride back home to call her. We got there at 5pm and decided to take pictures and share them on facebook. At 7 when they opened universal horror nights my battery percentage was 35%. I had forgotten at that moment that my mom had told me to call her if we needed a ride back home. After we got on rides, went on mazes and when it was about 1am i checked my phone. The worse had happen my phone had gotten discharge and thats the moment i realize i wasnt going to be able to call my mom. At 2am when they closed Universal Horror nights i was freaked out because there was no way i could call my mom. We were scared and didn’t know what to do. We decided to just walk around city walk. We where walking and having fun, then we realized it was about to be 4am. We were walking and then a guy that owned a taxi asked us what we where doing and we told him the story. He then decided to take us home for free. We got home like at 5:30am
    —-Thats the worst thing that has happened to me

  • csmits

    On my honeymoon I arranged a very romantic retreat to a cabin upon a small mountain (In Bulgaria). I needed my phone to guide with with gps, which was horrible since back then (couple of years ago, don’t know if this has improved) there were hardly any map coverage in that country. After a couple of hours (and the wife getting more and more frustrated) we get to the cabin I find out that the person I rented the cabin from gave me a wrong key. Since I used the phone for gos, the batery had died (did not have a car charger with me as I was on vacation and didn’t bring this). Since it was dark and no gps we didn’t risk driving back and there was not really anybody around, so we ended up sleeping in the car. Let just say this was a good test for our marriage :-). Ps: we are still happily married :-D

  • Ed

    The worst thing that happened to me when my phone died was when I was in chicago hanging out and was trying to get to my friends apartment but could get a hold of him.So by the time I made it to my friends place after a very cold 20 min walk it was too late for me to go up, my friend at that time was supposed to come down and grabed but I had no phone to call him and the door man went up and knocked but no one answered so I had to walk 20 mins back to my car and sleeped in the car till. This was my worst day without a cell phone.

  • MarcusDW

    Count me in!
    I didn’t read it, are there rules? lol

  • I thought I was being smart locking my keys in my car so i didn’t have to keep them in my pocked while i was in an amusement park. By the time i got to the car to call onstar to have my doors unlocked my phone was dead. You would think this wouldn’t be a huge deal but I didn’t know the number to call onstar and none of my friends had a smartphone at the time. I had to call home since i knew that number with out looking in my phone book and then have my Mom look up the number to onstar so i could call to have my doors unlocked to drive us all home:(

  • eurohomie

    Worse Thing to happen to me with my unreliable Sidekick 4G was that it died while I was on a 3 hour drive from Houston to Austin to visit my long distance girlfriend for the first time. It died just as I was driving and unluckily for me I was using the Navigation on the phone to get to her house. I didn’t have a car charger at the time and had no clue where I could get a charge from. I ended up getting lost and driving to San Antonio instead of Austin because I missed a turn. I finally found a gas station that sold car chargers and bought one but it still took like 15 minutes for the phone to actually turn back on because it needed a charge to stay on. Once it was on I had 10 missed calls from her wondering where I was at thinking I was in a car accident. It’s now almost 2 years later and we’re still together.

  • ray

    Durring comic-con this year, i was about to meet one of my idles john noble. As i go for my phone to take a picture with him, i realize my phone battery has died. Didn’t get the picture with him but i hope that ill be able to get one in the future. My vibrant had bad battery life even with ice cream sandwich.

  • Ali Raja

    The Worst thing that happened when my battery died or we can say a good thing in certain way as well is when I was driving over night to attend a training from Inland Empire to San Francisco when the died and my wife was trying to call me and the call went straight to voicemail. She panicked and drove the same way looking for me and scared if I had gotten into accident or stuck somewhere.. I was surprised to see her at the hotel where I had checked in and was amazed on how quickly she got there… Wow that was something just because my cellphone battery died with no car charger, and there was no communication for few hours between me and my wife.

  • eurohomie

    Oh and fyi, I saw how people were hating on your review and I’m willing to bet that now they’re entering this contest… lol

  • I was commuting from home to my internship (1.5 hrs away) and missed the bus that I had to take. I had just been dropped off at the bus station. I tried to call someone to pick me back up but my cell was dead. I had to walk 3 miles back home in order to get another ride to a train station so that I could get to work and spend less than 4 of my 8 hours being productive. I basically arrived and had to turn back around to go home.

  • Burt

    The worst thing to happened to me when my phone died was our recent trip to San Francisco with my girlfriend. This was our first time together going to San Francisco, and we needed to have a cell phone handy to guide us to touristy places in SF. (i.e. Lombard St, Chinatown Area, Japantown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Extended Stay America in San Mateo, and even an Premiuim Outlet mall in Gilroy, California). So while we were driving, my cell phone battery was low and I for some odd reason didn’t bring a car charger with me and nor did my girlfriend had her cell phone with her that day (odd and she forget it at the hotel) we were like stranded at a new location that we haven’t been before with no resources to save our butts! Eventually, my phone died and we had to stop a gas station, bought a map, and look through phone books for our hotel number and luckily the hotel receptionist at the hotel we were staying was patient and kind enough to give directions back to the hotel. I tell you, one of the most “nerve-racking” events that happened during our trip or a ruining your day type deal. Glad at the end of the night, we got back safe and sound, and for me never ever to forget to charge my phone overnight again, and for my girlfriend to bring her phone as well, and both of our clumsiness.

    With this battery pack back up unit, I’m 100% sure I don’t have to worry again about a dead battery cell phone! It can really be a life/stress saver.

    Love the site! Keep up the good work David, and the rest of Tmonews staff!



  • Rusty Shackleford

    I live in Austin because I am going to school while my parents live in Houston. Anyways I decided to go to my friends ranch in Nixon and thought I had charged my phone the night before, but it turned out the charger was unplugged. Anyways, when I got to my friends ranch my phone had died. No power out there so i was stuck without my phone. In the 7 hours i was there my parents kept trying to contact me. When i got home and put my phone on the charger my phone started blowing up. My parents were already half way to Austin and were just about to call the police. Moral of the story is make sure your phone is charged and carry a phone charger.

  • chris

    Amazing how many comments/stories a page will get once they hear FREE! lmao

  • Rob

    The worst thing that happened to me when my phone died was this summer. My girlfriend and another couple went to the upper peninsula of Michigan and we went canoeing. It was my first time ever. No one wanted to bring their phone so I volunteered being I had better maps and had confidence I wouldn’t flip the canoe. I thought it was only going to be a day of canoeing on the Manistique River, turns out it was two days (and unprepared). We canoed the first day for 4 hours, camped with everything in our canoes(dead campsite, only ones there, out-houses, no electricity). After we woke up early, pretty sore, thinking we need a head start so we won’t miss our pick up. We canoed 6 hours and thought it would be close (being the estimated time we were told it would take). At points I was thinking we were lost, so did my girlfriend, but every turn we took on the river we thought they would be there waiting to pick us up. After about another hour went by the weather picked up, all the wind came from the north and the clouds became very dark. At this point my girlfriend was crying and giving up on canoeing(she wasn’t strong enough), so it was all on me. I thought to myself I need to call someone. It was very hard to pick up a signal being in the middle of no where. When my phone finally picked up signal we attempted to call the canoe-rental business for help and to find out where we were are. We pulled to the side and made an attempt to call but on the 3rd ring my phone died. Now she thought we were going to die. So with her thinking we were going to die, crying, doing the canoeing by myself against the wind, lost, for another 3 hours (being 14 hours total of canoeing in under 36 hours) it was the worst experience I ever faced with a dead cell phone battery(However it wasn’t a horrible experience with my girlfriend, it showed we could make it through a lot). In the end we found a campsite, pulled off and looked for help, it was good because if we didn’t stop, the next stop would have been Lake Michigan.

  • Tom

    My pace maker battery was failing and my cell battery was dead and i was unable to call for help

  • william fabian

    a few years ago i went out clubbing with my girlfriend.and friends, after that i drove her home 40 mins away from my house, i was so tired almost driving sleep, we talk on the phone while i drove home. MY PHONE DIED ON ME 5 mins after i left her house, 4 am (boston no trasportation running at the time) i felt sleep driving, hit the sidewalk on a curve, both front wheels and rims bend and broken, it was winter, cold as f@#$%, i left the car abandoned on a random street, i walked to a T station nearby (20 mins walk on rain and snow) got to the T station took the first train inbound home. got off on a wrong stop. and i realized I DIDN’T HAD MY PHONE ON ME I HAD LEFT THE STUPID PHONE ON THE TRAIN. (T SECURITY FOUND IT) I WENT BACK TO GET IT 2 STATIONS BEFORE, I HAD NO MORE MONEY so i decided to take the bus and it was also the wrong bus, took me 20 min. away from my house. i waited for the other bus home with a transfer pass for 1 hour, the bus never came it was a sunday. then when i decided to walk home the stupid bus pass by me, worst day ever, no one to communicate with cause of the stupid phone. finally i got home at 11 am. soaking wet and cold. but the worst thing about the day was that IT WAS MY B-DAY. DAMN THE WORST.

  • Johnathan

    The worst thing that has ever happened to me because my phone died was when I was going to receive a call from Mr. Phillip Humm himself (or one of his representatives, most likely a rep) from T-Mobile. It was during the time when the Samsung Behold II was receiving so many complaints and (if you “complained” enough) T-Mobile could exchange it for you for a Samsung Vibrant. After I emailed him and he confirmed he would call, that day I was at the store (running an errand with a friend) playing Robo Defense and other games. To my surprise, my battery ran out quickly and later found out (after I got home and charged my phone) Mr. Humm left me a voicemail. Talk about embarrassing and missing my opportunity out of a new Vibrant!

  • FredNMel

    3 months ago, when my daughter Absidy Faith was born! :( …. So the stage was set. We had prepared for this day for months. The boxes of diapers and wipes, the plastic still wrapped her “just purchased” pink and brown car seat, the new fresh baby scent of onezies, lotions and formula had already engulfed our home. We were ready. June 20, we got the word. It was time. All the packing and planning in the world couldn’t predict what was about to happen the next morning at 8:52 am. All night we rehearsed exactly the roles we were going to play when baby Absidy introduction to this world came.. Mine was simple.. record the moment! So with just a few minutes of rest that night, it was time. We were about to meet our daughter. Dr prepared his tools, the nurse prepped, grandma extended her supporting hand with Melanie’s and I grabbed my Galaxy SII! Ready to permanently record one of the most pivotal moments of all our lives… or was I. I raise my phone to find that my loose charger had disconnected during my short rest that night! My battery was resting with a meak 2% life. I regretfully press the record key to find that my phones power saving feature wont even allow me to bring my camera app up! The rest… is history. Unfortunately, the nearest outlet was across the room, way too far to catch this once in a lifetime moment! To this day, my in laws call me Romo! They say I’m an excellent dad, always been there for my “team”… but when it came to clutch time… I dropped the ball! lol… If I would have had a mycharge summit that day, not only would I have recorded my daughters first breath, her first cry, her first look at her mother, but my in-laws would see me in a different light! Thanks for letting me share! (fred.cano@yahoo.com)

  • Eric

    This just happened a week ago. I just got off the plane from London and during the flight I had already exhausted my battery and was on my spare (cellphone). My tablet was doing alright but only has wifi. This is around 9pm now when I head out to meet my friend for dinner and pick up my dog in Brooklyn NY. Thing about London is that their coffee is kind of terrible. For an entirely week, I hadn’t had a good cup of joe. So I get off this flight hungry, running low on caffeine, tired (had a ton of luggage to haul and I decided to take the train because I want to save money), and most importantly missing my dog.

    Of course, as I get out of the subway in Brooklyn my battery dies. Now I have nothing. I go to the restaurant I’m supposed to meet my friend and no one I know is there. Thank goodness I’m able to get his phone number from gvoice on my tablet but I can’t actually contact him because all the wifi hotspots are passworded. I asked a guy on the street, a Chinese restaurant, and and some kids to borrow their phone to call my friend. No luck.

    I get back on the subway and take a few stops to my friend’s house hoping one of his roommates is home. I buy a six of beer at the delic next door before I head up the stoop and buzz his apartment. No answer. I’m in despair at this point. I head back into the deli and ask to use their telephone. FInally, my friend decides to pick up and he wants me to go back out to the restaurant to meet him. All I want to do is eat something, get my dog, go home, and shower, and get some sleep.

    If I had some juice in the my phone, this could have all been avoided. Poor dog.

  • quixotiz

    worst-case scenario haiku:

    Phone battery dead
    Panic in far-away land
    How do I get home?

  • TheSeanTeam

    Back in 2006 Hawaii had a monster Earthquake. The entire island of Oahu lost power. I was talking to my friend’s Mom trying to explain how to find the secret key so she could open up the closet in the garage to get the portable gas powered stove. The my phone died mid-conversation and I had no way to power up my phone.

  • The worst thing that has happen to me while my phone has died I was talking to a hot girl on the train and my phone died while we was talking when her stop came she told me her # before she got off and I had to remember her numbers by heart but end up forgeting that 4 digit by time I got off the train smh

  • s10shane

    the worst thing that happened to me was, i was at a bowling alley and i was suppose to call my gf and i realized my phone was dead so i couldnt call her. i couldnt remember her phone number since all my numbers are on my phone. so long story short, i got yelled at for not calling her, she thought i forgot about her… lol

  • arturo

    I was in San francisco and I ran out of battery cause i spent the majority of a 9 hour drive from So cal listening to pandora through my radio cause i have bluetooth. Needless to say it was hard navigating san fran. I couldn;t even charge it cause i dont ave a car charger. I couldn;t instagram the skyline which killed my night.

  • vinh banh

    The worst thing that has happened to me when my phone died was when I was coming home from a friends house in Dallas around midnight and somehow got lost trying to get back to the highway. I ended up in some really shady neighborhood where there were hardly any lights and i was behind one car and then he suddenly stopped and then a car appeared out of nowhere behind me and i started thinking i was gonna get jumped but luckily the car started moving again and i got out of there as fast as i could. took me about 10mins but it was the worst 10mins in car without a phone.

  • Hesster

    My worst time with a dead battery was when I flew to a convention on the other side of the country. I was a teenager at the time, and my parents were nervous about me going by myself. It was the first time I ever flew alone. When I got back, the plan was to call my parents from the airport to come pick me up. I had a cell phone, and a prepaid calling card as backup.

    I forgot to bring the charger, so I couldn’t charge the phone at the hotel. My flight home departed early in the morning after the con. I set up a wakeup call with the front desk, but somehow managed to sleep through it. I ended up taking a later flight, but when I got to my home airport, I found the phone was dead. I tried to use the calling card, but the company charged extra to use payphones, and there wasn’t enough of a balance on the card to make the call. Since I had spent literally all my money at the con, I had no way of getting home. I ended up calling my frantic parents collect from a payphone at the airport.

    I was afraid they were going to be mad, but they were mostly relieved. The mad part came when they got the $25+ bill from the payphone company. The charges were over $7 per minute!

  • The worst thing that has ever happened to me because of a dead cell phone battery, was when I had to go back to work just to call my wife and ask her to open the door. She was in the shower, MP3 player on her phone blasting. She had locked the top lock to the garage door, and no one would let use their damn cell phone. So, I had to drive all the way back to my office and call her just to get in. When she answers, she says. WHY ARE YOU STILL AT WORK??? I was heated. Damn Samsung Vibrant!!!

    • Wouldn’t it had been quicker to wait around out side until she was done?

  • Tmo_Fan

    Long story short I had to make a call to get some money from a grant for school and my old phone just did the favor to turn off when I was about to answer the call and not even when I hit by mistake the turn on button the phone came back up and I thought it was dead… and when I proceed to return the call it did die this time. so basically I was tricked once and betrayed twice.

  • eanfoso

    The worse thing was that I used to work at a call center and we were allowed to “miss shift” once, anything else after that we have to call an hour after our shift starts. I was already on my first strike and so I was keeping sense of time and right after 50 minutes I decided to call work, but right when I pushed my green telephone key to call work, my phone dies on the first dial. By the time I get home and 1:03 after my shift started I called work and left them a voicemail. Next day I had a write up and was scheduled to get fired, since supposedly I never made the call. I checked my bill online and the only call registered was the one at 1:03 after my shift started, I tried to appeal it but our hr department said I had plenty of time to have called and so they denied my appeal and that made me so pissed off….for the record David I still have the email I sent to our human resources man hehe I took a screen shot from my e-bill and I even offered the hr manager to give them my t-mobile password but not even that was convincing :/ and yes that job provided around 3,000$ a month, I miss my call center job.

  • jRi0T68

    My wife has a rare, chronic illness (dysautonomia), which leaves her in frequent cardiac distress. I was gone with our only car when my phone died and I missed the text that her home monitor read blood pressure of 154/123 with a heart rate of 142 bpm. I took her to the ER when I got home , and she avoided heart attack/stroke, but it scared me half to death.

  • Eric

    Worst thing that happen to me a while ago was at a mall picking out some dress pant. Most of the stores are closed and suddenly i REALLY got to use the bathroom and so i ask this security guard at the entrance to the nearest restroom. As i was doing my business i took out my phone to check the time and notice the battery had died. It didn’t really bother me until i reach for the toilet paper, there’s nothing there!! i took out my phone hoping i can make one call but that didn’t work so i sat there thinking what i should i do. I thought about not wiping but i was going commando that day and didn’t want to ruin my good jean. After almost an hour i thought of a great idea or so i thought. I grab my shopping bag, rip two holes at the bottom and wore it as a diaper. I ran out and the same security guard notice part of the bag sticking out and stop me to question me. He suspect me of shoplifting! so he told me to take out the bag and let him see. I kept telling him i only went to the bathroom! but his reply was “nobody goes to the bathroom for 45min.” and insist on seeing the bag. I told him i cant pull it out for a embarrassing reason but he didn’t buy it. He called backups and now there are three extra guards, two male and one female (very hot). They complain about something smells awful and i just look around. Now they’re all looking at me and i knew i cant go anywhere without telling the truth. I spoke to the first guard privately about what happened and we went toward the restroom and i took it off and showed him. He LOL and went outside while i get dress. As i walk out they’re all laughing there asses off and told me i can go. The female guard however said “smell you later!” This story had never been told until now. If only i can make that call to my girlfriend or my sister!

  • SDL78

    The worst thing to happen to me was my car broke down about 40 miles from my house, and I couldn’t call a tow truck of anyone that I knew. Being that I was on the side of the highway, help should have been easy to get…but it wasn’t. I can’t tell you how many people (and state troopers) passed me and my children by and just kept driving before someone actually stopped to help. Some even had the audacity to blow their horns while my hazards were flashing, I learned about people that night. My phone was actually dead since my car was having electrical issues, I didn’t know the phone never charged since I left work two hours earlier. Terrible moment for me.

  • I was riding a greyhound bus several years ago during December after my girlfriend had broken up with me. From Memphis, Tennessee to Springfield, Virginia. The greyhound bus had to make an unexpected stop in Washington DC. As we entered the bus station I looked at my cell phone and realized my battery had died. We weren’t allowed to get off the bus since it was a short stop and I couldn’t contact my family to let them know I’d be late to the bus station. I asked several people on the bus if I could use their phone but to no avail. I got to the Springfield station and my family wasn’t there. It wasn’t even a station more like a bus stop. I was out in 35 degree weather freezing. It wasn’t until I danced a little jig for a person who gave me enough money to get home.

  • Dayveetoe

    I had a job interview through the phone last week, my Galaxy Nexus can drain a fully charged battery in 3 hours of web surfing and light gaming. I played so games waiting for the call. Finally after 2 hours the call came and everything was going well until battery warning came. I was begging my phone to hold though, but it did not and my phone shut down mid-interview. Yea I didn’t get the job. I did have a separate battery but I still needed the phone to be on. This battery would have literally saved me.

  • Luis Molina

    some time ago i had taken the bus to the mall without realizing the bus stops passing by after 8 p.m. When i noticed that on the stop sign it was 10 and the bus wasn’t going to pass anymore so I was stuck taking a 15 mile walk home because i couldn’t call anyone for a ride. also there didn’t seem to be a pay phone in the area until i was almost home.


    Worst thing that happened to me was that. I could not make calls till I had access to a charger.

  • The power went out after a storm one day. I figured, no problem, I’ll just tether my phone to my laptop and watch some Netflix to pass the time. All was well and good until about 3 hours later, my phone was dead. It took two days for power to be restored. TWO DAYS!… without any internet! Think about that for a second.

  • J

    Right before an exam, I drop my calculator and it breaks. The professor makes an exception and allow me to use my phone. When the exam starts, my iphone is out of battery because I forgot to charge it last night. Then a classmate offers his extra calculator. I was saved… until I realized that the calculator had low battery too…

  • Lavonne Yates

    The worst thing that ever happened to me I was home a lone cleaning I was 9 months pregnant and my water breaks! I go to call my husband that is out hunting and my phone is dead! I send my son to neighbors houses but no one is home! I am contractng pretty good by now, and my poor son had to walk about a mile to the store to barrow someones phone to call our landlord to come take me to the hospital, as he had tried to call his father and he must of just left from hunting and did not have cell service! I was in a panic! Get to the hospital and an hour later my husband comes in covered in blood to make sure I am alright! We had a girl, will be 11 years ago this Nov. 3rd!

  • cyberoid

    The worst thing that happened to was a few years ago when my auto GPS and my blackberry both died during an out of state trip and I could not retrieve the address of my destination. The car charging outlet in my friends car (that I was driving) did not work either.

  • James Arnold

    I was in the ER waiting to be admitted. I was alone and bored, so I played Plants vs Zombies for the 2+ hours. It was when my phone shut off that I realized that I forgot to let my girlfriend know where I was, and I didn’t have a charger with me, and I didn’t remember her brand new phone number. Oh noes!

  • carlosjs

    nothing, nothing at all happened. phone died and i was bored or something. maybe i was not able to entertain the kids with games or netflix. that’s the extent of the worst thing that happened.

  • One of the worst things to happen to me was I usually use my cell phones also as alarm clocks for work. My battery not being so strong as it should and me not charging it. It died in the middle of the night and in the process didnt wake me up for work. Hence because of this I was two hours late. smh

  • The worst thing that happened to me was I ran my cellphone battery out on the very night the alternator on my car failed, leaving me stranded in a crappy part of town. I had to go wandering around and finally found a pay phone.

  • NewZ05

    My girlfriends phone is the worst thing to happen to me. She always wants to use my phone when we’re out because hers is DEAD. She loves her GS2 and in turn uses it so much that her battery doesn’t even last her trough her work day. Her mother, friends and co-workers call my phone because they can never get a hold of her.

    If I win, I will give the myCharge unit to her so she can use HER phone for a whole day for once!

  • archerian

    The things some people would do for a battery charger backup unit…

  • Guest

    Being new to Vegas I really depend on my phone for GPS navigation. Been using it daily even if I already know the way in the event I have to use an alternate route if there’s an accident on the freeway. Right when I became complacent, I forgot the pack my car charger and went to work with only a 3rd of battery left. Lo and behold, there was a terrible accident on I95 and my GPS sucked the power off my phone. Had to blindly follow other cars exiting the freeway praying that they are headed the same direction as I was. This wouldn’t have happened if I have a myCharge Peak 6000 with me and I could have used my phone’s GPS to guide me to work.

  • NewInLV

    Being new to Vegas I really depend on my phone for GPS navigation. Been
    using it daily even if I already know the way in the event I have to use
    an alternate route if there’s an accident on the freeway. Right when I
    became complacent, I forgot the pack my car charger and went to work
    with only a 3rd of battery left. Lo and behold, there was a terrible
    accident on I95 and my GPS sucked the power off my phone. Had to
    blindly follow other cars exiting the freeway praying that they are
    headed the same direction as I was. This wouldn’t have happened if I
    have a myCharge Peak 6000 with me and I could have used my phone’s GPS
    to guide me to work.

  • Evang3los

    I was in my sophomore year of college, and there were such big storms in Minnesota. That large trees fell down on campus leaving us powerless for nearly a week. I didn’t have a flashlight so my phone worked as that as well as my only source to the outside world. My battery only lasted a day at maximum at that time so i had to periodically. Turn it off and on to check notifications. Not only that all of my food in my fridge went bad and I had no way to call my parents to drive me to get more food. Finally after all that time I was able to go to a building off campus to charge it and I was saved! I guess the positive was that I had a week off of classes!

  • Kevin

    The worst time that my battery died was when my wife went into labor. I thought that we would have enough time to make it to the hospital as the contractions were pretty far apart. The hospital was about 45 miles from my our house, and usually when there was no traffic it took about 35 minutes on the highway to get there (speeding). About half way there, my wife’s contractions became closer together and we finally realized that we were not going to make it the rest of the way. I hurried and pulled over to the side of the highway and got out my cell phone to call 911 to get an ambulance. I tried to turn my phone on, but realized my battery was dead. Having taken my wife’s car I did not have my charger (she has an iPhone, I have a GSII), so I had to jump out and flag down another driver and borrow their phone. Luckily, the ambulance got there and was able to slow down the labor and get her to the hospital where my son was born shortly thereafter.

  • Mmakoto

    The worst for me was looking for a friend in the streets, but cell battery was dead, had to randomly ask someone to borrow their cellphone to make a call. It felt kinda awkward doing that too.

  • aaronratner

    I was late to my own wedding (ironically, it was eight years ago yesterday, October 11). My car broke down on the highway and while on was on the phone giving my location to my brother, my cellphone battery died. It was three hours before I was picked up by a guest, himself late. My wife and I laugh about it now but it was not funny when it happened.

  • kam yuen


  • Steve

    During Hurricane Isabel we lost power for a week. My wife had just left me 3 days prior and I was unable to contact her for 2 days to check on my 2 year old son.

  • drivethruboy168

    The worst thing that happened to me was I was driving to Vegas , before I had a car charger, I was on the 15 freeway and in the middle of the desert pretty much. Ran something over and popped 2 of my tires. It was 2 or 3 in the morning and I was by myself. Battery had died because I had the gps on for a little bit. Couldn’t call anyone to come help, hardly anyone was driving the freeway. It was pitch black dark. Probably about 2 hours later a highway patrol finally drove by and called up a tow truck which took another 45 min to an hour. Finally got to my hotel charged my phone that had AAA’s phone #! One of the most horrible nights ever! This was when I had a Samsung Vibrant. Getting all worked up re thinking that night!

  • michael n

    the worst time that my battery died was in dallas got lost for a hour went to the gas station to see if they had a charger but they were sold out so i grab the atlas and look at it tried to figure the way back made me look stupid

  • David

    my phone died and couldn’t go on tmonews ):

  • This worst thing that has happend to me do to a dead battery. I was coming home from work around 2 a.m. this is when I lived in Michigan I lived up north in the middle of nowhere and my drive to and from work was an hour one way. I was halfway through my drive coming home when I had to use the restroom, I knew there were no exits that had a restroom except for one that had a rest stop. If i didn’t stop there I would have to go another half an hour which I couldn’t wait that long. I pull into the rest stop and notice one vehicle there, I think nothing of it I get out of my car head towards the men’s bathroom when the next thing I know a man around the age of 60 comes out of the restroom he starts talking to me and is being very friendly. After a minute or so I excuse myself and tell him that I really need to use the restroom. As I enter the restroom the man follows in behind me but I think nothing of it because it is a long drive to the next rest stop and he was so old I figured he had to go again. I’ll skip a few details but the next thing I know I turn around the man has a 12 inch knife in his hand and stats hes going to kill me. all I have on me for self defense is my pen i use at work. I pulled my pen out and stabbed him in his hand, he drops the knife and runs. I reach for my cell phone and my battery is dead the only thing I can do is drive half an hour to the next town and stop at the very first gas station I see to call the police, when I arrive at the gas station the lady working tells me phones are not for customers and tells me to use the payphone. I explain what just happened and asked her to call the police for me, she refused and again said the phones areare not for customers. I leave the store go right to the payphone and dial 911.I tell the dispatcher what just happened she stated to me that it was shift change for the police department in my area and it would be a little bit of time before an officer could get to me. I sit in my car at the gas station and wait. Two hours later an officer finally shows up, he has me get in his car and he drives to the rest stop of course by now the man is long gone never to be found all that was there was the knife. He got away with attempted murder. This may sound a little far fetched but it’s not. I have newspaper articles and please report to back my story. This is the worst thing that has happened to me with a dead battery. If my battery was not dead, I could have called the cops right away and maybe even followed the guy. (DHarkai79@gmail.com)

    • Spanky

      This sounds like a plot of a B horror movie. If you really didn’t make this up, you should have followed the guy and ran him off the road.

      • Iike I said at the end of it, its not a made up story I have police reports and newspaper articles to back it. people can talk all they want about what I should have done. But if any of you got put in that situation. I doubt the outcome would have been different. It’s easy to talk until it really happens.

  • worst thing that ever happened to me was on my 22nd birthday i went with my cousins and friends to west hollywood. my phone died and i was basically stranded in west hollywood. i was drunk and didnt know what else to do so i walked to a train station mind you that felt llike 139839483 miles away and i had to take the train home. i was drunk and stranded, and im a girl; it was the most horrible thing ever!!

  • jpage

    I’m a club promoter so my phone is my life!! Well I was on a call with an aartist and we were talkin business and really started to have a good convo. And cone to find out he has never been to Tampa FL so he was goen to give me a great deal for an show 10,000$ we continued to talk and my phone didn’t indicate that it was dieing at all! In the middle of the final pricing it jus died ..I didn’t have a charger or anything with or around me I was at the gym n no one had a charger Smh I jetted home like 15 mins away and he was so hot cause he thought I hung up on him he charged me $30,000!!!!! I ended up have to cancel the whole event i didnt have thatthat much money lol I wanted to destroy my phone n so many different ways. Come to find out two days later someone else booked him for $10,000 o_0
    email: jpage8780@gmail.com

  • Mathew Juarez

    After work I was getting a ride from my friend and I was supposed to call them when I got off. I work evening shift so when I’m off the store I work at is closed. I was the last one to leave that day and realized when I went to grab my phone to make the phone call my phone was dead. its 11:00 at night. no stores are open to use there phone nothing. I was alone without a phone. So that day I had to walk home. which is about 30 minutes driving.

  • Moe H.

    I was driving home after a long work day. I have a delivery route, and I drive a U-haul size truck and the car charger outlet is not functional in this truck so my battery was about to die. As I’m driving, my truck battery signal came on and the truck gave out on the freeway. I managed to pull to the side on the shoulder lane. As I’m calling AAA on my phone battery dies. So, I step out on to the freeway and walk about a mile and a half. There isn’t a call box around but luckily someone stops and gives me a ride. They were extremely generous and let me use their phone to call AAA. So I call and tell them where I’m at, but I accidentally mentioned that I was on the I-5 South, but I was actually on the North side of the freeway. So the people that picked me up, take me back to my truck, and I wait. About two hours later, I realize that the AAA guy isn’t coming, So I step onto the freeway again. This time I walk 2 miles to the nearest exit and there is someone else pulled over on the shoulder with car trouble. I was able to use their phone. I got a hold of the AAA guy and re-informed him of my exact location. He finds me, and after trying to charge the truck battery, it turns out that I need a tow, and he isn’t able to give me one, due to the size of my truck. He refers me to a Commercial Tow company. He lets me use his phone, which was also almost dead and finally another tow company came that was able to give me a tow. Total I paid $375 for the first AAA guy trying to charge my battery and the second Tow guy that I had to pay for the commercial tow. The total inconvenience was about 5-6 hours long, If I had a myCharge battery back up unit, I’m sure the whole incident would have been a lot less pain and suffering.

  • Ricky

    Two weeks ago a friend & I went for a hike on the island of Oahu (Hawaii), the night before I wanted to make sure I got everything ready and most importantly have a fully charged phone just in case anything where to happen. On the day of our hike we saw that the weather didn’t look to good, but we still went anyway. Last I check my phone was about 90% battery life, while we were hiking I noticed that we went off trial and had a hard time finding our way back and it was getting dark so we tried to hurry before the sun went down. Didn’t make it so we called 911 so the fire department can rescue us. While on the phone, out of no where 5 min talking to 911 my battery signal light start’s to flash so I told my self great… then about 10 min my phone decides to go dead on me. Couldn’t do anything, my friend don’t have a phone so we had no choice but to stay where we we’re until the next morning and see if we could find our way back. Worst night of my life, no food just water to keep us survived. At times like what I went through, I wish I had a battery that could hold a full charge where it’s not going to say it’s at 90% then out of no where drop to the point where it’s about to die on me… So reading about a device like this would be perfect for an individual who’s always on the go and not have to worry about their phone going dead…

  • Two weeks ago my boss was texting me if i can come in to work on a weekend, and before getting to say no since i was out of town…phone died (my boss depending on me to say yes) ,waited for me……… so long story short no body showed up so my boss was forced to work 11 hours straight on a weekend and to make things worse she missed her flight back home…lets just say im not her favorite anymore since that day. i try to carry my usb charger with me all the times…..

  • it can’t get any more embrassing than presenting at a Windows Phone event in the Microsoft store here in Dallas .. phone connected to the overhead for beaming a presentation .. i was going good .. highly interactive and getting the crowd to eat out of my hands and then BAM .. phone died … didn’t have time to email the presentation to anyone else, connect etc etc so I had to wing it the remaining 10 mins.

  • Dustin Allen

    One evening I was on a quest through the wilderness of Fantastica with my BFF at the time, his name was Atreyu. We were trying to stop this really bad dude who’s nickname was The Nothing, he was a nailist that had peed on The Childlike Empress’s rug. Anyway, we finally caught up to “The Nothing, and we had a big fight. It was quite an epic battle, which we won. However during the fight my good friend The Rock Eater was shot. When we tried to call Falkor to take him to the hospital, I noticed that my battery had died…so did The Rock Eater. We had him crushed to gravel and spread among the beach because we were pretty sure he liked to surf. A myCharge Summit 3000 could have saved his life. Falkor has gone into a deep depression since. He just lays around all day, licking himself eating Jumbo Beggin Strips. My life was forever changed that day. – Bastian Balthazar Bux

  • Jmadness

    I was picking up my family from the airport and my cell phone was totally out of juice. So They never had the chance to call me an tell me that their flight got cancelled till the next day . Soooo I spent 8 hours at the airport in the car waiting fro them. I learned my lesson. Always have your cell phone charged. You can make things a whole lot harder by not having it charged. LOL

  • The worse thing that has happened to me is that becuase my battery was dead I missed my ride and had to walk 8 miles home!

  • Andrew Lewis

    broken down car and dead cell phone in farmland.


    The worst thing that has ever happened to me…I am a recovery agent and sometimes I fly out to repo cars. I had been looking for this Porsche GT2 for around 4 months and got a tip from the customer’s coworkers in Shreveport that he took a promotion to a casino In Las Vegas. I did some homework and found him working as a Pit Boss at the Venetian. I had a friend of a friend check on the car to see where it was being parked and had him place a wireless gps locater on the car(he had the factory locater removed)and I flew out the next morning with my Mytouch 4g in tow…lol I pinged the car to verify where it was located and thought it was an easy pick…I took a cab to the Casino hung out for a bit not noticing my phone was being killed by not having a signal… I finally got a notification on my phone the car was in my vicinity and pinged it again. It was in one of the parking garages. I walked out and got in and started it with my key I had cut by the lean holder from Porsche.(they hate towing these cars because alot of the time they get damaged. Anyways I drove out the attendant didn’t question me at all when leaving the garage so I just headed out. I stopped at a gas station in Henderson and got gas and some snacks and was headed back to Arlington. It is around a 17 hour drive to Arlington and I thought I was set…lol I plugged in my phone charger and went on my way I filled up in Albuquerque and got some dinner and was doing good I thought… I drove for about half an hour and got a flat. I went to make a call and my phone was dead. The cigarette lighter didn’t work I went into the fuse box tried switching fuses nothing worked. Now I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat and no phone. I’m kind of a big guy and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not stopping. I couldn’t leave the car because If something happens to it it would be my fault. So I sat with the cautions going…for around 13 hours and the car went dead and I just started laughing. It’s around 2 in the afternoon and a old guy named Henry stopped in his Winnebago and asked what happened and wanted to look at the car. I explained to him what happened and he said well just plug in your phone and make a call. His wife made some sandwiches and we had a picnic on the side of the road. We had a couple laughs and I got a service truck out to me…finally. I gave him a hundred bucks for his trouble and for just bailing me out. I got the tire replaced and the car jumped off headed back on the road. What is funny to me I saw something like 12-15 police cars and not one of them stopped the whole time I was on the side of the road. I waved at them and I don’t know if I was just being ignored or what they just wouldn’t stop. For all I know It probably was the same guy every time. After about 8 and a half hours later I made it back to the office and just crashed under my desk and went to sleep. After this for a while I carried a second battery ,but I just got a Galaxy S3 and this mycharge may be a better option for me.(bugbyte_v@yahoo.com)

  • Spanky

    Here’s something that happened to me 3 years ago. I was driving to a friend’s birthday party in Manhattan when my G1’s battery flatlined. Since my wife decided to stay home, I began looking for the first available pay phone to let her know that my cell phone is dead. Of course, parking in Manhattan is notoriously difficult to find, so I pulled onto a side street and quickly pulled my car in front of a fire hydrant, which happened to have a pay phone directly behind it. As soon as I began dialing my home number, a parking enforcement agent pulled around the corner and proceeded to issue me a $115 ticket for parking in front of a hydrant. Talk about lousy luck!

  • miss_emily_nicole

    The worst thing that has happened to me was that I was driving back from Pennsylvania with my fiance’ and we took an alternate route instead of interstate after the traffic was backed up and got lost. Both of our phones were dead (mine because I was using Navigation, his because he was watching videos) and the car charger was not working. We had to ask for directions in a small town (We were in Tennessee at this point). There version of directions and mine were not the same. We ended up driving up a mountain (my fiance’ can not handle going on bridges, up mountains, on crowded roads, etc due to being overseas). Let just say it wasn’t fun, especially when the roads on a mountain is narrow and someone is in your ear saying that you are going to fast when you are driving 25 mph while they are on the floor of the back seat with his head covered. Next month we are supposed to go to Dallas, Texas lets see how this will go with TX traffic!

  • dkbnyc

    Happened back in August of 2003. Battery at 3%… Had to make a call to warn them… “Hello, Mark! Its me… Please reset systems 2, 3, 4… Hello? Mark?” Phone died! NO! 10 more seconds of talk time was all I need. The date was August 15, 2003. NYC was plunged into a 28 hour blackout. If only I had a battery backup. If only…

  • In 2009 after being deployed for 7 months to Iraq, I had gotten my cellphone mailed to me the last month I was there so that when I came back to the states I could call my wife and she could pick me up and take me back to the hotel on base.We finally depart Iraq and head home. I’m excited, so I call her when we land in Maine (I was stationed in South Carolina). I had no outlets because we had to wait on the plane since we are in uniform and had weapons. I turn my phone off noticing it didn’t have much power left. I make it to base in South Carolina and get off the plane, they bus us over to the meet up point with the families. I go to turn my cellphone…and nothing. I didn’t ask anyone around to use their phone because they were busy with seeing their families. I am hoping my wife notices it’s been a few hours and I should be back by now. Nothing, everyone is gone but me, so I had to grab my bags of gear which is over a hundred pounds, and walk 3 miles at night to the hotel. I walk to the front ask them which room it is that my wife is in, find the room, knock on the door and my wife hugs me tight and the first thing she says to me is “Why didn’t you call I would have came and gotten you!”.

  • Worst thing that happened to me is that I was onthe phone with my wife. In Miami,that are some areas that I have difficulty getting a good signal (same places, all the time). While on my way home, I was telling my wife I was having problems heearing her, as my cell was going in and out of good reception. She is always complaing to me that I use that excuse to hang up,which is the furthest form the truth. Additionally,I listen to classic rock music, but recently began listening to House music. My wife does nto like that music, so I lsiten to it in my car. Well, as luck would have it, my battery was basically drained on my phone, no car charger becasue I am in a loaner car, and The house music starts pumping loud as I am trying to turn up the blue tooth volume, but turn up the radio volume instead. As you can imagine the phone cuts out while talking to my wife, in the midst of explaining that the reception sucks, and to top it off, house music playing loudly. Needless to say, I get home later that evening, from running some errands, and my wife decides she is goign to interrogate me as to why I was in a strip club, as that was the only viable solution for not answering her calls back to me; in her mind. In the end we were both laughing, but my fist 20 minutes at home were brutal!

  • Deadeye37

    I was at my best friend’s wedding helping get everything prepped. I get a call from my company’s answering service saying that one of our clients is completely down. (side note – my co-workers are douches who do not want to trade on call schedules. I was stuck being on call).

    I use my phone to remote desktop to my computer at work and started working on the issue. Right when I’m about to bring their system up, my phone dies. I go to try to charge it with the car charger only to find that the charger is broken thanks to my 2 year old chewing on it one day.

    I end up having to drive an hour and a half to my office just to hit 4 keys. I rush back just in time to see them slap cake in their faces and drive off.

  • Ed

    Got literally lost in NYC when my phone battery died. I couldn’t locate nearest subway entrance, and couldn’t figure out bus schedule. I can’t live without Google Maps.

  • DeadAstronautInSpace

    Worst thing to ever happen because of a dead battery is that my fiancee was at work and started having a miscarriage so bad she had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. When my fiancee tried calling me to tell me so i could meet her at the hospital,the calls didn’t go through because my battery was dead. The horrible thing was she tried calling me like 30 times, and she even had her mother and step-dad both call me numerous times too. Finally her mother (who was very sick and couldn’t walk all that well) had to come and knock on our door to let me know. What a horrible experience! I am forever paranoid about my battery levels now.

  • redishbrown

    the worst… having the phone not keep a charge at all and needing t to play ea need for speed to kill time when i was waiting for my dentist appointment inside a stuffy office with nothing to freaking do. yeah its lame.

  • mctwnd

    The worst thing that happened was when I went to see an eye doctor. I spent a very long time at the clinic and I used my phone to surf the web while there. By the time the doctor saw me, recommended me to have an emergency operation that same day, my phone battery had died and I could not use the phone to inform my family about what was going on !!!
    At that time, I had a CDMA phone. That incident convinced me to switch to GSM

  • IronTexas

    I was out fishing one day and after having a couple bad trips I finally have a day where I am catching some fish. While I’m out enjoying the day I get a nice run on my rod and reel so I start to work on getting this fish in. Its putting up a heck of a fight so Im supper excited!!!! It takes me about an hour and half to get it in and turns out to be a 10′ blacktip shark! i never caught a shark before so I Get my Galaxy S 3 out and im gonna take a few pics and i see my phone is dead. Stupid me didnt put it on the charger the night before and i left the house around 4 in the morning smh. To this day no one wants to believe the story. As the saying goes no pic no proof. I would love to have the Summit, Voyage or the Sojourn so this never happens again. Thanks, E-Mail is meetjoeblack1982@yahoo.com

  • jonsoncd

    I’ve never ran out of battery, because I have this ridiculous system of
    extra batteries, chargers and portable battery packs that can barely
    keep me charged. :/

  • i was wanking off and about to climax until my phone died and then i lost it…

  • Adam Barrett

    One morning I headed out to run a delivery of fireworks through Nevada. My wife had already been on edge with our relationship and today she was particularly sure I was going to end everything. I hadn’t been in the right frame of mind as I set out for the trip and forgot to charge my cell phone. Later in the afternoon, as one would suspect, the battery died. I didn’t know, and didn’t give it any thought. Turns out my wife tried calling, and calling, and calling. Finally so upset she screamed at me for over an hour when I finally called from the hotel. Long story short, my wife is now my ex, and my dead phone is to thank/blame.

  • Robby

    I was driving through a bad part of the city and my car broke down.. Toyota Camry’s aren’t supposed to break down and my phone had 0 battery left. I had to leave my car to try and find a store that was still open to call for help. WORST TIME TO NOT HAVE A CELL PHONE!

  • Gino Melone

    Well, I feel pathetic. Worst I’ve had was needing to find a different way to waste time…

  • I went to a bar with my gf and while I was talking to some friends she went to the bar for some drinks. At the bar these guys start to talk her up and as I walk over she manages to get away from the group of 6 guys. She starts to drink her gin N tonic and says she doesn’t like it. So we switch drinks and I down her gin N tonic. about a minute later she takes the glasses to the bar and the same guys walk up to her and grab her by the arm. she freaks out and pulls away as I walk up to her to see what’s going on. She pulls me away so I won’t fight anyone and pulls me to the dance floor. We get to the dance floor and I start to feel really dizzy… She takes me somewhere to sit and she comes to the conclusion that someone slipped something in her drink and I drank it. The bouncers wanted me out because I looked like a drunk mess. She told them what happened and they threw me in a cab. On the way back to my place she looks for my phone to call my roommate and the phone had 2% battery life. All she got through on the phone call was that I had been drugged and it died. So my roommates are freaking out, and leave to go find me before we even get there. So now I’m in a cab with no one to help me get out of the cab and into my apartment. My gf says screw it and take me to the ER. All they did there was charge me 80 bucks and have me sleep it off. What a night…

  • Jamie

    I was on the road on a phone interview. I forgot my charger at home (for some reason it didn’t charge…cheap iPhone Cable) and during the interview my phone died….I ended up not getting that job.

  • Charles Enwesi

    The worst thing that ever happened to me was i thought i had my phone charged at night only to find out that my son unplugged the charger from the wall the night before. So i find myself on a plane to Vegas from MD. Pulled out my phone to watch a movie and only had 30% left. Only if i had a full charge or a portable charger like these one i would have really enjoyed the movie.

  • So every night I make sure to charge my EVO 4G for the next day. The night before this story takes place, I did not charge my phone. Now bear in mind, my phone drains fast. Almost 2 year old EVO, it doesn’t hold a charge quite as good as it used to. This was about 2 and a half months ago. So it’s the next morning, I hear my mom screaming at someone at the door and then the yelling and screaming goes outside. I get up, and find out that it’s someone apparently from the electric company who is lying his ass off saying that our checks have been bouncing the past few months; we don’t even pay by check. So this ass shuts off our power, nearly gives my mom a heart attack. No home internet, so my sister’s calling app on her iPod touch won’t work. My brother and mom’s phone also needs charging and isn’t working, so it’s up to me to have us call the power company. Nope. Not gonna happen. My phone shut off in middle of the night from battery drain. My mom ended up having to go to a neighbor’s house to call them. Find out that indeed this guy was wrong, the payment is not due until the next day; and, as we already knew, how could our alleged check payments have been bouncing for 3 months straight if they didn’t physically send someone over to shut us off. Turns out that this guy was from a collection agency who works for the electric company and has a bad reputation of doing stuff like this to customers. It was a horrible couple of hours without power.

  • This year I went to my fantsay football draft with cell phone and laptop in hand. While there, my laptop died 5 minutes before the draft. I however was thinking I have my phone, no problem. Well, as the drafts finishes my first pick, my phone battery died. I had no way to draft. so for the rest of the draft, I was stuck on auto-pick and now have a team that sits in last place currently after wiinning the championship the previous year. Thanks cell phone.

  • Sean

    I was leaving a comment on a tmonews.com blog post to win a myCharge whe…

  • Shane Ramkissoon

    Last week, I was running errands and pretty much going all over the place. I was expecting a call from a place I applied for a job to. About an hour or so later, the phone dies as I was still doing errands for my family.

    Having to come home that same day at around 9PM, I started to charge my phone and check my voicemails only to find out I missed not one, but TWO job offers from places I applied to. I called them back, but no dice! :(

  • spidey

    my phone went dead, while i was watching the avengers movie. i thought loki struck me with wand

  • JustMe510

    I was leaving a concert (during which I had used up all my battery life updating my FB status and taking pics) and realized I had left my car charger in my sister’s car. I was driving home and noticed smoke coming from under the hood of my car. I pulled over (on the freeway) and opened the hood – my car was on fire. I had no phone and nothing in the car besides a 2 liter of Dr Pepper. I threw the Dr Pepper on the fire to put it out, but was now stranded, at night, with no car and no phone. I knew the next exit was a bit of a walk, but decided it was best to just get moving and hopefully the gas station would have a phone I could use to call for help. After walking to the gas station – I called AAA to get my car towed home and then my sister who came and got me. Needless to say, this was a HORRIBLE experience could have been slightly less terrible if I had a myCharge battery back up.

  • NZ5

    This was awhile ago when I still had the G1, the first Android phone. The battery life was lacking due the apps I installed and limited battery life of the phone itself. I used the Google map feature while I was driving in Dallas to visit some friends. Since I didn’t know the roads well, I had the map on the phone running while I drived. Needless to say, that killed he battery pretty quickly after half a hour.

    The unfortunate thing was, I was still a distance from my destination. After my battery run out and the phone died. I spent the next two hours on the isolated roads trying to figure out where I am and where I was going. Good news is I made to my friend’s house, bad news is that I missed the dinner by about two hours.

  • Jacob

    lost my car charger and had to drive a long distance that I didn’t know the directions to visit a friend. Arrived to her house which was in the middle of the woods. Battery died and I found myself really needing to handle some business (Numero Dos). Tried to get in the house to realize no one was there (she was at the store). Knocked and knocked hoping she was just sleeping, but nothing. Ended up having to hide behind some trees. Thankfully I finished before she got home. And of course I never told her lol.

  • Aaron Garrett

    I’d love one of these, please.

  • simple worst thing that could happened to you its you wanna take a girls number and your phone dies on you. no way you are going to give her your number! she would never call :(


    A few weeks ago when i was riding the bus to my campus, I had lost my wallet along the way from the bus stop to the library. It wasn’t until an hour later that I realized this, so I got frantic and tried to retrace my steps. At that point i knew my wallet was gone. To make matters worse, I didn’t bring my charger with me and the battery was already at 32%, I couldn’t leave school because my money ($30), my metrocard, and state id were all in the wallet i just lost. I made calls to my mom but she was in Long Island and wouldn’t be able to get to me until after 5. Problem was my phone shut off before 5 pm and no one had a way to communicate with me. 8 pm comes and now my class is over, with no way to get home and no money to get change I was stranded and since I couldn’t call a cab or anyone to pick me up I ended up walking halfway home along the expressway until someone whom I knew spotted me walking and gave me a ride. Come to find out if I had had my phone on and stayed on campus, I would have known that my mom had called for a cab for me and it was waiting, just on the opposite side of the school, prior to me getting out of my last class but that plan failed. Thanks a lot lg optimus battery, smh (mstevens528@gmail.com)


  • Carlizzle

    I was reflecting on the statement you made Mr. Beren on how you cannot think of an occasion where this has happened to you. I am on that same boat, but think about Mr Beren and Tmonews, if this were to happen, and I won the prize, I would be a-ok because you had my back! That is why I suggest you consider me for this prize ;) plus look at this awesome picture of Kirby dancing I made: <(^.^^.^)>

  • HL

    I was using my phone as GPS and it dead while i was driving. I don’t remember which exit i suppose to take so i just keep driving until I get the next gas station

  • lol, i remember how i got fired from my previous job. I moved From Florida to Chicago. So I’m getting used to using public transportation in the Chi because its just a wreck to drive here. I was in the restaurant business, and my wife dropped me of at the train station every day for work. So couple weeks, I jumped into my daily routine. Im getting ready for work. I forgot to plug my phone in the night before, and I spent a little time reading Android Central and Tmonews and some flick golf before i got out of bed. figured, Eh Karl(a co worker) has a charger if I need it, right before we leave. We leave the house, as usual, one hour before start time at work. She drops me of. I’m waiting for the walk light to turn, I got my Spotify on blast. Finally make it to the station, reach to my back pocket for my wallet. OF COURSE, no wallet. I had everything I needed, but my wallet. I was in a mixture of despair, anger, and just a call away from overall lost of hope lol. I figured, “eh my girl shouldn’t be that far, ill just call her” get my phone out of my pocket there is a massive red line across my battery, I rush to look for my recent calls, and find her, select contact, and call. Phone is calling, rings twice and the phone dies!!! I never wanted to scream “NOO!!!!!!” so bad in my entire life. My girl just had switched her number to a 312 number two weeks before and i could not remember it for the life of me, and lets be honest, who knows their work number in this industry lol. I knew i was in trouble, no money, no phone, I wasn’t about to start asking for money in the street lol. I walked three miles back to the house. called work and they told me I had been terminated since I was relatively new, they just did not care, lol, and to be honest I didn’t either. But the event of not having a battery did cost me my job that time. Now I am a MIT at Lou Malnati’s here in Chicago. Still riding the L, and I hope I don’t go through that again. In fact I hoe no one goes through that again!

  • TMCraver

    Awee i was hoping for an at random i don’t want to have to work for my free mycharge-battery back up unit.. My battery my die trying to type up some sort of awesome paragraph about wanting to win. :( I’m just a broke student who walks around campus all day constantly killing my battery checking for updated t-mobile news information on this website called http://www.tmonews.com in case you’ve never heard of it..

  • MNBug

    While performing an appendectomy using Google’s Google surgery app (beta only) my phone died. All my nursing staff only had iPhone’s so we pulled up iSurgery and since is just came out, it shows the insides in the wrong location. But I didn’t know this so I continued anyway. Luckily I was able to complete the appendectomy, but unfortunately, I gave Mr. Brown an bovine ovary transplant as well :(

  • Simone SectionNine

    September 25th the day the day I upgraded to the suoerman puone the galaxy s3. I never thought I would be failed to be saved by my phone again.

    I love my phone, but the battery is a parasite.. just like in the superman comics.. parasite will suck the energy out of any super hero. My friend that I havent seen in 6 months texts me that he will be in LA oct .9 2012.. he is staying at the w hotel on hollywood blvd. The text was spontaneous and I didnt prepare for the trip to LA at all.. I was in class playing jetpack joyride during my statistics math class lecture.. bored out of my mind.. so my phone had been entertaining me for a good 2 and a half hours. Around 7pm I left to LA with 50% battery.. I turned of data, low screen brightness.. no gps no sync.. to save battery for my potentially dangerous trip to hollywood.. u never know these days.. all the actors are pretty hungry and could result in hannibal lectur habbits.

    I initially switched to the gs3 because my gf was sick and tired of my s2 constantly running on low battery.. she worries about me at night and we love to talk so battery life is an essential part of my life to stay in touch with my gf.. I tricked myself into believing the superman phone has super battery life aswell and made her believe the lie I fooled myself with when I initially switched to the s3.

    I arrive in la.. to the w and my friend danial is still getting ready to meet up with me.. I have to conserve battery so jetpack joyride and angry birds are out of the question.. when I arrive in la im at about 30%.. I even switched to gsm because I noticed my wcdma mode reception bars were low.. and low bars mean more battery consumption.. sigh.. so I had to go to 2g and gsm mode. My friend arrives.. we go eat at katsuya. I gave my gf updates.. and by 1 am I left Hollywood to head back home..

    I live an hour and a half away from la.. I use my gps because the freeway had been shut down… maybe an alternative way home.. my gf was also mad at me for not texting her.. my texts just didnt go through due to vad reception… im halfway home on the freeway Google maps keeps making me take the closed route.. I click alternative route.. but keep falling on a closed freeway.. I did 5 loops.. exiting the 405 south and reentering.. exiting re-entering where was my galaxy s3.. by the 5th loop my phone died.. yes folks.. brightness was low all that battery conserving steps.. and superman failed.. im upset im somewhere in long beach california.. crips and bloods running wild i have no idea how to get back home.. using the streets.. and im 3 exits away on the 405s to somewhere im familiar with. I decide out of frustration to bypass the cones and enter the closed freeway to try and get to the seal beach exit im somewhat familar with.. when I by passed the cones.. my heart started racing because the freeway was a ghost road.. no lights and some construction on the other side of the ramp going on… I realized I could die..maybe the freeway has a pothole I cant see..maybe the foundations are in the process of solidifying.. I starting praying and my heart was racing.. and I told myself what a dumb decision.. I also felt like chucking my ohone out the window.. but I would lose my jetpaxk joyride game stats..anyway b I reached the exit I was familiar wssed the cones and found a route that I was somewhat familar with.. its 2:30 in the morning with all the delays.. im still not home .. and i could have killed myself from a bad decision.. my mind was cloudy.. i was tired and frustrated with the s3.. if I had a good battery my life wouldnt be at risk.. all that frustration caused me to make a stupid decision.. i could have died.. thanks gs3.. ur battery power sucks.. ur no superman.. your more like greenlantern.. and need a mycharge battery pack on the go charger to realize your full potential just like the greenlantern needs his green lalantern to recharge.. and allow you to save lives..

  • dpmb

    Phone died, and I couldn’t log on to tmonews.com. Worst day ever. I swear.

  • Dan Rubin

    Mine will be quick and easy. I was driving home from Chicago and I had only had my license for about 1 year and I had a flat tire while on the highway. Luckily it was during the day time and their was light or else it could have been a lot worse. but sadly it did get worse. I went to look at my phone and realized that my battery was on low and I remembered then I left my car charger in my moms car. I tried making a call to my dad but as I heard “hello” my phone just died. At this point I am kind of freaked out because I have no way of contacting anybody and it’s very dangerous to walk near the highway. While sitting my car thinking of what I can do a car pulls up behind me and asked if I needed help. It was an IDOT worker, they are highway patrol help.He helped me change my tire, I have never done it before so don’t make fun and I was on the highway, and as they say the rest is history. drubin44@gmail.com

  • gudtenant

    we were playing with voicemail greeting messages, mine was set up with a recording of my friend pretending to pick up the phone and being very rude, and my voice at the background “tell them i’m not available”… my phone died and when my parents called they were transferred immediately to the voicemail… when i finally got home and turned it on, they called again and they were very mad because they thought i didn’t want to talk to them…

  • Michael Wu

    I want to get this charger as a present for my dad.

  • miketx

    A MyCharge would make a world of a difference in my life on a daily basis. In my field as a public servant days are very long and action is plentiful.
    The moment that I could could’ve benefited from having an extra charge to my galaxy s2 is often but recently while helping a stranded motorist in a rather remote location towards the end of shift my service radio had too much interference yet when I looked at my phone i had enough signal to make a call but while doing so within seconds my battery died. while sometimes I’m in a vehicle this time i was on foot for most of the day. i have already showed the review to coworkers who plan to purchase one as well.

  • Omar

    My story begins at Universal Studios. After a fun day we all have to head back home. Well that would of been my case if it wasn’t for my phone dying on me. I couldn’t contact my original ride there because my phone was dead and they couldn’t contact me either. My only way home was to take the metro rail. But to my luck the rail didn’t start running again until 5am. I was stuck and stranded there until then, but thankfully made it back home around 8:30am.

    If I do happen to win please email me via omar_673@yahoo.com

  • MistaSmoove

    Five years ago one of my bosses at an old job asked me to drive his daughter’s SUV out to her at her college. The vehicle was in New York, and her college was in Colorado. Perpetually broke and eager for the chance to unwind on a nice roadtrip, I jumped on the opportunity. Everything was spectacular–grand vistas, cozy and cheap hotels and savory junk food meals included. Until the last day. My then-girlfriend was a little jealous, and her gut feeling was telling her that I was at risk of hooking up with some random girl and ruining our relationship. We were on the phone as I was crossing the border into Colorado and the sky was an ominous broth of gray and charcoal tufts. What’s a modern, sensitive man to do? “Look, sweetheart, if you don’t trust me by now and after all I’ve done to show you how much you mean to me then I just know what to tell ya…” Yeah, that’s it. Respect it, baby. No, wait…I need to flex a little more muscle… “I think we need to go one a break, sweetie. I just can’t take this right now.” Oh yeaaah. That’ll teach her. It didn’t. The whole “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” kicks in and I proceed to get no less than 27 phone calls in rapid succession, each beginning with “So what are we, are we still together?” and ending with a series of expletives and hang-ups. Ooops. The sky explodes in divine fury, hail, snow, rain and lightning all at once. I suddenly notice my cellphone is about to die. I’ve got 15 cents left, knowing that I was maybe an hour away from delivering the vehicle, getting paid and hopping on my flight home. The phone rings again and I’m getting warnings now…plug in your charger. I don’t have a car charger. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry I got upset. I think it’s best we give each other a little space. My phone’s about to die and I don’t know where this girl lives at the college to deliver it. It’s a big college, the weather is horrible and I have no way to find her if my phone is dead. Please, let’s talk when I get back.” Nope. Not good enough. 10 more rejected calls and I’m in the town where the college is. The 11th call is what does it. My phone gives up the ghost, I’m broke and wondering how the heck am I going to find my bosses’ daughter, deliver the car and get on the plane. An hour later and I’m wondering how I’m going to survive…

  • My worst moment I ever had when my phone died was when it was raining really bad, there detours on the main road due to flooding in each of the viaducts, heavy traffic because of that, and I barely had any gas left. To matters even more better, I was still about 3 hours away from my house. I couldn’t call anyone to let them know where I was or even if I got stranded. Police guiding the traffic to a non flooded street didn’t help either. It was so disorganized and very hard to see. I managed to get to the gas station, but to my house was going to take a while. One of my worst days I ever had.

  • I was streaming WatchESPN for an FSU game and my phone died about midway through the 3rd quarter. Did not have access to any television or laptop at the time so was frustrated.

  • ldmm0609

    Worts thing thst happen to me id that my phone died and my charger wasnt working ether and sad part I bought a charger and phone wasnt charging etherso sincre I had insurance on phone I had to request a new had to be with outa phone 3 dayz till gret new phone email is ldmm0609@yahoo.comt

  • Josue

    i met my gf while i was at work and my battery was dead so i couldn’t text her…to this day i still regret and im always reminded by her lol

  • jana zhang

    my android dead on the last new year’s eve. i couldn’t even share my happiness on that moment!!

  • So who won?

  • guest

    So who won or was this contest a fake?

    • The winners have been notified!