Deal Alert: HTC One S Reduced To $149.99 On T-Mobile Website

Looking for a cheap deal on the HTC One S with a new line of service or add-a-line on T-Mobile? Check out the deal on T-Mobile’s website now, good through August 21st for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. No word on if this deal works for qualifying upgrades, but new and add-a-line customers are good to go!


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  • Deadeye37

    I love how we’re selling the One S for $149 after rebate on sale, and AT&T is selling the bigger, better One X for $99 w/out rebate.  Even the full price is cheaper ($449 vs $549)

    Ya, value plans are cheaper than what AT&T offers, but when the better phone is cheaper on/off contract, it makes me think that T-mobile should be a little more competitive on phone pricing.

    • Dakota

      I agree…run of the mill consumers are moved to act by the flashy device prices & prefer not to deal with carrier rebate games…This & esp that 279 aft rebate on SG3 directly confli t with the value message tmo is trying to sell. Mktg mistake yet again..Tmo:”We offer you the best prices & value.”. Prospective customer: ” Then why are your phones more expensive?”

      Yes youll all say it MIGHT be cheaper for some folks over 2 years, but you have tp catch peoples short attention & impulsivity…not make them whip out a calculator. You may say theyre stupid..but they perceive it to be a better deal elsewhere ; then hear Tmo is 4th carrier with no iphone, worst service, and no Lte..and why should i join them if in addition to all this, their device will cost me.more.

      • Tbyrne

        Worst service? That’s laughable. Go say hi to Randall & Danny! Sheesh.

        • Dakota

          Just because youre a Tmobile loyalist and apologizer doesnt make it fact.  I have no idea who the people you  mentioned are but here are the facts.  Tmobile is in last place among the major postpaid carriers in # of subscribers and continuously are coming in last place in the JD Power customer service rankings.  They also are the only carrier without the iPhone.  They have no LTE service as of yet.  And they often price their devices higher than everyone else, which sends a wrong message to consumers…esp when youre trying to promote yourself as a value carrier.  So yes..laugh all you want…maybe youre an employee but youre not objective.  You seem like Tmo management who constantly has blinders on and refuses to see whats really going on.  And anecdotally, I can also give you many examples of how the service has seriously declined over the last 2 years as Ive seen it first hand and seen it from other people.  I currently dont know anybody else who has Tmobile and from talking to people, I see what kind of reputation Tmobile has with many consumers – their reputation is actually laughable – because of the reasons I stated before.

      • MacRat

        Yup. Most people are pretty clueless about how much they over pay for a phone through their expensive monthly payments.

        If you state this over on David’s other site DroidDog, you’ll get flamed by people who think getting a subsidized phone is cheaper.

  • Dakota

    Oh and just read sprint is one upping by offering their versioccounts the htc evo 4glte for a penny for new accounts!!!! Guess moral is wait a bit after relrases and get phones at lower sales prices and always check amz & third wirefly tmo sg3 for 199

    • MacRat

      Or just wait until T-Mobile dumps excess inventory on CowBoom.

  • Guest

    I’ll pass not real 4G anyway. I’ll get a one x on “ATT”.LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    • MacRat

      Technically, there is no “real” 4G in the US.

      Currently T-Mobile’s 42 HSPA+ hardware is faster than AT&T’s LTE equipment.

      • Guest

        I get 35 to 45 download and 20 to 25 uploading. That’s LTE. IT’S. REEL TRUST ME.

        • Scarfacemario

          Dude get a life instead of bashing on tmo 4G why are u on here wasting your time on a Tmobile news forum if your on At&t … no one has real 4g tmobiles is on par with LTE in their 42mbps areas nd they beat Lte. In some locations

        • MacRat

          Note that the definition for “real” 4G was that it STARTS at 100Mbs.

          That’s why the 4G purists got so angry when US companies started calling everything 4G. :-)

  • guest

    What a joke! Wirefly has it for $99 without the MIR.

    • Little Jimmy

      Yeah, but usually on Wirefly, you’re limited to a specific plan if you want the phone for that price, without the option of choosing a different plan. So it’s not a good deal for everyone.

  • Anton Yatsenko

    This one was on salve for $24 bucks last week after mail-in-lame-rebate of $50. I went on with Galaxy S II. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!!

  • souggie

    got mine for free last week.

  • MarcusDW

    Damn it cost that much!?

  • Tmobros

    So,TMo is ready to make room for rumored HTC Era aka HTC One X+ ? I love HTC products, but iPhoneyish way (no external memory, non-user friendly battery) on HTC One S make me look the other company’s alternatives…

  • Oakley44

    I called the loyalty dept last week and got it for free – they credited my account the cost to even out the charge. I’ve been out of contract on a my part of a classic family plan sine April. It’s really a pretty badass phone. I don’t need more than about 8 or 9 gigs of available space at the most so the lack of ext. SD is not really a big deal…yet. Also, it took about 20 minutes or less to root.  

  • Guest

    Mail in rebates really blow, especially when it’s for a large amount. I’m tired of handing my money over so they can hold onto it for 6 weeks. I’ve been upgrading through the store/call center for as long as I remember, but the rebates are probably going to force me to go through a 3rd party. I do prefer to go straight through them though.

  • Paul Birkbeck

     I got my one s last week for 24.99 including a 50 dollar mail in rebate, so far pretty awesome coming from htc sensation

  • F-Mobile

    Or you can get an HTC one x on att for 100$ no rebate. Better deal in my opinion.

    • TBN27

      Nah. I will take this one. My rate plan is cheaper than what i can get on At&t anyway.

  • Great deal from T-Mobile….i would like to enjoy this deal….

  • Mike in FL

    Wasn’t this like $25 a few weeks ago? ow is this a “deal?”

  • Value Plan TMO customers wishing to upgrade their device don’t get a price break. Seems that for sophisticated TMO users, the Galaxy Nexus is the only option!

    • TBN27

      Well as a value plan customer, i don’t mind paying full price because i am right now saving about $40 a month versus a classic plan. So this would work out for me. I think i am going to upgrade to this because i always wanted it.

    • bob90210

      The retail price is now 550 so Value Plan customers have the same price reduction as Classic customers.

  • Matt

    T-Mobile corporate stores are selling this phone for $99 after a $50 mail in rebate…You’d be better off going to the store.

  • dt

    i had upgraded my line on best buy mobile for $80 after coupon for the htc one s.  only required the $10 data plan

  • Ne0

    I got this phone, is definite way faster than my vibrant, but the screen have to get used to it, dislike the pentile and i can see the pixel too.  But fact is very little phone use the accurate rgb screen except nokia and few other.

  • Izzybrexx

    Targets selling this for 130$..wat deal tmo