Apple, Samsung Trial Yields Sales Figures For All US Phones Sold

Ah yes, another day in the Apple vs Samsung trial that yields some interesting sales figures and stats. This time, we’re getting a look at both companies sales figures beginning from when Samsung’s original Galaxy series lineup first went on sale. Most important to us of course is how T-Mobile handsets have performed and thankfully, we can tell exactly that.

For the Samsung Vibrant, it sold close to 973,000 units in 2010 and 48,000 units in 2011 for a grand total of 1,021,000 units sold.

The Galaxy S 4G sold a whopping 1,146,000 in 2011 alone with an extra 301,000 in 2012 for a grand total of 1,447,000 units.

How about T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II? Try 432,000 units in 2011 and 819,000 in 2012 for a grand total of 1,252,000 total units sold for T-Mobile.

Totaling up all three T-Mobile specific units, Samsung made 1.478 billion from T-Mobile units sold between 2010 and 2012.

Unless I’m reading this wrong, the only Nexus device I see on here is the Nexus S 4G, not the Nexus S which was sold in combination with T-Mobile.

All told, all the units Samsung is being accused of infringing on Apple patents sold more than 21 million units. Unfortunately for Samsung, their tablet sales were also disappointingly low with just 1.438 million sold against Apple’s 34 million iPad sales.

After a break for the past two days, the Apple vs Samsung trial resumes again today, and hopefully today we’ll find out something else neither company wants being made public.

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  • ogopogo

    The low tablet sales actually help Samsung’s argument that their design does not cause customer “confusion” over the design similarities. This shows that Apple is not “suffering” sales losses due to design similarities.

    • ceegii63

      the proof is so ironically sad

  • i’ve never looked at a Samsung device and thought “iPhone”. 

    • NuShrike

      Looked at a Panasonic tv, and wow Samsung copied them. Looked at a LG fridge and Samsung copied them too!

      These look patents are ludicrous.

      • i’ve never even used a Samsung mobile phone and thought “iPhone”.  and yes I’ve had the S2 and S3 as well as a 4S .. patents are dumb :)

    • You must not have seen the Galaxy S 4G.  Looks identical to the 3GS almost. Hell even the apps in the App drawer look like iOS.

      • samagon

        iphone 3gs had no front camera, galaxy s4g had no big round button on the bottom front. 4″ screen vs 3.5″ screen, different aspect ratios. yes, they both were rectangles with beveled edges and a chrome band, but otherwise (specifically from the back) these phones were impossible to confuse. 

  • Tmo_employee

    weird that the galaxy s4g sold more than the galaxy s2 

    • Tbyrne

      Let’s see……the s4g had been out more than a year before the s2……nah, that can’t be why!

  • lbryan25

    compared to apples sales figures the galaxy s line is still nowhere near iphone sales, just proves that they don’t like competition. that’s all.

    • Mirad77

      You are correct to an extend,but mind you that figures David mentioned are for t-mobile only and when you add every carrier in all the countries that Samsung sold and is still selling the galaxy s line to then it gets clear why apple is after them this much.

  • PhantomWraith

    These sales figures would indicate that people are not confusing the 2 phone equipment lines with each other. Now that the GS3 has taken off so well it would seem Apple suddenly wants to get rid of Samsung. I’m sure thats all just coincidence though.

    • Gouv

      I wouldn’t go so far to say that. After all, samsung supplies apple with many key components used in the iPhone and other devices. I think the best way to see this is apples attempt to settle a personal score by engaging in a dirty, dragged-out battle. I think the new Samsung phones aren’t guilty of copying but some of the earlier Samsung smartphones do look pretty similar to the idevices.

      • davedsone

        So much for “good artists copy, great artists steal”.  How can you utter that sentence and then engage in “thermonuclear war” about someone else who does it?  This is why I have zero admiration for Steve Jobs.  For everything he has done well, there are a half dozen sneaky, underhanded, hypocritical things he has done to go with them.  HP should sue Apple for infringing on their idea of putting a phone and a personal digital assistant together…..

        • Gouv

          It’s all about the final implementation in the end. Also HP had plenty of their own guilt to cope with. Also, no one ever said jobs was perfect or a truly nice guy. However he did an amazing job of building apple up upon his famous return and managed to do what very few people in history have done. You also have to understand the patent system in order to understand what’s justifiably worthy of a patent suit. Maybe Apple isn’t infringing on any of their patents or they have licensing deals that no one knows about with HP. Apple is always filing for interesting patents and gets them. Check “patently apple” site to see for yourself. Even if the patent system is broken, some of the companies are still playing by the books and protecting their Ip the best way they legally can. The reason my company has been able to survive as long a it has in the face of larger, lawyer filled competitors is because of patents. Without patents my company would have been out of
          Business because a larger company tried to boldly copy our idea and sell it cheaper. We sued, won and we haven’t had a huge problem since. So patents are relevant and I don’t think people know enough behind many of these publican suits to truly judge. Many of us just quickly Judge based on what we read on the Internet and bloggers opinions on matters.

  • indeed. what competition? 

  • iMac Jack

    Apple is doing the right thing. S voice push Apple to the edge. Enough is enough! Its time for these manufactures to make there own ideas and stop copying the king of all phones! iPhone!

    • Spanky

      Considering the fact that voice command/search (look up Vlingo and the Genius button on the MyTouch phones, for instance) existed way before Siri came out, perhaps Apple is the company that needs to stop copying?

      • MisterBlue

        And it only took the release of Siri on the 4S for S-voice to magically appear as a feature on Galaxy phones.

        • True.  Just like the flood of tablets that came out after the iPad released.

    • Mauni Mehrizi

      Siri is not a innovation by Apple. It was Just bought and branded Apple. 

    • jaestoner01

      troll alert.!!!!!!

      • Tbyrne

        “Siren noise in the background.”

  • SoManyMistakes

    Oh man I REALLY need to start my own blog. Sitting back and always commenting, bringing other bloggers site traffic, while guys like David always make mistakes.

    “Apple, Samsung Trial Yields Sales Figures For All Phones Sold.” HUH?

    Besides the poor wording, the data is not for all phones sold. The data provided is only for U.S. sales of accused smartphones. NOT ALL PHONES SOLD, and again only for U.S. sales.

    “For the Samsung Vibrant, it sold close to 973,000 units in 2012 and 48,000 units in 2011 for a grand total of 1,000,021 units sold.”

    WRONG, Vibrant sold 973,000 units in 2010 not 2012, and 48,000 units in 2011. For a grand total of 1,021,000, NOT 1,000,021.

    • Well, the last time I claimed to be perfect, my wife yelled at me. So I’m not infallible and make mistakes, and what I would love is for people to let me know about them in a NICE way, so I can correct them. I don’t know about “always” making mistakes, but they do happen and I’m sure you’ve made mistakes in your own work life as well. In any case, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

      • Godhand4505

        Are you the same guy that said the galaxy note would fail ?

    • samagon

      It was easily inferred that this was US sales specific to Samsung and Apple, context clues gave that much away, and anyone that has advanced beyond a 2nd grade reading level should be able to figure that out.

  • Greg Davis

    Here’s an easy experiment, Hand an Android phone to a devout iPhone user and an iPhone to a devout Android user and give them each a specified amount of time to do specific tasks without assistance. Then we’ll see just how similar these devices truly are.

    • Tbyrne

      You shoulda been a lawyer Greg! If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.


    Apple Iphone  will soon fall just like Blackberry has.
    They make a good product but Android  will keep rising to the top.
    Good time to put your money in Google,Samsung,HTC etc….


    Apple Iphone will fall just like Blackberry.
    They make a good product but not as open or as good as top Android phones.
    Android will rise to the top regardless of case verdict.


    Why do you keep deleting my post?
    Don’t agree with what I say.