Twelve Minute Walkthrough Of Galaxy S III, See It In Action

I wish I could say that you’re preparing to watch a twelve minute walk-through of a T-Mobile branded Galaxy S III, sadly that isn’t the case. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see any of the US branded handsets appear in the wild but, this video courtesy of is a great 12 minute walk-through showing off plenty of Samsung’s flagship smartphone features. At the very least, you’ll have something to do for 12 minutes while we wait around for US carriers to make announcements.

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  • Ryanpaulgarner

    Liking what I see!!!

  • omnirep

    Guys mark down June 20 on your calendars

    •  I sure hope so!  sold on day one for me.

    • Got proof you can send?

    • TheReder

      Stop getting my hopes up.

    • Ragez

       I’m in the market for a GSII but i may have to stop myself and see if the GSIII really does drop in June. Im not very good at being patient.

    • Tinkeritis

      I prefer to write down June 1st

    • Keenan Stephens

      Do you promise? my over/under on the price is 250. What do you think? 

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    I like this guy; he’s good at doing a walkthrough…

  • kod


    • Argh!


    • Heh

      Let me tell you something, I’ll take Singaporean/ Malaysian English any day of the week over the Spanish-English garbage that comes out of America today.

  • Calziel

    Its probably just omnirep’s birthday, lol

  • auser72

    Nice, but still leaning towards Galaxy Note.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Those quick-setting toggles that TouchWiz adds to the top of the Notification Shade are really key; it’s great to be able to turn on/off Wifi, GPS, Screen rotation, etc. from wherever you happen to be in the phone (including within an app). I use these frequently on the Vibrant. I don’t know why stock Android hasn’t incorporated this feature; I don’t think Sense has either(?)

    • Roswell_V

      Sense has it on a tab in the notification bar.

  • Legione13

    Oooh. Fingerprint magnet. I’d be wiping that thing off on my pant leg CONSTANTLY. 

    This is clearly a great phone, but I like the form factor of the One S and the GN better.

  • spartanjet

    After watching that video all I am thinking about is if I want it in blue or white.

  • now_onTMO

     please have a white one on launch day!

  • Deadeye37

    Color me impressed with this phone!  I’ll take the white one please.

  • avios

    HTC ONE X or GS3, i know GS3 still looks cheap  exterior

    • polou

      Although the One X  looks better and has the better screen, I would go with the Galaxy SIII because of its microSD card slot and its removable battery.

  • Elaracuan87


  • Matb321

    Im waiting to see what Nexus devices are coming out later this year.

  • Estatecare

    I had the HTC One S for 14 days and returned it because of this phone. I did not like the battery life on the One S and the the screen did not wow me either – it was not an improvement over GS2…

  • makapav

    Can you please check if this battery ‘sits’ in the Galaxy Nexus phone (even if the cover does not close)? If it does – then that means we can get a 2100mAH batter instead of the standard 2000mAh extended battery :-)

  • bruce_leer0y

    For some reason id still rather the note

  • why show the one we wont get??? or is this a uk site i could never tell 

    • Lani

       Maybe because nobody has access to the USA version to do a tech vid.  The guy said he was in Singapore in the Samsung Offices.

  • UMA_Fan

    I really hope the Tmo US version doesn’t have that ugly single home button.

    • UMA_Fan

      Also let’s hope Tmo releases the white and blue variants at the same time… Unlike the GSII white releasing almost a month later.

  • i’m still disappointed in this phone…screen isn’t a upgrade from other phones on the market and the design is similar to samsungs budget phones. I hope that there are variants to choose from for the states…its just not impressive to me.


  • josue cifuentes

    All they hype and we get this…i mean i love samsung but i think ill skip this and get a galaxy note…ill prob last me 1-2 years untill the “next big thing” arrives 

  • Lani

    While I hope TmoUSA sells this new mobile, I sure hope TmoUSA will sell the Note too.  My eyes and hands prefer the bigger screen of a Note over new flashy software features anyday.

    • Auser72

      Couldn’t agree more. And most of the software upgrades will eventually trickle down to other phones anyway. But there is no upgrade for screen size.

    • mreveryphone

      Just remember that note comes with an old processor and it lags that’s why I’m selling mine for the gs3

  • Marc Klein

    If T Mobile was smart, they would start shipping this out in time for Fathers Day.

  • MarcusDW

    I’m still dying to know if Samsung plans to give any of these features to the Note and GS2.

  • mreveryphone

    Yep I just fed exed my wallet to samsung no other phone is in comparison right now!

  • tekmonkey

    So I waited for the SGS3 to upgrade my SGS1.  Question:  Should I get the HTC One, SGS 3, or Google Nexus (from Play Store) ? 

    • mreveryphone


    • I’d wait longer to see what’s up with the rumored 5 Nexus devices.

  • Calziel
    • You mean when we posted it over a week ago? :-) Don’t forget to use the search function kids!

      • Calziel

        Dammit! My bad…

  • ABC

    June 20th!

    • Guest

      Yo David, what happen to your ninjas, and whats going to happen on June 20th?
      It was kind of confirmed already by mobilesyrup that Canadian will get theirs on June 20th, how about us in the state?

  • Lani

    Here’s the user manual for the Samsung Galaxy S III.
    Be aware the USA version may be different.