HTC One S April 25th Release Date On T-Mobile Confirmed

The HTC One S will launch on T-Mobile USA beginning Wednesday, April 25th. That’s all for now. Check out our earlier post this evening showing off highlights from T-Mobile’s HTC One S employee training indicating how T-Mobile will place the One S in their lineup.

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  • So, much money do you guys think this thing will cost off contract?

    • archie53

      I would guess between $499 to $599.

    • David Morgan

      Most Likely $499 OFF CONTRACT and $199 on a new 2 year agreement OR $250 w/mail in rebate ($50) anything more would be surprising, considering the SGSII is the current flagship phone for magenta and it LAUNCHED with the same pricing structure :) I can’t wait to pick mine up on the 25th! Finally time to call it quits with the nexus s (running ICS of course :) )

    • My guesses: 199-on and 529-off.

    • $229 on contract, $629 off would be my guess.  

    • Hey, as long as its $599 and under, but preferably $499.

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  • TrUsTmEi’MaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

    @ DAVID~~What is the HTC Incentive?  What colors is this going to be available in?  I might just wait for the HTC One X to hit T-Mobile in the fall.  

  • DaygosTommyT

    One S is not worth it! Almost same specs as Sensation! I have the Sensation and love it! Rooted and running sense 4.0 (port ROM from One S), same thing! T-Mobile should have got the One X, would’ve jumped on that in a heartbeat! How is T-Mobile gonna use the “our android phones are better than your AT&T iphone” argument when AT&T is getting better android phones?

    • Plucero13

      Not the same specs, the one s runs on a newer chip set then the sensation. The S4 chip is way faster then the S3 that is in the Sensation 4G.

  • Zolor23

    Is this everything from now until the end of May? I’m wondering if it says anything about the Lumia 900…:)

  • David Morgan

    same specs??? I think you might need to read a bit more on the interwebs :) BOTH the one X and the one S will be sporting the SAME Snapdragon 1.5ghz dual core processor. the ONLY advantage the one x has is the screen size difference (4.3 vs 4.7 isn’t drastic) AND (which is pretty cool in my opinion) the 720p HD screen (SLCD not SAMOLED) so explain further how the “One S is not worth it!” 

    • guest

       One X has twice as much internal storage as the One S.  One X has NFC.  One S does not.

      • David Morgan

        internal storage is still considered a big deal especially with the dropbox offer of an extra 25gb for BOTH devices? and NFC? I’ve had it in my nexus s for months now and if it were a feature I could use often I probably woulda remembered it was even “a thing” maybe next year but we’re still gonna be using cash and credit cards for a few more years i’m sure

        • DaygosTommyT

          Sensation’s Processor is the same as the Sensation XE with is clocked at 1.5ghz, the Tmo version is just underclocked to 1.2, yes the .3 does make a little bit of a difference, but because of rooting, obtaining the 1.5 clock on the sensation is not hard at all and because of the awesome devs on xda, sense 4.0 is running great on the sensation which essentially make it the same as the one s, just the sensation has a removable battery and micro sd card slot

        • David Morgan

          So why are we referring to the sensation line when they are using the quallcom snapdragon s3 processor? the one s (and u.s. one x) line are using the next model, the s4… i’m sure this has a factor in this argument somehow and btw the devs on xda are definately awesome lol they’ve come up with some amazing roms for my phones. always improving even when the manufacturer fails to keep things up to date. and I don’t have an argument against the difference in clock speed (.3) but I was earlier referring to the difference in screen size not being a good enough reason to say the One S is a bad buy or purchase idea. 

        • Not necessarily NFC for G-Wallet, but for Beam in the future.. you know, this year we’re definitely seeing much more NFC devices take off.

        • zifnab

          Yea, thats right, internal storage is still important. You can’t always access the internet, and Tmobile throttles data. If I can’t access my data 100% of the time, what use is having it? The cloud isn’t a substitute for more internal storage.

  • David Morgan

    same specs??? I think you might need to read a bit more on the interwebs :) BOTH the one X and the one S will be sporting the SAME Snapdragon 1.5ghz dual core processor. the ONLY advantage the one x has is the screen size difference (4.3 vs 4.7 isn’t drastic) AND (which is pretty cool in my opinion) the 720p HD screen (SLCD not SAMOLED) so explain further how the “One S is not worth it!” 

    • *cough* NFC *cough*

    • Anonymous

       to me, the larger screen size, less saturated colors, higher pixel density make the one x worth it

  • $229 on contract $649 off… 

    • jonathan3579

      Not worth it… I’ll stick with the Galaxy Nexus for a while longer. 

      • absolutely, the Gnex is still a safe bet, but the samsung galaxy s III could make it obsolete in just a couple months.

        • jonathan3579

          I’m willing to accept those terms. I’m not an egotistical Nexus owner. :) If pricing was better for the One S, I’d probably be tempted because I do have a phone buying addiction. Lol

    • Holy crap, $650 Off? That’s ~$715 with taxes -_-.. I’ll wait for one to show up on Swappa or something.. 

      I don’t think I can reason $710 off w/taxes, $650 w/ is fine the limit, seriously.. my laptop is $600.

  • Bender6191

    If phone is at a reasonable price off contract, I will definitely think about purchasing it. Phone looks amazing just wish it had an HD display and a non pen tile display.

    • Guest


  • Tatdude806

    So now that the One S has been made official, date wise, does that mean us Sensation owners will finally get our ICS update? 

    • zifnab

      Not until Tmobile is done making sure all their bloatware works the way they want on it. International Sensation owners have had it for a while now… I wouldn’t be surprised if we waited until mid summer for the update.

    • Don’t hold your breath, it looks like HTC was sloppy with the ICS upgrade they delivered to T-Mobile and T-Mobile sent it back to HTC for further work.  HTC is a company this not doing the best and I suspect internally they are cutting back.  What resources they have will be focused on the new products and not upgrading older handsets.  Count yourself lucky if we see an (officially blessed) T-Mobile Sensation upgrade by mid/late summer.

  • With or without beats head phones? Its time to replace this G2 i feel.

    • Taron19119

      This is not a good upgrade from the g2 I will keep my g2 and pass on this phone hope the nex phone is nicer

      • Zolor23

        Why? I have a G2. Why is it not a good upgrade for those that have a G2? Do you mean you’ll wait for the next phone or the new Nexus?

        • JamesJ13

          Since the both of you have a g2? Have you experienced transferring a video from the g2 to computer, and not hear the volume when played?
          The video works on my phone (with volume) and computer (without volume).
          Yes, my computers volume is turned all the way up.
          If any of you can answer, thatd be great.

          My g2 is in its last legs…giving me some problems here and there. I will be waiting for the Nexus (heck may be an iPhone if it comes to tmo and if its impressive)

        • JamesJ13

          .* not “?” typo…

        • JamesJ13

          Yes, thatd be great. Thanks a bunch!
          Take a video with sound, the transfer that file to your computer and play it from there. None of my videos (from sound) work.
          Ill be here waiting on the results (:

        • JamesJ13


        • Zolor23

          I tried and it worked. Scroll up and look at that post. Try VLC. That is what I used.

        • JamesJ13

          What’s VLc?

        • Zolor23

          Well, I don’t use the camcorder on my G2 much, so I don’t know, but I’ll try it out right now if you want.

        • tmotech

          That’s likely an audio codec issue. Have you tried playing the video with VLC?

      • TMoFan

        I’m inclined to agree with you. I’ll give credit to the One S, it’s a great phone to have on Magenta but I think a worthy upgrade for us G2 users is the mythical G4x – HTC One X with stock ICS and quad-core Tegra 3.

      • Well i should say possible/likely upgrade. I have to go full price anyway unless i switch to classic plans. 

        The G2 is at pretty much at its max with they way the android platform is growing. I am tired of the low internal space and inability to run larger apps/games on my phone with out dealing with the laggy performance. Even with custom roms.

        The One S just looks like a good jump off point for me, since i refuse to step down to a samsung phone. Sure 4 cores sounds better, but then why shouldnt i wait for 6 cores or more.

  • iFonePhag4S

    So right now I am running a rooted Sensation 4G. Would you guys all agree that it is not worth taking the step up to the One S from Sensation? It seems like such a tiny upgrade. It seems like an iPhone 4 to 4S jump(which I thought was retarded). In fact I’m more inclined to sell my Sensation and cough up some more money to get an Amaze 4G on Craigslist. That way I’d have the removable micro sd card slot, removable battery and camera upgrades. But the fact that the Amaze still doesn’t have S-off is really what is keeping me from making that move…

    I’m just torn and want everyone else’s advice before I make a stupid move.

    • JBLmobileG1

      What do you mean by S-off? I have an Amaze 4g and its one Awesome phone. I used the camera the other day when I was in downtown Las Vegas and the picture quality is amazing.

      • RC

        S-off means “security off” (I think) or that he’s fully rooted. Most modern HTCs have that. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a feature built into the chip.

      • It allows the phone to have full root access, its basically how the phone checks (from what I remember) the integrity of the bootloader, or something like that? and it has to get S-off to allow certain root permissions.

    • The One S is a big upgrade from the Sensation and the Amaze, the Amaze is the step up from the Sensation due to the camera and HSPA+ 42; however, I don’t think you need to change up phones yet, doesn’t the Sensation have a good dev community and still “recent” specs? I mean it doesn’t have the fastest processor on the block or the most RAM but hey, its specs and dev. community let it perform better than my G2x sometimes I bet. (My G2x is very smooth.. but its low RAM is crippling.. and Nvidia/LG never again!)

    • I thought the same thing when I got the Amaze after I got the Sensation but honestly man they are both the same device. Other than the camera, speaker audio, and the 42mbps radio its really no difference and its not like you ever gonna see those speeds anyway. I find myself using the Sensation more because its not as heavy and bulky as the Amaze. If you gonna upgrade then get the Sensation XE. It has all the same features as the Amaze plus the Beats Audio shit and come with Beats ear buds. The One S is a waste to me since it has no HD screen.

    • Christian Johnson

      I had the same phone until the charger port broke. and I could no longer take having to charge the battery in another phone that happen to take the same battery ( my touch  slide 4g) so i gave it away. BUT I would have stuck with it it if its didnt break down. with it having 2.3 and ICS on the way soon. up to date specs and a good cam. i think you should hold on to your Sensation 4G. the amaze is faster and has a better cam. but it looks like a bulky one s/sensation 4g .if you have it dump the phone now sell it now get the nexus if you enjoy rooting . . if not keep it save your money. sell the phone when you find the ONE . someone will always be looking for a replacement phone to buy. 

    • S-OFF for the Amaze is imminent:

    • zifnab

      I would argue that the iphone 4 to the iphone 4S is a LARGER upgrade than the Sensation to the One S. Just get a sense 4.0 rom and the only thing you’re missing out on is the S4 processor and more storage space.

  • I was planning to buy this amazing phone, but it doesn’t have NFC on it. I wanted NFC so I can use google wallet.

    • Myemail

      It will be useless with NFC because unfortunately T-Mobile doesn’t support Google Wallet.

  • Cirrob

    Did battery technology change recently? With the way Android forces a recharge almost daily this phone, with its locked down battery, will be worthless inside of 16 months (if that).

  • CJ

    Did Anyone else catch the line about the text messaging legacy plan $4.99 for 300 and then they half it to 150 and add a cent, thats crazy!! Now I am going to go way over! Text messaging is dirt cheap for carriers and is there way of making enormous amount of money :)

    • tmotech

      Just so you know, if you already have the 4.99/300, you can keep it. That’s what grandfathering is.

    • Rensack

      Just use the apps that are in the market. Can you say GOOGLE voice?

      • Tomnewtn


  • swagmonster

    I was gonna get this….but with GSM Galaxy Nexus going for $480 on Amazon & Ebay….ehh….

    • Christian Johnson

      Im thinking the about doing the same and hold my upgrade for something else. But this is one nice phone 

    • I think the reason why Galaxy nexus dropped because its the 16gb model(the just started selling 16gb models). Not the 32GB.

  • Screw the One S! Bouta sell my Amaze or Sensation 4G and order me the Sensation XE until the new iPhone drops. The only phone I will ever invest in with no sd card slot or removeable battery is the iPhone. So no One S for me.

  • Guest

    Not sure if anyone said this already but in training today they did say the phone will re-launch in June in black. Initially will just be sold in blue.

    • Guest

       So why are people actually reviewing on the “black” version of the phone when it’s not even gonna be sold right now? that’s pretty lame and stupid according to me. I was looking forward to buying the black one and now hearing that it will “re-launch” in June? much better phones will be out there by then. Screw that!!

  • TrUsTmEi’MaNuRsInGsTuDeNt

    I read in an article a couple of weeks back that the One S and One X line up of phones will be coming out with laminated Gorilla Glass Screens.  The benefit of the laminated Gorilla Glass is supposedly it allows you to see the screen in direct sunlight as if you were standing in the shade or inside a building.  Now I haven’t heard of this being mentioned again.  Does anyone know if this is true?  David any insight on this? 

  • guest
  • Anonymous

    The one s is nice, but it’s yet another htc 4.3″ incremental upgrade

    where’s the one X?

    If the att version of the One X can work on tmobile at full network
    speeds, I’ll be buying that over the tmo one s. Hopefully since i’m
    paying retail prices, they’ll unlock the phone for me.

    anyone think this is possible?

    • WW

      Just saw that an unlocked one x is for sale today at a daily deal website for $630.

      Anyone know what internet performance these frequencies mean on the TMo network?

      • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900• HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

      Love the idea of that 4.7″ screen.

  • Tomnewtn

    I’ll take the 1x should it come to TMO. Saving my upgrade for something worthwhile….and stock Android falls into that category for me. I could be tempted by a Lumia 900 esque device if the display is a good one.

  • about2paymore

    I always liked T-Mobile every networks has its flaws but this HTC one series isn’t sitting well with me. I just do not like the fact that they are going to release a cheaper version of the one s without the MAO. I think come end of April I’m leaving the pink and switching to big red. Not saying Verizon is better, but its time for a change.

  • Yash

    once again tmobile goes  wrong here! HTC ONE X is the best but TMOBILE GETS THE ONE S.
    these idiots  running tmobile should be ashamed for their poor work

  • Rob

    tmobile screwed again with the hTC ONE S, they should have gotten the htc one x.

    AS ANOTHER POSTER SAYS, it is time for a change and wil say good bye to tmobile for the htc one x

    • Justamazing87

      I wish we had got the x as well bigger screen with 720 p would have been great but the s is still a top 5 phone its just not number 1 like the x is.


    HTC One X 1.5GHz Quad-Core 32GB GSM Unlocked Android 4.0 Smartphone $635 Shipped @ D/S

  • Taron19119

    the rumor is that t-mobile will get the one x rename the g4x runing vanilla ice cream sandwich and it will be announced next month at ctia 2012

    • Improbabilitytheory

      Source? That’s the best news I’ve heard all year if true.

      • Searching is your friend, we’ve already posted this!

  • Robert Beier

    Not sure why everyone thinks the One X is so much better. Have you read the forums or reviews? Yes, the screen is better, but the battery life is not nearly as good and the S is pretty much just as fast as the X. Personally I prefer a smaller screen and I look forward to holding one of these in my hands. By May I hope to have made my decision on my next phone…and the S is clearly in the running.

    • NardVa

      I think the One S would be the perfect phone with an HD screen like the One X.

    • fixxmyhead

      like .4 in really makes that much of a difference. get real. these point something inches are nothing, barely meniscule. everyone over exaggerates

      • Ohgeez10

        You really think so? I’m a former TMO rep and I used to have an HTC Amaze and now have the Galaxy S2. There is a difference. On paper it might not seem like it but when you hold the phones side by side and surf the web, watch videos and play games, you can see it. Look at the video on where he compares the One S against the One X. 

    • zifnab

      All I know is we’re talking 312 ppi vs 256 ppi… I’d rather have the better display that gets better black levels, double the storage, a better front facing camera, and a larger battery. And since most of the US versions of the One X have come with the S4 chip instead of the Tegra, i’m pretty sure the differences in power management aren’t as large as you think, especially since the X comes with a larger battery.

  • Nick

    Why does everyone think the next G series phone will be the G4?  What happened to G3?

    G1, G2, G2X.

  • NardVa

    The One S is a decent phone. I just wish it had a 720p HD screen like the One X.

  • BahamasGeek242

    Sometimes I feel T-mobile gets treated like a second tier carrier in the United States, like its just one step ahead of Cricket one step behind Sprint.   We get the One S but not the X we get the lumia 710 but not the 900 (we might get it)  No high end motorola phones.  I really like T-mobile I left sprint for T-mobile because the coverage in my city was just way better with T-mobile and the prices.  I hope they do this build out so I can just buy a high end phone. At least Samsung gives us a high end phone every year

    • fixxmyhead

      screw Motorola there all garbage

  • just saying

    I love how everyone thinks the one x is a far better phone, if someone can make me a list of all the things not just one or two and not things to come but an actual list of why having a quad core instead of dual core is better, you cant! Apps and software aren’t designed for it and why the hell would I want that big screen? Yes its HD and I wish that one s stated it was because I guarantee if you said they were both HD and put them side by side everyone would not be able to differentiate. That huge uncomfortable screen is like having a 70 inch tv yeah its hd but the bigger screen the worse the resolution! Everyone complaining would complain if Tmobile only got one x and not s you would say that there should be more options you always want what you can’t have this is forum for people trying to learn something useful about their next purchase not to read about you whining to feel special! This article says one s in title meaning its about the one s it doesn’t say Tmobile not getting the one x so why are you even here

    Just saying

    • zifnab

      The list is simple, and reasons are equally as simple. X has a display that compares to the retina display, the S has one that was out last year, and is known to let dust under it (and oh ya, you can tell the difference in person). The X has double the storage space of the S. The X has a better front facing camera. The X has a larger battery. 

      Granted, that may be a short list, but when you’re paying the same price for both devices, and signing a 2 year contract… wouldn’t you want the one thats better? I would.

      Btw, the gigantic uncomfortable display adds a whopping 4mm to the size of the phone… Surely your little fingers can handle the extra 4 mm? And since there’s not even a rumor of Tmobile getting the X yet, by the time that even possibly happens, the X will be out dated.

      Why are we here? Probably because we’re tmobile customers and want to know whats coming up. Just because we want to know, doesn’t mean we’ll be happy with the news.

      • just saying

        Have you seen one in person wow that is fantastic you must be one lucky person because if you are saying in person based on a video review or what you have read that’s just pothetic! The one x does have a bigger battery because it is a bigger phone your list just proves my point that people like you go pick some specs and reviews off of the web and you are an expert go to att if tmo is so bad as you claim and you will have no reason to be here. You didn’t convince anyone the one x is a better device you just added to my observation proving you will complain about something no matter what!

        • Vic

          He convinced me the X is a better phone. I mean, if I was going to choose between the two, I would most likely choose the X now.

  • Younggodde
    HTC one x unlocked for $629. Wonder if it works on Tmobile

  • Younggodde

    Would this phone work on Tmobile

  • Younggodde

    Does anyone know if the HTC one x international version being sold at daily steals will work on Tmobile?

    • just saying

      Not until 1900 band comes its already in two markets but will be here next month check David’s article about the iphone working on tmobile hspa he put out today will answer your question

  • Bernardg76

    Just a word of caution for the T-Mobile employee that graced us with this info: the second image has field training information referencing the Park Avenue, Parsippany and Long Island locations hopefully this training material is handing out to multiple individuals because it can be concluded that this flyer originated in the Metro NYC area *stay safe and anonymous*

  • very important

    So if you are still on the fence about if this is the phone for you? It may be it may not be but that is what makes free will great as an avid reader and consumer nut I read review after review but that can have the effect of short siding your own objectivity! Go to a best buy when this launches so you can have both at once and take your time, i know I was ranting about something earlier but I don’t want that to get in the way of the message. Everyone deserves the perfect phone for you and back and forth banter can sometimes lead to New discoveries!!! Because a lot of intelligent people post great things in here so sorry I did that and took away from the forum but seriously some great phones are coming out and Tmobile is changing the network to accomidate unlocked phones like one x international which I need to add, previously someone said in this disquss that one x has double memory and att version DOES NOT IT IS JUST 16Gb AND PROCESSOR WILL BE THE SAME AS ONE S so the thinks that you might like better are the same but again choose for yourself

  • Denis
  • Bonebeatz1234

    This phone i so last year T-Mobile need to get with the program. People complain because we love the service and hate the horrible phone options, pretty much every phone T-Mobile release they come out with a phone that’s so similar that its pointless to buy. HTC sensation two month down the road HTC amaze same phone different camera. Samsung vibrant a few months later the galaxy 4g same same phone with a ffc. T-Mobile got money from at&t and we don’t have lte or better phones well when my contact end so do my business with T-Mobile. Im taking my services to the big red. ANd if you think this is ok for T-Mobile to get this outdated phone than your nuts, how many dual core HTC phones do we need. If you had a dual core phone since last year than you would understand why people mad I’m ready for something better and this is not it. The one x could have put T-Mobile in a great spot to get new carries cause there losing them faster than a speeding bullet , look at the position in the market.

    • very important

      I know its hard to see the light sometimes but let’s look at a couple things. Dual core is just now coming in to play as far as usefulness every day just like quadcore seems great and it will be in 15 months because when this stuff comes out it looks great on paper but the software takes a long time to catch up and to point out, att will not have quad core FCC regs and lte limitations require dual core so the one x will be the same snap s4 as one s, but how would you know that and that’s why we all get mad we want people to give us useful info and we need to know why to stay where we are and it sucks when you see things like the amaze after sensation and its not just better camera it is . ROM 16 gigs internal memory and the fastest internet radio in a us device so there were changes but again you don’t know unless you see it pointed out, I am a T- mobile employee and have been for a long time I get just as frustrated and mad when our own customers are not properly taken care of in the way, that you think we are ok company that gets second devices because when you get online you don’t see Tmobile educating about
      op Important things other than value, just stick with us bonebeatz1234 we will do everything too be better just give us the chance

      P.s. the big red is so much more expensive and their phone don’t take sim cards and they are expensive and our internet is still faster lol

      Thank you

    • Mustsaygoodbye

      Couldn’t agree more.
      I overall love my experience with T-mobile but the handset options really are an ongoing issue and will be cause for me to leave T-mobile this summer.
      Why do we not see the HTC One X and only the weaker sibling One S. Where is Are the T-mobile flag ships that put the phones of the competition to shame.
      Why not jump on the opportunity to be the Padfone carrier in the US.
      I left ATT cause I hated their customer service but meanwhile even there T-mobile is starting to slip. Now I’m considering going back to ATT because my wife is a Mac person all around (currently has a contract free iphone 4 on T-mobile  but that comes with many limitations) and will want the new iPhone 5 when it comes out later this year and I want the One X or comparable.

      Too bad

  • Htconex


  • Cool so the Sensation should see ICS about a month later..

    Just let the customers think they won’t get it so maybe they will buy a slightly upgraded device…

  • Rudeboyruntings

    One X, One S come on ! Agreed the One X has a larger screen and 720p resolution etc the deal breaker would have been is the One X coming to AT&T with a quad core processor? There was an article on CNET 2 days ago about the myths behind quad core processors; long story short if the programmers and app developers don’t write apps to work with a quad core phone all you’ve got is a underachieving device in my opinion. David could you please post this article or an edited version of it? It’s a lengthy read but so so worth it!


  • Ditarawr

    Thanks for the links….. looks like I’ll be waiting for the black version….assuming they can remedy the problem… [sigh] I can’t stand HTC adding color to any device, but red accents I can at least tolerate.

  • jpaz

    Have you even seen any of them in person
    , I had and I prefer the one s ,I am gonna tell you why .
    The one s design is really awesome ,is a lot thinner than the one x , when you hold it in your hand is just the perfect side , weights a lot less than the one x and. Yes. The one x has a hd screen
    A little better resolution but the one s has better colors more vivid , the rest is just the same battery life same processor and same software .
    HTC employee here ,

  • pops87

    I can live with an un-removable battery but no microsd? I really liked this phone too.