ATEC Wireless Job Posting Hints At T-Mobile LTE Network Deployment

Hello, hello what have we here? Thanks to an eagle-eyed TmoNews reader and his discovery of a job description through ATEC Wireless. This particular job for a LTE/Network Modernization Program Manager has one bullet point that really interests us:

Project manages all aspects of a large and complex LTE deployment project throughout the infrastructure and development project lifecycles including project scope, schedule, resources, quality, costs and change for both the Indianapolis, Ind and Cincinnati, Ohio TMobile markets.

So what does this mean? We know that T-Mobile has plans to launch their LTE network sometime in the middle of 2013, so our guess is that this position will help with the beginning stages of T-Mobile’s LTE network in the Indianapolis and Cincinnati markets. The start date of the job was set for April 15th with an end date of December 31st and unfortunately we have no way to know if the job has already been filled.

We hope that T-Mobile is getting an early start on their LTE build-out and maybe, just maybe we’ll get a surprise early next year with a sooner-than-expected rollout. Wishful thinking I hope.

ATEC Wireless

Thanks @johnnn

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  • Sidekicker89

    Hopefully this means Dayton, Ohio will get LTE too! :)

  • WHOOPty whoo, but I still find this irrelevant, unless they are gonna decrease the data plan cap & allow use to use more data, seriously. As I said, at least move the amount of usage for the pricing up. I mean we went from unlimited to limited (4G speeds). Like make 2GB the price of 5GB, or at least make 5GB like $5 more, & etc. etc.

    • I find paying 20/month for 5GB (before being throttled-down) is more than enough. I’d say I use my smartphone fairly often (Netflix occasionally, Spotify everyday, Web browsing and Facebook/Twitter all day) and I’ve never used more than 1.7GBs in a month. 

      • You must have a different plan or something, when I added it, it was $25, & when you add up other stuff, it gets mighty expensive. After taxes, Insurance, etc.

        • Getsome

          He’s probably got the loyalty version

        • Jarrod

          I have the same plan or a similar one, I have 1500mins unlimited text and web(5gigs) and on my bill the web breaks down to $20. It was a promotion they were running when the G2 and my touch 4G came out it was 79.99

        • Spanky

          I have the $20/5GB unthrottled plan as well. It’s a preferred customer plan for those who’ve been with T-Mobile for at least 22 months. It’s only available by calling retentions and specifically asking for it.

        • Yeah, I had that too. But I cut it off because I was being cheap. I wonder can I call & get it cut back on now?

        • The plan I’m on was a promotion they were running for about 2-3 weeks I believe about a year ago. It was a family plan for 3000 minutes + unlimited text/web (5GB unthrottled). We pay $20/month data for the first two lines and full price for the lines after that I believe. Or it may be $20/month for all lines, I can’t remember. Either way I personally am one of the first two lines so I pay $20/month. 

          It’s quite the bargain. Our bill is usually right around $210 for 5 phones. 

        • I need that plan, Mine is like $120, well then again I have insurance & maybe taxes plays apart in that.

    • Why do you want to make the data plans more expensive? That would completely negate one of their marketing points. Also, how could you use more data if they lower the data cap? That makes no sense. You want T-Mobile to charge you more money for less usage. *scratches head*
      How is beginning to work on their LTE network irrelevant? 

      • Where did I state the plans to be more expensive? I said lesser expensive. On a value plan, 5GB, its $25 extra, I know because I had it. $5 more than what the 2GB plan is (which is $10) would be $15. & it would be irrelevant in the sense of, what’s the point of having a faster & efficient network with such data speed caps.

        • Getsome

          Right Here—–>make 2GB the price of 5GB, —- the 2GB is cheaper than the 5 so making the 2GB 3035 means a price increase, to repeat the question, why would that be a good thing?

        • What are you talking about? You must have a different plan than me. I have a value plan. 2GB is $10 for me. 5GB is $25, & so on & so forth. I said to make 5GB the price of 2GB, being $10, or at least make it $5 more than that $15, & keep 2GB at $10. And the real question is, why not?

        • Getsome

          I can honestly say that the typical person only uses 40-50% of there data allotment, that leaves lots of too for LTE

        • They way you worded it, made it sound like you wanted the 5 GB plan to be $5 more than what it already is.

           “unless they are gonna decrease the data plan cap & allow use to use more data, seriously” I have no idea what you are trying to say there either. 

        • Thank you, that’s understandable. I might have been in a rush & worded it bad.

  • JJ

    Yes……work goin on

  • Jgarofola

    What about Florida.?

    • Guys, this is one job listing, it’s not like other areas are being left out. This is pretty easy to understand.

      • macman37


        How many LTE markets can T-Mobile USA get by the time this year’s new iPhone gets released?  After speaking with a few branch managers, they told me that the LTE deployment would actually start in the 4th quarter this year.  I know it’s all about how fast they can refarm the network to where their 1900Mhz band is more widespread and ready for a fallback on 3g when LTE is not available, but if they can reach about 35 markets of LTE, the same number that AT&T had when they received the new iPad {iPad 3}, the better chances they have of getting this year’s new iPhone.

        • An interesting question, they want 170 markets up by the summer of next year as best as I can tell. As for the refarm, I would expect to hear more about that late 3rd quarter, early fourth quarter, from what I know, that’s being done all at one across the network so it’ll rollout “nationwide” whereas LTE will go market by market like everyone else is doing/has done

  • JBLmobileG1

    They need to start somewhere although why those cities is anyone’s guess. You’d think they would go after the bigger carrier’s LTE fastest speed areas to show off their speeds and compete… maybe that is why they chose those cities.

    • Getsome

      This is a posting for ONE area! I’m sure there will be other project managers for other parts of the country

    • Tward291

      indianapolis is the best thats why baby

      • Papa_Smurf_59

         Chicago is sorry.

  • MagentaMadness

    We are deploying LTE, whats to hint at? Our area is well engaged in already making the necessary hardware transition.

    • Blank_21

       yep, goal is to light up LTE faster than UMTS was deployed.

  • Ho Lee Chit

    This has nothing to do with this posting and im not by any means a iphone fan and also owned different versions of iphones before, but i would just like to know how does a small carrier like NTelos which only have 400,000 retail subscribers can offer the iphone to its customers and Tmobile cant? People say Tmobile cant afford to do it then how does NTelos afford to do it? Can someone explain?

    • Blank_21

       short answer: T-Mobile has to pay apple to build an iphone compatible to its HSPA+ network. The work has already been done for all others.

  • Burke985

    Cause iPhones suck

    • Getsome

      Here here

  • Burke985

    Get better products if you want more customers the hspa+ network is fast enough just get me some better choices and no that don’t include iPhone could care less

  • TMoFan

    Not exactly on topic, but does anyone know who will be supplying TMo’s LTE? Nokia Siemens?

  • wsj

    Until TMUSA gets iPhone that works @ 4g speeds, who cares.

    • Getsome

      The iPhone isn’t the end all be all, and certainly isn’t perfect, please post your post your non sense else where

      • wsj

        Oh Really.  Just ask TMUSA Mgt why so many customers are departing, including myself if no iPhone 5 that works on the THUSA network @ full speed.  Thats 7 lines gone, more room for Andriod fanboys and their want-a-be phones.

  • Just an FYI I live in Cincinnati and can tell you Cincinnati Bell shares T-mobile’s network. In fact they currently offer many of T-mobile’s discontinued handsets like the Sensation, G2 (sold as the Desire Z) and G2X. They (Cincinnati Bell) have been talking about a planned deployment of LTE over the next year and this is probably part of their partnership..

    • xur17

      Do you have a source to back this up? I’m fairly certain they are entirely different networks. They own separate spectrum within the same frequency ranges, but they each own different blocks.

      I switched from Cincinnati Bell to TMobile at the beginning of this year, and coverage is definitely different, confirming that they are separate networks.

    • MagicMiguel

      T-Mobile and Cincinnati Bell share the same wireless frequencies, but not the same network. Unlocked T-Mobile phones will work on Cincinnati Bell.

  • Jmacko71

    Your Iphone will work soon on our network, and The Chicago Milwaukee area as well as the rest of the nation is looking at launching LTE in early 2013 and it will be a true LTE network, there is a TON of work we are dong to get you there, please be patient as we want to do it right so you don’t have the issues Sprint has as they tell valued customers they will waive cancellation fees to get out of contracts because they wont have it fixed for months. The T-Mobile Engineering team is working day and night to bring you a killer LTE Network, trust me you wont be disappointed.

    • watbetchh

      Hopefully it’s better than the spotty, available indoors less than half of the time HSPA+ network. GSM only cell sites in major cities in 2012 is not cute either.

      • Spanky

        Amen to that. I live in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, NY. My recent data speeds: 0.3 Mbps down, 0.8 Mbps up.

      • Papa_Smurf_59

         I live in Chicago, IL and I got 7.63mbps down and 2.28 up on my Sensation 4G…