Angry Birds Space + T-Mobile + Walmart = ?????

Yeah, we have absolutely no idea what this means, but we’re going to keep an eye out for something T-Mobile related in Angry Birds Space. If you’re keeping score, Angry Birds Space launches March 22nd.

Thanks @joncwetzel!


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  • hmmm, Very strange…

  • Josuemoralesc

    Can wait!

  • Josuemoralesc

    Cant wait

  • Evan Carter

     Galaxy Note maybe? Seeing how it was exclusive to the device, wasn’t it? 

    • Precisely what I was thinking.. so confused.

      Edit: But wait, there’s more.. the Galaxy Note got exclusive free levels on it.. that’s why.. maybe because T-Mobile did do the real life Angry Birds, no?

    • cnoTe4

      Don’t get my hopes up.

  • scarff

    Tmobile should make a huge deal with walmart like opening bigger discount stores inside all Walmarts or idk something big.

    • Diedrathorpe

      Walmart’s phone service is ported my tmobile.

    • Diedrathorpe

      *powered by tmobile.

  • I bet is nothing special maybe limited levels for tmobile customers 

    • Edy6401

      T-Mobile customers only levels. Why would that not be special? If At&t customers only got special levels, you probably would complain about that too huh.

  • Most likely Samsung Galaxy 2 devices get free angry birds in space or free levels. 

  • Ohyoustopbeinggirls

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! When you activate a new Walmart family mobile phone you will get a clue to where the golden eggs are in the new game….

  • Would be nice to see the ‘Note’ come to T-Mobile, as Sprint gets it in May.

  • CCollision

    I see the Space Needle, so maybe something to do with Seattle? I wouldn’t be surprised, as TMO HQ is in Bellevue, right across Lake Washington from Seattle.

  • jak2rocks

    All I know is that I’m excited!

  • Jwicks82

    Galaxy Nexus???? Space….Galaxy? Samsung Galaxy Nexus to magenta????!!!! No….no, no probably not. Sorry

    • testGDaccount

       I’m on T-Mo (using the WM $30 plan) and have had my Galaxy Nexus since November. What are you waiting for? Why wait for them to carry it? Just buy it. $459 from DailySteals today.

  • Climber42104bg

     I wonder if it has anything to do with this.
    ► 1:40► 1:40, that’s when T-Mobile took over in Barcelona, Spain, and did a real life

  • bfloFBR

    Nothing special at all,
    Looked it up on my phone so if link dont work just Google it like i did

  • PimpStrong

    Launch sponsored by Walmart and available for free or with something special via Family Mobile/T-Mobile (Walmart’s “Supplier of the Year”) it seem like to me.

    I don’t know who is more of a junkie.  My wife playing Angry Birds or me playing COD.  She can’t wait!

  • PimpStrong

    DailySteals has the G’Nexus in both colors for only $469 for the next 13 hours!!  $5 shipping!! No tax!!

  • anything with TMO and Walmart in the same sentence i avoid.

  • Ridingonfumes04

    Walmarts is giving away new tmobile galaxy tabs to the first 5 people who kill greeters in the stampeed

  • Turns out its bonus items for people who bought Monthly 4G from Walmart

  • EXIBITman

    I recieved a text today something about angry birds and monthly 4g

  • Guest

    My friend just posted a picture of a giant red bird  attach to the space needle in seattle.

  • Michaelcanbeyours

    Got a Walmart flyer Tuesday and Tmobile is offering UNLIMITED DATA AND UNLIMITED TEXT PLUS 100 MINUTES for $30 monthly at Walmart!

    • Wex

      They offer that every day with new lines at walmart

  • Wex
  • JesusKrist

    My local Walmart is not a fun place…Employees are lazy and rude – Lines are long – Its nothing like the happy, cheery people in the commercials.  And the Tmobile rep and Walmart cell phone people are just ignorant.  Everything they say is wrong – I don’t know if they are just stupid or deliberately trying to mislead people.  Even basic stuff- Like they told me throttling goes from 4G to 3G when it goes to Edge/2G…and they said that if you sign up for a prepaid plan, you can’t switch plans from month to month – which again is totally false