T-Mobile Holding Open PHP Enrollment For Month Of February?

I’ll be the first to admit that while I understand some folks consider cell phone insurance a miscellaneous and/or unnecessary monthly cost, it’s helped me out a few times over the years. Most importantly, it’s saved me a lot of money during those instances I had to take advantage of it than shelling out the price of a whole new phone. With that in mind, T-Mobile has marked February as a PHP Open Enrollment month allowing for any postpaid, flexpay and business-2-business customer to add the feature provided they meet certain criteria. For those of you who second guessed your decision not to add-on the insurance or T-Mobile’s extended warranty programs within the first 14 days of your purchase, you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Those of you who have filed 2 insurance claims in the last 12 months are unfortunately out of luck, you’ll have to wait a year to add it again.

So, who will take advantage of this?

You can check out more from the chart below including the deductible amounts from T-Mobile.com.

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  • Anonymous

    The best one to have is the PHP extended warranty. $3.99 a month and it covers every possible thing besides physical damage for every phone you own. Have an old HTC Tilt that doesnt work? They will exchange it for a HD7.  I know the original MyTouch right now is exchanging for the HTC Wildfire S. 

    Plus, having PHP extended warranty gets you free overnight shipping and $5 warranty exchanges instead of the current $20.

    • Dr Badnasty

      Absolutely! My friend just got a radar for his hd2, and I had a customer get a sidekick 4g for his first gen motorola cliq.

      • Anonymous

        Oh and my touch 4g is exchanging for the sensation. You have to keep checking because it changes all the time based on availability =)

        • Anonymous

          I had a myTouch 4G that they swapped for a G2x back in September.

        • Josh

          My wife’s MyTouch 4g died and they let her pick between the G2x and the Galaxy S.

    • monkeybdb

      Thats what i tell every customer! i say atleast get the warranty!

    • Anonymous

      why would you pay for an extended warranty assuming you buy the device with a credit card, which most of them offer an additional year on top of what you already get?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah good luck with that.

        • Anonymous

          What is he talkin about?

        • ogopogo

           Actually – he is correct. Your credit card (depending on which one you have) can either double the original warranty, or cover your replacement cost up to two years!

          Amex does this, and most Platinum VISA cards as well.

        • Anonymous

          That’s new to me but sounds like a good deal.

  • Androids Ghost

    I wouldn’t mind paying for a reasonable insurance rate.. like 5$ a month isn’t too bad even with a 50$ deductible. I mean 24 * 5 = 120 +50 = 180$ if something happens to your 500$ phone isn’t a bad deal at all.

    I think that is reasonable and pretty awesome, I mean phones go *EVERYWHERE* now days so if something happens that is a small price to pay to get service back without paying another 500$

    The problem I have is a while back at&t had some sort of “insurance” plan that when I did the math.. You actually ended up paying more than the phone was worth if anything at all happened to it..  Insurance is a great thing when it is reasonable.

  • Anonymous

    I highly recommend anyone who has a worth-wild smartphone to take advantage of this opportunity.   

    I’ve probably spent between $300-375 on insurance costs (including one phone replacement) within 5 years and I would say that its been worth every dollar to have the peace of mind.  

    • 21stNow

      I have peace of mind for free.

      • Anonymous

        I would too if I was using a flip phone.

  • Anonymous

    Ive had the PHP bundle @ $7.99/mo for 2 years and it just stays there when u buy a newer phobe.. going from sensation then amaze… what happens now that i have my GNex on my account that has the PHP bundle on it.. they havent stopped the insurance abd ive had the GNEX going on my 2nd billing cycle..

    What happens if i make a claim before if or when Tmobile gets its own branded GNex or doesnt at all….

    Am i just throwing $7.99 in the trash or if a Tmobile GNEX doesnt come out will they at least give me a comprarible in quality device like a Galaxy S2.. or will they tell me since tmobile doesbt offer my phone im SOL..

    Is there any non carrier phobe insurance that will actually replace my GNex with a GNex?

    • androholic

      Try foursquare or square trade…those are the most reputable companys & Ive heard they are better than assurion, wich is who tmobile uses & they are cheaper. Like $60 a year & a $99 deductible, I think they both even cover lost or stolen. Check out both of their sites, & just ask alot of questions prior to purchasing the policy.:-)

      • Anonymous


    • I asked the t-mobile CRS when I activated the insurance of my phone about coverage for the my wife’s unlocked iPhone that she using on tmobile, she told me it would be covered under the insurance. 

      • Whiskers

        Not true .
        I had this exact issue when one of my two phones that i use daily that got lost.
        They will only cover the phone that has the sim card in it at the time of the claim.
        Lost my HD2 at work and i did’nt have the sim in that phone at that time. Assurion declined to cover the phone because they said they would ONLY cover the phone that has the sim called in it at the time of loss.
        I then had to get red with T-Mobile just to get a replacement. I was lucky ,  T-Mobile gave me a in-house replacement with the $130.00 deductable.
        So be careful about multiple phone uses each day and which ones have the sims in them.
        Lesson learned.

  • Howell Ruehl

    FYI: Go to http://www.toughcell.com. MUCH better prices on the same coverage. I just paid $48 for the entire year and it covers all of what T-Mobile covers, plus the deductible is only $75 instead of $130 for a smart phone replacement. Just a thought.

  • me

    What happens if you have multiple phones? I have an S II and Radar that I switch between. Now that the S II is up to $599 full retail, I’m debating on adding insurance now if I’m eligible. I can’t believe my phone costs more than my laptop!

    • Anonymous

      Insurance covers any tmobile phone your sim card is in for 30 days since last use. Extended warranty covers every phone you use on your line.

      • me

        Thanks. Just added the $3.99 extended warranty plan. My main phone is the S II, with the Radar being my extra phone. I also have a BlackBerry 9700 which has an issue with the camera flash working only intermittently. I’ll wait a bit and file a claim for the BlackBerry under the extended warranty.

  • Anonymous

    only people who have that igirl phone would consider insurance an unnecassary monthly fee on t-mobile.

    • Oh the “igirl” phone? That’s a new one!

    • 21stNow

      I don’t understand your comment.  I consider insurance an unnecessary fee on T-Mobile, and I use an HTC Sensation 4G (on T-Mobile).

      I actually consider the insurance to be a money-grab for T-Mobile.  This “promotion” only adds evidence for my theory.

      • Like any insurance, yes it is generally “money-grab” for the company…..but it is well worth it when something goes wrong. I take very good care of phones and have never had to file a claim until a month ago for water damage on my Sensation. When you add my $5 monthly x (24 months) + $130 for the deductible I’m at $250 for a brand new phone that off contract would have cost me $450.

  • loyalfornow

    tmobile’s deductible is $130 for a smart phone?!

    • Anonymous

      399 and up is $130 goes down from there

    • Aaron Tant

      $350 and up for the $130.

  • Alexis Bustillos

    sweet I just added insurance on two lines on my account!

  • Kgfransen

    I have had this insurance and when I made a claim the deductable was $80 more than I could purchase the new phone from T-Mobile direct.  Don’t get this insurance – it is money down the drain.

    • Think. b4 u.Ansr

      how much was the phone?

  • At least they are giving the option, so ‘no excuses’ people. :-)

  • Nod

    In some markets they are saying it’s required to have it on your device when you purchase it. If you tell them you don’t want it then they tell you that you have to call customer service to take it off…… Wow

    • David from Boston

      I understand Nod, it’s an unfortunate action I’ve seen some of my own reps use. The pressure from Corporate is sometimes so overwhelmingly high that some stores take inappropriate measures. I have a lot of faith in our PHP product, but I would never support lying to customers about it being “required”.

      • Anonymous

        These types of insurance have been proven to be a financial wash and a big hole for the modern consumer to throw their money into. I think t-mobile and whatever insurance company you guys use are lucky that your customers are just that gullable and maybe stupid. I too live in Boston, I’ve seen some of the geniuses going into your stores on the weekends. Needless to say i feel bad for the reps, I can tell by lookin at the dumb looks most people have on their faces that you and our reps in Boston probably have a handful. This in particular applies to the rough south Boston crowd.

        • TK

          You know if you’re going to try to troll and call people with insurance stupid, I’d suggest you learn to spell “gullible”.  Perhaps spelling isn’t required in “cost analysis”, but it helps to spell properly if you’re going to insult other people

        • Gouv

          Hey man it’s not trolling when you stand behind what you say and offer up explanations as to why you feel that way.  

          I’m trying to help people out and make them realize it’s a total scam and its indeed stupid to feel secure for paying these jerk-offs any money.  You still have  to pay a deductible and its likely the phone is a refurb. and possibly very used.  

          And oh wow!! I made a small spelling error!!  if all you can do is call me a troll and pick on petty spelling mistakes than you are simply being turd ball.

          Cost analysis is required in engineering management, which is what I do to pay the bills.  My dream job of choice would be to work as a dive instructor somewhere nice and tropical, but engineering and math was something that was more practical.  It’s also why i suck at spelling sometimes i think, many of us in engineering can’t spell to save our lives at times.  Yes i admit it’s quite sad.

          Some people are so blind to these scams, i feel sorry for them. 

          I admit i can be a total asshole on the internet and unnecessarily harsh at times but in this case I really just want people to wake up and see Asurion for the garbage scam it is.  

          Plain and simple!  

    • Paul

      the company is pushing PHP as 1 of the main things to include in activations or upgrades, but I hear ya on the reps now saying it’s required, but it actually is helpful in a sense of say a customer buys a phone, no PHP, than the first week or 2, they lose the phone…how would they return it? yeah, we can still add the insurance within the first 2 weeks but it is helpful in my opinion, especially on a value plan, because if you don’t have it and say lose a phone, you still have to buy a new 1 and pay off the rest of the phone.  And if you wanna cancel your service, the ETF is $200 plus the remaining cost of the phone.  

    • Jcj1

      it is not required, it is recommended to protect your device

  • G4th

    Sounds like Tmobile might be making a good profit off the insurance program

    • Jcj1

      not really, customers gain more for peace of mind and unlimited warranty

  • Willpowar

    What is EPBLOCK SOC???

    • Intheknow

      A feature added by Assurion that prevents any insurance/extended warranty to be added.  This is automatically added to account that have had 2 claims within a year.  Once this feature is added you have to wait for a year then have a qualifying event (upgrade/exchange) to be eligible to re-add PHP.

  • Sweetversace

    I think that this option is a must have.  My hubby and I had issues with our phone and the 1 year warranty ran out.  I didn’t even realize that the insurance that we had covered the warranty for the live of the phone.  So for 5.00 service charge they sent us a new phone.  Which beats the 130.00 that would have had to pay going through the insurance.

  • Higher

    check out your home owners insurance, you can add your phone for $10 to $30 a year and there is 0 deductible in most cases. Be aware that if you file more than 1 claim in 2 years they may raise your rate. I used this once and it was a great deal

  • Anonymous

    You can’t insure the iPhone. Any other device yes but not the iPhone on Tmo. We had an asurion rep in our store recently. Sorry to troll lol.

    The php warranty is worth it’s weight in gold

  • do we get TEXT on our phone regarding this offer or we have to clal in to sign up for this?

    • dave

      as an employee you can call customer care or visit your local T-mobile corporate store.

  • Anonymous

    I’m astounded at how people truly find value in insurance policies for consumer electronics, especially in the mobile universe. I encourage many of you to do research on how these types of insurance companies work. You’ll be amazed at how profitable they are by giving many of you hard working folk a very false and costly sense of security. financial experts and advisors for years have been warning against such services. Don’t be blind sheep and enable them to “scare” you into tacking this on with their “oh no but what if you kill it somehow”. If it was so amazing than they wouldn’t offer up as much incentive for sales people to smear you with this crap. Be smart, be careful and don’t let yourself get taken advantage of!! 7.99 !! Are you kidding me?? I’m an apple fanboy and share holder and even I see beyond the garbage that is apple care. Don’t let yourselves be taken advantage of. If you really are that much of loser that you accidentally break your phone that much in a year than you just need rehabilitation. Of course that comment does not extend to those that work in rough environments.

    • Guest

      Correction, we don’t get any incentives for selling insurance. And don’t think it’s impossible to lose your phone or accidentally cracking the screen, I have customers coming everyday with those problems. Even I have insurance on my phone and I’m a T-Mobile employee. I also bought AppleCare for my MBP which I’ve used twice already. It’s worth it.

      • Anonymous

        No correction needed! you either are completely irresponsible and insecure with yourself as a human to required such a false sense of security, or just thank fiscally incapable to save a few hundred bucks for a rainy day which is likely not to come.

        I’m sure as an employee you have drank the magenta kool-aid and believe in all the gimmicks they feed you.  That’s ok and i understand because it makes your job easy and you are stimulating morale which again i can respect because it means you are being responsible enough to do your job well….

        However, you are being irresponsible in not thinking objectively about this.  You are basing the actual value of this scam from your own experiences and subjective views.  The problem with that is that they don’t represent the truth that for most people it’s a complete crock pot of slowly boiling poo poo.  96 bucks a year for something that depreciates in value rapidly?   i’m sure T-Mobile is raking in sweet cash from their deals with whatever insurance company they use.  I just feel bad that you are helping to rip people off and thinking you are actually helping them.

        Also, just watch the news or read the paper.  Quit often they have editorials or news specials on how its a scam.  The hardworking real world is on to it, you are blinding yourself.

        • Ghostwriter

          give me a break as a former employee, I have dealt with too many customer who bought the highest value phone and the next day broke it. After I told them they would have to pay FULL ocst for a replacement I would have to hear them go on and on about how the said they wanted the coverage and WE didn’t add it for them or better yet, hear them cry about how long they’ve been a loyal customer and we shouldn’t charge them the full cost. How about let everyone make their own decision on what they think is best.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t need to give you a break for you are already broken.  You are so brainwashed into the gimmick, that i’m actually sorry for you.  You’ve managed to find comfort in something that still makes you pay a decent amount of money when you should be protected.  I’m sure you are well aware of these things called “deductibles”.  I’m pretty damned sure the customer still had to pay a ridiculous deductible when the unit they are likely receiving was bought for almost nothing by the insurance company and is likely sent (or in all reality sold back at the deductible price) refurbished/ used / scratched up.  NO VALUE!  They are professional resellers of lower cost identical products that are very often flawed and blanket the scam with “insurance”.  They assure the customer they are safe with insurance.  please dude! i’m trying not to be mean here but please wake up!!

          Insurance companies like these exist because they make money by paying out WAYYYY less than they take in.  If this was so necessary and everyone should have it than there really would be like having blue cross / blue shield for consumer electronics. It’s still a business and they are there to profit, and just think about how they might profit for a quick second…. Ill help you think since you clearly don’t like to…..  I’ll give you one of the key ingredients.  They profit from STUPID PEOPLE.  That’s right!! they are the ones who pay for a false sense of security and end up paying a crap load more in the long run throughout life.  That’s right, those that don’t have disposable income….

           Is that hard to understand?? Really?? Did i really need to give you a break?

          The fact that you are identifying with pure morons that can’t accept responsibility for their own actions (and likely spend more than they make because they don’t have enough in their savings account to buy another replacement) and try to scam you using their loyalty as leverage proves to me that you are on their level…  and for that i’m sorry for you yet again.  I mean… come on!!!   The fact that they can’t assume personal responsibility and that they don’t even have room on a credit card somewhere speaks volumes about your customers.

            This should be enough to convince your narrow perspective that this is a scam and isn’t necessary for 99 percent of the population.  

          Hopefully, if you found one, your new job is treating you better…

        • Msprinkl

           I think Gouv needs a cookie and a hug…

        • Anonymous

          I’d be happier with port wine.

        • MrE

          Gouv … You’re a jerk. If you really make a living doing “cost analysis and understanding the nature and existence of specific business types.” (ie customer service rep) You must not be very good at it (or busy) since you’ve obviously enough time to pick internet forum fights with people.

        • Anonymous

          sometimes i get bored in my office and i like to respond to you guys during office meetings and boy do i have lots of office meetings..

           I love the internet, it’s fun to be a jerk.  Cost analysis is not the keystone element to my job but its a part of it so i’ll never claim to be the best at it but I have a pretty good understanding of it.  

        • Guest

           Gouv, get a life.   You have waaaaaaay too much time on your hands.

        • Anonymous

          I have a good life, i’m fortunate.  I just have tons of fun replying to you guys.  It helps pass the time at office meetings or when i’m out of town on business away from the family.  This isn’t the ONLY forum i have fun with.  JEEZ!! you are so self centered :-) 

        • Honestly, I’m not going to ask again. Stop antagonizing the crowds here.

        • Jcj1

          you are clearly an idiot, anything can happen at any time and is NOT in your control.

        • Anonymous

          Part of what i do for a living is cost analysis and understanding the nature and existence of specific business types. Take my word for it. This is a scam. If anyone is an idiot it’s those that ate gullable enough to feel “secure” from something like this.

          You poor soul, you probably spend more than you make and have lots of debt. I pity you.

    • Jcj1

      well if you have a $500 phone and it gets damaged $130 is a lot better then $500. $8/mo for about $100 year is reasonable to me

      • Anonymous

        The phone you recieve is very likely refurbished. Therefore the value of te phone drops dramatically. Pure waste.

  • Nearmsp

    We have 2 SGS2 phones on value plan. I never buy insurance unless it is mandated by law or is a health insurance. The latter is really not an “insurance” but a prepaid service which allows you receive something in return and where the probability of use (including annuals etc) is 100%. At the same time, I have the financial ability to buy a new phone on cash should something happen. So self insuring products has meant I am far ahead. So even if I have issues with my Washer or phone or other product I will replace it with the money I am saving from not paying insurance. Some people feel nice when they are covered by insurance. I feel nice seeing my cash in my bank. To each his own choice.

    • Ghostwriter

      try saying that when it happens within the 1st month. having to buy off the street or full priceis not the route for me. I believe in the insurance.

  • Juicebox

    Android users can use free security services. Lookout Mobile offers security screening with the ability to backup contacts and photos, and locate your device. I’ve also tried Norton Mobile and actually liked it. It offers security screening, call blocking, the ability to lock and/or wipe your device remotely, and more. Don’t pay for services like these.

    If you use iPhone, just use iCloud. You’ll be able to backup contacts, backup photos and videos, track your iPhone, and do other things like lock and wipe your device as necessary. Best of all, it’s free. Enable Photo-stream on your iPhone and the iCloud control panel on your computer to have photos and videos directly streamed to your machine. [If you feel the need to use anti-virus software, then you can take advantage of available great free AV software. I don’t feel the need to use this so I don’t have an AV App.]

  • Hi, first off…use better language. Second, stop picking fights with people in the comments, I don’t want to have to be a policeman.