Motorola Cliq 2 Will Receive Android Gingerbread Update…No, This Isn’t A Joke

Oh how I wish it was April Fools but sadly, that’s not the case which makes this article all the more interesting as Motorola announces a Gingerbread software update for the Cliq 2. Seriously, this isn’t a joke as Motorola updated the Cliq 2 forum on their Community website indicating they are looking for 1000 customers to “test and provide feedback on the Gingerbread software upgrade for the Motorola Cliq 2, before it is officially released to customers.”

You can hit the forum thread linked at the end of the post to sign up as a tester but seriously‚Ķraise your hand if you actually own the Cliq 2? I hate to poke fun, but this is a full year after the phone released and it’s a little peculiar that Motorola decides to release it well after the “height” of the phones popularity.


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