Motorola Cliq 2 Will Receive Android Gingerbread Update…No, This Isn’t A Joke

Oh how I wish it was April Fools but sadly, that’s not the case which makes this article all the more interesting as Motorola announces a Gingerbread software update for the Cliq 2. Seriously, this isn’t a joke as Motorola updated the Cliq 2 forum on their Community website indicating they are looking for 1000 customers to “test and provide feedback on the Gingerbread software upgrade for the Motorola Cliq 2, before it is officially released to customers.”

You can hit the forum thread linked at the end of the post to sign up as a tester but seriously…raise your hand if you actually own the Cliq 2? I hate to poke fun, but this is a full year after the phone released and it’s a little peculiar that Motorola decides to release it well after the “height” of the phones popularity.


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  • jon

    The same thing happened to the original cliq. Not only was the update way too little too late, but it made the cliq completely useless. The only thing that saved my cliq was cm7. Moto has a history of failed support for their devices. And because of the cliq, I have sworn off moto for good.

    • tommy

       You guys are full of crap. I still have my original Cliq with the update. (to 2.1) I carry it, drop it, and it’s still flawless hardware wise if SLOW. I’m sure the Cliq2 is better the keyboard is very cool on that phone. Mine is almost 2 1/2 years old now. Original battery is charged every night and during the day, and works like when it was new.
      Go spend $600 for a new phone! I have a loud phone, notification lights up the gazoo, a heavy sliding keyboard that works with lights in the dark, buttons on the sides. try to break it! If it hangs I just power it down and back up again. Oh what horrors!!!

  • Jordan23xi

    I don’t think 1000 people bought this phone

  • Did 1000 people even buy the Cliq 2?

  • Oh Snap! The LOWLY Cliq2 gets GINGERBREAD! and the MIGHTY VIBRANT gets tossed to the curb? Surely T-Mobile can check their sales records…and figure out that the Vibrant not only SOLD MORE DEVICES BUT COST CLOSE TO TWICE AS MUCH AS THE CLIQ TOO! Yet the Vibrant owners cant even get Gingerbread? When all of the other SGS Class device have gotten Gingerbread!?

    Maybe T-Mobile Should’ve been sold off to the trash heap called AT&T.
    Way to go T-Mobile Just keep poking your customers in the eyes!

    • Mmmmaxheadroom

      And you should be pointing your finger where? Yep, right at Samsucks! Samsucks has little to no interest in updating their phones, never did never will. Nexus is the only one and if I were a betting man google has to bitch slap samsucks to even get that done on nexus devices.

      • Bruce Banner

        Samsung doesn’t update the galaxy nexus. Nexus devices get their updates directly from google, the carriers and manufacturers have nothing to do with it.

        • jon

          not true. I am a galaxy nexus owner. Google “yakju” or “yakjuwx”…you will get an education on updates. Some builds are in fact updated by the manufaturer. This has been the case for all nexus generations.

    • Anonymous

       you do realize that if you just root there are endless amounts of roms for gb and ics on the vibrant and all the sgs phones.. and for the record cliq series is a entry level series of phones sgs was a high end series so how are we comparing them in the same category here lol

  • Meh8036

    i knew someone that had one… POS

  • But anyone who owns a Cliq2 will be happy to see it happen. Also I remember the fiasco with the slidey Cliq.   So Motorola is probably trying to reclaim customer’s approval with this, no one wants their phone forgotten.  :)

  • Mmmmaxheadroom

    Maybe I was one of the 1000 who bought this phone, and, wait for it… Liked the phone. I did not keep it long but the wife still has it and like the phone as well. Never thought it would see an update like this as just as the cliq 2 hit the market moto said in a statement it has what it has as release software so don’t expect updates. I am signed up as a tester but the email said you must sign up by 2/21/12 by 11 am. And I was to late. I have to say that weird keyboard worked really well. I also think the cliq original killed this before it ever released. Question is will tmob ever see a moto phone again?

  • Bigdubt2003

    What about the cliq xt

    • Anonymous

      Haha another horrible turd phone

  • Nick Thai

    F* that. I want ICS…………

  • The worst phone I ever bought was the original cliq. It not only made me stay away from Motorola but from Android! 

  • Sjalger

    I can’t wait! To each their own, I love my cliq 2! Android rocks, no matter what the phone looks like. They all operate the same!

    • Rykinn

      This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a week, thank you!

  • Matty_Prime

    What a joke. The update to the original Cliq broke it like nothing else, not that it was robust before that. Never again, Moto, never again…

  • Danielmid

    My wife loves her cliq2, but hated the 2.2.1 software, random freezes, couldn’t answer calls, but I found a hacked version of the gb rom a few months ago and it solved all the issues (plus I rooted and got rid of some bloat)

  • Anonymous

    Go ahead and poke fun if you want – hardware-wise, the Cliq 2 is a very capable device. It has an undeserved reputation carried over from Moto’s other Cliq devices that were slow and painful to use. Granted, the last build of MotoBlur on the device makes it slightly pokey when it performs updates – but since I only use Exchange mail and Gmail (no Facebook/Twitter here), I haven’t noticed the lag as often.
    I also updated my phone to the leaked 2.0.84 build of Gingerbread – and what a difference. Aside from some weirdness with an overly sensitive “cardock” sensor (putting the phone into a case with a magnet closure activates car mode and *destroys* the battery), it’s like a whole new phone.  Mail updates are speedy, app menu flows smooth, and the phone just feels better.
    Wish I could say the same for the GB update on my wife’s Galaxy S 4G – it absolutely killed that phone.  Constant crashes, delayed messaging, random force-closes… I had to wipe the firmware back to stock for her using a sketchy flashing tool.  Needless to say, she won’t buy a Samsung ever again.

  • Anonymous

    And that, my friends, is why I went with the G2 and not the Cliq 2.  I wouldn’t have guessed that it would take a few months after ICS came out to get the green light for Gingerbread on the Cliq 2.  I think this had to do with the fact that T-mobile is the red-headed step child for Motorola phones (no offense to the red-headed step children out there).

    • Anonymous

      motorolla phones are garbage anyways. ugly “blocky”designs, dont even get me started on blur (the worst UI of all, yes even worse than touchwiz), locked bootloaders (what happened to the “we’re gonna start unlocking bootloaders from now on”), ugly top hump for the camera or bigass hump on the bottom, etc

  • Up until 2 weeks ago I was waiting for the GB update for my Sidekick 4G. Thank god I dumped that turd. Now I am waiting on ICS on my HTC Sensation…. on Cincinnati Bell. Say what you will about Motorola but it’s better late than never like Samsung.

  • I don’t get it, why do you wish it were an April Fool’s prank?  Even if you don’t own a Cliq 2 – I’d say good for the Cliq 2 owners.

    Why would you wish on them, that they don’t receive an update? LOL.  Strange thing to wish,.

    You know – the great thing about an iPhone, is that you get all the updates – right away, at least until the phone is a few years old.

    Hoping for any update on a tmobile phone – is  frustrating, in my experience.  I’d jump for joy hearing that someone ‘beat’ the system, lol

    Of course I admit that I’m mostly mad at tmobile over the outright lies they used to get me to spend $400 on new phones, and then after demanding I return the phone immediately, they then inform me, that they get 4 weeks to return the money.

    Yeah, that sounds fair, I return the phones same day.  They return the money 4 weeks later – and only maybe at that.  They are claiming they have no way to know when they receive phones.
    They can’t verify that they received the phones on February 3rd (which the tracking proves) – almost 3 weeks later, they haven’t even logged that they received the phones.
    Yes, that’s confidence inspiring.  I guess they think they can just bumble around and be completely incompetent and that’ll save them from having the contract cancelled.  

    It’s going to cost me $800 to cancel this contract, if you count the non-return of my money for phones ($400) plus $400 ETF (2 lines x $200)….even though I should be off contract – but again their refusal to acknowledge the returns almost 3 weeks later – means they are still claiming I’m on a brand new 2 year contract.

    Man – I can’t imagine someone willingly signing up for tmobile, when other companies have better phones, or if you are a rate plan shopper, Virgin Mobile has better rate plans.

    Frankly even if someday tmobile gets the best phones and plans – I just don’t feel like anything is worth the hassle of dealing with a second tier vendor.

    It’s the same in the banking industry.  First tier credit cards – you have a problem, and you call someone up and they bend over backwards to fix it.  Second tier – they treat their own customers like the enemy.  

    The reason is simple – a person with $50,000 in credit, isn’t going to call Chase and claim a $10 charge is fraudulent – unless it was fraudulent.  Chase can deal with their customers – like honest customers.

    But then you talk about a second tier bank like Orchard Bank that issues credit cards with $500 limits, and their customer that is overlimit with $545 in charges – and they call in to dispute a $10 charge – the customer is lying.  Orchard treats their customers like dishonest liars.

    So, you see, with t-mobile its the same dynamic.  They’ve dropped out of top tier.  They are the cheapo afterthought company, and they are treating their own customers as the enemy.
    If you don’t belong with that crowd – you just have to switch to a top tier company – that’s what I’m doing.

    I may be out $800 but its not worth it to me, to deal with tmobile.

  • Folarin

    Samsung, How about a GB update for the sidekick samsung. If moto can update a phone that is on 3G then u can update the SK4G

  • Ridingonfumes04

    Haha a year late huh. You still suck Motorola.

  • guest

    I think its a joke that its not ICS, instead of spending all that effort on GB why not go for the latest and do ics

  • snickerpop
  • caramel s

    bring it on for defy too but i use cm7 and other roms

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Motorola no longer having business with T-Mobile?!

  • Emily Delgado

    LOL im using the original Motorola Cliq (the one with the keyboard) after two years and 3 replacement phones. Yes I got scammed by a tmo employee saying it is a great phone when i bought it. Two weeks later the price went down from 179 to 79, then to nothing, lol. But that’s ok, they were just trying to make money and I was foolish.

    I flashed a gingerbread rom last year and am very suprised that the cliq 2 people still haven’t gotten a bite of gingerbread yet!!! WOW.

  • Justme

    About time I say.

  • Ridingonfumes04

    Sorry but this late in its life and with ics coming to many phones gingerbread is a joke,

  • Trevor

    i will never buy anything with the name “cliq” again

  • ingram1225

    I still sport the Defy… where’s my love? 

  • tommy

    Cliq2 keyboard is as good as original Cliq? Sort of cool like an old 78 record.

  • RuXTaR

    You all make fun of this, but it’s great news for those who, YES, own a Cliq2 still and cannot afford to buy another phone for some time. So unless you expect Motorola to give you money instead of doing the Cliq2 users a huge favor, keep your mouth from making you sound less of the intelligent person you are..

  • Any CM7 ROMS for the Cliq2? (not the leaked version with motoblur) as my daughter calls it, motobluh.. :-)