HTC Adds myTouch 3G, myTouch 4G To Open Bootloader Page

Good news for owners of T-Mobile’s original myTouch 3G and myTouch 4G smartphones as HTC adds them to their list of supported devices with unlocked bootloaders. While hacks and tweaks have long been out for both devices, you can now officially unlock the bootloader with HTC’s blessing. If you haven’t unlocked your myTouch 3G or 4G bootloader, you can hit the link below to get started.

HTCDev via @htcdev

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  • Albertobarrera

    While I still don’t get what bootloading is, this may be a hint that these phones may get ICS in the third quarter.

    • Anonymous

      There is a zero percent chance of that happening. 

      • Khhenry

        For my gb update I had to go into the t-mobile store. they did the update through an sd card. Gb has been available for the mytouch 4g about 9 months now.

    • Ian Glenn

      There’s no way the Mytouch 3G will ever see a functional ICS update from HTC. The phone doesn’t have the power to handle something like that. I suffered through the 1.6 to 2.2 update, bricked my phone, and here we are 18 months later, and my phone is as slow as ever.

      • Pickle

        Put CM7 when it went into final release and love it. Phone is fast, solid with all apps I have and battery lasts for days.

        • Nice work Pickle.  I haven’t done anything with my MT3G Fender because of that gold card issue that prevented people from easily getting bootloader access.  Now this might make my POS phone more useful while I wait for the Galaxy S Blaze to give us more details.

      • TMOsince2003

        How’d you get unbricked?

    • Unlocking the boot loader allows third parties, such as Cyanogen, to produce their own operating systems for the phone. So while this doesn’t mean HTC will release ICM for any of these devices, it’s possible that Cyanogen will.

      That said, I don’t know whether the myTouch 3G (or even the more powerful MT3G Slide) is functionally capable of running ICM. I think the MT4G may well be able to, but I’d wait and see about the others.

      • AlbertoBarrera

        If I were to unlock my phone, would I be able to run custom ROMS, such as ICS? Or does it have to be from devs like the Cyanogen team?

        • Kalel

           Cyanogenmod is a custom ROM, just the most popular.

      • DetroitTechnoFan

        If the G1 can be made to run ICS, then so can the MT3G!

  • Bupahs

    MT3G will never see ICS, at least officially, there is a slim chance that MT4G will see it but seeing it is almost a 2 year old device it’s a very slim chance. Unlocking the boot loader on either one of these devices is pretty pointless since both are already rootable. Not many are going to fool around with swapping kernels.

  • Anonymous

    droid eris are u kidding me? who the hell is still rocking that POS phone

  • Vim

    I think the odds are pretty good that the MyTouch 4G will get ICS given T-Mobile & HTC’s  past update history, just not in the 3rd quarter. It will be a longer wait then that.  There are a lot of other phones in the queue ahead of it.  On the other hand I agree with pretty much everyone else that the other four  phones mentioned above will never see an official ICS update.  They won’t even see an official GB update.  They’re too old and obsolete. 

  • Cupcake

    ICS????!!!   Are you kiddin…that would be a NEVER!!!  While I absolutely love my myTouch 4G, I’m still waiting on the GB update.  So this means absolutely nothing to me!

    • Anonymous

      I do not believe that’s rolling out anymore. You can find it online or go to a store for them to update it if you are not inclined to do it yourself.

      • Precisely. I believe the issue stemmed from a back eMMC in a few models. By having people update in-store the employees can switch out the bad phone for a good one if something should go wrong (my wife’s had a bad eMMC)

    • Cmichaelrush

      I thought mine wasn’t coming, but about 3 weeks ago, I got it!! Your gingerbread may be on the way!

  • Kalel

    The bootloaders on the Mytouch 4G were never locked in the first place.  I’ve run custom kernels and ROMS, which can’t be done with a locked bootloader.  The Mytouch 3G was the same, so this article has nothing to do with T-mobile phones.  It’s just propaganda put out by HTC.  Very few HTC phones ever had a locked bootloader.

    • Randy_reid101

      how is this possible?

  • TMOsince2003

    Mt3g slide? Bueller?

    I did the froyo update, myself of course, no OTA. But rooting this bad boy looks SCARY. And I want to try CM7.

    • Kalel

       Just take it slow, follow every single direction to the T, and you’ll be fine.  The only time people are having problems is when they try to rush it.

      • TMOsince2003

        Thanks, I’ll see if I can find the nerve. I would really hate to brick it, and patience isn’t easy!

  • Missprincess

    if i unlock my phone and i have warranty can i still exchange my phone through warranty or no? 

  • Randy_reid101

    is there anyway to do this with a Mac?

  • Aquatic

    Sooo I downloaded the APK stuff and I put the three files in my C:Android folder… And now when I pull up my CMD, I type in cd c:Android ……. and it won’t find it. ):< I'm so close to unlocking it, fml.

  • Aquatic

    Lemme rephrase that. I’m stuck on Step 7: 
    Navigate to where you unzipped the ZIP file and go to the folder you just created (For Example: If you created the folder in C:Android, then you would type in Command Prompt: cd c:Android).** when i pulled up cmd, i literally typed cd c:Android  — and it couldn’t locate it? : help please? **

  • Guest

    With this I’ll be able to remove the built in apps such as Amazon MP3 etc?

  • Kennethcole

    After I unlock bootloaders, and installed custom rom, will I be able to reverse back to stock rom again?

    • Therealmikebrown

      Yes. The stock ROM is available.
      You can even get it without the bloatware.

  • is anyone else stuck on step 7?

  • u dnt hav network in nigeria…am using htc 3g bot i cant brows…why