myTouch 4G Software Update Begins On December 20th

We’re a little puzzled by the December 20th start date for a new software for the myTouch 4G as we’ve heard of myTouch 4G owners receiving an update since the middle of last week. While we attempt to sort that out, this “new” update begins tomorrow and will continue as an OTA roll-out through January 23rd and brings the following improvements:

  • Google security update
  • Turning off CMAS
  • Locate GPS
  • Fast dormancy
  • Hotmail
  • New version of swype

Not the most exciting of software updates but we’re never one to turn down anything that has bug fixes and improvements, no matter how trivial they may be.

Additional Info via T-Mobile

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  • Anonymous

    Mine is 2.32.531.1 I got the update last week.

  • Chatter

    Ha – still sitting on 2.2.1 and waiting for whatever comes my way. Whatever and whenever. Phone works fine so not concerned.

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      I been had android2.3.4 my touch 4g updated way back in June when I had the phone

  • Adam S

    I have Gingerbread installed and in the options, you can check for software updates. It downloaded and installed very quick…only 25 MBs.

    • Anonymous

      yea i’m currently downloading/installing it to my parents mytouch 4g…

  • ABE

    So its completely different than the one we received last week? At least we haven’t been thrown under the bus yet, ICS will determine that. I still wish that Wifi calling would become a setting, like on the Amaze 4g, instead of the annoying app we have now.

    • Anonymous

      Even though it is a setting, it still has the obnoxious blue icon in the notification bar.  I think they should just change the color of the wifi signal indicator, like they do on old uma feature phones and blackberries.

  • Scott

    Too late, got tired of waiting.  Rooted and installed CM7 and could not be happier!

  • If the text in the middle didn’t have the one slight mention of HTC I would of thought you were talking about the LG Mytouch

  • Anonymous

    Ooo one thing they didn’t list is mytouch 4g people finally get video chat through google talk. Not a big deal, but personally I was happy to get it because I could finally use my phone to video chat with people on their computers without installing other programs and getting them to install those same programs on their computer

  • jay_max

    Just updated.  Mine shows version 2.32.531.1

  • I’m still on 2.2.1 since July 2011 when I got the phone, never received any updates.  Filed a few complaints with T-Mo to no avail.

    BTW, anyone tried the *#*#checkin#*#* (*#*#2432546#*#*) trick, since there are no options to manually check for updates in About phone?  It doesn’t seem to work on my phone, doesn’t seem to be checking for any updates at all.  I get a voice announcement immediately upon dialling, as if it’s a regular number:

    «We’re sorry. All circuits are busy now. Please try your call again later.  Message C A 8 4 Oh 55».

    What’s message CA84055?

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      I had android 2.3.4 on my touch 4g back in June I updated my slef it was easy then I had to get a new one my touch 4g and it to had android 2.3.4 preload it I was lucky I gust

  • Polaris1

    The screenshot above under “download from HTC” says touch HTC software updates. That’s great news except on the mytouch 4g there is no setting that allows you to “touch for updates” In the section “about phone” under software information it just lists various types of info with no button to click to get an update.

    You’d think t-mobile or whoever was responsible for the screenshot above would know this.

    I’m still on version 2.2.1 since I got the phone this past March. Was giving up on gingerbread. Won’t hold my breath for ICS though.

    • Thekloklo46

      T-Mo Rep here. You have to be running Gingerbread for the “check for updates” feature. Only available on Sense running 2.3. You can go to a Retail store and they can put the Gingerbread update on your phone manually for you; it is not being sent OTA. Hope this helps!

  • Ex_SKLX09_User

    I got an update months ago that i emailed about but nobody else had apparently gotten an OTA update at that time.
    My version says 2.27.531.1 though and isn’t showing an update available when i hit the button to “check now” for a new update.

    • Polaris1

      What version of android is running on your MT4G? My version says 2.2.1 
      In the settings/about phone/software information  there is no place to click/touch to get updates.

      • Ex_SKLX09_User


        It doesn’t have this option when you are on the stock 2.2 rom.
        You need to be updated to 2.3 to haved the button that let’s you check manually for updates.

  • I just got my update now by manually checking on my phone.
    about phone
    check for updates

    • Polaris1

      What version of android is running on your MT4G? My version says 2.2.1 
      In the settings/about phone/software information  there is no place to click/touch to get updates.

  • Digitalfreaknyc

    My Mytouch4g has no “Check for updates” option under “about phone.”  Anyone else?

    • nanC

      me too

      • You won’t have the check for updates until you are at 2.3.  Stores are supposed to have a micro sd card with the update on it, so check there first.

    • Mattsdad1997

      I don’t have it either

    • Debbie

      software updates should be the first selection in the list after you click on ABOUT PHONE

  • abqTim

    Just did a check for updates and it found the 2.32.531.1 update.  hit ok to do the update.  took about 5  to 10 minutes.  This update is after my in-store gingerbread update I did in september, after that update the Check For Updates under About Phones allows you to get the update OTA manually.

  • graham

    I had this update 2 weeks ago, nothing different or worth getting all excited about……… Now announce about ics.

  • John

    I’m still on 2.2.1 as well.  I called last week because I’ve had the phone since Jan 2011 and still no update.  I was told that they stopped updating to 2.3 and had no schedule of starting back up again.  Does anyone think this update is only for folks already on 2.3, and those of us stuck on 2.2 are SOL?

    • John

      Yes I’m replying to my own post.  So I went to a T-Mobile store to do the update.  Called before I went yet when I got there about 30 minutes later the only guy who knew how to do it left for the day.  Thanks for letting me know that when I said I was on my way.  Ok, rant over.  I found the software on-line and did the update myself.  Then went to check for updates and found the new update listed above.  So if you’re sill on 2.2, I suggest going to a store that will actually update you or do it yourself.  This update has nothing to do with 2.2.

      • AndresT

        What website did you use?

        • John

          I got it off the XDA site.  I don’t have the exact link anymore.  Do a google search.  I believe you can find it in a number of places.

      • Calieboy707

        What website did you download 2.3 from?

    • AndresT

      Same here bro, i do not know what to do…

      • Jayrazz316


        • apivvers

          i just got an OTA this morning so I think you’ll get one.

  • I been had android 2.3.3

  • Anonymous

    i just did the ota update on my gf’s mt4g and i did it by going to settings then about phone then software updates and i hit check now. but u guys got the wrong version number in the pics. i got this

    android version 2.3.4
    htc sense version 2.1
    software number 2.32.531.1

  • Ddt

    What about those of us on 2.2.1? My local tmo store says they have never heard of the SD card that they are supposed to have to update me to Gingerbread….

  • Digitalfreaknyc

    Does this update really wipe out everything on your phone?!?

    • Atme

      Not really I just did it nothing happened

  • mag336

    I just got the update to 2.3.4 from 2.2. You don’t have to already have 2.3 for this update.

  • Alfredochagollan

    I’ve had android 2.3.4 on my mytouch 4g for about a year now? …. I Was Expecting an android 4.0 update. What a tragedy.

  • Kernjoe83

    I went to settings then about phone and it doesn’t give an option to update

  • I have it now. Had the icon pop up on me with a under 35% battery at 7 AM this morning, I downloaded it, charged the battery and let it install. Not seeing anything major. Don’t Swype so won’t know how that looks… ever. Hopefully some of the system crashes I was having are cured. We shall see…

  • Sonny Pargas

    i’m afraid to download the update last time i do the update i lost the cam on my ym and skype so i went back to manufacturer’s setting and that’s what i’m using now

  • Lookout022

    I just completed the update and don’t notice extremely different except when I go to text. Everything I type out is now underlined. Does anyone know how to change that?

  • Trevorthebeast99

    How do u download it if u denied it already

    • Mountbball1

      you go to setting and then go to about at the bottom of the page and go to software update. and click update

  • ski

    Today is the last day and no update for me yet

  • Kerby_singleton106

    I have a 2.21 Android Version on my MyTouch 4g, how do i update it? It said that it was corrupted when i tried to update & now it isnt showing up at all

  • Kerby_singleton106

    Oh yea & it doesnt say “HTC Software Updates” on my MyTouch 4g when i touch “About phone” so what am i suppose to do??

  • Td369

    I’ve got the update but it bricked my phone in the process of the update!!! screen doesn’t turn on and led doesnt even show on the charger anymore, but i connect it to my laptop and my laptop gives the confirmation sound as it is plugged and unplugged. highly upset right now

  • Tom

    Issues today…finally got something that said it was ready to update…then got
    a phone call and when i got had failed and I need to get that back! I
    dont have the update button on the settings->about ->software….how do I
    get it to ask if I want to update it again?

  • Phtboy71

    any of you guys have an estimate on how long this update takes? its been 4hrs since i did it n my phone wont turn on

  • Dr.Help

    To manually update on the dialer press
    Youre Welcome

    • BabyOranges

      Thank you!

    • ski

      Thats how i got my update

    • Serg2741

      you r the f*****g man/woman lol thnks a million

    • Abbigail

      oh my gosh. I accidentally pushed cancel when it asked me if i wanted a download and i didn’t know how to get it back again. thanks, you’re a life saver!

    • Zburton19

      What I do after ?

  • Tayysayshii

    how do you do the update on the dialer?

  • rorro58

    whats happens if the phone starts to hang up calls by its self and u cant send some messages???

  • Peter Powers

    Just got 2.32.531.1 today, so they are still rolling it out. 

  • Mmassoudy

    my phone went off un-expectedly, I have done all I can to restart but it only ends on login animations screen displaying “mytouch 4g by T-mobile”, and from there I have to remove the batterry to shut it down, it doesnt finish to the login screen to show the menu etc. i’m confused. please assist how best I can sort this problem out.

  • Susangreen913

    I updated my phone now I cant make calls but I can receive and text

  • Junior Williams56

    How do you screen shot with this update??

  • Serr-duvall

    why cant you screen shot with the update:(