T-Mobile To Roll Out Pay Per Day Monthly4G Plans?

T-Mobile is looking to continue beefing up their Monthly4G prepaid selection with the rumored addition of pay-per-day plans rolling out sometime in the future. We just received the above image which indicates new plans will be available on T-Mobile’s website, though a visit to the page itself didn’t yield any intel about “Pay by the Day” plans.

We now turn your attention to the below image showing what we believe may be the possible addition of the “Pay by the Day” Monthly4G plans to T-Mobile’s prepaid lineup. As you can see there is a $1 per day, $2 per day and a $3 per day option with details yet to be finalized for the first two amounts. It’s possible this intel is preparing for an upcoming rollout geared to attract customers during the end of year, typically the busiest sales season of the year.

So is T-Mobile adding “Pay by the Day” Monthly4G plans to their prepaid line up? Time will certainly tell but if these leaked screen shots are any indication we should have an answer very soon.

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