T-Mobile To Only Sell Motorola Defy “Black” From Now On

Prepare yourself for some earth shattering news as T-Mobile will only sell the Motorola Defy in “Black” from now on. The above image indicates Motorola Defy sales will be of the all “Black” variant as opposed to the “Black Linen” which has the ivory tone backside. As of this writing both models are still available on T-Mobile.com so I’ll assume that will be the case until the remaining inventory of the Black Linen are gone. In any case, if you’ve been looking to pick up the Motorola Defy in Black Linen now would be a good time to do so.

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  • michael

    Hey I just thought of something…Defy was released like Septemberish right? That means it would qualify for the 18 month update thing. So it would have to get gingerbread..right?

    • Anonymous

      they said future devices, not current, but that doesnt mean that the defy won’t get gingerbread.

      • true. The Defy originally was not going to get Froyo, but it has it now. Not sure if it can handle Gingerbread. Using it now, and it is a bit slower with Froyo.

        • LC

          Could also be the Motoblur overlay that could be adding to that.

        • Dsfsdafsadfsagdfgdfsgrreoiuret

          Can you easily disable the Moboblur overlay?

        • Root that sucker and install a custom ROM.

        • Aerofanbig

          amen! root, install a customer ROM that has been de-blured (some Euro versions never came with BLUR, lots of deblured roms out there) and over clock just a tiny to 1ghz and have quadrant scores that are near the top of the heap

        • Anonymous

          im sure it can. it has a very good processor.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You left off the tags #completely irrelevant and #nobody cares, Motorola has sh*tted on tmo with their phones. MotoBlur is like your phone having Herpes…

    • Aerofanbig

      honestly I haven’t had any problems with it, and I was very anxious about using BLUR but I got a killer deal on a DEFY and really, its been a great experience thus far

  • cool) i like when phones are black) it is really cool) glad to know that) will save money))))

  • Really?

    You mean the crappier version? I seem to remember when people were complaining about the broken earpiece thingy that the white one was a nicer build.

  • Anonymous

    My wife has a DEFY and I’ll tell you a little overclocking goes a long way. Root, slap ADW on top of ugly Blur (if you’re not brave enough to change ROMs), and overclock. All easy things to do and makes it smooth as butter. It also seems to have gotten rid of those pesky random reboots.


    patiently waiting for DEFY2 powered by an ice cream sandwich.

    don’t care what color it is, magenta is fine by me.

  • Anonymous