T-Mobile To Giveaway Several 4G Devices Tomorrow Night

Attention attention, T-Mobile is giving notice that come tomorrow evening, they’ll be giving away “several” 4G devices. We don’t know what devices they plan on giving away or at what time, but if you’re a follower of @tmobile tomorrow would be a great night to keep an eye on their Twitter feed. Of course we’ll keep you updated right when it’s posted.


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  • no love for facebook users? really?

    • :O

      Facebook who?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads-up David, good luck to you.

  • Deonleeone

    contract extension?

  • Will

    Off topic but it never seems to get any response in the forum since someone asked a long time ago so thought I’d ask it here cause I’m curious too… but any Mother’s Day sales for T-Mobile this weekend?


  • Hi David. Thanks for revealed all the latest updates on T-Mobile here. I am such a huge fan of this blog as well as the information provided here.