Dell Streak 7 Now Available

The Dell Streak 7 is T-Mobile’s first 4G capable tablet and as of today, it is now available for your purchase from as well as your local retail T-Mobile store. However, with this morning’s news of the T-Mobile G-Slate, it’s hard to recommend the Dell Streak 7 without mentioning the launch news of the T-Mobile G-Slate, arguably a significantly better tablet (on paper at least) on a number of levels.

That’s not to say the Dell is a “bad” tablet, however early reviews of the Dell Streak 7 did range across a broad spectrum from “liked it” to “loathed it.” None of this is meant to detract you though as the VERY NICE price point of $199.99 almost demands that you walk into a store and try out the Dell for yourself. If you like it, it’s not going to break the bank and if you aren’t a fan, the T-Mobile G-Slate may be right up your alley.


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