LG G-Slate Makes Completely Random Appearance In 2D, Will It Come With 3D?

Not impressed by the Dell Streak 7, then you better keep you sight set on the LG G-Slate as it’ll certainly provide healthy competition. Of course, other than the name of the G-Slate and a few possible leaked specs, what we know about the device is pretty much next to nothing. Will it have 3D or will it not? Will it come in pink and purple polka dots or will it not?

At least one individual, MysteryGuitarMan has his hands on the LG G-Slate, and it comes right after we catch a glimpse of the unit in a Korean music video. I don’t know if it’s interesting or downright odd that LG and T-Mobile are being tight lipped on the device while letting completely random (albeit celebrities in perhaps their own little corner of the world) tease us with half second glimpses. What’s more interesting though, is as Engadget points out, the back of the device is completely different from the Korean music video. This time we see the metallic strip with “with Google” branding ala the Optimus 2X.

This is just getting strange, someone needs to get some clear shots of this and post them for all to see. We need to know things about this G-Slate already!


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