Will The Sidekick Ever Make A Comeback?

I know we could be reading entirely too much into this but when pinged last night on Twitter with a question regarding the future of the Sidekick line, @tmobile gave the above response. They could have answered in a million ways some of which would have raised suspicion and others which would have hinted that there are no current plans to continue the Sidekick line. So I stand by the notion that we could be reading far to much into this but its an interesting answer that at least in context seems to give a glimmer of hope that the Sidekick line isn’t dead and will be resurrected in one form or another.

What was thought at once to be the Project Emerald phone, as we know turned out to by the myTouch4G. We haven’t heard a peep about the rumored “Sidekick Twist” in months but perhaps it’s time we do a little more digging.

T-Mobile Twitter

Thanks Andrew!

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