WalMart Offering $100 Gift Cards With Smartphone Purchases Through November 25th

Walmart is certainly stepping up their pre-Black Friday offerings in the wireless game with a $100 Walmart gift card now through November 25th.  The best part is that it qualifies for BOTH new customers as well as qualifying upgrades!  So what phones qualify you ask?  Adding a new line to a family plan will qualify and, of course, works online and in store.  If you’ve been looking to grab another phone in the next week, this is quite the tempting offer.  Love or hate Walmart, a $100 gift card isn’t a half bad deal.


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  • Does anyone know if this trick is still allowed?

    Sign up for new phone and the required data plan is added. Can you then go on myTmobile, change your phone to a dumbphone, and then deselect the data option?

    • Ada

      Does not work. Web is shown as required and there is no option to removed it on the website, does not matter what phone is displayed there.

    • Anonymous

      Nope IMEI tracker, it would just switch back in a day or two.

  • Manusferrera

    any news on what tmobile will be offering on black friday. and is the nexus s going to be available in store.

  • no it’s not allowed only a supervisor at tmobile can remove the required feature…….the only way to remove the required data feature is to upgrade that line to a phone first directly thru tmobile….so going thru will not work

  • K-rockl

    This is good news but I want to change my plan around at a T-Mob store. I get a new 15% discount on the plans and I need a holiday deal on some hardware from them. When is the next BOGO coming?

    • Charlotte

      Dude, you can change your plan by calling tmo after you buy the phone. sheesh.

  • Me 2

    No my touch 4gs in stock :(

  • Me 2

    No my touch 4gs in stock :(

  • Anonymous

    The gift card arrives 4-6 weeks after purchase. That’s after Christmas, dudes. Ain’t worth it.

    • J-man

      Why is not worth it? It is free money, well not free money, but still. I would go get it if I were able to upgrade.

    • JDA

      Actually…it’s instant….Combine that with the best prices in wireless and instant rebates…and it’s VERY worth it!

    • MattB

      Maybe online, but when you sign up in store, you walk out the door with giftcard in hand.

    • vHatch

      Because money becomes worthless after Christmas? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Its an okay deal for upgrades but its best for new people. I wouldn’t get crap on my upgrade to a MT4G I would still gotta pay $50

  • Richg13

    I took advantage. Bought my wife the LG Optimus T on an upgrade for .97. I asked for the $10 data plan, but the Walmart rep said they could not add any data plans. That I would have to contact TMO for this. So I left the store with a new Optimus, no data plan and $100 gift card.

    Called TMO for the $10 data plan, they said my choices were either the $15 or $30 data plans. A little upset at how this is being advertised. TMO rep said I would have to downgrade my unlimited family plan to a 3000 minute plan to get the $10 data plan. Yea right, I use about 7000 minutes/month. TMO ended up giving me a 30 day trial of the $10 data plan, which I can sign up or cancel afterwards.

  • That Guy


  • Cuz

    How are we supposed to compete? Too many hands in the cookie jar!

  • Whgarner

    newer smartphones not in stock
    my touch not available in louisville, ky

  • Cuz

    They r in stock in nj, pa and the rest of real big areas. Sorry not to down ky

  • Detroitking02

    went to walmart today and upgraded one of my lines to a HD7 and I received the $100 giftcard instantly

    • How much did you pay in total though before the gift card?

      • MattB

        HD7-$150, G2-$150, Vibrant-$100, Optimus T-$0.97, BB 9300-$29, HD2-$50, MTSlide-$50

  • dvd037

    Went and got a Samsung vibrant for 98 bucks on a upgrade and got 100 gift card on the spot, awesome deal! I’m happy!

  • Van

    Can you upgrade at a Walmart store if you have a grandfathered plan and keep your plan? What about at Walmart online?

    • Happywith339

      Yes, you can keep your old plan by upgrading at Wal-Mart stores. The 200M data option is $15, and not $10, for grandfathered plans. I guess T-Mobile wants to end the old plans like MyFaves and unlimited UMA for $10. We upgraded to two Defy smartphones, kept our old plan, and went with the $15 data option. Wi-Fi calls are registered as a UMA call (U) just like with our old T339 phones.

      • Vankfdhgkdfjhgdfhkg

        That bites having to pay more with a grandfathered plan. Makes the grandfathered plan much less valuable (you might save $10 with the grandfathered plan, and then you have to give $5 right back!). Here’s an interesting question: is a data plan even required when getting a new phone with a grandfathered plan? Richg13 below mentioned that Walmart didn’t even have a way to set up a data plan for him.

        • Happywith339

          I suspect some of the older wireless centers in Wal-Mart can’t do the data part of the signup. We were in a brand new wireless center in the front of a new store, and her computer said we had to pay the $15 for data. I didn’t argue because my son wanted the data and one $15 data plan is O.K for my wife and I to use when traveling.

          We have a myFaves 700 + unlimited UMA, and we put on as many as 4500 minutes of talk on our grandfathered plan some months. So, it’s still cheaper than going with a new unlimited plan. It does suck about the this lack of loyalty by T-Mobile towards existing customers.

          Is a data plan even required for grandfathered plans? Legally it’s questionable, based on the language of the old contract. Does the new contract extension supersede the old contract? I’m just waiting for T-Mobile to slam people with monthly charges who received new upgraded phones and did not add data due to the circumstances of the purchase.

        • Van

          Yes, that’s the sort of thing I am concerned with. Things seem very unclear. I would like to use this offer to upgrade my 7 year old phone (!) to a smart phone (to use the advanced non-data features), but I cannot afford a larger bill. I am willing to extend my expired voice contract for another two years to get this deal, but I don’t want anything to change on my plan. One reason I have such an old phone is that every time I go to upgrade, there seems to be confusion as to what is really required for what, with different reps and stores saying different things. I just want a new phone at a significant enough discount that it makes more sense to keep with postpaid instead of just doing prepay with any one of several different companies (with lower monthly costs).

  • Thanks to you that you have shared this pretty much cool information right here on this blog

  • Thanks to you that you have shared this pretty much cool information right here on this blog

  • stirfry

    What is a “qualified upgrade” ???

  • Donkey

    Visited 3 stores on Monday and none of the stores had G2 in stock.:(

  • A_huft

    I bought HTC Radar and dont really like it… thinking about return and excgange with blackberry..Can I still keep the gift card?