(Updated) T-Mobile Announces Black Friday BOGO Promotion

Update: Since there seems to be quite a bit of confusion regarding the T-Mobile statement below, I’ve asked for and received clarification which does indeed state BOTH lines must be eligible to upgrade.  The statement follows:

The promotion is available on all T-Mobile family plans, including legacy and Even More, for new customers who activate two or more lines. Existing T-Mobile customers can take advantage of the BOGO but they will need to add two lines or upgrade an existing eligible line and add a line or upgrade two lines to be eligible. Flex pay family plan customers do not qualify. When using the BOGO for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the customer does not have to be on or activate a family plan, however the “get one” will have to be on a family plan.

We just received a quick email from T-Mobile offering up some information on their Black Friday promotions.  As it turns out, T-Mobile is offering one of their staple Buy One Get One Free offers starting Black Friday November 26th and running through January 18th.  The BOGO is good for all T-Mobile family plans including Even More, legacy customers who activate two or more lines and for those who upgrade at least one eligible line.

Note: In order not to confuse anyone, the above image is not offering up all the BOGO combinations one can make with this offer.  Check with your local store or customer service for more details!

Check out the full release below:

Just in time for the kick-off to the busy holiday shopping season, T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the upcoming availability of a new in-store BOGO promotion for families.  Starting on Black Friday, new and existing customers who sign up for a T-Mobile family plan with a two-year agreement and purchase a featured smartphone, such as the T-Mobile® myTouch® 4G, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab™ from T-Mobile can get a new featuredsmartphone or affordable Android™ handset for FREE!

Featured smartphones from T-Mobile include the T-Mobile®myTouch® 4GT-Mobile® G2™ with Google™, HTC® HD7 and BlackBerry® Bold™ 9780.  Affordable Android smartphones include the Motorola DEFY™ with MOTOBLUR™, Motorola CHARM™ with MOTOBLUR™, LG Optimus T™ with Google™ and T-Mobile® Comet™.  The new in-store BOGO promotion will be available Nov. 26 through Jan.18, so families who would prefer to avoid the Black Friday crowds this week will still have an opportunity to take advantage of the offer.

The promotion is available on all T-Mobile family plans, including legacy and Even More, for new customers who activate two or more lines or existing customers who are on a T-Mobile family plan and upgrade at least one eligible line.  Mail-in rebates are applicable on all devices and data plans will be required.

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