T-Mobile Set To Debut 3000 Minute Rate Plan?

T-Mobile is reportedly set to unveil a new 3000-minute rate plan for $99.99 in just a few days. We first got wind of this thanks to a leaked T-Mobile training calendar that landed in the lap of the folks over at Phonedog. Our sources have dropped in some extra details that this will indeed launch July 7th with $10 add a line for the 3rd, 4th and 5th line. What’s interesting though is the unlimited Family Talk Even More plan already has unlimited minutes for the same $99.99…can we be looking at the first move in a rate plan increase? I don’t know any more than that right now, but the introduction of the rate plan certainly gets my eyebrow raised wondering why they would introduce at this price point. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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  • Jay

    Most likely because adding lines is cheaper on this plan than adding lines on the unlimited plan. So having 5 lines on this plan would only run 130 as opposed to whatever it would cost to have 5 lines on an umlimited plan.

    • Tokinotabumblb

      That would be cool to add a line for $5 on a limited minute plan. Just hope those users aren’t total yappers. I think adding a line on an unlimited plan is $40 a month.

      • Chicagoan

        For those of you who dont know.. On the unlimited plan, you can add lines for $10(200)minutes and $29(unlimited)minutes. You would have to renew all your line though. :) its a promotion so not all reps about it.

      • itaintso

        You don’t have to renew all your lines in order to do this. you can add any single line and that specific line will have a 2 year contract.

    • Exactly!!

  • NiiDiddy

    Unlimited Family Talk Even More might go up. It just wouldn’t make any sense to have two different plans at the same price point …the unlimited plan will definitely sell better than 3000 talk plan if that was the case. So I’ll think unlimited family even more will eventually go up in price.

    • Johnny

      unless the person wants to add a 3rd, 4th or 5th line… that would only be a $10 add-on opposed to $40 add-on for each additional line. but who knows, i may be wrong…

      • userfriendlyme

        No that makes perfect sense i have to pay $40 on the unlimted to add a line so to be honest id save almost $100 by going with this plan on my 4 line account. I was actually looking to downgrade my plan to save me some money in the coming months and this actually would be a perfect fit for me.

  • cchrono

    The unlimited rate plan cost $15 to add a 200 minute 3rd 4th 5th line and $40 to add an unlimited 3rd 4th and 5th line so this is giving the customers a cheaper option if they don’t need unlimited minutes its also eligible for the $5 add a line option if the customers wants all lines to be extended to a 2yr contract.

    • NiiDiddy

      I guess that makes sense..

    • lensovet


      i’m trying to convince a friend of mine to switch to T-Mo. problem is, the current family plans are 500, 1500, and unlimited. they have 5 lines…1500 is only 300 minutes/person, which is really not enough. this will be a great alternative to the full-unlimited, as that plan costs $40 to add each line and as mentioned above, $15 to a limit-minute line which only carries 200, which is basically nothing.

      • Tokinotabumblb

        Now that I think about it, this isn’t so bad. This is especially for people who want to add 3+ lines, but do you think they will raise the price on the unlimited family plan? Also, where it says unlimited mobile to mobile minutes, are they talking about T-Mobile phones or any mobile phone?

      • Johnny

        t-mobile 2 t-mobile calling only is unlimited

      • Johnny

        sorry, comment was for Tokinotabumblb not lensovet

  • Tokinotabumblb

    Oh no! :( Well I will be holding onto my loyalty minutes and preferred data plans for all that it is worth. All of you guys were crying about the best superphones, and you know all things come with a price. Want better stuff? They gotta raise the prices somewhere, somehow. You get what you pay for. ;)

  • semper

    No prices are not going up for unlimited this is just another alternative to adding lines on an Even More Plan which is normally 40 bucks for unlimited minutes.

  • Mohammad

    I have a feeling with the new CEO there will be more “changes” to come, mostly for the bad. Pple are complaining for a super phone now but then later on once we get a super phone pple will be complaining abt the increases in rate price. I guarantee it.

    • Tokinotabumblb

      I agree with you, because obviously higher end phones are more expensive, so they have to make that up somewhere, somehow. People like T-Mobile because of their prices, and now we have people complaining because we only have mid-tier phones. (I don’t know if the Nexus One would count as a T-Mobile phone.) It is easy for Verizon to acquire superphones because their rates are a little up there. T-Mobile is usually for families, and not everyone wants to pay the price for the rate increase, when they themselves do not care for a superphone. I mean, if anything, they should just raise the prices on the phones themselves.

      • Mohammad

        Yeah, I agree with you too. We should just stick with the prices we have and just push for more unlocked phones w tmobile 3G band. Those of us geeks can afford to buy the phone outright. Text messaging prices went up, then Data prices and now rate plans? Not cool.

      • Tokinotabumblb

        I mean I’m pretty sure they’re still cheaper than the other big 3, but still. We should just keep our grandfathered plans. I’m happy with my myTouch Slide. :)

  • Russ

    This is exactly what T-Mobile needs. There are lots of people that come in that need more than 1500 minutes, but don’t wanna pay $220 for five lines of voice.

  • Un… I was expecting like $69.99 for this since we already have an unlimited plan, especially for Even More plus, since it just skips from 1500 minutes to Unlimited or at least $79.99, that would’ve been reasonable, this no ma’am.

  • Dia

    Ummm, How about their $50 prepaid for unlimited talk and txt? This seems kind of silly. For the same price, you can have 2 unlimited mobiles running, without a contract. BTW, does this incluse free nights+wknds? I remember they had this plan before, but it only local calling and no nights and wknds.

  • Myg1

    This is great for families that wan’t to share all 3k mins between everyone..the unlimited plans will not go up this is an alt and its cheaper for those that don’t wan’t to pay too much for addalines…no 3k plan your talking was just one line and its regional..this one will have nights weekends n tmo to tmo only..i used to have that regional plan

  • Nick

    I was hoping this rate would be cheaper for me, but it’s not. I got in on the $50 unlimited and $40 add a line each for 2 lines. I’m paying $160 after taxes and fees with the $30 unlimited texting/hd2 data. With this, my rate would only go down MAYBE $10 a month….still not worth the risk.

  • SaykredCow

    Everyone who infers that the unlimited plan is going to increase is a moron.

    The 3000 minute plan was clearly introduced because it’s cheaper to have 5 lines share 3000 minutes than add on $40 per line to the unlimited one.

  • anthony

    i work at tmo corp. unlimited plan price is staying the same. you just benefit from being able to add line 3-5 for $10. no word on no contract plans right now. theres a test going on in phoenix to ditch the even more plus plans.

    • Dashi

      yah BTW THANKS For That People Have Been Looking At Us Crazy Ever Since We Had To Do That

    • Dashi

      yah BTW THANKS For That People Have Been Looking At Us Crazy Ever Since We Had To Do That

  • Pneumatic

    I am on 3,000 minutes for $49.00 and that’s the plan I started with around 10 years ago. I have been careful not to change it when I upgrade phones or add a service. :)

    • pjs

      @ Pneumatic, you probably qualify for the $49.99 Unlimited Loyalty plan which gives you Unlimtied minutes, Nationwide Long Distance and Roaming (your plan is only regional LD/Roaming). You might want to give care a call to check on that. The old 3000 minute plan has been updated

      • Yep. They switched me from Pnuematic’s plan to the loyalty a good while ago. I was unsure at first but more stuff for the same price sounded solid to me.

        I have to check our usage, but this new 3000 minute plan might work for my family. I’ve got 5 total lines, and the bill (while fair) is starting to kill me monthly! This plan (if the usage works) should save me about $80 a month, right?
        3*40 – 3*10 + 10

  • Danny

    I want an unlimited data/text plan with the option to prepay buckets of minutes as I need them.

    With SMS, MMS, Facebook etc I hardly ever talk over the phone anymore.

    Come on T-Mobile this type of plan would be a major hit with the 18 to 30 something crowd and would spur loyalty.

    Not all of us are in sales or support roles where we need to yap all day long.

    • pjs

      T-Mobile has a prepaid Unlimited SMS/MMS plan for $15 a month ($0.10 / minute voice). We just need a data option to add on.

  • Frosty

    Is it me or has T-Mobile service gone to crap ?? Ive never had more dropped calls in my life !!!

    • namo

      change your phone.

  • bill

    I’m getting 1500 anytime minutes for $40 now and $25 for the unlimited text/data. No other plan they’ve introduced in the last 2 years has come close to beating this.

  • mikeeeee

    back in 2004 i had a 5000 minute plan for 129$.

    no free nights, no free weekends.

    worked out ok though as i was an over the road truck driver with plenty of pals to tlk to.

    most i ever used was 4200 minutes.

  • DarthEnol

    Chicagoan: “For those of you who dont know.. On the unlimited plan, you can add lines for $10(200)minutes and $29(unlimited)minutes. You would have to renew all your line though. its a promotion so not all reps about it.”

    Can you get this on a second line? I have an individual Unlimited Loyalty plan and want to put another line on my account, but just one line.

    • tokinotabumblb

      I have an unlimited loyalty family plan for $89.99, and that was after me having the unlimited loyalty individual plan.

  • dee-xt


    • pimpstrong

      As Chicagoan said above:

      “For those of you who dont know.. On the unlimited plan, you can add lines for $10(200)minutes and $29(unlimited)minutes.”

      And since when is 3000 minutes considered unlimited?

  • pimpstrong

    Who even needs minutes!

  • Longsh0t

    I am still on a 2500 minute family plan for $99/mo so the extra 500 minutes will be a nice bonus. However, with all 5 lines activated I barely ever go over 1000 minutes a month because all my kids do is text. >,<

  • Andy G

    Im on the customer loyalty unlimited plan… This plan makes very little sense since I pay that much for unlimited everything… minutes,text, internet, the whole shebang lol! Anyone else on that plan?

    • dee-xt


      • Andy G

        Yea thats Why I refuse to swith providers… I pay $49.99 for unlimited minutes and an additional $34.99 for unlimited text, picture, and web… BEAT THAT RIVAL CARRIERS!!!

  • Matt Hatter

    I didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if this has been addressed and answered already. The logic behind the rate plan is that there are some families with more than 2 lines who use more than 1500 minutes but not enough to warrant an unlimited plan. Let’s take for instance a 5 line family. lines 1 & 2 use more than 500 minutes each per month and 3-5 use 300+ each. Average month is 1900 minutes. To prevent overage they would need to be on the unlimited plan for the family. That’s $220.00 per month. Before text and web. Add text you’re looking at $240.00 – about a car payment. But now they can share 3000 minutes instead. Monthly bill is now more affordable at $150.00 with text (or 135.00 w/ a new 2 year contract.) Wise move on T-Mo’s part. This will keep a lot of customers who use more than 1500 minutes as a family but not enough to justify an unlimited plan.


    I love the idea of this plan…and for those of you wondering or assuming otherwise rates will not be going up as many others have said its going to exist for those families that dont want to spend 200 plus on voice only…i work at tmo and lost out on some lines because of the 40 dollar price point to add onto an unlimited plan…this 3000 is perfect for those

  • Magenta Magic

    $99.99 for 3000 minutes line 1 & 2
    $10 ea for lines 3, 4, 5 (or $5 if you catch the promo)

    Set to launch July 7; won’t be much buzz about it due to current advert campaigns running. But stop in and ask your TMo rep!

  • bored2nite

    Why do people have a brain yay big?

    Okay if you have 2 lines.. no you WOULD NOT take this over the unlimited minute plan.

    This is for 3, 4 or 5 line family plans

    2 lines:
    unlimited $100
    3000 minutes $100

    3 lines:
    unlimited (all of them) $140
    3000 minutes shared $105 (while $5 AAL continues)

    4 Lines:
    unlimited (all of them) $180
    3000 minutes shared $110 (while promotion lasts)

    5 Lines:
    unlimited (all of them) $220
    3000 minutes shared $115 (during promo)

    I hope by the 4th line it started to make sense why tmobile would come out with alternative $100 rate plan for families, because for 5 lines its over $100 in savings a month!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s right Bored… this does not work on people with two lines who are on unlimited.

      The only way this would be better is if the price was substantially less than what we on unlimited are paying. It would have to be something like $50 for 3000 minutes before I would bite. Adding that $50 to my $50 for two unlimited data connections would lower my monthly bill to $100 and I would be saving almost $500 annually.

      Right now I pay $90 for unlimited talk on two lines and $50 for two data lines. So this 3000 minutes would result in my paying $10 more monthly.

      And it would also expose me to overage charges (based on my GF’s use).

      Now if they lowered the price to $50 for 3000 minutes, then I might look at it. ;)

  • En2Mente

    If They drop the $40 price for add a line for the unlimited plan to like $20 or around there, they would probably do better. 3000mins is good for 2-3 lines but more then that unlimited would be a better choice.
    I have 5 lines and 3000 isn’t enough =/

  • Salespro

    I work on the sales floor, the reason for this plan is simply for the add a lines. UNL add a lines is 40, not 30, and 10 for the 200 min right now, this is just another alternate route for t-mobile to go to save customers money if they have a line 3, 4, or 5 add on and don’t wanna break the bank.

  • llid

    Mr. Salespro who works on the floor, the unl add a line is 30 for the plus plan and 40 for the regular plan, but you know already because you work on the floor

  • going_home

    Originally had a regional in state only 3000 minute plan for $49.99 that was later changed to unlimited nationwide. $24.99 for 400 texts and unlimited data was added when the G1 was released in 2008.
    I noticed I was over on texts for some reason (3 reasons = 3 offspring) last month and called in to add unlimited texts. The service rep said they dont have my plan any more and that if I changed it she would have to change the whole plan. I thought I could just add unlimited texts for another $5.00 ?


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Isn’t this for talk only? If so, this does not work out for less than what I am paying on my Even More Plus.

    Right now I am paying $140 for two lines, unlimited everything (talk, data, text).

    When I was switching my data plan from WinMo to Google (due to getting the Slide and because I will be getting the SGS) I asked if I should go back on contract if there were cheaper plans.

    She said that my GF talks over 2800 minutes on average. (She is on that phone all day long, about every 30 minutes a call comes in. It’s actually very annoying and I tell her once in awhile to get off the damn phone. I digress).

    Anyway, end result is that 3000 minutes, even if priced at $50, would not work for me.

    So anyone thinking about this, best to first call T-Mobile and ask what is the average usage for each person who shares your account. All it takes is one person chatting too much for you to get a $500 bill in the mail. :(

    That’s what happened to us before the days of unlimited talk. My GF would go to NYC or Washington state and I would get a bill 3X a year with $200 to $300 in overage charges. (While that angered me, I was mostly disappointed that all my careful planning and controlling costs went down the drain.)

    Sidenote: My concern now is that T-Mobile may some day jump on the tiered data plan pricing. While on unlimited talk we have eliminated talk overage charges, if T-Mobile goes to tiered data, we will see overage charges on data use. (E.g., I have SlingBox Pro on my phones. Playing cable TV on a cell phone uses a lot of data. So that coupled with other data uses (being pushed by the carriers), well… it will be real easy to exceed tiered limits.

  • Smart move

  • salespro

    Hey llid, I only talk about the contract plans because they plus plans are retarded, and btw, the 3000 min plan for 99.99 is clearly talkin about the contract plans. You guys, seriously this plan is ONLY A BENEFIT for the add a lines, UNL talk first two lines is 99.99, if your going to have more lines added on to the acct, do the 3000 min plan for same price, add family allowance if ur kids are yappers, and you will save tons of money.

  • llid

    I know it is hard to believe but not all readers are on contract. I have been with Tmobile for 7 years and have been off of contract for 6. Yes, back in the day they only had one year contracts. If this is truly $99 for the contract plans, how much will it be for the plus plans $89? and if this includes free nights and weekends and mobile to mobile sign me up… This plan would save me big bucks.

  • Brandon

    I think it’s gotta be for the EVEN MORE PLUS. It’s less than the Unlimited Plan yet more than the 1500 minute plan. I don’t think it’s for the contracts. The unlimited plan add a line is $40/month. For the 1500 minute plan it’s $10 bucks for the Talk and Text portion. So it only makes sense for the Non Contract side to get this plan.

  • sunbab25

    On Even More rate plans, you do not have to renew your contracts. Also currently T-Mobile is running a $5 add-a-line promotion. PS..the Unlimited Loyalty plan is a grandfathered plan that was only available for qualified customers. This plan is not offered anymore. The loyalty plan did not include web and text messaging so I would say you can definitely determine which plans best suit your needs also based on your device (required data or basic phone). Remember for those who are worried about going over their minutes on a family plan, you can also add Family Allowances where a “parent line” can manage the minutes of the remaining 4 lines online and receive text messages if any of those lines are coming close to using the minutes you allotted.