Motorola Cliq XT Will Show Off Your Social Lifestyle

2010-02-18 17.32.10

For all intents and purposes there is nothing here that we haven’t already seen or don’t already know. About all we get from this is the already assumed idea that the Motorola Cliq XT is designed for the “Connected Socializer.” Honestly, was there anyone out there who didn’t assume that from a phone running the love it or hate it MotoBlur Android system? Enjoy the pretty picture.

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  • mike

    lol i can tell tmonews isnt a fan of motoblur. id assume this would be the same price as the cliq. epic fail that is it shipping with 1.5

  • Wow!! I can’t wait until this comes out! Then the devs could root it and take some thing out and apply it towards the original Cliq! ;)

  • Eric

    *all intents and purposes.

  • misfitpierce

    I just upgraded to new mytouch3g but will look into this one when it comes out. Motorola used to be sketchy but they are doing nicely on their android devices. I would want this to be a bit cheaper than cliq with keyboard if specs are same, if its more powerful then same if not more imo.

  • FILA

    Moto Blur, SUCKS
    Go to Hell Motorola

    • Erin

      Shut up, damn.

    • David

      That was totally stupid and uncalled for….ignorant!


      comments like this just show immaturity, and display foolishness

  • David

    I think it will be the same price due to adobe flash and a flash on the camera and if I am not mistaken, more memory. I actually like this mid-tier android phone, and yes it is being shipped with Android 1.5 BUT it will soon be upgraded to 2.1 (as soon as Google finishes perfecting it). I don’t know about you but I see Motorola being a big player in the Android game in the near future. This device gives me a raging boner! Lol j/k

    • steven


      It’s not that Google has to perfect it; 2.1 is already out. It’s just that Motorola has its own custom UI (Motoblur) that Motorola needs to make compatible with 2.1

      • David

        My bad, I thought google had to “tweek” it or whatever for the cliq.

      • Cybersedan

        This is why I’ll remain a “stock android” user, I’ve seen motoblur, and Sense in person, and while they both offer a unique and interesting UI experience I don’t want to have to wait for Google to release an update, then for the OEM to update their UI to work with the newest version of Android.

        By the time these phones get 2.1, Google will probably be getting ready to drop 2.2 or 2.5 or whatever the next release is, so you’ll always be behind everyone else.

  • bing bang

    Sorry, the phone is ugly.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know… if the Motoroi never shows I might be interested in this phone so long as it has Swype. More memory would be a plus and as long as they promise to put 2.1 etc. on it… this might be looking into. I like how they added a flash to the camera. It still would need muti touch though so I can play the emulators too. Any idea when and if any other Android phone will get muti touch besides the Nexus One? To me this is important if you want to play the games and you don’t have an actual keyboard. Is the processor the same as the current cliq or did they update it? I want an Android phone with the snap dragon… and so far the only one with it is the Nexus One.

  • niididy

    Not tickling my fancy…but it’s all good.

  • Max

    Meh!!!,I’ll wait for the Motoroi

  • randall

    The more i read about this the phone, the more it seems like a nice upgrade to the Cliq.

    But I am ith Max, waiting for the Motoroi, if it ever comes


      I happen to agree wholeheartedly

  • JBLmobileG1

    My guess is that if the Motoroi does land it won’t be out until have the Cliq and Cliq XT gets the update to Android 2.1. Which probably won’t be until Summer from the way I see it. It would make sense if they sell these phones first then release the big guns with 2.1 w/ Motoblur and all the bugs worked out. Just a long wait for me though.

  • Heber

    Ok after all Im suffering with CLIQ Im done with motorola i dont understand why no 2.1 all ready if they been working for long time ago with it. i belive may be is for the feature MOTOBLUUUR <<< sucks reay bad i dont even used that at all, anyway beside i feel that will come wiht a zoo of bugs like the CLIQ and sorry but i will wait to see what is coming on ACER, HTC, SAMSUNG,and more…


    While this phone looks nice, it would be nice to have a better processor, and most of all a slighty bigger screen 3.2+. I know its only .1 inches smaller than that, but i really dislike screens any smaller =] (the bigger the better)

  • eYe

    IMHO, any custom UI phones should have an option to upgrade (downgrade?) to stock Android, including framework. Removing widgets is not an answer. Just my 2 cents.

  • TmoAsian

    WHY DO YOU GUYS CARE SO MUCH ABOUT VERSION NUMBER? do you guys have to have the best of the best? What’s with the complaining? You want me to tell you guys the truth? THERE IS BARELY A DIFFERENCE WITH 1.6, 2.1, 1.5 YAH. MOST OF US PROBABLY NEED A SMART PHONE THAT IS GOOD, AND ANDROID IS THat.