Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year TmoNews readers!!! The past year was full of good news, bad news and news we would just love to forget. A troubled economy, wars and Susan Boyle are just a few of the news headlines that would dominate 2009. Suffice to say, 2009 will be a year remembered and the 2000’s will be a decade not soon forgotten. So much has changed in our country since 2000, both good and bad and we can only hope that the New Year brings new joys and a new outlook. I for one am grateful for all that I have been able to accomplish with TmoNews and it’s a pleasure to be at my desk everyday presenting you with all the T-Mobile news I can discover.  While our opinions may often differ, our end game is always the same and that is a successful year for T-Mobile and it seems to be starting off very very well. I never thought I would be at this desk full time, doing this day in and day out and yet here I am, so thank you for reading, for writing it and for visiting.

I have the privilege of saying that in the course of the year I have often passed on some of the work to Andrew, c0z, MysticTrust and Kickstar13 (his real name remains a mystery, shhhh) and they have been terrific in their place here. I cannot do this without them anymore and I hope you are all as equally thankful for their help as I am. For some of you, the end of 2009 couldn’t come soon enough and I hope, waking up today you know a new year presents new opportunities for change. We’ll be here bringing you the very best in the T-Mobile world and we know all of us want to see 2010 be the year that T-Mobile really shines. So sit back, relax and smile, it’s a brand new year!