Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year TmoNews readers!!! The past year was full of good news, bad news and news we would just love to forget. A troubled economy, wars and Susan Boyle are just a few of the news headlines that would dominate 2009. Suffice to say, 2009 will be a year remembered and the 2000’s will be a decade not soon forgotten. So much has changed in our country since 2000, both good and bad and we can only hope that the New Year brings new joys and a new outlook. I for one am grateful for all that I have been able to accomplish with TmoNews and it’s a pleasure to be at my desk everyday presenting you with all the T-Mobile news I can discover.  While our opinions may often differ, our end game is always the same and that is a successful year for T-Mobile and it seems to be starting off very very well. I never thought I would be at this desk full time, doing this day in and day out and yet here I am, so thank you for reading, for writing it and for visiting.

I have the privilege of saying that in the course of the year I have often passed on some of the work to Andrew, c0z, MysticTrust and Kickstar13 (his real name remains a mystery, shhhh) and they have been terrific in their place here. I cannot do this without them anymore and I hope you are all as equally thankful for their help as I am. For some of you, the end of 2009 couldn’t come soon enough and I hope, waking up today you know a new year presents new opportunities for change. We’ll be here bringing you the very best in the T-Mobile world and we know all of us want to see 2010 be the year that T-Mobile really shines. So sit back, relax and smile, it’s a brand new year!

  • Vap1d

    Happy New Year guys, thanks for blogging the news for us and doing what you do!

  • And Happy New Year to the T-Mo news crew….

    … now, any idea when our promised 3G speed increase will hit? Will they flip the switch on 5 January?

  • niididy

    Happy New Year, fo’ sho. Thanks for all you do. Its nice to be part of TmoNews audience. Love what you guys do. :)….Its a New Day…

  • Sgt. Cell

    Happy New Year, Now blow me away with coverage of the HD2 and make T Mobile and Htc release it NOW. Just some wishful thinking. Keep up the good work.

  • Galen20K

    David thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site, its definitely the DEFINITIVE Unofficial T-Mobile news and rumor site.

    So a Big thank you to you, Andrew, c0z, MysticTrust and Kickstar13 as well!

    Thank you guys so much because you bring us so many exciting rumors and news that we all crave for people who love T-Mobile and want to see them become number 3(possibly 2 lol) this year baybeeeeeeeee!!!!! ; D


  • ElLevo

    Thank you David,Andrew, c0z, MysticTrust and Kickstar13 for the great work you guys do. We wish you and your Tmonews fam a blessed and prosperous new ANDROID YEAR>>>****Engage>>>****

  • fort

    You guys with T-Monews are doing a bang up job. Any idea if anyone from T-Mobile ever read or red tmo.com?

  • fort
  • kershon

    Happy New Year to you, David and crew. Thank you guys for bringing us the news we T-Mobile fans need. TmoNews is undoubtedly THE premier unofficial T-Mobile news site. Your work is appreciated by all of us more than you know. Many thanks and wishing all of you a prosperous year ahead.

  • Barakuda

    i am thankful for the new year AND 3G in louisville ky!! thank you !

  • Mr. MN

    Happy New Year to you all. Too bad T-Mobile said Sad New Year to me because they’ve turned off my 3G. Power cycling my phone doesn’t help. I no longer have 3G where I live but it comes on about three blocks down the road. This is a sad way to start my new year, thanks to Magenta.

    • John

      Could be off for fill in. Call tmo, happened here for about 3 days, then had 4-5 bars everywhere

      • Sloth

        Yes, very possible. They are clearly messing around with things around here – two local towers which have been nothing but EDGE are now intermittently 3G and places that were 5 bars of 3G and have been for months are now EDGE.

        Something is up.

  • mmeyer4663

    Best wishes to all!

  • Alex

    Merci! and Thank you!

  • Happy new year to you David and to the rest of the crew! Keep up the good work!. 2010- hd2, x10- nexus one and better data speeds to change t- mobile for the better!. T- mobile makes a splash this year, others prepare to be humbled.

  • theBIGmack

    Happy New Year TMoNews Crew!!! Keep up the awesome site and the lively way you keep us updated of the most recent developments in our much loved Magenta!

  • TRobshi

    I wonder if we’ll finally see the iPhone come to T-Mobile (officially) in 2010..?