Merry Christmas And Go Android!

Premiering today during ABC Basketball will be the newest commercial highlighting the T-Mobile MyTouch, Android and how lazy Charles Barkley has become. I’m not exactly disappointed by this commercial as its better than the Even More commercials and does highlight some of the wide-reaching aspects of the Android market. Battling the Apple app store is going to take some convincing as their commercials are so prominent in showing off all that you can find and this is a good start, not enough but a good start. Anyways, enjoy the commercial and since its Christmas enjoy the clip below from my most favorite Christmas movie ever! Clark Griswold, you rule!

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  • Duck Dodgers

    LOL, donut. What no eclair? I wonder how many people will get the subtlety?

  • See now this commercial is better because atleast it is showing SOME apps (although most people may not use the apps shown)…I think T-Mobile needs to continue with these types of commercials that showcase the different apps/usability of the MT3G

  • ACatHas9Lives

    He tried really hard grandpa. So do washing machines. Hahaha best movie ever made!

  • FILA

    sooo t-mobile is down in my undisclosed area, right now, pissing me off, but you know I always wait it out

  • Tom Jefferson

    “I don’t run cause I get tired, and I don’t lift weights cause they’re heavy…” LOL Awesome! I love it! Sir Charles is also hosting the first SNL of the new year, that should be good. Maybe they’ll promote the MT3G on SNL?!?

  • telos104

    “Clark, if you scratch his belly, he’ll love you til the day you die”

  • chad

    Does anyone in hawaii notice faster 3g today?? I got 750kbps today I was averaging between 400-500kbps before today.

    • John

      Santa brought it. Aloha.

  • NiiDiddy


  • fort

    Stupid. T-Mobile!!! Let everyone know who you are!!!! 3G, android. Who the F#$# care about these so called stars. Everyone still thinks T-Mobile is third rate. Get in the game.

    • kershon

      Agreed. I tell people i have tmobile and they laugh and think I live in the slum district. Common opinion about tmobile in my neck of the woods. And why not when every where I go or see on tv there is a big red V staring me in the face. I would guess that over 50% of cell phone users in my area are vz customers. Might even be higher than that. Most of my daughter’s friends are on vz.

  • Lol one of the better commercials I’ve seen for the my touch. The donut reference was awesome.

  • kershon

    Who cares about a cutsie my touch commercial. T-mobile should be advertising the rapidly expandiing network, 3G 7.2 and hspa+. I don’t know what kind of marketing team they have hired, but they all should be fired and get some company with balls that knows how to market and promote what T-Mobile has to offer. My Touch is out of date with the other new handsets on the market already and those that are to come. Not everyone watches basketball so where are tmobile commercials on other channels? I have been watching tv all afternoon and I have seen commercials for ATT, VZ droid-eris and even one for Virgin Mobile touting their unlimited talk for $49.99. So T-Mobile where are you???

    • Dalton

      It’s sad I see the Virgin Mobile one more often than T-MOBILE’s. Really? Pathetic..

  • Ritchie

    You know the recent comercials are pretty gay, Sprints commercial with Flava Flav is tight compared to all the mytouch commercials

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