Going early on the 22nd? Expect to choose from one of these!


So you didn’t pre-order, maybe you weren’t sure if you liked the look of the phone. Maybe you weren’t sure that you were ready to sell your soul to google. By now most of you have changed your minds and judging yet again by the flurry of comments you are waiting with baited breath. So If you plan on being one of the first to head to a T-mobile store Wednesday, expect to be choosing from one of these cards. You’re color choice depends on it!

We mentioned earlier this week T-mobile has established a wonderful methodolgy to help ensure orderly purchasing of the G1. Among the mentioned info:

Customers waiting in line will be handed out tickets according to desired color for purchase (Bronze/Brown and Black only) These tickets will correspond directly to store inventory.

Just to reiterate what will inevitably be asked in the comments, white is NOT going to be available at launch. Rumors of a white release span almost every day during the month of November and even then we still are NOT sure what T-mobile has planned. For those who have decided that bronze or black meets your fancy, then rest assured if you are standing outside a store morning holding one of those cards you are the envy of everyone still refreshing UPS.com!

  • T1 Connect

    better than att and apple. more organized! from a company with a good head on its shoulder

  • Mr. Moon

    Hell yeah!!! I’m getting 2 Black G1’s!! Wait… So they’re giving out #’s, can I ask for more than one since getting 2!? Or is it only per customer!? Cuz if it is I’m gonna be really upset since I’m gonna be there really early!!!!!

  • David

    As we understand it a maximum of 5 per account is allowed. Time will tell though.

  • Macho

    G1 in black for me I’m not waiting for the white one can’t hopefully that gps issue is taken care of by launch date

  • brian-y

    my G1 will be at my house on Monday . called ups and he told me it will be here on mon. was going to be today but they changed the date ? that sucks maybe the guy had to many stops ?

  • bobby

    i didn’t pre-order but i live out of a 3G area so my store won’t get it right? if that is true that is just a dumb idea for t-mobile to do that. why wouldn’t they want to sell as many phones as they can? there is more people outside the 3G coverage right now than people in it

  • drivethruboy168

    Just know when you guys get you G1, it was was definitly worth the wait! I’m just happy I didn’t have to wait tile november to get mine since I am an employee, but I actually got mine before it launched which is weird becaise t-mobile usually doesn’t allow us to get phones before they are released. They only allowed us to order the bronze one which I wasn’t that huge of a fan of, but the brknze looks sewxy! But my girlfriend has been wanting this color soo when the white is available, I’m ordering it for myself and giving my girl this bronze one,

  • tuffluv334

    mines will b here monday

  • spo

    I am on mine right now 3 days later and i have almost got the keyboard down
    this is the best phone t-mobile has had to date!

  • what gives? my coworker was gonna get the white one so i can trade him since i pre-ordered the black. oh well. still excited i’m getting mine on the 21st.

  • I decided way back I wanted to hold one in my hand before I decide on it. There are lots of cool phones just showing up and on the radar. Since I only upgrade when my contract is up, I can wait a couple months to decide if the G1 is indeed the phone I want to have to have for two more years. ;-)

  • Brian

    I just left my local T-mo store and the rep confirmed that white will not be available until 2009. On the bright side, it’s customer appreciation day and I got free snacks and beverages at the store; not to mention an additional 100 minutes for this month, just for showing up at the store today.

  • X

    ENVY i dont think so…
    looks like im getting mine this monday 20th!!!!!!

    Tracking Detail | Help Help

    Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 10/20/2008.

    Tracking Number: ** *** *** ***
    Type: Package
    In Transit
    Your shipment is moving within the UPS network and should be delivered on the Scheduled Delivery Date. A shipment can remain in this status until it is delivered. Other than time-definite air deliveries, shipments are generally delivered anytime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to residences, and by close of business for commercial addresses. UPS cannot schedule a specific delivery time within that window.

    What should I do if I’m expecting a delivery?
    This is the most up-to-date information about the status of your shipment. For residential deliveries that require a signature, you can leave instructions for the driver if no one will be home. For example, you can ask that it be delivered to a neighbor who will be home. Shipments that don’t require a signature can be left in a safe place at the driver’s discretion.

    In Transit
    Scheduled Delivery: 10/20/2008
    Shipped To: RIDGEWOOD, NY, US
    Shipped/Billed On: 10/15/2008
    Service: GROUND
    Weight: 1.50 Lbs

  • mundo




  • Tyrel

    im an employee and took a G1 training. the reasoning the trainer gave for the white G1 not being on board yet was a paint chipping issue. id rather see they fix it and wait than ship out some faulty phones. saves me some grief at work haha

  • wezzy08

    thats sux my brother is gettin his 1st then me lol

  • rolltide

    I saw a picture of the G2, if it was the G2, and Damn that is a SEXY PHONE…

  • Persia


  • Armytank

    Is the problems with the camera fixable through apps/????? or did they just put a shitty camera on the phone??????

  • mundo

    @ PERSIA


  • David

    @Mundo and everyone else who thinks that is the right phone, it isn’t. First that’s terrible photoshop work, second phonedog.com reported that a LONG time ago and regardless, its all incorrect to the best of our knowledge. Nothing we have seen points to that as the second generation Android phone. Everything I have seen shows a different device.

  • rolltide

    @dAVID WHY U hATEN???

  • David

    I’m not “hATEN” but I don’t like when blogs with little credibility throw rumors around that are completely unfounded. It affects the credibility of blogs everywhere.

  • rolltide


  • John

    Got mine in mail friday and am loving it!!

  • ihaterepublicans

    yo yo yiggity yooooooooooo…… the g1 looked crappy in the first pics a few months back. my fiance is a tmo csr and she just had a hands on training for it on thursday and said its way sleeker and thinnr than it looks. the killa of the icrap. cuz tmo and google arent greedy capitalists like att and apple who reportedly slurp balls together.

  • Persia

    @ Mundo…. yes enjoy them both. lifes short…. i got a unlocked iphone and a wing…. i was gonna wait till i got my G1 and then go to the apple store with my G1 and yell “g1 rules biatches, STICKEM UP” and the point my G1 at them and throw my iphone on the ground and smash it and RUN OUTA THERE….. but then i realized that i cuould still get 300 for it on Craigslist and id prolly get arrested…. soooo im just gonna go in there and say “G1 rules” and run out

  • encoreorv

    if you guys have enough faith in the store system you can cancell your delivery and go to the store that morning and get your phone still at your upgrade cost. my only hesitation in doing that is what if my phone was gonna show up before that day.i have pulled up the ups websight and entered my number but i still could not see my confirmation date. how do you view this info through ups.com. i got to play with the phone today at the mall it was alot better looking in person that i expected and ive been a fan for months.

  • SheShe

    lol @Persia

    it sucks that the white wont be available because i know some people who were waiting for it… im really curious to see how the lines will be

  • rolltide

    @PERSIA lol U CRAZY”””

  • mundo

    @ david

    awww dude that sucks that phone looks awsome
    well i guess we’ll have to wait for the real one to come up right?????????

    @ persia

    lol that would be hilarious mannnnnnn if u change ur mind and decide to do it then tell me where ill love to see that hahaha

  • mr.gadget

    Im getting my G1 on monday according to ups.com

  • Private

    Try some of the smaller local dealers. They’re agreeing to what I want (100$ G1 on on a 1 year contract). That is if you’re a new customer.

  • Cool_C

    Candy bars with the G1 printed on the wrappers will be handed out on launch day to tmo customers only. If there’s a silver ticket inside you win a G1! Probably will be sent to you or something. Good luck everyone with getting your G1 color of choice.

  • james gore

    The G1 has been push forward. I’m getting my phone from UPS on 10/20 Oh can you feel it?!

  • Juan

    Bronze for me please! I cancelled my pre-order because even though I ordered on the 3rd, I guess my order wasn’t confirmed until after the time limit to recieve by the 22nd. I’m going to get mine at the store a block from my house…give the sale to my friend!

    I can’t wait for Wednesday!!!

  • Persia

    if i do decide to do the APPLE STORE prank, i will have a buddy video tape it and ill post it. lol

  • tmo rep

    Since I am an employee, I didn’t have to wait either!!!!!!!!

    Wednesday is going to be crazy since I have to be at store for 7am

  • wytestelth

    Its great to be an employee of t-mobile. I got my g1 free, two of them actually. And I got it delivered on 10.17.08. That’s awesome.

  • gmoney

    twas the night before g1…

  • mert

    the white G1 will b available to preorder on the 22nd and it will b available in the stores on nov 10th

  • g willi

    I’ve heard they’re not selling the G1 here in Cincy since there’s no plan for 3G here yet. Anyone know when ANY city in Ohio gets some 3G love? I pre-ordered mine because I have wifi. So far the Edge network seems to work fine for most things, but no way can I watch Youtube videos on Edge.

    Btw, “baited breath”? Um, yuck. What does that mean? Does that mean your breath smells like fish bait? :-) I’ve heard of “bated breath” meaning that you’re waiting in such anticipation that you’re holding your breath.

  • T Walk

    Well, today is Nov. 11 and as you can see, the white one is still not here. I have spoken to many customer reps an dthey all tell me to wait until after Thabksgiving for the white one. Patience is a virtue and I am diligently waiting. I also hear people talking about how dirty the white will get, that would not be the case if you buy an invisible shield. Mine is on it’s way, so I won’t have any dirt problems.