Going early on the 22nd? Expect to choose from one of these!


So you didn’t pre-order, maybe you weren’t sure if you liked the look of the phone. Maybe you weren’t sure that you were ready to sell your soul to google. By now most of you have changed your minds and judging yet again by the flurry of comments you are waiting with baited breath. So If you plan on being one of the first to head to a T-mobile store Wednesday, expect to be choosing from one of these cards. You’re color choice depends on it!

We mentioned earlier this week T-mobile has established a wonderful methodolgy to help ensure orderly purchasing of the G1. Among the mentioned info:

Customers waiting in line will be handed out tickets according to desired color for purchase (Bronze/Brown and Black only) These tickets will correspond directly to store inventory.

Just to reiterate what will inevitably be asked in the comments, white is NOT going to be available at launch. Rumors of a white release span almost every day during the month of November and even then we still are NOT sure what T-mobile has planned. For those who have decided that bronze or black meets your fancy, then rest assured if you are standing outside a store morning holding one of those cards you are the envy of everyone still refreshing UPS.com!