Jackpot! Here comes the new Sidekick

Finally, a new sidekick!

Oh, so we have your attention now? Well here is what we know. It seems that there is either one device with two codenames, or two new Sidekick devices coming to T-mobile. There is evidence for an upcoming device called the “SK Gekko” on July 27th, while the “Sidekick Aspen” launches on July 30th. What, you ask, might either of these devices be? Well like we said, we’re still looking for more details. Once these (or this) phone(s) pass through the wonderful FCC filter, we should have some more information for you. 3G Hotspot@Home Sidekick anyone? We doubt it, but it never hurts to wish does it?

  • David Washingtom

    I want them. OMG, I love you guys, you have officially made my year. If I had a million dollars right now I would give it to you.

  • id

    Werid names but I wonder what it can do/look like

  • debra

    Oh boy cant wait to see what this is gonna be hmm so two devices like before

  • terryjohnson16

    You have to admit. T-Mobile and Sharp got it right when they made the Sidekick LX. If I was into Sidekick devices, I would have gotten the LX. I played with the Sidekick 3, and it was garbage since it was the Sidekick 3 in a new body.

  • Those are some fugly names. I really hope these are LE SKs. Because I want T-Mobile to officially launch the 3G network before I even see any SK news.

    But it is around that time…
    Please do not dissapoint/rip us off again Danger…MS?

  • David Washingtom

    Response to terryjohnson: I preferred the Sidekick Slide over the LX. The Slide was better built, and had a better speaker, and performance. The only thing I could say the LX had over the Slide was the size like the larger keypad, and screen. Which the screen wasn’t that bad, and you can get used to the small keypad (Well atleast I did), oh, and it having a flash for the camera, which I think made the Camera Quality worsen.

  • Sidek!ck dude

    wow! i heard at christmas the new ones are commin out!
    and those names are fugly! they better be cool lookin like the lx and slide.
    y cant they just wait a little bit too make a new sidekick. the lx and slide sorta just came out.

  • Sidek!ck dude

    Ohhhhh plus.

    i bet cha those are limited edition sidekick lx’s.

  • debra

    I just relized the 27th in july is on a sunday i dnt remember sidekicks coming out on a sun the 30th is on a wens so tht can be a reasonable date the other sidekicks came out on a wens who knows

  • SRC

    I’ve heard speculation on two limited edition LXs (kinda like the DWade edition SK3), one of which was based on a skater (Tony Hawk?).

    Either way, the launch date sounds about right for a new phone. Just in time for back to school shopping…

    But in terms of a completely new SK, I would think that this is a little soon for the newly merged MS to be releasing a new product… unless they’re just trying to appease the public and buy themselves some time to settle in and develop a whole new concept…

  • daniel

    The lx is way better then the slide!! It has somany greater fetures. The colour on the slide looks like transvestite blue. I hope it is a new device not just limited edition lx even tho I would love a black lx.

  • SRC

    Just as a side note, I’ve always been convinced that by adding a touch screen to the sidekick could ultimately create a bulky, yet sufficient, iPhone competitor. Or at least a touchscreen keypad when the device is closed…

  • Vision77

    IMO, nothing to get excited over….When Tmo drops a Tilt or Mogul competitor, I will definitely pay more attention.

  • David Washington

    Response to Daniel: No comment on the LX being better than the Slide thats more of a preference between the 2. Both or great, non the less. The new Sidekick I don’t think will be a limited edition LX. The LX already released in 2 colors, and the Slide is being released in Black, and red. I don’t think they would add more colors. I mean cause the original Sidekick has an original bland color, and then branched off into other colors. These new ones already had colors, I don’t think they would make more seriously, and if they did it would just be the design, and Sidekick LX with it like for example Tony Hawk Sidekick LX; they wouldn’t give it a whole codename like SK Gekko, and Sidekick Aspen if it was just a limited edition. This is just off of my on mind, and opinions by the way.

  • J.E. Calhoun

    I’m thinking SE Sidekicks all day because of the names of them. My conclusions have come to this

    Sidekick LX Gekko = Between a dark green and/or a light green
    Sidekick LX Aspen = White and/or light blue

    Named gekko because of the color of the geico mascot, and aspen only because when I think of Aspen I think of the light blue color and white for the snow.

    But gekko would be a good name for a touchscreen Sidekick because of the little feet print that gekkos leave when walkin across a window or glass…hmmmmmmmmm?????

  • jose Ramire

    I will be getting one of the new Sidekicks that will be released in July but I would like to kno if they will have better and or more features and applications like video playback.

  • banana

    I own the SK3 n I was gonna go out n get the LX but my cousin had told me to wait cuz TMO was gonna come out w/ new SKS…..hopefully they’ll be worth it and hopefully they won’t be limited editions cuz that’s be kinda lame….keeping my fingers crossed

  • debra

    Ok do u think the phone icon in the theme folder was actually a clue well if u have the lx go to the entertainment folder click the attack pilot theme look at the phone icon and go veiw another theme and the icon is the reg icon thts on the jump screen the icon was posted be4 sayin could it be a new sidekick id just a thought since the gekko name comes out and the color is greenish yellow on the icon

  • Spark

    Yeah, I got the Sidekick 3 around December 2006, and I decided not to get the LX…Hopefully they’re totally new versions! Video playback please!

  • David Washington

    jose Ramire and banana I agree, limited editions would be lame. But, either way i’m gonna get it. I just hoped that it would be one with video capture, and playback, and all.

  • DarkJedi

    Wow guys, this post has really made it around to all the top gadget blogs. Unfortunately some have not given us alot of credit and question our sources as we are such a young site. We take every effort to verify, verify and reverify information presented to us from our “sources.” We trust that when someone presents a tip to us, they do so with the best intentions of being able to get that information out while remaining anonymous. We wouldn’t post anything we didn’t feel had any merit for it would end up on our rumors page (have you checked that out yet??)

    We appreciate your support and your loyalty for coming back to our site first for your t-mobile news. We may be a young site, but we all share the same love for T-mobile and a desire to provide you all with a one stop shop for your T-mobile news.

  • daniel

    The lx is a mad device, way better then the slide!! Gar at all you slide fans! Anyway im hoping is a new device. Hopfully a new id for the younger who can’t afford a lx and a mad new crazy awsome fetaure packed device for the hardcore sidekick fans!

  • Very nice website and very informative. I LOVE the phone launch timeline.. SO helpful with my (cough cough, job)

  • Josephs.with.a.slide

    The slides awesome ass dnt make fone of it bcos the lx fans r jelouse that they didn’t get the slide bcos they wana show off !! Like im 13 n I go 2 school n wen I had my hhiptop 3 and I put it in mytop shirt pocket it sucked bcos it would hang out but with my hiptop slide it fits nice and thin and btw I live in australia =P

  • Dayungexec

    Long as it have video I’m gettin it! Remember the LX is Hi Def. Hi Definition video on a cell phone? It don’t get no better!

  • Yes, thats what i’m sayin Dayungexec

  • daniel

    The slide is a s***. How can they call it a messaging phone when the keppad is s***house compared to the lx. It is small, slipery, stiff, sqwashed and has no tactile feedback. And as for people with lx jalouse of slide if they wanted a slide they would have got one as they are cheaper then what they pay on a lx. So gar!

  • neshaa

    wow. i hope this is true. but my sidekick 3 broke and i got a Shadow. and decided to not get the Lx because i knew tmobile would probably come out with something else. but hopefully they do come out with some more SK’s kus they sell like crazy and i would give up my Shadow for 1. even though its a GREAT fone. i just kant live without my SK.

  • daniel

    It is a new device http://www.hiptop3.com/archives/category/sidekick-aspen/

    It isn’t as wide, has bigger keypad and is thinner

  • daniel


    This says the gekko will be released as a new divice not limited edition. It will have video and 2mp camera. Release rumourd 30th.

  • Nwahs

    Thanks Daniel…haha we broke the story!

  • josh

    well seeing that t-mobile did remove the sidekick id from the market, it only makes sense that this one upcoming would be a replacement of that. whether or not it has the same exact feature as the other sidekick (which i hope it has video and other capabilities taht the sidekicks lack) will yet to be seen until its offically released

  • rogue

    u guys r the best

  • carly

    yayy! the 27th is my birthday. hopefully my parents will spoil me. Rumor has it that there’s a touchscreen sidekick coming out.. is this true?

  • Freaky Dooby

    Im not buying another sidekick until u put a freaking video/playback on it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..its an waste of time building a new sidekics without an video playback its not fair ya’ll have them on an different types of tmobile phones but not even an sidekick???

    come on now make up your mind it wuld be better to put an video on an tmobile sidekicks!!!!!!!! im goin 2 keep up witnh my lx until the video playback comes out on da sidekicks

  • roblo esko

    is the new sks gonna look like the sk 2 and 3? and will we be able to go to websites such as youtube.com and watch videos?

  • Mystictrust

    Well, you will be able to watch videos and it will support HTML web browsing. This will be incorporated in future sidekicks, starting with the Tony Hawk Sidekick LX, but a free Over-The-Air update is also being pushed to all the Sidekick Slides to give it video capability and web browsing. There is a possibility that you’ll be able to look at YouTube videos, it depends on the video formats supported, either at youtube.com or the youtube website for cellphones… hopefull yone of the two.

  • @ Roblo.

    I believe you will be able to go to youtube etc. It’s not like the iPhone with a tyrannic lock down of all apps.

    This is great news :)

  • Jacoreyragland

    wen do the sidekick come out?

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