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T-Mobile helps Rhapsody pass the 2M subscriber mark

  Today, Rhapsody announced that its recent partnership with T-Mobile has boosted its subscriber base to 2 million paying subscribers. That’s up from the 1.7 million it had in April. In its most recent Uncarrier announcement, T-Mobile unveiled a service it launched in partnership with Rhapsody International. Highest tier Simple Choice customers get the service included in their plan, while others get it for a discounted $4 per month (down from $5/m). The launch … [read full article]

T-Mobile Taking Over Radio Airwaves Today, Simple Choice Is Everywhere

A small but notable post here as I’ve discovered that T-Mobile has completely taken over the airwaves of a number of radio stations in South Florida, Seattle, Philadelphia, Denver, Orlando, Dallas, New York City, Portland and more. On 96.5 in South Florida, the “Next hour of music is sponsored by T-Mobile” and every ad prior to that hours worth of music was [read full article]