Evleaks believes MotoMaker is coming to T-Mobile on Friday

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We’ve yet to hear any confirmation on this, but, @Evleaks - the serial leakers of tech info – has tweeted out today that the MotoMaker customization tool for the Moto X will be available to T-Mobile users from Friday, November 8th. Now, as you will undoubtedly know, the tool is currently an AT&T exclusive with the rest of the US’ major carriers on track to offer its services by November 11.

Now, I wouldn’t normally post any speculation like this if it wasn’t for the source. We’ll keep digging and looking for any further confirmation over the next couple of days, but, given the past history of @evleaks with devices/plans, it’d be foolish to throw it away as empty speculation. Are you planning on taking a customized Motorola, or are you all about the Nexus 5?


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