T-Mobile Is The “It” Wireless Carrier Right Now, But How Long Will It Last?



A series of articles have come to my attention lately all of which capitalize on T-Mobile’s second quarter earnings and how the company’s fortune may finally be looking up. Credit can be attributed to a number of factors including T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO John Legere, the new Simple Choice rate plans, the release of the iPhone etc.

As Roger Etner from Fierce Wireless points out, the make-up of the wireless industry changed in the second quarter, at least on some small-scale. The nation’s “largest” regional carriers are now fully owned or in the process of being purchased by the nations largest carriers. Sprint is now owned by a foreign body in SoftBank, as are T-Mobile and TracFone. This foreign money is coming into the US wireless market and foreign expect a positive return. Only US Cellular stands alone as the largest regional carrier and even then, how long can they stay independent? As for T-Mobile, Etner echoes the thoughts of many industry watchers:

As T-Mobile has impressively shown this quarter, the industry presents opportunities to gain market share even by companies that have been on a path to implosion. As for T-Mobile’s CEO, one Reuters article points out the thoughts that are also being echoed around the industry…being outspoken is working.

CEOs are normally very reserved, but Legere is out there bragging about T-Mobile USA’s performance and bashing his competitors – and it’s working,” said one credit strategist. “He’s really backing it up with a very impressive turnaround.”

Legere isn’t shy about what’s working either:

“By fixing the things that drive them mad, like contracts and upgrades, and freeing them from the two-year sentences imposed on them by our competitors, they are choosing the new T-Mobile in unprecedented numbers,” said Legere in a press release.

Time will tell if T-Mobile can stay an industry darling after years of being written off as an underdog that was simply floundering against the likes of AT&T, Verizon and even Sprint. Now, industry watchers and tech pundits alike are looking at T-Mobile with new eyes and we’re just hopeful that the halo over Bellevue will last for a very long time.

FierceWireless; Reuters

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  • Erik Knudsen

    Until people realize how terrible GSM is inside most buildings

    • Robert Dunn

      The cell phone technology has nothing to do with reception quality, but rather the frequency used (AT&T uses GSM as well and their in-building coverage is better due to their use of 850mhz)

      • Erik Knudsen

        I’ve always been under the impression that one is the reason for the other. GSM only operates at certain frequencies, frequencies that are terrible with building penetration.

        • Paul M

          Not correct, gsm can work on multiple frequencies. As Robert said though its the frequency that is being used that makes the difference. If and when tmobile gets lower frequencies then the indoor and outdoor coverage will greatly improve, compare it to FM and AM radio. Verizon, AT&T and most of US Cellular have the lower frequencies. Tmobile,sprint,cricket and other smaller ones like metro use the higher bands.

        • Manny

          I love this website, not only do the articles rock. But then I learn so much in the comments, too. (Minus the atrocious and ignorant ones that burn anything they see.)

        • Marcelo_L

          Good for you Manny. Welcome.

        • Erik Knudsen

          I agree Manny. I thought I knew something, turns out I only knew half the story. Knowledgeable people around here.

        • TechHog

          Nope. The only issue is that T-Mobile uses high frequencies.

        • Erik Knudsen

          Fair enough, T-Mobile uses the frequencies that are terrible for building penetration.

        • Marcelo_L

          This is true. I can’t believe having 3 bars of LTE, and within 15 feet of entering a Nordstroms in a mall, going to practically no signal of any kind, until I walk towards the door.

          I’ve always been critical of that with TMobile, and definitely continues to be one of their achilles heel.

        • Dakota

          I never understand the bars of service. I can have all 4 bars on 4G and get a much slower speed test than 2 bars on 3G

        • Marcelo_L

          Bars are equivalent to the number of decibels gain you have on the source of the signal. The more bars the better the gain on the signal ( i.e. lower signal to noise ratio ).

          The question not just signal strength, but what frequency that signal is on. As others have stated, 850 Mhz is better for building penetration. Obviously that should be mitigated by higher power transceivers, but then again, there are such things are environmental concerns. Make ANY signal too powerful, and chances are “something” will get screwy.

    • Jessicad

      Obviously u never had att, att gsm works just as good as Verizon cdma because att uses 850 mhz and 700 mhz for lte the lower the band the better they work in buildings.

      • Erik Knudsen

        That makes sense. Many people have pointed out that it’s the frequencies used by TMobile that are terrible for being inside buildings.

      • Zacamandapio

        But also the least reach.

        1900 is great for rural which Tmobile doesn’t have.

        850 is great for buildings which Tmobile doesn’t have.

      • Erik Knudsen

        That’s true, I’ve only had TMobile. So my comment was meant for them. I was unaware of the different spectrum the two companies use.

    • Garo.j

      I get awsome reception in my
      Office and my house.

      • Erik Knudsen

        You appear to be the exception. It’s definitely not the case where I work/near where I work.

  • Name

    GSM call quality blow away CDMA, has for years…

  • 21stNow

    It will last until January, when the first JUMP trade-ins happen. You know that there are going to be some people who try to trade-in a busted phone, get mad that they have to pay the insurance deductible, then go straight to the blogs to complain about it.

    On the other side of this, the big two aren’t going to let their positions be threatened easily. They will come up with something real in less than a year to quell this excitement about another carrier. This something won’t necessarily be good for the consumer, but it will be better than Next and Edge.

  • besweeet

    As much as I want them to be super successful, unless they fix their MASSIVE areas of EDGE/GPRS-only data, they won’t be “it” for too long. Phase 3, maybe?

    • Dakota

      Yep, if they can do that and really produce a great viral social media campaign to PROVE this, a lot more people would consider them. Thats the main reason a lot of people, especially those who travel a lot, dont even give Tmobile a second look. (the simple choice pricing is still a bit confusing to people, and removing the iPHone 5 from the 0 down isnt smart either, especially with a 5S a few weeks away)

      • besweeet

        Removing the $0-down iPhone 5 deal makes sense, no? They don’t want people buying an iPhone 5 knowing a 5S will come soon, making them regret their purchase. That’s my theory.

    • Alex Zapata

      Hmmmm, maybe a parody of those old Verizon “can you hear me now?” commercials?

  • Annie Nomynous

    T-Mobile US is up for sale. Take a look at John Legere’s past positions. He has taken a poorly performing company, and brought them to the top of their fields. Then the company is sold. He has done this time and again. His corporate life is an open book.

    • Whiskers

      So long as they stay away from Dish network , that would be the worse nightmare waiting to happen.

      • Dakota

        Ive never heard a single good thing about Dish. I live in a big condo complex and anyone who has satellite has Directv. Now theyre not perfect either. They just increased my rate by a couple of dollars and then removed several channels. Yet I stil lhave to subsidize other customers’ ESPN which I never ever ever have watched

        • ClausWillSeeYouNow

          Dish is better. I had DirecTV for years but I’m glad I switched. Nothing beats the Hopper; sorry, Genie.

          Plus, I’m saving a bunch too.

      • ClausWillSeeYouNow

        Bullcrap. Dish would be great for T-Mobile. Stop promulgating worthless nonsense. I’m a customer of T-Mo and Dish; I love both.

        They’re both provocateurs of their respective industries.

        • Whiskers

          So your a customer of Dish , my wife worked for Dish and knows the inside real deal. It’s all about the most profits they can make first while screwing their own employees out of selling bonuses, then once they have you the customer on their two year contract it’s bend over time.

          If Dish buys T-Mobile you can kiss all the uncarrier low rate plans and unlimited data plans goodbye . You will only get a great cell deal if you bundle it in with their other service.
          It will be a huge cluster f*ck just like AT&T is…

        • patrick

          do you really think it’s any different on tmobiles end..big supride companies are in business to make money

        • vrm

          satellite TV is day before yesterday’s news. Most states are building out broadband access to all their citizens. More services will be offered over broadband in the future.

          Basically, dish has no game; even today, they are bleeding customers.

        • zeth006

          I think of them as the Vivendi and TMO as Blizzard. It would be a bad combo for Dish to buy out TMO, especially with TMO having recently found its groove. I’m sure a cash infusion would be nice, but I’m skeptical a buyout of TMO would bring them benefits.

    • vrm

      at & t, verizon are out of the question ( no fed approval likely), sprint/softbank are too busy fixing sprint.

      Only a foreign buyer is likely, if it is a telco- wait a minute, tmobile is ALREADY owned by a foreign telco !

      I don’t think that anyone who is NOT a telco wants to touch something like tmobile today. It is not likely to have a high rate of return. Even for verizon and at & t, margins keep falling daily.

      • jej

        Att and vzw have record margins of nearly 50%.

        • Jethro

          Yes but your missing the point. AT&T and Verizon are not just “CELLULAR” companies. They house many other products. They are huge because of what they do on the otherside of things like TV, and Internet… Cellular is the smallest part of their revenue. T-Mobile only has Cell phones to stand on, they dont sell home internet, or tv. If they had that then they might have the $$$ Verizon and AT&T have.

  • Jessicad

    Well as of 2 days ago my xperia z and my mans galaxy s4 started displaying LTE in our house in east la.. Before we would get full bars of hspa in our house which was totally fine we got 5-8 mbps dwn, 1 up. Since we got lte in our house 2 days ago we now get 1-2 bars of lte signal at first I was dam it what the hell only 2 bars of lte were before I would get full bars on hspa.. But once I did the first speed test I saw the difference 18-24 dwn, 7-9 up those 2 bars of Lte work MUCH better than full bars of hspa so far im happy still to these day I now get lte everywhere in my house.

  • vrm

    lot of trolls posting here. I have seen posts that claim-
    “paid off my tmobile phone and went to verizon” – REALLY ??!!

    At least say
    you went to at & t and it will make some sense. Your tmobile phone
    is worthless on verizon- you will not even get voice.

    • iTried

      Paying off your phone is the equivalent of saying you paid your ETF now. So they are essentially saying “I paid my ETF and went to Verizon.”.

      • knowledgebomb

        Somewhat true …however you can’t sell an ETF on Craigslist.

        • Jethro

          If one could sell themselves they could possibly sell ETF as well.. Hell.. anything is possible these days

        • kalel33

          You could sell the phone that you still had. ETF or paying off the phone, either way you’re out of some money.

    • Dakota

      They didnt say theyre using their Tmobile phone on Verizon. Theyre saying they paid off their Tmobile phone – They could have easily sold them.

    • Tina

      I paid off my t-mobile phone to Sell it. I bought a Verizon phone to work with their service. Didn’t know u had to individualize the steps.

      • vrm

        my Q is, WHY bother mentioning the phone ? It is not like anyone here KNOWS what phones you have or CARES what you do with them ? Maybe overcompensation ?!

        • Tina

          I didn’t say what type of phone…. Anywhere in my post. Can you read my man? The only thing I might be over compensating for is your lack of intelligence.

  • weezy34

    While he is patting himself on the back, could we at least hear what new mobiles are going to keep tmo on the upswing? Or do I have to go into a AT&T or Sprint store this Friday to see the Samsung Mega?

    • John Doe

      lol Sprint…

    • Mathew Colburn

      Haha the Mega? You wanna go see a massive mid-range phone? If you wanna big phone just wait for the beast of the Note 3. The Mega is a joke.

  • tmobile

    I have no bars tmobile has the worst coverage they r so awful its redic

    • gentleman559

      You must live in the boonies.

      • Tmobile

        no i live in a city of 500.000 people tmobile doenst work in about 7- percent of the city

        • Tmobile

          im a postopaid customer of 4 years

    • Jethro

      You must have prepaid service. Get a life and get normal service unless your one of these complainers that have a $200 deposit and thats why your on prepaid. Its a known fact that prepaid customers do not get service on the regular service towers. Go into your nearest t-mobile store and ask them to check your plan vs the coverage your getting. I bet one of them do not match up.. I bet its on your side of being cheap so your getting cheap coverage. Just a though. I was in a store the other day and learned of this phenomenon. I had prepaid, and had crappy service. I switched over to no contract service, and I instantly got better network. I live in an area that is rural and its not really the strongest coverage. However if dont pay, you dont play.. Stop being cheap and upgrade your plan.. Its no contract, “TRY IT”

      • kalel33

        Sad, you’re admonishing someone for paying less for cheap coverage but that’s even what post paid is…..cheap rates for poor coverage. I could say the same thing to you having T-mobile post paid, “I bet it’s your side of being so you’re getting cheap coverage”. I’m cheap and that’s why I deal with T-mobile’s coverage. Verizon ever lets LTE phones get on their prepaid then I’ll no longer be a T-mobile customer.

  • dreamboy

    B4 I get a bunch of hate comments, I’m not complaining. Does anyone have an estimate on how much it would cost for t-mobile to do the following?
    ·buy 600-800 mhz spectrum for better building penetration
    ·upgrade EDGE/GPRS towers to hspa and/or LTE
    ·install micro cells inside large highrises for reception inside
    ·upgrade metro areas to 20+20 lte and lte advanced
    I know Im only dreaming…..

    • Bronze 6

      1) that would be at a MINIMUM of 2B to cover 99% of the nation (total cost of licences)
      2) To HSPA would be about 7-8B for their entire network + the backhaul neededfor HSPA (so the total upgrade cost woyuld be in the ballpark of 7-8B.
      3) Ridicously expensive for the benefit.
      4) Planned to happen in their LTE rollout in 2015. (90% of the top 25 markets)

    • TMOguy

      The 600 mhz would be great but we have the spectrum we need now for all the towers. The problem is it costs about $150,000 per tower to go from 2G all the way to LTE, that’s basically a complete new tower build (new antenna, new BSC, and new backhaul – which is everything!).

      I don’t have a tower count.. But you could do the math if someone does. Probably about 20,000 towers times $150,000 = $3 billion. That actually seems low..

  • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

    they’re doing really well so far but lately with the introduction of color choices etc (HTC One in different colors, S4 in different colors, Moto X customization) .. they need to step up on keeping the variety on par with the other carriers.

    • Chris

      WTH? Variety on par? T-Mobile has better variety compared to some others lol

  • Don Kim

    T-Mobile is the ‘it’ carrier for those who get covered by T-Mobile.
    The bold moves by removing contracts, JUMP, launching Apple products are great,
    but in the end it will be about coverage.
    They can leapfrog Sprint since their network is crap.
    But jumping AT&T or Verizon is impossbie unless T-Mobile dramatically improves their coverage down the road, which is highly unlikely.

    • Chris

      How is it unlikely? It seems to me that the other 3 larger carriers are TRYING to follow in T-Mos footsteps now and when you are larger and “better” it say’s a shitload when you are trying to implement the smaller carriers moves as your own.. T-Mobile is on a roll and I do not see them losing steam I believe they will work on their coverage.

      • zeth006

        They haven’t really increased coverage unless you count the Metro acquisition. From what was said by a TMO engineer in a reddit AMA entry, their 4G upgrades have been focused only in existing TMO areas.

      • Don Kim

        Improviing coverage is not an easy task which requires ridiculous amount of money.
        Don’t get me wrong. I’m a T-Mo guy all the way, but to play catch up to AT&T and Verizon, it’s going to take more than the Uncarrier approach and their current LTE roll-out.

        • http://mobilechaos.net/ Concept

          I don’t think they will ever catch AT&T or VZW. They have too much of a lead to sit back and watch T-Mo go from 40mil to over 100mil subscribers and not do anything about it. Eventually the LTE roll out for VZW and AT&T will cover most of the country and they won’t have to put as much money into covering new markets. This is when they can use the money they are stockpiling right now to reduces costs and also do some of the things T-Mo is doing. Imagine in two years being able to reduces costs, claim you cover 90% of the country with LTE and still be able to roll out to markets with less than 50,000 people. In the meantime, T-Mo is still 30-40mil subscribers behind and only reaching 60-70% of the country with LTE.

          Basically, I see T-Mo and Sprint swapping roles and it still being VZW and AT&T with over 100mil subscribers and T-Mo settling into 3rd with 75mil subscribers.

    • Jason Crumbley

      I get those text surveys from T-Mobile from time to time. Whenever I rate something negatively, they always call be back to try to fix it. The last time I rated their coverage a 1, because it basically is, outside of metro areas. They tried to tell me that using certain apps will negate the need for data coverage. While that may be possible in some instances, it is inconvenient. I’m tired of going places and being dropped to edge, or worse, while everyone else has 3/4G. T-Mobile’s plans and prices will only placate customers for so long before they get tired of an inferior network footprint.

      • Jethro

        I dont know what phone your using. I can tell you that the network broadcasts out the same signal to everyone. If you do not upgrade your phone to something that picks up the 4G LTE then your going to get 2g/3G most of the time. If your on a older phone, expect the less signal. You may have a GS4 but I can tell you this. I know people who have Verizon and they say that they do not get good signal in many areas, they have used AT&T and they said the same thing. The walked into a T-Mobile store and got T-Mobile service and they get 4G/LTE. So your story, is your story, but its not everyone’s story. If its not working for you, change, however it seems that your still with T-Mobile so stop the bitching

        • Jason Crumbley

          I have a Galaxy Note II. I’m not stupid, but thanks for trying to talk to me like I am. All you have to do is look at the coverage maps to see that I am right. I have the right to say whatever I please. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it and can take your ignorant, troll ass somewhere else.

    • http://mobilechaos.net/ Concept

      They probably won’t ever surpass AT&T or VZW. Those two companies have more than double the subscribers T-Mo has. If they were able to leap frog the top two companies, it would be like BlackBerry becoming a major factor in the mobile market again. I mean it could happen but it isn’t likely. I think T-Mo will surpass Sprint and settle as a solid #3 carrier. All the wile they’ll still be able to market themselves as the economical choice.

  • Verizonthunder

    I want to switch to T-Mobile but the lack of information to tower upgrade’s is less transparent now on T-Mobile’s website. The CEO is doing good with some PR but still missing the key problem… Just upgrade your tower’s from Edge to LTE after your major key area’s upgraded and you will get plenty of new customer’s including myself who would switch. You offer a great price point on plan’s that no other carrier offers and Wifi calling feature is nice just fix your tower’s.

    • Tina

      I think once t-mobile gets in the same arena as far as coverage as Verizon and att, the prices will go up. No way they could afford to stay in business if they had to put up as many towers. It will be a while before they get there, but when they so it will be bye bye uncarrier.

      • Verizonthunder

        You did not even try to read my post. I was talking about their current tower’s from EDGE to LTE. T-Mobile need’s to step it up as they have multiple threat’s that will put a dent in their recovery. Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and a Real threat AIO Wireless which use’s all of At&t’s tower’s including LTE and is adding new market’s… it’s only a matter of time. So it’s a constant and real problem that T-Mobile cannot ignore.

        • Alex Zapata

          From what I understand, the new equipment they’re using is tri-mode GSM/WCDMA/LTE. This should actually make it very easy to expand high speed coverage while retaining legacy support. I’m almost certain that they have the spectrum, but they’re only thinking about ROI from a rather narrow perspective. I would love it if they just upgraded half of their towers to the new equipment because dropping down to edge is unbearable.

        • TMOguy

          All of the new towers are actually quad-radios.
          Radio 1 – 2G/GSM on 1900 (PCS) (legacy 2G)
          Radio 2 – UMTS on 1700/2100 (AWS) (transmitting on two different freqs – to make HSPA-Dual channel or 42mb speed)
          Radio 3 – UMTS on 1900 (PCS) (this what makes your old iPhone work)
          Radio 4 – LTE on 1700/2100 (AWS)

          For a three sector site, you actually have 15 separete cell id’s per site (5 per sector), which is an insane amount of radio transmission.

          All of the 2G towers only have radio #1 above, and that’s it.. To upgrade those is practically like building a brand new site. Cost is about $150,000 per site.

        • Alex Zapata

          They’re considered tri mode because they are using three separate network technologies.Eventhough they’re using WCDMA over AWS-4 and PCS it’s still considered one network technology at varying frequencies. Or so a Nokia Siemens ( now NSN) engineer told me. Still, the multi mode equipment makes it easier to upgrade.

        • http://mobilechaos.net/ Concept

          T-Mo just purchase MetroPCS and started introducing LTE this year. They have been making strides to make their network better. People have to understand that T-Mo wasn’t a major player before because they simple didn’t have the money to jump right to LTE or buy a bunch of MVNOs like everyone else. They were on the same level as Sprint and merely trying to survive by being the economical carrier. If you look at Sprint and T-Mo being equal just 2 years ago (I know Sprint had about 20mil more subscribers), T-Mo’s transition to 4G even if it was HSPA+ 42Mbps for the first year has been better, smoother while remaining the more economical choice. Give T-Mo another 2 years and they will be nipping at the heels of AT&T and well past Sprint.

        • Spanky

          AT&T’s subscriber base is about three times that of T-Mobile. It’ll take T-Mobile a lot longer than 2 years to get anywhere near that number.

        • Bryce

          They need to change their brand to T-Metro because that is the only place, I have ever seen people get usable signal on their network. The Metro-PCS deal was basically to acquire spectrum. The customers were a bonus. They still need another 10 million to catch up to Sprint and I believe momentum will slow down. Only the larger carriers are able to sustain growth in millions because they are so large in the first place. Sprint has seen the last of it’s hard days and is in for a turn around in Q4 2013 and all of 2014.

      • jimmiekain

        The problem isn’t necessarily the amount of towers. The real reason VZW and ATT have much better coverage than TMO is that VZW uses the 700mhz spectrum while ATT uses 850mhz and TMO has nothing under 1ghz. TMO is using 1700, 1900 and 2100mhz. For those who dont understand the main thing you need to understand is that lower numbers offer better building penetration and the signal travels further.

        So TMO could have the same or even more towers than other carriers but as long as they are above 1000 they are always gonna have serious issues indoors.

        Anyone remember sprints first 4g? Wimax??? that was on 2600mhz (aka 2.6hgz) thats why indoors it was terrible.

        The reason you will usually get edge is because edge repeaters are all over the place.

        • Bryce

          The real reason is partially spectrum, but more so site density. T-Mobile has a problem with site spacing. Then tend to space for lower band spectrum like PCS, while they are on AWS. Sprint spaces for PCS and even higher in some markets such as NYC. As a result people often drop their signal indoors on T-Mobile.

          At least Sprint has confirmed they are going to do a nationwide buildout of 2600Mhz LTE. They confirmed that they’ll be making the network more dense by collocating Clear and Sprint sites, and where there needs to be more towers, they’ll put them.

          The only way for T-Mobile to do this is to raise prices above what they currently offer, because there is no way they could finance a buildout similar to Sprint’s current buildout. I’d say start getting fiber now to ease the transition or they’ll be stuck in a NV like predicament where they would have to wait on fiber at so many sites and cause delays.

  • RonJeezy

    Answer to headline: Until people figure out unless you’re in or near a major city (sometimes even then) you float on “Edge” more often than not.

  • Bryce

    I agree with many that T-Mobile needs to get their coverage up, or else they’ll lose a bunch of those new customers when they realize that as soon as they leave their hometown, they’ll see a E on their phone for EDGE, or even worse a G for GPRS.

    Sprint’s rural coverage is adequate and Verizon’s is amazing.

    T-Mobile should at least strike up roaming deals. Sprint with roaming covers a larger area than Verizon’s entire native network.

    2014 will be a turn around year for Sprint much like this year has been for T-mobile.

    • al

      sorry bro sprint is a sorry network! not even softbank will save them, there service is horrible! by the time they finish LTE through out the country Verizon,AT&T and T mobile will be on 5G! its almost 2014 and sprint has many many areas still on 3G!

      • Bryce

        And you believe that once Deutsche Telekom leaves T-Mobile will be self sustaining? For one, they’ll lose a ton of funding, then they’ll lose the T-Mobile brand. They’ll have to be picked up by another company sooner or later and Sprint is the only one capable. Them or Dish!

        BTW, Sprint’s LTE footprint is nearing AT&T’s and is larger than T-Mobile’s.


    • Sectime

      Both Sprint and Tmobile roaming policy is a joke. Do a few speed tests and your done for the month.

      • Bryce

        Sprint depending on your plan has 300MB or 100MB of free roaming. Besides, if you are on either chances are you are within native service so your point is out the window.

        #2 Do a few speed tests on Verizon or AT&T and you’re done for the month.

        • Sectime

          You can’t be serious, or maybe you are then wow. Look at both carriers native non roaming networks. Depending on how you use your phone 100 or 300 mg is nothing. Couple of hours streaming Google music.

        • Bryce

          The point of purchasing a carrier is chosing what is best for you. If you live in a rural area, you obviously don’t chose Sprint or T-Mobile because they have roaming restrictions. They reserve the right to terminate your contract if you go over that limit by too much and you cannot sue as it is written in the T&C of your contract. A couple hours of streaming a single song on Google music is just about 1MB so 100MB or 300MB is just enough for anyone the way I see it.

        • Sectime
        • Bryce

          Alright, I said cool.

        • Sectime

          Dude just stop
          Android Central tested and found high quality setting is about 3 meg per minute, low setting about 1.5 meg. Do you even have Tmobile service? If not, why are you posting here? I do, switched from Verizon and I am very happy.

        • Bryce

          This was pre-update. They already made a fix for the app to make it use less data. Outdated source!

        • Sectime

          Actually no, it was tested after June update. As I said just stop, and enjoy your Sprint service, troll away I’m done.

        • Bryce

          Ther have been multiple updates and each has helped in one way or another. I am not doing this for the purpose of trolling but rather to prove a point which don’t seem to want to understand.

          Anyway, facts can be inconvenient to haters and you can be done, but your Verizon and AT&T elitist ways, are the ways of the past and will soon lose as people opt for unlimited, and the smaller carriers begin completing acquisitions to grow again.

        • Sectime

          Thanks for laugh, guess you missed my line about having switched from Verizon to Tmobile. Too funny, thanks again, Power to the people!! Elitist ways stop it your killing me

        • Bryce


        • TylerCameron

          A song is 8-10mb…

        • Bryce

          Since when? MP3 files are not that large.

        • TylerCameron

          For a song to be 1MB, the bitrate would have to be about 32kbps. For reference, a song sounds AWFUL at anything lower than 128kbps. But Google Play Music does high quality 320kbps mp3. Making an average song 6-10MB depending on length.

  • abrahavt

    Forget rural areas. I live in a suburb of Cleveland and get zero signal around my house. Would have switched to TMobile long ago if they had better coverage. They also need to upgrade their showrooms. The one showroom in our area has phones affixed to a wall and you cannot handle or operate the phones. How they expect people buy a phone by looking at a display model stuck to the wall is beyond me.

  • al

    I love that T mobile is doing all this, they really are trying to save people money which i can appericate! T mobile is a great network but i agree with many of you that they do need to keep improving there coverage which they are doing. many of you forget that Verizon and AT&T have more customers which means more money! thats how they got such a big advantage over sprint and T mobile, if T mobile had the money that AT&T and Verizon had theyt would have alot better coverage. I know many people who have T mobile and they love there unlimted LTE, yes in some areas they drop down to 4G but theres noting wrong with 4G there is no more edge in my area so thats also a plus, and they told me that they dont get dropped calls. honestly i have verizon but i plan on switching to T mobile i can deal with the slow data here and there i also have wifi and i can deal with dropped calls here and there as well, i am just really tired of paying verizon so much money! yes they have a great network but i know all of you here can agree that Verizon and AT&T are greedy!!! thats why i respect what T mobile is trying to do and its going to work they just need time…

  • vinnyjr

    The iPhone brought many new customers to T-Mobile but their great Network and super fast data speeds with their great plans have kept them. T-Mobile use to have a bad rap with their Network and no one wanted to give them a try. As I tell anyone with T-Mobile coverage, give them a try, stay for at least one month and guaranteed you will never leave. I have all the Carriers surrounding my area and all give their supposed best Coverage, of all the Carriers T-Mobile has the most reliable, fastest data speeds and the best plans. What else is their to tell. T-Mobile is on their way to take over 3rd place very soon. After 3rd who knows maybe 2nd.
    Thank You T-Mobile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/unfazedrebel Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    Sprints red HTC one is h a wt !

  • RJ

    Tmobile has made some improvements over the past couple years but if they want to take on the Att and verizon they have a long way to go. I just came back from a road trip from myrtle beach to Ohio and upstate new york. I spent most of my time on two major highways I-77 and I-90.Unless your near the city your on edge or even g. Now forget about the mountains in West Virgina its att county only lol. My friends phone which was on Verizon didn’t work either in West Virgina but outside of that my phone said 2g in the rural areas sometimes even g. I understand that you cant get coverage everywhere but if verizon and att can do it so can tmobile. I mean even when i was in Cleveland and Canton Ohio my phone said 2g. I mean I hardly travel away from cities which is fine but tmobile needs to get at least the major highways covered in something other than 2g or g. My phone was dropping signal in and out on most of i90 in upstate new york. I like what Tmobile doing now but theses jabs at and Att and Verizon has got to go.If you build it they will come, I know its so old and cliche but its the truth. Legere needs to take his phone on a cross country road trip he can start in Seattle on I-90 and follow it all the way east to Boston logan airport and i guarantee 75-80% of that road trip a galaxy s4 would say 2g or g have trouble holding a call and doing gps. Tmobile you want the customers of verizon and att start getting faster and more reliable coverage on major interstates that runs all over the country.

  • KoseKid

    I think it’s funny how all these post’s keep talking about the spectrum, and reception T-Mobile is currently offering when this post is about T-Mobile being the “it carrier”. Right now, T-Mobile is the Hot new thing, and people are flocking to the stores to be a part of the “it” crowd. Just like the Iphone 5 dominating sales over most phones (despite its rather lacking specs). Just like teenage girls stampeding towards Justin Beiber, regardless of his inability to sing. Whether T-Mobile has better reception/spectrum/coverage is irrelevant. They are differentiating themselves from the rest of the market; now children listen up because this is important: DIFFERENTIATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS! John Legere has figured this out, and T-Mobile is doing well under his rein. The other stuff will become important in the future but just like AT&T, and Verizon; with great success comes great gains monetarily. T-Mobile is making smart choices with their capital right now, and I think it would stand to say this won’t change.