Liveblog: T-Mobile’s Special UNcarrier Event For March 26th

Update: If you’re having trouble viewing the liveblog, just hang tight, I’m bumping capacity!

We may not be attending, but you better believe we’re watching it as it goes down through a specialized media livestream!

  • J McB

    same here. still can’t get in

  • Dion Mac

    Thats crazy how they mention you in the event but didn’t actually invite you…

    • Deacon

      how did they mention him?

  • Jerry Sciacchitano

    Any chance can get in?

  • Perno
  • Joseph Tongret

    I’ve never been so impressed with a wireless company CEO! John is an in your face, kiss my a$$, let’s step outside, CEO! LOL, I love this guy! I just can’t get enough of his gritty persona! This really makes things interesting!

  • Jerry Sciacchitano

    How do you get in?

  • impasse

    so the question now that they’ve finally updated the extremely old my tmobile upgrade do us grandfathered contract folks figure out how much of a discount we can get on a phone? the new upgrade site doesn’t show any difference on an upgrade-eligible line vs. non-eligible, just that the latter can’t use the monthly payments. i’d be pretty okay with not having a subsidy if it meant taking $10-$20 off my monthly bill, though..

  • Guest

    Galaxy S4 will arrive on May 1 on T-Mobile!

  • Guest

    Reporter asks what T-Mobile would do if you leave after a month or two after buying a phone. Response: you pay off the device however you’d like, turn it in for trade-in value, etc. Essentially, deal with the phone cost and then you’re done.

  • Guest

    Another asks about phone locking. Phone unlocking will occur only when phone is paid off or traded back.

  • anon812

    I just called t-mobile to see if I can switch to the new plans..guess what they dont tell u, u have to pay $200line as migration fees upfront. And they say you make it up in no time with savings..blaaah..

    • thepanttherlady

      If you’re on a classic plan trying to move to the value plan, yes a migration fee will be incurred unless you are at 18 months into your contract. This isn’t a secret and has been this way for a very long time.

    • marsdta

      In my case they wanted 150 per line. Though one Customer rep told my sister that they would waive it for us since we have been with them for years. BUT a rep i spoke to said that was not the case. Not sure who to believe. Im going to have to go to a tmo store to get something more concrete, dont want to get surprised with 300 bill next month

  • mnaz105

    T-Mobile will assist in getting locked phones unlocked to bring over to T-Mobile. They’ll even call up former carrier reps to deal with it.

  • Kamil Czerniak

    Please, bump capacity! I’m entirely sick of CNET coverage. Every sentence in their liveblog has to have “i” word.

  • Eric H.

    If we are on a cheaper grandfathered plan, can we buy the iPhone 5 for $579? Or will it be more? Or will we have to come off of our grandfathered plan to buy it?

  • chris

    Can I see the event replay anywhere?

  • Joseph Tongret

    Thank you Neil/Conan for your work to keep us all up to the minute on the press conference! You did an amazing job!