T-Mobile Officially Announces Galaxy Note II Pricing And Availability For Today, October 24th

Right on schedule,  T-Mobile has announced pricing and availability for the Galaxy Note II, which includes the first US carrier release of EA’s Need For Speed Most Wanted the MOGA Mobile Gaming system.

The device will be available in retail stores and online at www.T-Mobile.com and paired with a qualifying T-Mobile Value voice and data plan and two year service agreement, the Note II will cost an out-of-pocket down payment of $249.99 with 20 equal monthly payments of $20 per month via T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). The Value plan paired with EIP is offered at T-Mobile retail stores. Customers can also purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note II at T-Mobile retail stores and online for $369.99 (after $50 rebate) with a qualifying T-Mobile Classic voice and data plan and two year service agreement.

So, who is a Galaxy Note II today? Are you skipping this months rent to pay for it?

Don’t forget Walmart’s own $299 price tag and save yourself a few dollars.


  • foodarchitecht

    Went to a T-Mobile corporate store this morning and they had 3 of each color. I was #5 in line. When I asked if I could purchase out of contract, they said NO – new customers only! Really??? You don’t want my money??? LOL. So I call another tmo store down the road and the rep says they aren’t supposed to sell them out of contract yet but he go ahead and do it for me. Ok cool so I race down there and wait about 20 minutes behind the other 2 people who are currently purchasing their Note 2’s. When the rep finally becomes available to help me he pulls up my account, tries to add the Note 2 to my plan only to break my heart and say he is not allowed to because I have the Even More Plus plan which is not compatible. HAHA thats funny because my GS3 works just fine with it. He apologized and said he would not be able to override the system unless I opted to upgrade my plan with the 2 year agreement one. Ummmm NO.

    Called 611 and spoke with a gentlemen who reassured me T-Mobile wants to keep me as a customer. Right, ok keep talkin. Ended up selling me the phone out of contract ($649) and changed my plan to one that is $49/mo but retains all of the same features as the Even More Plus plan ($59/mo). I logged into my account and confirmed everything is accurate via the Account History tool. So stoked!!! Cannot wait to get it! Hopefully by Friday.

    • Motoki_Mo

      I had a feeling shenanigans like this was going to go on. You can’t order if from their website (yet) without a contract either. I don’t feel like being harassed into a contract. I haven’t had one for years and don’t want one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/unfazedrebel Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    Shut the hell up damn. I remember paying $350 for a Nextel i930 when it was the host gadget. Sign a contract to get it less or do as me and pay full $649.99 . No one is forcing you to spend your money no one cares to hear you’ll wait to buy it or you’re going to another carrier because upfront it’s less but monthly more I mean add something of substance to the comments boards or be silent. And for the love of cheeses pizza EVERY carrier has good great and bad coverage areas and every company has good great and bad employees and services STOP making your personal experience definitive of the whole! Get a clue. K

  • nycplayboy78

    Well I am enjoying my new 16GB GN2 with a SanDisk class 10 microSDHX card in it…..The only thing though there aren’t any ROMs out yet for our particular variant (SGH-T889) on XDA but they are frantically working on it so give them a few days and we will be some rooting MoFos :)

  • larrrs

    This was an “soft opening” for the Note 2, meaning a limited distribution, so there are stores that are out of stock already, originally T-Mobile wasnt going to release the Note 2 until NOv 7th, that is still projected as when Tmobile will have satisfactory supplies. Already ordered two of them through employee site, they are all saying 11/1 as expected delivery, but you will get an email that it is backordered. This was expected to happen due to the limted supply

  • farfromovin

    These prices are great. For $650 I have a device that dominates everything on the market. So happy that Tmo came out swinging first AGAIN. Too bad white phones aren’t available in any stores (for the wif). This thing has soo many features, coming from a Gnex, I’m a little overwhelmed right now. Just gotta say I’m going to LOVE the battery!

    • 21stNow

      One of the stores that I went to had the white ones. My understanding is that only corporate stores got the white ones and that they were in high demand.

  • Bhavin Pardiwala

    will this work on future TMobile LTE Network??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamille-Browne/1184321457 Jamille Browne

    My Local T-mo told me they got the 32gb available only online..

  • jian9007

    I’m happy that AnandTech confirmed that the T-Mobile hardware is identical to the AT&T version and has LTE. I have a post awaiting moderation with the link in it, but you can always Google T-Mobile Note 2 LTE AnandTech to find it (it should be the first result if you Google those exact words). This is excellent news. I just have to wait and see what Google’s announcement is on Monday before I pull the trigger. As it stands now it’s between this and the Nexus 4 (or whatever they’ll be calling it) for me. I’m liking the phone choices that are upcoming for T-Mobile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000360069808 Minh Nguyen

    Does anyone know if the note 2 is LTE ready.

  • Note2quadcore

    Are they going to release a 32GB version? In T-mobile website they only have 16GB.

  • Singram

    I called and changed my lines over to value since we had only 1 phone still on contract. And they did, its going to drop my monthly bill by 65 bucks a month, and we now have unlimited mins instead of 3000 for all the phone. And with EIP ill still be under my monthly or the same depending on how many lines do an upgrade. So ill be saving a ton when not on an EIP, hell even with EIP on 2 of the lines it will still be cheaper. Very good move to change over. The rep even waved/credited the fee on the one line that wasn’t up on contract. Now off to the Tmo store at lunch to get my Note II

  • David

    Anybody know if Tmo will be getting the 32 or 64 gb version of the note 2? I had planned on buying one (full price, as I used my ‘upgrade’ a few months back for the S3) but unless they come out with one of the larger versions, I probably won’t bother. I’ve already used up over half of my 32gb S3 (also have a 64 gb card in there too).

  • LMAO@_Y O U

    How about this. If you can afford the phone buy it. If not, then don’t and stop bitchin! All I see is cry babys and complainers on this page jesus christ!