PSA: Sorry Everyone, No Wi-Fi Calling On The Nexus 4

In the hopes of clarifying a bit of confusion and concern I see in the comments, I’ve reached out to T-Mobile to confirm that there will be no Wi-Fi calling on the Nexus 4. Now, odds are greatly in favor of this not being a T-Mobile decision anyway as a Nexus device generally doesn’t receive any carrier input. Therefore, T-Mobile likely had zero input in the manufacturing of the device and couldn’t request the inclusion of this feature. Hopefully, this won’t deter anyone from picking up the Nexus 4, but I thought you all should have a definitive answer.

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  • kevev

    Damn. I need wifi calling. Always in bad cellular coverage. Any suggestions as to which device would be good? The GS III is too big for me. Thinking about the LG N9, but I am worried about quality issues. Thinking about the One S but I am tired of HTC build quality. I seem to have lots of problems with their devices.


      I know a few that have the One S and they have nothing but good things to say. Ditto the GS3. There are Apps like Bobsled that allow for Wi-Fi Calling on other devices…

      • kevev

        Thanks for the reply. Do you know how the cellular reception compares between the One S and the MyTouch 4G? That is the current P.O.S. I have right now. It looses reception whenever it feels like it. I have 2 of them doing this with new sim cards.

        • kalel33

          I think you were very unlucky with your 2 Mytouch 4Gs. I was a rep when the phone came out, till last May, and owned one myself, until I bought the Amaze. That phone was about the most reliable phones that T-mobile sold. HTC has the highest reliability ratings of any Android manufacturer.

        • kevev

          Ya it could be a network issue. But getting T-Mobile to acknowledge it and fix the network is next to impossible. I have had this and other issues here in San Antonio since the UMTS AWS network went live and the G1 came out. The towers are spread out very thin in this city. It has always been that way. I am not sure if a new phone will fix that. This is why I am looking for a phone with a very stable radio and excellent antenna. What to do…what to do…

        • TMOTECH

          Sounds like a network issue. My daughter and 2 of my friends have the MT4G and they do not have that issue except when it is busy hour and they are on the edge of a cell. WCDMA shrinks when traffic increases.

    • JR69

      I have the One S, it’s a very good device and the size is actually on the small side with a 4.3 inch screen. Build quality is fantastic and it’s a fast phone, no lag at all.

      • kevev

        How is the cellular reception? That is my biggest concern.

        • JR69

          I think it’s average to good. It’s subjective to how well TMO is in your area. My wife has a Samsung GSII and I would say that both are similar but the GSII might have a slightly stronger radio.

          I always thought Motorola always had the best cell radios but obviously that isn’t a choice.

        • kevev

          Thanks for the reply. I agree with you about Motorola. I had a Defy and it held signal as good as a Blackberry.

  • Tyrone Diggs

    Couldn’t you use Bobsled? I think that’s a wifi-calling app for T-mobile that’s compatible with phones that don’t offer T-mo’s wifi-calling by default. It’s been awhile, but I seem to remember it being call-out only though. :-(

  • briankh

    I use GrooveIP and google voice for wifi calling. I’ve used around the world and it works great. It works better than T-mobiles wifi calling.

  • JR69

    That is too bad because I have spotty coverage in my house and use Wifi calling all the time when home.

  • Bcrain21

    I have t-Mobile and my service is so shotty with them that WiFi calling is the only way I can make phone calls most times. I am in Orlando and when the phone was under warranty it was a software issue and the a couple weeks out of warranty they tell me I need to purchase a new phone. My wife is having the same issue. Only she bought a new phone and it didn’t work so wtihin two weeks of having the new phone they replace it with a refurbished phone that also doesn’t work. Just received another non-working phone from T-mobile today. When we threatened to cancel the contract the T-mobile customer service person told us “Good Luck With That”. How can T-mobile be in business?

  • tprirep

    With how bad WiFi calling is on the SIII I actually thinnk that was a very wise move on Google’s part. I work in a retail store and every customer I talk with including co-workers the quality is horrible and pretty much not usable!

  • cactus

    Explain tmobile wi-fi calling enabled phone with Google Voice for dummies–so If I am in Europe or China with wifi access, I understand that I can dial a US number and the wifi contacts the tmobile tower in the us…but A couple people mentioned that they are using GV….my understanding was that it simple used your phone to make the call..what does using GV add to the wifi calling? Appreciate the responses. Sure its simple but rather than remain confused figured I’d ask..

  • Marc

    Bunk! I’ve got the 2nd gen G2 from t-mobile, has wi-fi calling. That has been the compelling reason for me to stay with t-mobile. I would have purchased the Nexus 4, but I have inadequate cell reception in my home. Bad idea t-mobile. If you could do it before you can do it again. Probably will cost them my monthly $$ as I’ll probably move on when necessary.

  • xmiro

    WiFi calling on T-Mobile is done by modifying the operating system I think, and using a different sim card, hence why you can’t get WiFi calling on this phone. Although maybe they should figure out how to do it via an app and let us download it separately.

  • Stan Hy

    Will the Nexus 4 work with a GBA sim? I have a T-Mobile GBA sim card and plan on cutting it down to a micro sim. My only question is will it work.

  • John

    Big fat DUH written all over this. Tmobile’s wifi calling requires implementation at the kernel level. It’s not just some voip app that can be installed from the play store. Clearly, any carrier modification to the OS kernel will NEVER be allowed on any pure google nexus device. I don’t get why people would even expect this…

  • justlikeadrug

    Im in the US from 2007 ..tmobil its the most lame operator on Earth !!!.. asks $200 on contract and $500 up-front for a smartphone that costs $349 unlocked!!!!!!!!! Don’t let them scam you! When i spoke with a costumer representative over the phone few years ago they even had no idea what video calling is and the people i spoke with 5 over the phone and 4 different stores in chicago ! They dont even have real 4g! they only clame to have one … Im sure that chick from the tv add will never got on the bike again if she knew what she was talking about .. no wonder noone europe want to get rid of them ..SHAME ON YOU HOW DO U SLEEP AT NIGHT !

    • philyew

      This might be a shock to you, but no carrier has “real 4G”. The “real 4G” standard requires the ability to do 100mbps mobile download. Current LTE deployments are not capable of delivering that and both Verizon and AT&T will need to upgrade their hardware and then deploy LTE-Advanced before “real 4G” is possible. Sprint are now deploying the right hardware, I believe, but certainly haven’t stepped up the software, while TM’s LTE deployment next year will be using the right hardware to do a software upgrade to LTE-Advanced.

      Don’t be fooled by the marketing hype. While every US carrier claims 4G capability, none actually has it according to the letter of the standard…and it’s not really any better anywhere else in the world. Unless something has changed in the last few weeks, there are no commercial “real 4G” deployments to be found anywhere.

  • bradsh

    deal killer

  • jerry

    I have survived the Hurricane in Northern NJ. We have no power and no TMO signal. It was nice to go to my cable company’s hotspot and make phone calls and get my email. Yes, there were a few hotspots that still work in the blackout… don’t ask me how. UMA Calling is a lifesaver. If this phone don’t have it, it’s a deal breaker. The older Nexus phones support it.

  • Chill Guy

    never used it , no complaint here

  • Sonny To

    Why can’t tmobile make wifi calling available as an app in google play? Wifi calling is the only way I can make calls at home. Tmobile isn’t known to have good coverage

    • philyew

      An app on its own can’t enable wifi calling. The capability on other devices requires files to be added/replaced in areas that normal applications cannot access.

      (a) You can’t do that on an unrooted phone

      (b) It’s doubtful that it’s possible to package a change like that into an app even when rooted, and

      (c) the whole point of the Nexus series is that the devices come with a standard Android build, and having a modification in the system directory would clearly cease to be a standard Android build.

  • Mike

    NOTE 2 all day ….LG =yuk

  • RyanFerg

    Unless you use GrooVe IP App

  • bmbrad720

    If you need WiFi calling use Kakao. You can text and call for free.

  • niididdy

    Boy it’s been so long since I commented on here! I’ve continued to be a reader…just haven’t posted. I’m start back again now! I got the GS III when it first came out and it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. But I’m ready for my very first google nexus device. I love my updates, which almost seems close to non existent with manufacturers and careers…even so with delays etc. NOTHING will deter me from buying straight from google the Nexus 4 16GB. I’m also picking up the Nexus 10 as a nice compliment to the Nexus 4. One more week….

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    I’m still getting one. Im pretty sure wifi calling is possible via rooting. Boy I love Android devices.

  • parinsan

    9to5Google and TalkAndroid are reporting that the Nexus4 will indeed support Wifi Calling citing the Nexus4 Tmobile Support site:

  • parinsan

    The following Nexus4 Tmobile Support document shows that Wifi calling will be available :

    • David

      It doesn’t have it, it’s a generic manual.