T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available, For Real This Time

Right on schedule, Samsung has released the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II. The update requires the download of Samsung’s Kies software for either Mac or Windows platforms. If you need a detailed set of instructions to aid in your update, hit the Samsung link at the end of this post. Don’t waste any more time reading this, hit that Samsung link below to get started.


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  • Sergyserg05

    done and loving it!

  • sapphiraa

    first…WOOO its about damn time. im sick of samsung and co’s slack update schedule -.-

  • Aliriano194

    FIRST!!!!! and i got installed

    • Aliriano194

      got it* 

  • Scurvymeat

    I for one am impressed that with all this demand the download went quickly.

  • http://twitter.com/LanhNguyen1 Lanh Nguyen

    waiting for a custom rom based on this…I’m rooted so can’t update.

    • Blitz

      I was too but it was quick and easy to unroot and get the official update. 

  • Blitz

    waiting for battery to get to 50%!!! This is KKKKKKILLING ME! 

  • mgiusto

    Guys, let me know how battery life is.  I got the latest 2.3.6 update on Friday and that increased my battery enormously.  I used to only go 10 hours before needing a charge, now my phone has lasted easily 1 day and a half to 2 days.

    I hope ICS continues that trend.  If not, I may stick with what I have for as long as I can hold out…

  • Lalkobes87

    Updated and working great!

    • Wil1235

      is ur home screen the same as the old update? mine is

      • Df3

        Yes same but weather widget is no working.

        • J-Hop2o6

           I don’t have a GS2, but i’m sure u have to re-add it to your homescreen.

  • Youngt82

    Congrats to the SGS2 owners , enjoy your ICS:)

  • http://twitter.com/Jemar55 Jamar

    just updated!!! nice!!!

  • Mchowanski

    not working for me i click the update button and does nothing????

    • Scurvymeat

      won’t install the upgrade or it won’t download it?

      • Mchowanski

        wont download it i click upgrade and nothing happens

  • Mysta316

    I want to update but I have a rooted phone.  and dont want to loose my free wifi tether 

  • Datruth63

    just updated… feels like i have a new phone… 

    • Wilson

      is ur home screen the same as the old update? mine is 

  • tmoguy1

    Can Someone put the link for Kies? Thanks

  • Heywoodjablome

    mine is still on upgrading media database.
    how long does this usually take?

    • http://twitter.com/Mathew_Juarez Mathew

      mine is stuck at the upgrading media database. did you get yours to work?

  • Dfadfa

    updating the phone for my mom right now…the installation is super slow

  • charles4

    issues already reported

  • Rea702

    I connect my phone to Kies but no option to update. What am I doing wrong?

  • reggie517

    Mine done it feel good!

  • reggie517

    The phone is very fast!

  • http://twitter.com/TehKao Teh Kao

    So what are the changes you guys have noticed?

    It’s faster for sure.  GMAIL looks and works better.
    Camera is the same.  Too bad since I like the stock ICS camera.

  • Guest

    Got it at 11pm sharp. looks awesome! a little sluggish at times though. seems to use more RAM than  before the update was downloaded, but that was to be expected. very excited nonetheless!

  • scottyrob82

    And updating now.

  • Tntnguyen714

    just updated mines n my parents phone to ICS! awesome! everything is soo smooth.

    • Wil1235

      is ur home screen the same as the old update? mine is

      • Tony

         well its not really the same cause ics set my phone back to factory but i didnt mind.

        • Wil1235

          cuz my update looks just like the old update, but the rest of the phone is updated. the home screen looks like 2.3.6. is it possible u send me a screen shot of ur home screen @ wil1235@yahoo.com

  • blaq

    downloading this sucka as we speak. 

  • http://twitter.com/JiggaC24 Jawon Chance

    Got the download about 30 minutes ago. Looks awesome thus far

  • MarcusDW

    Took a lil while but mine updated without any problems.  Sure “it looks just like GB” but there are a lot of cosmetic changes to make the phone seem like its finally be put together.  Can’t wait to customize it tomorrow!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ethan-Heyne/100000193150624 Ethan Heyne

    Installed and running smoothly. Took a bit to re-set up my home screen, but that was a simple enough (I took screenshots before I updated :)

    Only major differences are the task manager, top bar and menu structures, not much else feels different so far. Very smooth, no hiccups or lag noticed.

    • Df3

      uh try the browser big difference

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ethan-Heyne/100000193150624 Ethan Heyne

         Browser isn’t *that* different. Things may not be in the same place, but they’re all still there. Refer to my mention of menu structure for the browser change.

  • mike_hilly

    Well this sucks. My SGS 2 won’t connect to a computer… it sucks. Pretty sure it’s the phone.

    • Amero07

      Pull the battery from your phone, restart your computer and try a different usb port. and make sure kies software downloaded from samsungs website is updated.

      • mike_hilly

        Did all that before posting. Had nothing to do with it. Had to reboot phone while plugged into USB to have the option to mount it.

  • Guest

    Keeps saying “no firmware”. Really annoyed

    • Na

      You must be new here. It’ll say because that’s for OTA firmware updates. ICS is available by KIES only not OTA.

  • teflonman

    where is face unlock

    • Amero07

      you have to set it up like you would a pin or pattern. Just choose face unlock instead of those.

  • eJ

    IM HAVING A ISSUE sorry for the caps but anyways Ive done all the instructions I get to where I connect my phone and in the kies sections it just says connecting but nothing brings up is there something I need to do please help

    • Df3

      Mine did same, try rebooting phone and computer then try it again. 

  • Supermansdad79


  • Marvin_avilla

    if it fails trying agian turn on debugging them connect to computer

  • MikeLT

    Turn on mock location

  • Df3

    Browser seems way faster and phone is more responsive, cool!

  • GBGamer

    I am loving the new update!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

    Isn’t working on my macbook, keeps disconnecting my device every time it finally downloads and messing up my phone…Kies is so dumb I don’t understand why we have to update through a stupid application 

    • Df3

      try repairing permissions and then reboot

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

        nope still doesn’t work, annoying but oh well might be time to upgrade anyways

        • Df3

          did you do a battery pull on phone before starting?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

          yep, seriously done with Samsung and their strange updating…not sure why it couldn’t just be OTA like HTC devices

        • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com/ Conan Kudo (???????)

          Reinstall Kies and most importantly, the drivers. Kies Mac should have a driver repair option as connection diagnostics or something like that.

  • ICSonMYgalaxyINlouisianaYAYYY

    ICS in Louisiana. About to try it out.

  • Caffiend

    I know we’re all hyped to get ICS going ASAP. So just a quick PSA for those having troubles…

    Make sure Kies is updated

    Make sure your phone is all charged up at least 50%

    Your phone can be rooted, it’ll just get goofy if it’s not stock

    Restart your phone before you begin. Even better, do a quick battery pull. (This will solve 90% of the problems people are having connecting to a PC)

    Resist temptation to unplug and start playing with the phone till it’s restarted completely

    It will be a bit laggy at first, if it’s too laggy for you, restart it.

    Good luck, I’m going to Carvel to celebrate!

    • Df3

      Carvel Rocks!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1586820069 steadymobb

      none of these things worked for me but hopefully they will help others!

  • ICSonMYgalaxyINlouisianaYAYYY

    L O V I N G IT!!!!!!

    • Df3

      Yup, no reason to upgrade to SG3 now

      • Benjamin Curtin

        except the extra gb of ram and ICS nativity on it, and a better screen right?

  • Mjerpca

    On step 7 what does select at phone prompt. Do i need another version on kies on my phone. Also does anyone have issues downloading new kies update. Pls someone help.

  • Djjohnnybraciole

    amazing update, one issue, ics eats up all the phones ram.

  • sad

    still dont have it , i go to start upgrading the firmware then it get it 100% and stops

  • Dumbazz

    Oh my god this new voice to text is like porn!

  • Dumbazz

    weird but rejecting calls isn’t working right. Anyone else having this issue?

  • NewZ05

    I didn’t mind redoing my homescreens but my app folders were a pain to get right again. Other than that mine and my girlfriend’s phones are great w/ the update

  • Benjamin Curtin

    LOVE the new update! Just what I’ve been waiting for! BUT I do not like how much more ram stock uses. Waiting for the ability to root it to remove crapware

  • happy


  • http://twitter.com/Da_PHAT_Ninja Michael Lococo