T-Mobile “G4X” On The Horizon? Follow Up To The LG G2x?

Well, what do we have here? Word coming from our friends at PocketNow indicates T-Mobile has the “G4x” on the horizon, an Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Android smartphone. Sporting a 4.7″ 720p display, 8-megapixel camera and 21Mbps HSPA+ data all covered in a sub-nine-millimeter casing. With the name “G4x” floating around, there are obvious references to this device being an LG-ready G2x follow-up. There isn’t a whole lot of supporting evidence otherwise that this is headed for T-Mobile, but we’re inclined to believe the “G4x” nomenclature would only be for T-Mobile. With this and the HTC Ville, the last 24 hours have given us some reason to look up after a slow start to the year for T-Mobile. Add another phone to the “stay tuned” list.


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  • HopingForAG3ByHTC

    I want a G3! COME ON!!

    • Gentleman559

      Me TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Please pass the ball back to HTC Or Give Samsung a shot. No more booboo LG phones!!

  • InvisibleHand

    This would sound like a cool phone had they not abandoned the g2x and g-slate. If this does ever come out, it will have 4.0 and will likely never get an update. If LG had ever shown any desire to take care of customers or at least acknowledge issues and communicate with customers, I might be willing to try an LG device again.

  • Melweb76

    I think this is going to be a good phone, lets hope it comes to T-mobile, I use the G2X and believe it or not I was one of the lucky ones with no issues, however I did get it the first day it came out… I am wanting a new phone and this is something I would try since I cant’ get the I Phone on T-mobile. what is up with that.

    • Gentleman559

      T-Mobile is trying to save you from become IGarbage. You should call and thank them. Buy a Galaxy S III. It will be the best thing you’ve ever experienced. Trust me

  • Durandal_1707

    If it’s made by LG, forget it. I’ve learned my lesson.

    LG stands for Lousy Garbage.

  • http://cosmicbreeze.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

    Yeah, after owning the G2x & 4-5 replacements with just about the same slew of issues, I’ll pass. Then LG would not offer T-Mobile a alternate exchange at least when I tried to get one. The official time i was eligible (Remind you this was like the 5th exchange), T-Mobile told me LG has no alternatives for it.

  • http://twitter.com/cielomoreno127 Solo lo traga

    Seems promising as they all do by the specs. My sister has the G2X she hasn’t had any problems so far, she’s only had it for 6 month. 

  • Theblaqman

    Intriguing giving I want a  LARGE screen, but at the same time, my G2x finally became a great phone now that it has ICS on it.  This time around I’ll wait and see what problems people have before jumping on a next gen device.  I got burned by the vibrant and g2x by being an early adopter, then having to wait a long time for xda to come up with roms to make the phone great.

  • Guest

    LG – Life’s Good until you get one of their phones.. run away!

    • Gentleman559

      Honestly, I tried to love the G2X but it was a horrible phone as is anything LG puts out. You can root it and flash a ROM to solve most problems but most of the population doesn’t know how to or wants to. It really shouldn’t be necessary to use a phone for the basic essentials. Shame on LG and T-Mobile for not standing behind their customers who bought one. And seriously I don’t even want to get started on the camera…..what a JOKE!!!!! 8MP my ass, try 3MP at best. Stay away from LG no matter how tempting it may be. Besides with The Galaxy S III out now there is no other phone on T-Mobile that can come close, PERIOD!!

  • ArkAngel_X

    Personally, I love my G2x and can’t wait to see the G4x, while, yeah the phone was slow, but any good consumer would figure out how to fix that. Most rooting guides and rom installations are pretty much idiotproof so those complaining about “this phone sucks” or “the problems were horrible”. Look at phones like a car. If something goes wrong with a car you fix it, you don’t complain and take it back to get a new car. Well, that’s what most people did with their G2x

    • Anonymous

      tell me how you fix a headphone jack that always shows as connected and cannot be used when put against my ear. You send it to LG warranty service and they reimage the device. 10 days after it comes back, the same problem recurs. What do you do now? You can only take so much. And this was the final problem (I ditched it afterwards). Before this, I had at least 4 other issues with wifi and 3g. Buy a car and have the engine replaced at your expense in say 5 yrs after you buy it. Lets see your reaction then.

      • ArkAngel_X

        I had a problem with my USB port, while yeah, it was an annoyance, I didn’t sit there and complain, I figured out the problem,(USB port) ordered a new one, opened up the phone and put it in there myself, if you have the knowledge to fix something yourself, you fix it. You don’t go, “My cars not starting, whoops, time to get a new engine.” while you sent it to LG, a reimage isn’t going to fix a hardware problem, trust me, LG customer support sucks, HARD. While yes I still buy their products because their good products. I have 3 simple steps for your problem. 1. open phone up, 2. look for problem, 3. fix problem.

        • Anonymous

          Right, pull out every part that is not working and fix it yourself. LG CS sucks, their h/w doesn’t work out of the box for the majority (99%). That makes a great phone? If I had the knowledge you mention above, why wouldn’t I just build my own phone? This fanboyism exceeds the other one often mentioned. And your solution also works for how to put an elephant in a fridge.

  • Mary from New York, NY

    Maybe the G4X will be a hit or a miss. My husband is on his 5th (yes 5th handset!) G2X under warranty. It’s a buggy handset. I am clinging on to my BlackBerry 9780 with satisfaction and stability, even though it’s 3G.  Reliability, performance and the ability to recover (if needed) is easy with BlackBerry Desktop Manager and my 9780.

    LG and TMo did a poor job in assuring that Ice Cream could be upgraded onto the G2X.

    Ideally a new Android device is a major investment for folks. And it’s got to support 42Mbps 4G (or even faster), tethering and OS upgrades for at least two years out. All of the main hardset vendors (Samsung, LG, HTC) should push this capability.

    • zeth006

       Late reply, I know. The G2x was plagued with problems at launch. Even after I upgraded the OS from 2.2 to 2.3, I’d dare say 1/5 of the problems still remained. Flashing/rooting the phone got rid of all of the problems except battery life.

      HTH. Check out XDA forums if your husband is interested in rooting and flashing the phone. It will make a world of a difference!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EVZR6774PL27ROXUJQSQQEP4X4 Mauni M

    I know this is old story but I love my G2x 2.3.4 . Never had anymore problems that I did on my Blackberry 8300 or Samsuck Vibrant. Put Hellfire ICS was ok just ended up going back to Stock rooted and cleaned up.