T-Mobile G2x Officially Hits End-Of-Life Status

We knew this day would eventually come, and so we prepare to say goodbye to the very first dual-core device in the United States, the T-Mobile G2x. We just receive word that the G2x, internal known as the LG LGP999 G2x met its fate on January 6th, just 5 short days ago. The G2x led a troubled life, with rumored “recalls,” Gingerbread delays and angry customers suffering reboot after reboot. Still, the G2x performed very well in our review and held a lot of promise upon landing on T-mobile store shelves. Sadly, the G2x never took off in the way we believed it would, so long G2x, we wish we knew you better.

Now, the real question…what will replace it?

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  • Anonymous

    I want a new G-Phone. Made by HTC. With a keyboard. HTC makes the best phones if they want to.

    • HTC Fan

      Absolutely! HTC need to make the G3. My G2 works like a gem and I would only upgrade with a HTC built phone. Shame on tmo for killing g2 so soon anyway for that piece of crap g2x. Here’s to better things.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone think that this means we’ll be able to get something else as a replacement phone?  I heard reports awhile ago that they were swapping them for sensations, but I spoke to the loyalty/retention dept the other day and they said that the G2X was its only replacement.  I’ve had this thing since the day it came out and I wanna get rid of it…what do you guys think?

    • Dominique

      LOL, they’re still replacing the Mytouch 3G slide and that’s been EOL for a very very long time.  It depends on their stock they have of refurbished models.

      • Anonymous

        Lol that sucks…Knowing how many people returned their devices, they probably have TRILLIONS…  ok trillions might be a SLIGHT exaggeration, but still…enough to last us until the next ice age (or at least another year and a half from now at our upgrade eligibility)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=710725095 Jason Crumbley

      My friend just got a Sensation as a replacement last week after going through 3 G2X’s in a month.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

      I just said “screw it,” rooted it, and moved on in life with a phone that worked like it was supposed to.

      • Anonymous

        Mine is rooted with stock gingerbread…I tried CM7 and a couple others and they were kind of laggy on my phone.  It worked AMAZINGLY for awhile but its getting slower and slower by the day.  Any suggestions?  

        I have a different kernel and my CPU overclocked to about 1.4ghz, and it drops down to 400 with the screen off.  I have GO Launcher EX on there also.  I’m pretty new to all this though so I’m looking for tips for maximizing the both speed and battery life.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  

        On a side note, I recently purchased a new battery from Anker and my battery life has jumped up dramatically.  You gotta love how T-Mobile won’t cover a new battery when the manufacturer only warrants it for 90 days.

  • GinaDee

    Worst phone I’ve ever owned; all 3 of them.  Constant freeze ups, random reboots and screen blackouts.  I loved waking up in the AM only to see my phone completely wiped/erased on 5 different occasions.  Did I mention this thing would camp out on EDGE or GSM only for no reason?

  • phong nguyen

    That’s too bad, it’ll probably delay the G2x’s ICS update from Tmobile even more than LG’s delay. Doesn’t really matter, as soon as my contract ends i’m switching to either Verizon or AT&T, in my area (South Orange County) Tmobile has gone in the drain. I am constantly getting signal loss where text messages fail to send at all and calls become distorted and i’m forced to hang up and call again and again until it becomes clear. T Mobile’s lack of devices also makes me want to leave this forsaken mobile carrier even faster, AT&T not only got the Skyrocket(Hercules with LTE) but they are also getting the Skyrocket HD, Sony Ion, and the Xperia Arc HD along with tons of other devices, what does T Mobile have in store? Galaxy S Blaze 4G? Yawn. I don’t care about LTE but damn get us a device that can be considered top end, the Galaxy S Blaze 4G will no doubt be just the Galaxy S with beefed up internals, meaning no Super AMOLED Plus but Super AMOLED, and the resolution most likely would stay the same and probably a 5MP camera vs the 8 that’s on the Galaxy S II.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000248799459 Jamar Eccleston

    So the sidekick4g hasn’t reach EOL yet? its terrible froyo weak  3mp cam

  • Big T

    Please, let’s hope the G3 comes this summer, just in time for the people who bought both the G1 and G2 at launch and have another upgrade coming.   Make it an HTC product with stock Android and a real keyboard and that’s my next phone. 

    Also, keep the bloatware to a minimum, and now CarrierIQ (doesn’t really matter for me, I’m going to root it anyway).

    • tmojoe

      That sound beautiful, & I own a galaxy s2 with a Note on the way since Im done with Tmo phones(will have to carry a hot spot of course). I think you guys deserve a FREE upgrade just for struggling with all the problems of the g2x! Unfortunatly, I highly doubt that theh wont stack the phone with bloatware, or leave it in vanilla form, but whatever they have at the time, you g2x owners should br entitled too! I say anyone who can afford it, should not even buy tmo phones & just go the unlocked route! Carrying a hotspot with me & running a galaxy note is still cheaper than any acceptable vzw or at&t plan, plus the note blows any us phone off the map! Im over all these look alike phones the us carriers put out!

  • Big T

    Also, since the G2X was such a flop, anyone who bought one should be able to get the G3 at full upgrade price when it comes out.

    • Timb28

      Great point!!!

  • Ianmf28

    I bought this phone the week they released it, not the best device I’ve ever had.  I also get the random reboots and sometimes I would have to pull the battery and put it back to even get the phone to power on.  I never got the OTA update (first or second rollout).  Phone says current software is the latest version.  Oh, and since I only have a mac I can’t even update the phone manually.  Thanks LG!!!!

    I probably won’t buy another LG phone (actually I might move away from Android completely) but I know I won’t buy any new phone until a few months have passed after release just so I can actually read about user reviews/issues and not some glowing fluff review from someone who had the phone for 3 days.  I just want a nice Nokia (and of course they release the Lumia 710 and not the 800, jerks).  Those bricks were always rock solid and lasted forever. Maybe this EOL deal is why, for some reason, the T-mobile website says I’m eligible for upgrade pricing on any phone even though I’ve only had this phone since March.  Has anyone else seen this?  According to their upgrade policy, I shouldn’t be eligible for this for another 12 months. 

  • Anonymous

    Kill it! Before they start asking for Ice Cream Sandwich!!

    • Anonymous

      Kill it with fire!!!

    • Blair6878

      It’s a ripoff that T-mobile can’t support their phones with O/S upgrades at least for the 2-year period they contract you for.

  • Derrickps3

    lol rest in peace G2X 

  • hating tmo right now

    Having same problems with samsung exhibit II. phone freezesvdaily & have to remove battery to restart. Tmo rep tells me thats a known issue & they wont replace..tough luck. It also seems to have a weak processor that cant load so phone starts power cycling for hours. Also numerous people are having texting problems too. Its a disaster thats gonna add to churn rate.

    • TmoUSPloyee

      go to another store/rep, i would definitely switch that out for you, we can do a warranty exchange for freezing/crashing on your device.  And yeah im also a rep.

      • TmoUSPloyee

        Havent seen it be a weak processor either, sounds like something wrong in the system files.  As long as its non damaged or anything like that, did you call over the phone?  Go to a store, we tend to be more merciful towards customers needs than over the phone. Hope this helps.

  • http://twitter.com/FonzyyPaniagua Fonzy Paniagua

    i Freakin loved my g2x! Of course it was rooted running cyanogenmod 7.  sad to see it go. 

  • LGHater

    LG is the worst company to produce any electronics. I have wowed not to buy any LG products ever

  • http://twitter.com/JasonVail JasonVail

    I never had any problems with mine…. Maybe it’s because I had it rooted within an hour of purchase, but I’ve considered this the best phone that I have ever owned and ridiculously fast!  

    LG’s software and service flat out pisses me off though.  I would be hard pressed to ever buy another device from them.  

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I think you are correct Jason. From everything I read at the time (back when I was considering buying the G2x) people who rooted the phone did not have any problem whatsoever with the phone.

      It was something in the G2x’s coding that was on the fritz, no doubt conflicts with the LG user shell and Android. Hardware wise, LG makes a great product (witness the LG Optimus line, a great phone, especially for the price. And my LG Esteem with Android 2.3.3, that Verizon sells as the LG Revolution, for $560 retail, has been trouble-free, works great, and is pleasing to use.)

      Unfortunate for TMOUS G2x purchasers, T-Mobile customer support was no longer equipped to troubleshoot phones when customers called with complaints. Then and nowadays it is simpler and cheaper to send the user a different phone. But the replacement phones had the same bugs as the phones returned on a warranty claim. End result, T-Mobile looks bad and the customer swears off T-Mobile.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Every mobile operator has its lemons. The trouble with the G2x is that it exacerbated the degradation of TMOUS’ reputation.

    TMOUS as a going concern was already on an express train to business hell: with the pending acquisition, customer service issues, and a declining subscriber base. It did not need a troublesome handset added to the mix.

    To be sure, in the U.S. wireless war an operator like TMOUS could ill afford even
    one lemon in its high-end mobile lineup; and considering that the G2x was billed by TMOUS as a
    first cabin device, the volume of complaints was akin to getting lemon juice in your eye (that happened to me, man did that hurt).

    The injustice in all this was that T-Mobile was left holding the bag and got the bad rap, while LG skipped on its merry way, escaping public scrutiny for putting out this POS (that characterization based on TMoNews club member comments and hands-up-in-the-air exasperation by T-Mobile). 

    At the end of life for the G2x TMOUS ended up taking the hits (aka irate purchasers calling customer service). In the meantime, allegedly LG did nothing to fix the problem, it simply enjoying the public perception that it was a manufacturer of quality products — somewhat accurate, I guess, in that other LG products have been favorably received, reviewed and rated — A tip o’ the hat to LG for that amazing feat since the “G” in “LG” references “Goldstar” (South Korea’s General Electric), a company that in the old days dispatched to U.S. shores and shelves horridly cheap electronics, typically sold at stores like Walgreens and K-Mart. You know the junk I mean, “300 watts of thundering stereo horsepower, AM/FM stereo radio, CD player, lighted dial, street-party mode, three-level turbo bass selector switch, all contained in a distinctive blue and red plastic case, for only $69.95 retail.”
    Copyright © 1996-2012 Michael Mortimer, Second Chair Publications. All rights reserved.

    • Tbyrne

      Hey! You ain’t the only one with a publishing company.


      Copyright © 1996-2012 Tbyrne,
      First Table Publications. All right!!!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Good one, I like it. ;)

        Sidenote: I am posting the copyright notice for a reason. There’s some issues with purported authors stealing my stuff (content, not just writing style). One writer took my entire published article, reworded it, changed things around a little and posted it as an original work. I assume he thought because it was two years later I would not notice, but I did because CNN did a piece based on “his” article. He was lucky I did not contact his publisher and get him fired.

        Anyway, the lazy f#@! are really pi$#ing me off, but because this is not my main occupation it is not worth my time doing anything. (Albeit my publisher wants to go after those su?ol?ss?, but because I am the copyright holder, a condition I insist on because I won’t let give permission to do it. The notice should make them think twice.

        Now you know the rest of the story.

  • Fixxmyhead

    this thing should have been EOL’ed the day it came out with all the bugs it was plagued with. and i was seriously thinking about getting it when it came out good thing i didnt

  • Fixxmyhead

    this thing should have been EOL’ed the day it came out with all the bugs it was plagued with. and i was seriously thinking about getting it when it came out good thing i didnt

  • Henderson

    i broke my after 3 months angry everday !!! burn on hell G2x !!!

  • Henderson

    i broke my after 3 months angry everday !!! burn on hell G2x !!!

  • G2xstinct Stank Stunk

    Angry customer. Yes. that’s me.
    My second G2x has even more issues than the first one.
    Rebooting bug, leaky screen, random factory resets,
    jitters, all kind of recharging problems….
    And LG support has been nonexistent.
    I will never buy another electronic device from them.

    I’m not too happy with T-Mobile either.

    My first TMo Android phone was HTC’s Mytouch 3g:
    underpowered, flimsy and hobbled with a USB Headset.
    Well, at least it came with a headset, unlie the G2x.

    TMo has really worked hard to lose my business.
    The $20 shipping and handling  for the replacement
    phone was money down the sewer and the children who
    masquerade as representatives were comically ignorant at best,
    disastrously wrong at the worst. Their primary job responsibilities seem
    to be pointing out the payment booth, flirting with each other and directing
    drunk and simple folk to Cricket when they can’t afford to pay for their
    “value plans” anymore.

    The only sensible advice I got was from another customer:
    “root the POS.” too bad I don’t have a Windows machine.
    (And since I’m on a roll here’s a shout out to those other Lemon Factories: Gateways, Dell,
    Compact, HP… I can only say that you have made Apple the giant it is today.)

    Here in downown Santa Fe, my state capital, I get dropped calls daily.
    And the “”new” Tmo over-the-phone customer service is tedious clumsy and impersonal..

    Seems like they have learned little form the ATT debacle…
    other than disdain for their customers.

    So given that Blackberry’s newest antique, the Bold 9900 bricks while charging,
    the Winmo UI looks and feels like it was made for the elderly, and Android software/hardware
    interface is basically a crap-shoot, what brand of smart phone — and who’s service–  do you
    think I will buy when my current contract finally runs out?

    Where do you think my money will go?
    Churn indeed….

    • Aszczep

      someone’s mad they were to cheap to buy the php on their device which waves your 20 dollar fee, also you picked the device not t-mobile, windows is for the elderly? typical ignorant, uninformed consumer. why in the world would you want a UI and device that works. Oh wait, lets go jump on the iphone band wagon. 

      • Anonymous

        C’mon.  Have you seen a Jitterbug? LOL  WP7 is kinda in that direction with those huge tiles.  My respects to the underselling platform though cuz it does operate very well.

    • Rommel7133

      on point!tmo is becoming a ghetto carrier.,what the in the hell happend to there cs?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EQ6XXDAJWX5S2RTYCUMCSOKK64 Holy

      Maybe you got ^Brandon’s^ first defective phone as your second defective phone and he got your first phone as his first after you sent it in. Small chance, but I found the small chance for some amazing small world revelation mystifying. LMAO.

  • Brandon Dean

    I had a defective G2X and had it replaced under warranty by TMO, now its like having a whole new phone. All the problems I once had with the phone are gone! I am glad I paid for the warranty. I’m not holding my breath for Ice Cream Sandwich, if I hear word that its not coming (which is likely), I will root then. But so far I am loving the phone, although the first one I got was hell.

  • now_onTMO

    is tmobile getting any nice phones this year? nothing was announced at CES at all.. no nexus, no galaxy note.. nothing  pfft

    • Anonymous

      Lets think about this when has T-MOBILE ever announced a Nexus? Never thats because it was an unlocked google device. Now i don’t really think you could call this new nexus true and unlocked at least our version because everyone is getting a carrier branded one. Maybe t-mo didn’t want to pay to have it branded on our network and hence why we probably wont see one soon and if we do its already too late for this nexus good luck actually being sold as it would have in december. I hope t-mobile gets as good phones as they have last year with the htc amaze and gs 2 to end the year MyTouch slide4g was good. I hope Samsung remakes the sidekick again this time with the previous issues resolved plus updated to ics and so on.

  • Bobblehead

    The only good thing about no news from CES is that this article stays at the top of TMoNews.

    LG haters unite!

  • Anonymous

    This is off topic,but Target does it again! It has HTC Sen.for free for new and upgrades!  Don’t know how long the sale is,but free is always good. What Tm should do with whatever stock they have of phones that reach eof,sell them as prepaid phones for $60.00-80.  

    • Clu

      On what planet would you purchase a Sensation for $60 – $80?! As an employee, my “discount” allows me to purchase the phone for $300-350, plus taxes.

      • Anonymous

        You misunderstood what I wrote,1)Target was giving away HTC Sensation free to new customers and upgrades.(don’t know if they are still doing it. In Dec.they had a sale on
        SG2 for $99.00,that’s where got mine from.)In stores only. 2)When I wrote $60-80. I was
        referring to phone’s that reach the eol with Tm. Like LgG2x as a prepaid phone. Radio shack was selling Nokia 5230 for $29.00 just to get rid of their Tm stock. If tm did this with all their phones that reach eol and sold them as prepaid phones let say for $99. They would be gone like 123!  

  • Anonymous

    With no disrespect intended, the device should work, right out of the box.  You should not have to read encyclopedic volumes of reviews and research to get something that should simply work.   

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

      You’re right – it should work as advertised. But it doesn’t because LG products suck.

  • http://twitter.com/joshavon Joshua Avondoglio

    I’ve had my G2x for 5.5 months with 2.3.3 already installed.  I love it!  It gets buggy every so often, but not enough to be a nuisance.  Does anyone have advice how to root it with 2.3.3 installed?  I’m sad to see this phone reach ‘end of life’.  It’s probably my all time favorite phone.

    • Artifintelacs

      You don’t really root it. There is a program called nvidia flash. Also, it comes with a one click app so it’s relatively easy to do. You can find it on xda developers in the g2x android development thread. It is done via pc or Mac. The drivers are included in the package. There is so many custom roms and kernels available. Once you overclock the device it is stupid. Fast. Also, the custom roms make. It very stable. Any questions just drop me an email at artifinteltim@gmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/Kidd_HiDef Jonathan X Carlisle™

    EOL means nothing to me. This phone was great and it had a great run. I just hope this doesn’t kill the ICS upgrade for the G2x. I hope LG mans up and just gives us the upgrade anyway.

  • Reptar978

    I can’t say this is the worse phone I have ever owned :0. The hd2 was the worse for me

    • Littlesis1774

      My HTC HD2 keep freezes, it slow, my wifi keeps shutting off, and now my lock when I want it to. My battery is now sucking

      • Bossfloyd29

        Put android on it!! It gives it a new life.

  • Izzybrexx

    Best thing left on my g2x is the HDMI. Everything else is slow!:(

  • Doc

    This has been a good phone for me. I’m rooted since day one so I haven’t had any problems. But to be fare, even when I run stock firmware I have no problems. Guess I got lucky. I love the hardware. It is a grown-up, sexy looking phone that feels good in-hand. 

    But as much as I’d love to keep it, I’m going to Galaxy Nexus. ICS is too enticing.

  • Nortonoscar

    Tmobiles europe opperation already has the iphone 4s and its free when u sign up for a value plan plus they have phones we have never seen. Our tmobile sucks bad!!!!!!! Tmobile usa fu.

  • http://twitter.com/GusGomez G4tro

    I have come to the conclusion that TMobile phones are nothing but the left overs of AT&T. They showed me that at CES AT&T gets 2 gorgeous WP7 devices the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC TiTan2 tmobile gets The Nokia Lumia 710 and The HTC Radar. They have done anything possible to lose my business and come March or whenever the 900 comes to AT&T I’ll pay the $200 and jump ship. I love Tmo but they’re just inferior to everyone else when it comes to devices. Even their Android devices are inferior to that of Verizon and At&T I mean come on Tmo how fast are you trying to go out of business?

    • ogopogo

      It is interesting to me to read some of these sentiments. As a consumer, I would normally make a decision based on multiple factors. In this case – device, service, and pricing. I am amazed that there are so many people on here that make a decision based solely on particular phone (at least that is what they say until they have to cough up the ETF – at which point pricing becomes the biggest factor).

      You’re on T-Mobile. Enjoy what you have. If you would like to jump ship at a later date, that is your decision, but I don’t think that T-mobile is going out of their way to lose your business. The devices are not inferior, but rather not to your liking.

      • Anonymous

        No in some ways you are wrong, a friend call me up asking me would tm be good for he ma. Her mother wants to leave Sprint,because they werenot going to renew her on the plan she has(somekind of longtime deal Sprint has for their customers.) Her ma doesnot want touchscreen,or a smart phone. The only decent midrange phone Tm has in it lineup for older people is the Nokia x2,with it so-so camera. One flip phone by
        Samsung. I told her after checking out Att lineup of midrange phones,I had to tell her go to Att.  You can go to Att.site checkout midrange handset,compare them to Tm. People that don’t want or need smart phone where do they go? To another carrier that have decent midrange phones!   As a side note,Target has the HTC Sen for free,for upgrades and new customers! Don’t know how long! Check it out!  Instores only!
        No I don’t work for Target! or for Att.

        • ogopogo

          What you have described indicates that they are more concerned about pricing, and not the phone itself – which definitely meets the point I was making. 

          You basically pointed her in a direction (device) that was not in line with her primary motive of leaving (pricing).

        • Anonymous

          Have u read what I wrote? She doesnot want atouch screen or a smart phone. She just want to talk and text. No data. The price would be more just about the same for her! Remember Att. has roll over mins!
          Tmo midrange phones just plan suck! She didnot leave Sprint yet.
          If I just wanted a just simple flip phone for myself,I would not get it from Tm! I would leave myself! 

        • gordo96

          Ogopogo is correct. If her sole concern was talk and text then a cheap prepaid plan would have been a better choice than a contract with att.

        • Anonymous

          Tell me what phone would I tell her to get?
          This is lame midrange phones Tm,has 2 so-so
          flip phones,and 2 so-so bar phones. That it!
          I have not check the mid range phone Vez.has,
          but i did check the mid range phone’s on At&t.
          they have at least 3-4 sliders phones(that they were selling 3yrs ago.) I believe 4 flip phones also. She could get a go phone with them,and $50.00 for everything! I checkout the plans At&t,has with Tm,
          for her needs about the same cost! 

        • Tbyrne

          Since moneys no object, call AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, see who has the most expensive midrange phone and rate plan, then go with them. Sheesh!

        • Diana

          Have you read what Stephenson said?  Where AT&T’s plan was to FORCE non-smartphone users to smartphones they don’t want, don’t need, and likely won’t be using, for the extra revenue?

          You sent her to AT&T?  REALLY???

        • Anonymous

          You didn’t read what I wrote. She didnot leave Sprint yet. How will At&t do that? Since nearly all their phones are 3 g? He also he said if the buyout doesnot go thru, it will be higher prices for everyone. I would like to see how At&t is going to do that.What he said  is for all cell companies! not just At&t.

        • Tbyrne

          Telling your friends mother to go to AT&T was stupid. You should’ve asked if a lower monthly bill was important to her. Most people not only want a decent phone but a lower monthly bill also.

        • Anonymous

          Not sure how much she is paying now. She doesnot need data. She only needs mins,and text.  I look at the midrange phone tm has.
          They just plan suck! What she needs,it would be the same price!
          Again she doesnot want a smart phone or touch screen! She has left Sprint yet.

      • http://twitter.com/GusGomez G4tro

         I understand what you’re saying but where I’m getting at is that Tmo doesn’t give you options when it comes to OS. I’m a WP7 user I ‘ve had Android before and it’s just not for me i wont turn back to it. As far as WP7 phones I have very very very little options on TMo is either the Radar a midrange phone or The Lumia710 another midrange. my point is why not offer atleast one high end phone on every OS instead of giving us to mid range phones?. AT&T might be a little more expensive or alot more depending how you look at it but at least they give you options. Tmo to me right now is looking like a sinking ship that that’s going down little by little. just my opinion.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

      I don’t think that “gorgeous” and “Windows Phone 7” belong in the same sentence.

      But if you’re a Windows lover, I guess you like ugly, dumbed-down interfaces.

      • http://twitter.com/GusGomez G4tro

        ok see this is what i don’t understand just because is not your cup of tea doesnt mean you have to put it down….The Nokia Lumia 900 is a gorgeous device in my opinion and alot of other peoples opinion but if that’s not your opinion then that’s your opinion. If what you’re trying to say is that Android looks better than WP7 again thats your opinion but I think other wise. and almost everyone that has seen my current phone (Dell Venue Pro) would disagree with you too. I love the function of windows phone I’ve had terrible experience with android (Lagging and shutting off, freezing etc.) but that’s my experience not yours. If you love android and it works for you then that’s you whatever. But just because you don’t think WP7 devices and OS aren’t gorgeous that I’m gonna feel the same way you do. That’s why we all have our preference just because it looks ugly to you it doesn’t mean is ugly I guarantee you that 9/10 people you show the Nokia Lumia 900 to will tell you thats a beautiful phone.

        • BigMixxx

          I’d hafta agree there, G4tro.  That Lumia 900 is beautiful, so is the 800…  So is the N9, if the N9 were coming cheaper, I’d scoop it up in a heartbeat….

        • Anonymous

          Me too. Love the N9. That said, as a user experience with the 710 in the store recently, I was quite impressed. How being a part of the microsoft ecosystem daily….well not sure about that. I didn’t see anything  but fluid, smooth, UI behavior. I just got the iPhone 4S, (my first iPhone) and the 710 is very smooth like the iPhone. I think Windows is tainted by the Windows of old, and it might take cutting edge hardware of the kind of beauty that Nokia is known for to save microsofts hiney. If the 900 came to TMobile, I’d be seriously tempted to use my upgrade. I’m saving it for something special….lets see what TMOs got for 2012.

        • BigMixxx

          N9 great hardware…good software solution.

          I really don’t like windows mobile.  There is no uniqueness to the product set.  Every release is the same.  Very similar to iPhone.  But it’s that, which will make it successful, because the same experience can be held across devices.  

          I recognize it, I see it.  I will wait until it at least catches up with Android….

        • http://profiles.google.com/mrstrat Randall Ainsworth

          Don’t know about the specific phone, but WP7 is pitiful. Despite what Monkey Boy may be telling people, it’s not doing well in the marketplace. And if they keep the same horrid interface as the developer release of Windows 8, it’s going to bomb in the marketplace bigger than Vista and ME combined.

        • jlax3

          Well said!

    • Anonymous

      It’s tempting to jump ship for a beauty like the 900. I’ve been with TMO many years, and it’s because I get good rates, and great customer service. They always do something to keep me from thinking about leaving. It’s easier for me though. I have a Nexus One, Nokia E7, unlocked iPhone 4S purchased from Apple, and the G2X TMO gave me for free in Sept. (which works flawlessly). For those who can’t buy unlocked phones, which is my preference, the Nokia Lumia 900 is one hell of a temptation and opportunity. I’m impressed with how smooth the UI is on the 710. As far as I’m concerned, the 710 is one of the best deals I’ve seen in some time. Can you imagine the 900 with Android on it? (which I agree is a bit twitchy compared to IOS and Mango). But Android is outstanding never the less.

  • Anonymous

    Hm, about time. G2 deserved a longer life than than this G2x. LG pos.

  • Vegas214

    Never again will an LG product be bought with my hard earned money.

  • diamonds

    T-mobile has horrible customer service, even tho the mytouch 4g is discontinued there still sending me the piece of crap phone through warranty. Im better off with at&t.

  • Khamikaze

    This is totally outrageous…

    Can LG and T-Mobile do this? even though the G2x is still under warranty and they have not fixed it?
    LG and T-Mobile is adding G2x to Infant Mortality statistics…

    #OccupyLg #OccupyTmobile

    lgforum . com / forum/boards/carriers/t-mobile/topics/g2x-eol

    support . t-mobile . com / thread/16916?tstart=0

  • Ondawire

    i bought the phone the first day it came out may 20, 2011 and from the second day on i had nothing but problems. I will never buy another LG phone. i don’t care if it cooked meals for me and kept me young forever! Well maybe if it kept me young…….. lol Other than that LG is officially black listed when it comes to their phone products. The LG G2X sucked!!!!! point blank! I’m surprised it lasted this long

    • Mitch

      I bought mine the day it came out too… typing this on it actually. I rooted it and had CM7 on it within 2 months tho… it became a fine device once that was done.

  • Android4lyfe.com

    They are giving away G2X for an alternate exchange when you warranty out select high end android phones that are being discontinued

  • dariel

    tmobile is not what i here now i so mad just 1 mount with the conpany i have to change 3 phone b 4 i get my first bill on telling me thay gonna give me a Sidekick thats not what i want or will pay for now the g2x is free no even a upgrade i can do i got to pay full prise for my phone tmobile need to go

  • Sixlence99

    i guess i’m part of the few that loves adn has no problems with this phone as of yet.  i still boast it around my work place.  i’ll grab another g2x if i see it reduced in 3rd party stores.  i need a good back up phone while my primary is charging.

  • Anonymous

    If you want an android phone the g2x is the one to get. Great third-party rom support, large used market with the cheapest price available for a modern, dual-core phone, and it’s even officially going to get ICS. $200 for a brand new android phone running ICS is a steal. I’m going to ride out ICS and Jelly Bean with this phone in hand.