Your Vote For The Best T-Mobile Phone Of 2011

With just a little over a week left in 2011, a rough year for the T-Mobile faithful is finally coming to a close. Pushing aside all the recent doom and gloom of late, let’s turn our attention to one simple question we’d like to ask…what is your vote for the best phone of 2011? We’ve included a list of the most likely suspects, however, you should feel free to add an unlisted choice in the comments. You can only vote once so choose wisely. What phone did you truly lust for this year?

Let the voting begin!


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  • Seanmmvi

    Galaxy S 4g… best bang for your buck phone… period. $100, 24mb/s 4g, amoled screen… if it had a flash it would be the BEST phone in tmobiles line-up. as a sales representative for T-Mobile, i have sold more of those phones than any other and i have never EVER had a single one come back…

    • Felix

      Sean of course as a Rep u gonna sell the most of what phone u have. I’m a Rep too and I sell the hell out of my gsII and the new touchwiz owns the gs 4g.

  • Zahy Matar

    LG G2x! The T-Mobile Galaxy SII is using a Snapdragon, not the Exynos… So, it’s not really the best phone on T-Mobile. G2x all day.

    • Antoinetrenton

      That’s right LG g2x all day

      • Havoktek

        I’m going to have to agree from the pure hardware standpoint…..

        • Justamazing87

          The g2x dual-core is slower than Qualcomms dual core s3 processor. Check ur facts. Amazed also has PhD res. And Adreno 220 is good… Soo Idk what ur talking about

        • Tomnewtn

          Yep, G2X is a sleek build, and mine is flawless with GB. Very fast, very reliable. I never have reboots or have to pull the battery. Mine was sent to me with GB already installed, so maybe that’s why.

    • Anonymous

      G2x light bleeding display is garbage, update cycle is a joke, endless bugs are a nightmare, and tons of bloatware prevent me from considering it “pure”. I returned that thing 23 times before i finally got my money back. Last time I ever buy a LG product.

  • Going_home

    HTC Amaze for the win !
    For all you GSII sheeple, I had that phone for a couple days.
    Yep, returned it for the Amaze, very glad I did.
    Same size screen but smaller phone, oh and higher resolution too I might add.
    Best part of the Amaze… doesnt have the horrendous Samsung Touchwhiz user interface.
    Also the camera is hugely better than the GSII.


    • Seanmmvi

      the amaze has a smaller screen… 4.3″ screen to the S2’s 4.5″ screen…

    • Anonymous

      Sense is crap. I’m by no means a fan of touch wiz but good god sense is terrible. Also Samsung’s displays are hands down the best. Unfortunately I have a sensation…. I’ve never loathed a piece of technology as much as this piece of garbage.

  • TJ

    can tell you the exhibit 2 is the worst

  • felix

    SGSII is beast and no other phone can compare. The amaze is a better version of the sensation and touchwiz owns HTC sense!

    • Going_home

      Enjoy your crappy Touchwiz my friend.
      Dont forget to enjoy how much longer it takes you to get updates because of Touchwiz too !
      HTC will have their phones updated months before Samsung heheh.


      • Nearmsp

        Like the Wi-Fi calling update?

    • Mental_Environ

      Politely, with no disrespect intended, the SGS2 needs two cores – one to run android, and the other to deal with the memory leaks, bugginess and lag from touchwiz.  It is quite possibly the worst implementation I have ever seen.  If you like it’s features, then good on you, but it is a pathetic piece of software that makes most samsung phones with lesser specs unusable and makes upgrades take significantly longer than they need to.

      • steadymobb

        Had my s2 since it came out and it never ever lags….seriously. And last night I was out and drunkenly dropped my phone on the pavement without a case on…no harm done

      • Zeth006

        You’ve never owned an S2, have you?

  • Anonymous

    galaxy nexus.

  • tmorocks

    I had the galaxy s2 & then I dumped it for an amaze such I love…then I missed the galaxy s2 so of course I bought another one….I’ve owned a sensation since it came out(and I’m typing on it now) & my wife has the galaxys 4g….all of these are excellent phones in their individual ways. No single one “Owns” in every department…Or Tmobile would only make one phone & that would blow! I’m a 30 year old phone junkie that loves all the toys tmo throws my way with my five lines of service! I been with tmo 9yrs now & I’m just happy we have phones like all of the ones mentioned here to choose from, or in my case buy them all, lol….let’s just be happy we aren’t CDMA! You could say your phones the greatest but you can’t because its not yours!!! Because as soon as Verizon or sprint decide they want to do iyt, your phones a paper weight!!! All of the phones on tmo rock whether it be for value, camera processor, display, rooting capabilities or a lot of other reasons! F*?%$ CDMA!!! I’m just glad I’m not them!!

    • bill40

      Our VERIZION cdma dual core Droids must really suck! and suck bad too…and that’s why we have 100 million customers vs 30 million on tmo. We not with out our issues, but we must be doing something right. Verizion does cost a bit more but you get what you pay for….So dont demonize what you don’t like…people are not stupid, we all make the Best choice for our money and what we like.

      • Anonymous

        $70 more per month is more than a bit

      • Matlcok

        I like being able to switch phones without having to have my carrier do it for me! Although I do have alot of respect for Big Red’s network and its reliability. But being a phone junkie like I am, I cant go without having my sim card, and no I dont like Crapt&t or Sprint!

      • Tomnewtn

        Get what you pay for? Believe that if you like. For $79- mo (loyalty plan), I can unlimited everything, can wi-fi hotspot, tether, with no other charges. My data is fast, and my calls don’t drop. I compared this to Verizon’s fees for comparable services, and my monthly was going to be much much higher. In addition, I like being able to switch my sim card between devices without calling and asking permission to use my other phones. Vz has accomplished much, but they overcharge, and from what I have read, do not offer good customer service in terms of billing issues. And I was able to use my phones in Italy with local sim.

  • Anonymous

    I had a behold II, it is where i first learned to HATE touchwiz.  There is an old adage, if at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger hammer.  I was going to try that on the behold II, but my 11 year old asked for it and there you go, I missed the chance…..

  • Uvasif28

    The amaze 4G by far!!!! better build quality, camera, no ugly Touchwiz UI. Yup, HTC Amaze FTW!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ya, an ugly sense Ui instead.

  • PyCTaM Bek

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)

    • Bobby Phoenix

       Way to not vote correctly.  It’s what T-Mo offers in stores, not what you can use on the network.  Geez.  haha  Merry Christmas.

  • Darren

    Toss up between the sgs2 and the g2x…I guess I will say the g2x because of vanilla android and no lag

    • Kevin Zhou Belnap

      are you kidding, after the gingerbread update its full of lag!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali

    The question is “will tmobile get the galaxy nexus or the razr?”

    • Mirad77

      Hope the razr as I can testify of what a beast this phone is. Mine is GSM but not compatible with tmo’s 3g, but am still loving every minutes of the phone even on edge.

  • Justamazing87

    How the sensation is better then the amaze…ppl just voted for the phone they have

    • Rek Aviles

      If the poll was about which phone has better specs, then you would only see 2 or 3 phones on the list. Not much of a poll. 

      I tried all the top phones on that list and I will go with Sensation. Amaze was very buggy for me and the hype of the camera, was just that.. hype to me, cause I didn’t see it doing anything that would make me want to buy it off contract. 

      Sensation: Minimal issues out the box, batt life has been pretty damn good, great Sense UI and heavy apps run smoothly on that phone. Like all the phone, that have its pros and cons but overall, it’s a great phone

  • Tomnewtn

    Based on extensive research, and my own experience, I would have to say the G2x. Better build. Better UI, and with GB, mine has been flawless and fast as heck. I would prefer true stock like my Nexus One, in a more powerful build, but not by Samsung. 

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    has to be galaxy s2 ….. its the king 

  • Jlg

    I say HD2 :-) What other phone has Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows Phone 7.5, and Ubuntu?

    • Adrian Parks

      The HD2 was definitely 2010.

  • Burke985

    easily the galaxy S2

  • Tigy888

    Woot Galaxy S II FTW!!!

  • 2000jetta

    How could the sensation get more votes than the amaze? Understand the Galaxy fanboy action but pure specs the amaze blows sensation away not to mention its just beautiful in comparison