Wi-Fi Calling Coming To The Galaxy S II, Amaze 4G On November 13th

From the moment the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G hit store shelves there was a lot of unanswered questions about Wi-Fi calling. Was it available or not available? Was it locked on the phone requiring an update to unlock? Was Wi-Fi calling no longer coming pre-installed on Android devices? As it turns out, the capability is there but the feature isn’t. The good news is we’ve got a solid answer on when exactly Wi-Fi calling will be ready for both of these premiere T-Mobile devices: November 13th.

We’re not 100% sure as to reason why Wi-Fi calling wasn’t enabled from the start but we can say with a measure of certainty that a specialized SIM card is required to ensure Wi-Fi calling works post November 13th. We should preface this and say that in order for this feature to work, you’ll likely have already used the SIM card that came with your Galaxy S II or Amaze 4G.  If you pre-ordered or purchased in store you need to ensure that your phone has the “GBA SIM card” which came with the device at the time of ordering. If not, I’m sure a quick trip to a T-Mobile retail location can rectify the problem. You don’t have to rush however as anytime between now and November 12th would be good.

Assuming your phone is ready with the “GBA SIM card,” come November 13th you’ll be good-to-go with Wi-Fi calling on both the Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G. So there you have it, while it’s been a little bit of a mystery regarding Wi-Fi calling, we have our answer and we do like answers.

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  • Jeffjules74

    I bought the galaxy s 2 yesterday with a new sim card. Very upsetting. Was hoping for this feature

  • Billy

    Why isn’t Tmobile simply using the old working version of the WiFi Calling app on their new mobiles?

    What happened to the good old process of releasing UPDATES?  Like it is done for; Tmobile Mall app, Google Maps app, Gmail app and many other apps.  Tmobile can work out all their self-induced WiFi Calling app provisioning bugs later.

    Tmobile Products Team must have made the provisioning process of the WiFi Calling app so fragmented, that developers can’t debug it.  Not only is Tmobiles Team provisioning a working app, but a provisioned SIM, on a already fragmented OS.

    “WiFi Calling?  Yeah it has that feature.  Its coming soon. 
    Date?  We can’t give you a date, but we’ll still state that feature as currently available to make us look good.”

  • Hunguyen56

    This one was a given, but we can’t help but love it when it has been officially confirmed. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been officially confirmed by Samsung UK to receive the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update, although there was no dates mentioned, apart from the promise that they will keep us posted.We had previously reported on a rumored list of devices that were scheduled to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 was among them. We’re not sure about the fate of the other devices, but then again the devices listed are some of Samsung’s latest products, so it’s not a stretch to imagine that they would be eligible for the update as well.Reply

  • Navid G

    I spoke to both Samsung Galaxy S technical support and T-mobile technical support on the phone, both mentioned that there will no update coming soon and it is really disappointing for me because I can’t use my phone at home at all…. I really loved this feature and I think I should go back to my BB… :(

  • Anonymous

    What does WiFi calling look like on the Amaze?  In other words how do I know if I have it or not.  As I described earlier when I went to Germany last week a message came up about wifi calling and requiring a special SIM card.  When I explore on the phone.  Settings, Call, then scroll to the bottom there is a group called “internet call settings” and the Accounts (for setting up SIP accounts), and then a check box to when to use or not to use internet calling.

    Is this the same as WiFi Calling since I understand it to based on SIP ?   Or is this just a generic SIP/VOICE client bundled with Android ?

    I checked randomly with some work colleagues and they all have the same settings available to them.

    I asked my TMO sales rep and he said just go to MyTmobile and setup a SIP account to get the settings (of course there is no such feature that is active that I can find).

  • Bndehart

    Well, what is the new date for this feature become available??

  • Dpa

    this is Nov 30 and wi-fi is still not available on the Galaxy SII

  • Michael Wilson

    Its Dec 1 and where is the wi-fi calling for the HTC amazed.  

  • Atir1967

    i was told rolling updates, all galaxy s II should have wi fi calling by the 20th of december.

  • Kingbksc

    any one know for sure iam going to be able to do wifi calling on my galaxy s2 soon. because iam going to return it  there is no service in my house got to have asap .where did you here about this dec 20th date because samsung customer support dont have any info and iam worried thay cant get this software to work right and thats why it did not come out in nov . got 12 days left to return. very missleading was told to get this phone because the new wifi calling will be better than other phones per t moble

  • Atir1967

    Tmobile customer service informed me of the time frame.

    • Thunderkoda

      Great. When?

  • JetWholesale

    Hi, I don’t way to seem rude here, but it’s Dec 21st & there is still no wifi calling app to be used.
    Please let us know what is going on.

    I have a portable Mifi from a carrier that has coverage where we don’t I was planning on using that with wifi calling, but still cannot.

  • Qbforeva2002

    Can someone advise if the Wifi calling feature is working on the Galaxy S2?