T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Benchmarked

Have you been eager to see how the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II would perform on a quadrant benchmark test? Well look no further as a ninja just dropped some images and a quick video in our inbox showing us exactly how the T-Mobile Galaxy S II fares. You’ll have to excuse the noises and the crying baby but you really don’t care about them do you? You just want to see the final result, that orange bar that tells you the sacred benchmark score. Well what are you waiting for, check out the video.

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  • jtecj

    Just the general structure of your’ rant makes me not like this phone.

  • JOey

    everything I have seen is that the GS II often needs updates for games to run right, don’t know how this hybrid will deal with games.

    Otherwise everyhgig I have seen shows the G2x running faster on graphics…..which is much more meaningful that scrolling of the OS….which both phones do very well