Blackberry Bold 9900 With 4G Now Available For $299.99 After Rebate

On a news day that will undoubtedly by overshadowed by the news of the Department of Justice moving to block the AT&T/T-Mobile takeover the Blackberry Bold 9900 with 4G is now available through T-Mobile’s first 4G Blackberry arrives for $299.99 with a two year agreement after a $50 mail in rebate. Immediate feedback has been less than pleasant regarding the launch price of this device so we’re hoping that T-Mobile drops the price soon after launch. In any case, if you’ve been eyeballing this device for months hit the link below or head on over to your local T-Mobile store and grab one!


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  • Sara

    one minute later the blackberry finally is loaded and into the OS.

  • 21stNow

    OK. The cheerleaders are here.  If you are happy with your purchase, why badger the people who came here to vent about the BlackBerry Bold 9900’s price and missing features?

    I bought a Sensation at retail price, but didn’t feel the need to bash others who wanted to buy it at contract price or felt that the Sensation was lacking.  I didn’t complain when the retail price dropped $50 in a month.

    Live and let live.  If you are happy with your purchase of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 for $599, Yay!  Let others who think that $299 ($349 +applicable tax out the door) is too much for this phone have their say.

    • zacamandapio

      I don’t disagree.
      We, us, myself never said they can’t complain.  I also believe this is a high price as well.  But I’m willing to pay it. 
      Everyone can say whatever they like (well almost).  And the world goes on.


    Does Anyone Know if this BlackBerry9900 will BeComing Out in White?!?!
    i Believe i seen UK carriers were getting it in Black This Month & then White Mid-October.

    • zacamandapio

      Stephanie Rizzo,
      I agree.
      White is an excellent color and will look very nice on a device like the Bold 9900.

  • mark

    i read almost all these comments and how can you say t mobile is cheaper then anyone else. i went to buy this phone . for the cheap plan you have to pay outright for it and you are still in a contract for 2 years. the other plans are just as expensive as everyone else. slightly cheaper but corrporate discounts erase that. i pay all in for att iphone 85 bucks. thats with taxes i wanted this phone and the 59.99 unlimited everything price. the corporate discount is 15% makes the bill about 60 65 bucks all in. but you have to pay 600 for the phone(no problem if you werent in a contract but you are) so after 2 years you have to buy another phone outright. you actually lose 400 bucks. att discount is 23%

    • zacamandapio

      It seems that At&t is the one for you. 
      T-Mo BB $600 + (60×24) = $2040?
      At&t iPhone $199 + (85×24) = $2239?
      You’re right not much savings.  BUT when you tell me what the $85 plan and Tmo’s $60 plan include we can talk.
      On another note, you don’t have to buy every two years from them. 
      But if At&t is good for you then join At&t.
      One more example:
      My inlaws are with me in my plan.  They only pay $15 dollars for each additional line with 500 minutes, unlimited text and data.  I guess that makes it cheaper than Virgin Mobile AND on a national carrier.
      You’ve to compare Apples to Apples.

  • mark

    almost forgot no uma but the store manager said in about a month it will have it.   rim should have released this phone when the storm first came out about 2 years ago. thats how long this phone has been talked about. actually it was right after the original iphone came out. rim did nothing i left berry and t mobile i was going to come back with this phone but it will cost me money trying to save money and not cause i cant afford it but i believe cell phone prices (the bills not the phone) should be coming down not going up.  its all bs about att wanting to buy tmobile for the network. they want to eliminate compitition

    • zacamandapio

      Be happy man.  Better times will come.

  • Jaren

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  • Ortiz99

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