myTouch 4G Slide Priced At $199.99, Hands On Across The Web

With the official announcement of the myTouch 4G Slide behind us we thought an extra post was required in order to confirm the pricing So how much will the myTouch 4G Slide set you back? Just $199.99! For that price you get T-Mobile and HTC’s most advanced camera phone on the market complete with ClearShot HDR Image Capture and 1080p video recording.

If you wanted a closer look at the device we’ve compiled a quick gallery thanks to the folks at CNet and LaptopMag who were lucky enough to go hands on with the device.



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  • Lanikabum

    What is the price out the door for existing TmobileUSA customers?  We all know that rebates never pertain to existing TmobileUSA customers, unless we add a line.

  • Tm21fourt3

    I got my (original) Vibrant now….how do I get this?

  • Meagan

    This mobile will probably cost existing Tmobile customers around $612 out the door.  Start saving now…

    • Tm21fourt3

      See thats stupid, I’m tired of my slow Vibrant already, and I don’t mind paying the $200 for this phone.  Should cater to their current customers, not just the potential future ones.

  • Raghavtheskater

    It’s July 4th..where’s the phone?

  • Meagan

    Was in a Tmo Store the other day, hoping to find out a release date for the MyTouch Slide.  Tmo Store Rep was dumbfounded when I asked her about the soon-to-be-released-this-month MyTouch Slide, but was really excited to learn about it (with a keyboard).  She never heard a thing about the MyTouch Slide.  I informed her that she can find the info on the Tmo website.  She’s like, REALLY?!  Ignoring all customers waiting in line, she surfed her puter station and found the information.  I informed her that the promo video is a must-see for its camera features.