HTC Pyramid Found Roaming Chinese Badlands?

There is little question the phone most of you want to know about is the HTC Pyramid, hopefully the first 4.3″ Android phone to hit T-Mobile. As is expected, one of the biggest questions is what exactly will it look like? Thanks to Chinese site we believe we now know. Sporting a 4.3″ screen with a 1.2 GHz processor (no word on dual core) and a 960 x 540 qHD display. The Chinese site also states the Pyramid is running 786 MB of Ram, has an 8 megapixel camera on front with a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera. What’s odd is that it’s listed as running Android 3.0 honeycomb?

I’d take all of this with a grain of salt until we can find out more, especially the bit about running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. However, some of those specs including the processor and qHD screen line up with earlier rumors. Even more we expect that a device this anticipated would sport a dual core processor so we’ll remain hopeful for that as well. In the meantime, feast your eyes on what the HTC Pyramid might look like and try not to drool on the keyboard.


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  • Dantesinferno24

    Hopefully HTC thinks to put a battery in this thing larger than 1200 mAh. They have been driving me crazy with powerhouse specs and ridiculously small battery capacity. I prefer to not be tethered to an outlet.

  • Nardva

    T Mobile would be smart to go with pure Google phones from here on out since Android is so popular. The LGX2 was gone be my next phone but I’m holding off the Pyramid. LGX2 is rumored to be dropping 4-20. The Pyramid will probably drop in June or July.

    • Felipe Zamora

      Har Har har, 4-20

      I am probably doing the same. It all depends on how much things will cost.

      • Oreo

        Ha ha ha 420 smoke some. On topic though I hope this still has dual core and not just a overclocked second generation snapdragon processor. If so I believe the G2x will do fine for me even if I don’t trust LG’s build quality.

  • TweetMo

    What HSPA+ speeds will this get? Does anyone actually know? I’ve seen anywhere from 7.2 Mbps to 21 Mbps at various sites.
    So which is it? Surprise us with 42!?

    • Virtue

      If it’s the Qualcomm MSM8x60 series which the Pyramid is supposedly using, HSPA+ support will only be 14mbps.

      • Nar

        that sucks.

      • k-mack

        if this will be a high end release for tmo, of course it will be 21mpbs. the G2 and myTouch 4G are already 14.4 and this will be released about a year after.

      • TweetMo

        That is MAJOR.
        If it’s true, they’re wasting time & money, because many people will avoid it.
        The logic of new phones always having more HSPA+ support than previous phones just isn’t true. i.e. CLIQ2, DEFY, HD7

  • jarjon76

    The phone looks great and I’m loving the specs. I’ll still withhold complete judgement until I get hands on time with it. It looks promising, though.

  • Uranus

    @inhuman5000 & TweetMo both of you shut your dumb mouths. Think before you speak or ask such variety of useless stupid remarks & and or questions. The Pyramid will be a mere copycat of the Brick Mortar phone found by Sprint, the HTC EVO. Pull your fingers out of your butts and ears and accept the crap phone from HTC as it as just that, CRAP! When T-Mobile finally creates a buzz, it’ll be shortly after the release a iPhone. Which will be most likely close to never. I’m saddened by the level ignorance posted to this mumbo jumbo, barf extract of a phone.

    • k-mack

      you are wasting your breath and no one is buying what you are selling! lol! please don’t bother comparing sprint phones to tmo phones! you know htc is solid, quit faking, dude!!

    • tmobeast

      get the EFFF out of here!
      what are you doing here! this is for tmobile customer!
      so if your not on tmobile please DONT BE JEALOUS of our upcoming phones!

    • Shaggy

      @yerAnus The world does not revolve around Apple

    • Ghostman34

      I think YOU need to get your head out of your Name dude, give it up already. And yes, Apples sucks and overrated. Android is the way to go…and Rooted for that matter.

  • Oce

    Just looking at that pic, it doesn’t give me any hope that the battery will be any bigger than that of the Desire HD; 1230 mAh. I would much rather see an Evo size device with larger battery capacity than a super thin DHD, or HD2 size device with a 1200 mAh battery. After handling an Evo, I think it is a great balance between the size of the display and thickness and felt good in the hand and pocket. I have small hands for reference; also, I don’t wear skinny jeans either. :/ I also owned the HD2 and it was just a little too thin for my taste.

    • Oce

      Also, dlna is nice, but It would be nice to have an hdmi slot as well.

    • beastly

      Dear Motorola,
      Thanks for making the Defy with a 1540 mAh battery and DLNA. Plus thanks for giving it the screen size of the G2 but without so much wasted space around it. Oh, and I can check my RSS feeds on it in the shower. Still one of the most underrated phones in T-Mo’s lineup.

      • Farhan

        Moto should make a Defy 2 with a dual-core processor and 4.3″ screen.

        • Davidcardona621

          would be nice!

  • NexOne

    WOW!!! this device will make me forget about the sprint/t-mo merge or buyout.T-mo hurry and bring the beast.

    • Blkscorp75

      Google should merge/purchase T-Mobile.

  • Scifigeek4life

    awsome looking phone now lets hope it has stock android and not some lame sense or something similiar to that let us choose to put our own launchers over stock stop trying to make it tmobiles own branded way.

  • Anonymous

    Just Google and no with google? hmmm pure android experience is my guess in this case.

    • Blkscorp75

      I hope so. I prefer the pure Google.

  • ATL guy

    SSiiiihh in friggin downtown ATL and as usual can’t get GPS on my Mytouch 4G.
    If you are considering T-Mobile …..TURN AWAY AND RUN QUICKLY! !

    • Quest

      That’s like blaming Ford for not being able to tune to your favorite radio station in your Fiesta in the middle of the Sahara.

  • Blkscorp75

    Although I like HTC Sense, I am kinda hoping that it will be a pure Google experience like the Nexus One, Nexus S and T-Mobile G2. I have went from HTC Touch Pro to G1 to Nexus One and I have always been satisfied with performance. Can’t wait for the HTC Pyramid.

    • Jay Rello

      Most likely, its going to be vanilla android. I can tell because of the google logo on the back. And if the specs check out, there’s no way sense could be running on top of 3.0 this early.

  • NexOne

    this better not be the “EVO-3D” thats lurking around for Sprint.i just hope the specs are right or even better and hopefully exclusive on T-Mo.looks so beautiful :)

    • CeeGee Borela

      Evo 3D is the LG Optimus 3D for sprint, tmo got the Opimus 2x

      • rolo

        the Evo 3D is the HTC SHOOTER not lg optimus 3d

  • mikeyo

    with that much ram it will be running sense.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous phone. I was also very impressed by the Prime and Ignite, the most interesting WP7 devices I’ve seen so far.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous phone. I was also very impressed by the Prime and Ignite, the most interesting WP7 devices I’ve seen so far.

  • AsIf

    Looks like this one may never come to America with merger!!! I am so disappointed with T-Mobile only for this reason what a freaking tease!

  • AsIf

    Looks like this one may never come to America with merger!!! I am so disappointed with T-Mobile only for this reason what a freaking tease!

  • AsIf

    Looks like this one may never come to America with merger!!! I am so disappointed with T-Mobile only for this reason what a freaking tease!