The G2 Has Started Shipping, Has Yours?

Now don’t worry if your order hasn’t populated yet as this isn’t working for everyone. According to Mr. T1 Connect, our resident TmoNews forum (speaking of which, have you joined the discussion in our forums?) guru T-Mobile G2 pre-orders have started to show up in UPS’ system for at least a small number of people. Want some instructions to see if your G2 is on the way? Jump to this forum thread!

So while it’s still early in the game, sound off below if your shipping order is now showing up and giving you an arrival date! As an extra bonus, we’ve included four more shots of the G2 sized up to a Nexus One!



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    I ordered mine on Friday(9/24), checked the status and says will be arriving 9/30! Great turn around t-mobile. I hope it was because I use to be a t-mobile rep!

    • Mr MN

      Can you guys please make a video review when you get it and post it on youtube? I couldn’t decide because I like the myTouch HD also.

      Is that a real UPS truck? :-)

      • David, Managing Editor

        I certainly hope to be able to have a lot of people sending in different pictures and video between today and tomorrow!

    • JM77

      I was a little jealous with all the people about to get their phones…
      BUT I checked UPS even though I have NOT received a text or email from tmo about delivery!… AND it is on schedule for tomorrow!

      I recommend that all who preordered go to and use your 10 digit phone number with NO dashes.

      You just might get a surprise!!! Good luck!

      • Shawn

        Hey thanks!!! I have been trying WITH the dashes this whole time and thought my phone was being left behind! lol.. Tried without the dashes and had a good surprise! Phone will be here tomorrow!!

  • Mike D.

    Mine just updated this morning to “backorder” but I still never received an actual tracking number. I ordered the first day.

    • chotpy

      Go to The reference number (under track by reference) is your phone number. You should find your tracking number.

      More info on “backorder”:

      Q: Why does Customer Care say my order is on ‘back order’?
      A: All pre-sale orders will show as backordered until the shipping date. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your device has shipped that will include a link to the UPS Web site where you can track delivery.

      • Mike D.

        Got it. Shipped/Billed on 28th

        Status: Billing Information Received

        I’ll check a bit later and see if anything changes.


  • David, Managing Editor

    Don’t forget to send in pictures and video for your unboxing today!!!

  • Karl

    I don’t mean to be a big bummer here but I wonder if they are just getting sent to local UPS distribution centers.
    Mine states:
    Status: In Transit – Rescheduled
    Rescheduled Delivery Date:09/30/2010
    Shipped To: CHESTERTON, IN, US
    Shipped/Billed On:09/28/2010
    So I don’t know if “In Transit – Rescheduled” means T-mo sent them out on hold and then decided F it lets deliver them, or if that Rescheduled means it’s going to sit at UPS until it gets released.

    • David, Managing Editor

      One person said theirs was out for delivery so who knows what’s really going to happen!

      • EM

        Mine shows out for delivery

        Location Date Local Time Description What’s This?
        HAMILTON, OH, US 09/29/2010 7:38 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY

        • David, Managing Editor


  • pimpstrong

    Good to see everybody excited again here in TMO land. I would have been all over this bad boy coming from the Touch Pro 2 but the Vibrant and its big and perfect screen came out long before.

    • timmyjoe42

      This reminds me of the G1 launch.

  • Bayne

    Mine will ne here tomorrow here in Northern VA!!! BOOYA

  • Henry

    I think the same thing happened when I ordered my BlackBerry 8900 last year. All these people paid extra for the express shipping and we all got our Blackberrys around the same time. I paid for regular shipping and UPS says mine should be here today. Last night, it only had the Louisville KY information, but this morning it shows OHIO and other info. I live in the DC area, so not too far away. I’m pretty excited!

  • Chad

    yup checked mine last night! it will be here tomorrow 9/30 i order 130am ET via online standard shipping, good job tmo on turn around time

  • Blinkstafoo182

    Cool, says the G2 will be delivered tomorrow 9/30. I guess we’ll see.

  • chotpy

    Billing information YAY

  • Deaconclgi

    I am excited for you all and I didn’t even order a G2!!!! Nothing like hearing a knock at the door and seeing the UPS person high tailing it back to the truck before you can say thanks. I think I let out a lion like roar when I opened my last tech gadget deliver…..I was sooooooooooo excited!

    Enjoy you new device!

  • Keith

    I ordered mine on Sunday-26th via the call center. I just checked UPS for tracking info and it says the G2 will be delivered today!! Good luck everyone!

    Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 09/29/2010.

    Tracking Information
    Tracking Number:(removed) Status: In Transit
    In Transit Scheduled Delivery Date: 09/29/2010 Shipped To: LEXINGTON, KY, US Shipped/Billed On: 09/28/2010 Type: Package Service: GROUND Weight: 1.30 Lbs

    LEXINGTON, KY, US 09/29/2010 5:56 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY

    • fuzzy

      lucky, i ordered 2 days before you!!

  • fuzzy

    mine will be arriving 9/30!!

  • ooHmartY

    Mine says out for delivery! Yaay!! Can’t wait to finally receive this phone.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Send in pictures!!!!

  • tom m.

    getting it on 10/4

  • tom m.

    scheduled to be delivered on 10/4

  • Eric

    Had to use no dashes in my phone number for UPS tracking. It shows On-Time for 9/30/2010 expected delivery! (shipped on 9/28/2010) DFW area

  • tom momr

    to be delivered on 4th

  • Lui

    I pre ordered my phone yesterday and according to the UPS tracking number im getting mine today!!!

    • David, Managing Editor


  • Trae713

    So I should just keep checking today on UPS since I pre ordered last friday morning? because Im not getting any shipment details or emails. I ordered in store and recieved a printout.

  • Alex

    Mine was shipped on the 28th and right now it’s 20 miles away hough I have to wait until tomorrow to receive it for some odd reason. Man, i wish i could just drive the 20 miles and pick it up.

  • aliendave

    Crap. My tracking only indicates Billing Information Received and now my order status on the T-Mo site says “Backorder.”

  • ty

    Mine will arrive 10/5 ahhhh can’t wait that long!!

  • Felix

    latest update says mine has left the local facility and is out for delivery!!!!

    • Felix

      even better, I called customer service to add internet to my plan and the rep gave me one month for free. I love t-mobile!

  • aedv

    My order status says “backordered” too which is complete BS because my buddy preordered 2 days after I did and his is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I am fuming mad.

    • Bayne

      Dude its ok mine on the tmobile site says the same thing. but when i went to ups and did the phone number thing it says it will be delivered by the 30th!!!!

  • draws

    mines says rescheduled, will be here the 30th yessssss…

  • La_resistance28

    This is the most excited I’ve ever been for a phone delivery that’s not even coming to me, haha! Just seeing the excitement of everyone on here is so infectious! Can’t wait to see the first unboxing pix and videos! Yay for the G2! Go T-Mo!

  • crzy

    09/29/2010 5:00 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY
    Should be here in about 2 hours-2:15 minutes…I have a raging phoner right now.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Pictures or it didn’t happen!! Just kidding!

      • crzy

        I’ll send you a pick in about and hour and 15…as long as UPS comes same time as usual, murphey’s law says today will be the one day they’re late

  • Fishstick

    Mine is out for delivery today! I never get my UPS stuff ’till 6pm Eastern but I am excited!

  • val

    for all those with delivery dates for this week, did you select expedited shipping?

    • gMoney

      nope, I did regular shipping…should be here (maryland) tomorrow.

      • val


    • JM77

      Ordered on Saturday. Regular shipping. Never received a text or email about it.
      But its scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

      Use your 10 digit phone number no dashes. It is your reference number NOT your tracking number.

      Good Luck!

  • Roadmasta01

    Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 10/01/2010.

    Tracking Number:——————
    Status: In Transit – On Time
    Scheduled Delivery Date:10/01/2010
    Shipped To: PASADENA, TX, US
    Shipped/Billed On:09/28/2010
    Weight:1.30 Lbs

    I’m glad it is shipped already, but I’m sure that they will hold it until the 6th like they did the G1.

  • LSxChevelle

    10/1 wahoo!

  • Herinel

    tmobile’s site says it will be delivered by the 6th?! NO WAY i hope its a mistake because ups site doesn’t even have a delivery time yet………..

  • Evan

    I cant wait to see how this phone is with the public, and cant wait to get my hands on it for Christmas. I just couldn’t ever pre order a phone again with what happened to the Mytouch.

    • twandizzel

      What happened to the mytouch???

  • LookingForward

    Scheduled Delivery Date: 10/01/2010 Shipped To: BOULDER, CO, US Shipped/Billed On: 09/28/2010 Type: Package Service: GROUND Weight: 1.30 Lbs

    09/29/2010 8:39 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
    LEXINGTON, KY, US 09/29/2010 4:18 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    09/29/2010 2:36 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN

    The T-mobile status page says:
    Shipping Method

    UPS Ground
    Delivery information
    Your T-Mobile G2 will be delivered to your shipping address on October 6, 2010

    I ordered Friday at 5AM. Standard UPS delivery.

    It took about an hour to get the online order through. First, it wouldn’t even show the G2 for me since I had a Vibrant for 2 weeks and returned it. I used my Daughter’s number and paid full price. My contract is up October 15, and I plan to switch to the even more plus plan.

  • dwillistyle

    Tomorrow!!!!!!! 9/30 delivery date. In transit and on time!!

    I wasn’t expecting it this early since I did not pay for expedited shipping. You certainly wont hear me complain. I haven’t been this exited for a phone since…well, ever.

  • val

    i finally gave up obsessively checking the ups website for details and just called tmo cs. i kept putting in my phone number and they had nothing on it. cs gave me an actual tracking number (completely different from my phone number) and my scheduled delivery date is tomorrow, 09/30! how exciting!!

    • AM123

      I ordered mine last friday the 24th with express shipping and UPS is still not providing me any info (through my phone reference #). I’m starting to think that T-mobile is purposely holding back express shipping orders. CS was of no help either. All they said is that I should receive it between the 4th and 6th. :(

  • Aly


    Scheduled Delivery Date:09/30/2010
    Shipped To: DALLAS, TX, US
    Shipped/Billed On:09/28/2010

  • Robert Aitchison

    I was tempted to pre-order this but am holding off until I hear from Cyanogen that it’s “hacker friendly” (easily rootable and rommable) unlike the Droid X or MyTouch 3g Slide.

  • volcanic515

    Mines says Oct 01 is the delivery date!!! YAY!!

  • Frankfurter

    I ordered mine on the afternoon of the 24th. The UPS website says the shipping info has been submitted to UPS, but no other info. It also says “back ordered” on the T-Mo status site. Will wait to see. I’m in Las Vegas. Anyone from Vegas have a confirmed delivery time yet? Anyway, good luck to all of you getting yours today. I will keep checking these boards today for your pics/impressions!

    • UPSSucks

      Yeah mine was confirmed for friday 10/1 until i had to call tmo and have UPS add an APARTMENT NUMBER! and now UPS says it wont get here until monday 10/4. im also in LV. UPS Sucks!!!!!!!

  • joel

    Mine is also out for delivery :D

    Man UPS can’t get here fast enough T_T

  • gowaderacer

    why is that person wearing crocs with black slacks??

  • G1AndroidFan

    I just checked the T-Mobile site and mine is showing Completed but no Tracking number yet

    • fuzzy

      go to –> tracking –> track by reference –> put your cell phone number in the reference field


    I should have pre ordered I’m pissed. now I gotta wait til Wednesday and hope t mobile stores don’t sale out before I get off work.

  • Luis

    Ahhhhh!!! Pre-Ordered with express shipping on the 24th am. Went from showing me shipping in three business days on Saturday to shipped in one business day when I call the automated system on Monday.

    NOWWWW it is showing me BACKORDER when I call the automated system. Called TMobile and they are saying it is showing back ordered also and not to expect it until the 6th :(.

    Sucks to be me…

    • Want2CBetter

      go to and check under track by reference number using your 10 digit phone number with no dashes in it. Tmobile still say mine hasn’t shipped but it has as I can verify @ This is the only way you can find out at this time.

      • Luis

        Did this since I placed the order…It doesn’t come up at all…sniff, sniff…missing out on all the fun…sigh

  • OMG

    I ordered mine yesterday around 10 in the morning. I went to and I put in my phone number without dashes or anything and it says it doesnt have information for my phone at all!!! Is there something wrong, or t-Mobile just hasn’t processed the information? HELP :(


    for those of you getting it today or tomorrow, what day did you order and approx what time? i ordered mine the day it was released by 9am pst and mine is still showing no tracking info on ups site or through a cc rep.

    • Want2CBetter

      I ordered @ 130am on the website – as soon as it was available. If you haven’t already, try the track by reference @ WITHOUT the dashes in the phone number. In the past you’ve had to put the dashes in but for many (if not all) of us – this time there are no dashes in the 10 digit phone number.

    • Eric

      I ordered mine on Sunday afternoon (9/26)…UPS says 9/30 delivery. TMO said to include dashes for the ref. number, but mine comes up without the dashes in the phone number.

  • Cam

    Does anyone know if you are required to sign for the package or will they leave it by the door?

  • G2R6

    I did not get any text or email confirmation about the shipment. Checked UPS with my reference number and it got shipped and will be @ my door this Friday Oct. 1.

    Bad thing is, I tried to cancel my order 5 minutes after placing the order online when T-Mo rep admittedly they were having problems with the Online order for the EIP option. I tried to order on last Friday (Sept. 24) using the EIP option but it wasn’t working and not letting me proceed with the SUBMIT. After 4 reps and 1 loyal customer rep. They still processed the order eventhough the 1st 2 reps I spoke with reassured me that it will be cancelled. Got a different story with the next 2, and a 50/50 chance with the Loyal Customer rep.

    So Tmo got me to pay the phone in full and not the EIP option I wanted.
    But, I’m still getting the phone on Oct. 1. I am considering returning it as they adviced, and I can reorder it using the EIP option through customer support and not online.

    A little frustrating.