The G2 Has Started Shipping, Has Yours?

Now don’t worry if your order hasn’t populated yet as this isn’t working for everyone. According to Mr. T1 Connect, our resident TmoNews forum (speaking of which, have you joined the discussion in our forums?) guru T-Mobile G2 pre-orders have started to show up in UPS’ system for at least a small number of people. Want some instructions to see if your G2 is on the way? Jump to this forum thread!

So while it’s still early in the game, sound off below if your shipping order is now showing up and giving you an arrival date! As an extra bonus, we’ve included four more shots of the G2 sized up to a Nexus One!



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  • Albucian

    Usually they are very strict with phone deliveries. So I would bet for a signature requirement.

    • Shawn

      You would like to think that but it doesn’t happen. I had a replacement phone sent out, and went to go leave one day and when I opened my front door, the phone was sitting in the hallway on the floor. (I live in an apartment) It was basically up for grabs!

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      Yeah when i ordered the G1 all the delivery driver did was knock and left the package at the door, when i ordered the Vibrant (before returning it) i was not home and they just left it in my car port, i hope im home when they delive my G2.


        Intrestingly, when I ordered my hd2 I signed the pad before they handed me my package.

    • Lee

      I received my G2 yesterday after receiving the text that it was on it’s way. UPS did ring my door bell, but left it in front of the front door. So, if no one was home, then it was up for grabs.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    So i finally ordered mine just a few minutes ago through customer loyalty, i dont think i have checked my phone so much for a text about the shipping.

    • oh no tmo

      did you get the phone for $150 + $20 Android Data?
      I did… but I forgot to ask about the order #! Doh!!

  • Madison

    WOOOT Got my tracking number. Come out of Colorado. ETA Oct 4th.

  • James Gamble

    Mine shows as in transit with a delivery date of 9/30. I ordered mine via a T-Mobile corporate store and it looks like Express shipping was added for free. We’ll see tomorrow I guess. :)

  • Marcus

    They don’t send signature required…I had two Vibrants sitting under my door mat at my apartment on Monday afternoon. :)

    I believe I’m going back for a G2!

  • patrick

    yeah, i have yet to order mine but i am dying to. i fussed enough and finally got through customer loyalty and got the price down to 149.99 with no mail in rebate but the taxes are still going to be 45, and i am hoping to get the upgrade fee waived. we have been with tmobile for 7 years now and its finally great to see an awesome phone. i guess this gives me time to see some reviews before i buy!

  • JayJay

    WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I’ll have mine by Oct. 1st!!!! No sig required by the way.

    • AB

      Really? Not sure how I feel about that. I live somewhere where I could totally see it getting snatched off the porch. They’ll probably require a signature from me and re-deliver it on Saturday when I can sign for it.

  • mexicangio

    wooop wooop october 1st so stoked

  • cris

    Mine will be here frday wooo hooo newjersey

    • smartphoneguy

      new jersey here too

  • The Hammer

    Mine will be delivered on the 30th.

    But i just go my hands on one for a few sec at the local tmo store. Must say it feels awesome the Hinge mech is so buttery smooth. oooooooooo cant wait to get mine tomorrow

  • praguewatermelon

    YAY! Mine will arrive this Friday, according to UPS.

  • EricM

    Mine is in transit and ups tracking says my G2 will arrive on Oct 4, but I’m pissed at myself for choosing ground delivery!!! Want now!

  • AB

    Mine says it’s on track for delivery on Friday! But since I won’t be home to sign for it on Friday, I’ll probably get it on Saturday.

    My husband is sulking. I ordered the Vibrant for him the same day I pre-ordered my G2, and even though my phone isn’t officially out yet, I’m getting mine first!

  • javier

    Mine is in transit and will arrive on October 5th.

  • Mat

    I ordered min on the launch night and it’s set for 9/30/10 delivery. Wooo!!!

    • Rick


      • Kickstar13

        You can track via Reference Number which should be your mobile number (without the dashes).

  • shbbykng

    According to UPS I will have mine 9/30. Sent to a corporation so I will have it first thing in the AM. Good to say I will be busy all day with my new devise.

  • Jason

    I ordered mine on the 25th at the Tmobile store. They said they will give me a call when they get the shipment of the phone. Do you think the store will hand them out before the 6th??

  • coolMANDINGO

    its a little heavier(obviously because of the keyboard)than the nexus one and the G!. I will pass because the tethering is missing. No video or tv out.Meh its an ok device. not for me. enjoy for those ones that get it!!

    • LookingForward

      Just download pdanet from the market. You don’t even need to root. I wish it had video out, but will buy a dnla to TV adapter as soon as one is available.

  • logic660

    do we know if this has swype pre-installed?

    • Vince

      swype is preinstalled. Qwerty is really nice.

    • The Hammer

      Yes from the print out i seen today at the tmo store swype will be preinstalled

    • G2R6

      yes it does have swype pre-installed

  • Carlos

    anyone got there G2 yet? :)

  • G2R6

    Scheduled for Friday (Oct. 1) delivery as well.
    Placed order online last Friday (Sept. 24th)

    • MIkeyo

      Exact same boat im in. mine is coming to houston

  • Vince

    Just got mine. So far it is amazing.

  • Devin

    Wow… have it now… and its awesome.

  • Want2CBetter

    hmmm…. no offense, but when I get mine I will be too busy with it to even think about posting here. :)

    • Carlos

      thats what i was thinking as well…but it would for sure be on twitter & facebook lol…sense i use those heavily from my phone

  • jmugirl

    so when i preordered (9/27), my mom upgraded her phone to the g2 as well and our phones are being sent to two seperate addresses. I checked and my number did not find anything, but my mom’s on the other hand notes a 9/30 delivery date..i wonder why mine isnt up yet =(

  • Stevo J.

    Yesterday I checked my order status on and it said my G2 wouldn’t be shipped until Oct. 6. I checked UPS and there was no record of my phone. I got a knock at the door today and who might it be…the UPS delivery guy with my brand spankin’ new G2!!! Surprise Surprise!

  • LookingForward

    I went to the T-mobile store. They had one that I was able to demo. It is a bit heavier than the G1, but shorter and thinner. About the same width. Feels very solid. The one thing that I found out that I have not heard elsewhere is that you have to remove the battery to access the SD card. Not a big deal, but I would rather it was accessible like the G1.

    • The Hammer

      Not to be a smart A## but
      Do you people change out sd card alot??? I mean i get one and stick with it until i get a bigger one or it just craps out on me. Isnt it easier just to plug in the USB cable and transfer stuff that way?

      • LookingForward

        Actually, my Daughter and I both have G1s, and we would occassionally swap sd cards to listen to each others music. She started having issues where her phone would say that there was no SD card inserted. So it may be a good thing that it is harder to get to it on the G2.

  • Amanda

    for all of you that have yours, send the videos and pictures to David so we can all see! :)

  • aliendave

    Does anyone who has their G2 live in an HSPA+ city? I’d like to know what kind of speeds I can expect when I finally get mine…

    • notxel21

      +1 I would like to know this as well. I will be sure to post DL/UL speeds when I get my G2 tomorrow!

  • Alicia

    Mine will be arriving on 10/1!! I’m San Francisco, CA.

  • Joseph

    Have you had to sign for your phones?

  • Nozman

    Finally I got my teacking number I will receive my G2 on oct 1 that’s five days before launch!!

  • Trevor

    How long did it take for you guys to get your shipping text message? I just ordered one this morning :P

  • Joseph

    i got mine at 4:44 ordered it the 24th

  • Gamer

    Came home to a gift from ups. loving my new G2!!!!!


    i ordered mines tue night, received the order confirmation txt yesterday, received the shipping text today….scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

  • g1tmobile129

    has anyone who got express shipping received the phone yet?! i got express shipping and its not here yet :( it seems only people who got ground shipping are receiving the phone. im so impatient. and i cannnot call to complain because the phone is “supposed” to arrive and launch on the 6th

    • AM123

      @g1tmobile: I also got expres shipping last friday the 24th and it has yet to ship. It seems we got screwed royally!! Can’t even cancel the order because they say its too far in already. Sucks!!! I suspect they will ship it on tuesday for us. Weekend is gonna be tough!

      • DaBoiBanks

        I also got express shipping on monday and it hasn’t shipped yet… :-(

  • Cory Fechner

    Got Mine Today and it is AWESOME!

    Wish they did not remove the portable wi-fi hotspot / Tethering option but I guess I will continue to use PDA NET for tethering. I am getting close to T1 speeds tethered.

    NICE!! No more need to pay for Internet access at home!!!

  • steven

    the tracking for mine hasnt been updated since yesterday which made me think my package might show up early. i saw two UPS trucks near my area when i left the house today, but came back to nothing. i’m sure it’ll be here tomorrow, but the lack of tracking updates has me a little worried :/

  • GeneralSanity

    I feel like a chump. I pre-ordered at Best Buy and they have no idea when they will get the phone. What good is a pre-order if they don’t have the phones at launch. For the privilege of doing business with Best Buy, I get to drool as everyone else get’s their phone. I am an existing T-Mobile customer and I tried to place a pre-order, but they will not accept pre-orders for add-a-line, only for upgrades, and none of our lines are eligible for upgrade. Curse you T-Mobile! Stop teasing me and messing with my mind.