Samsung Says They Are Working On A Vibrant GPS Fix, In Other News The Sky Is Blue

While I’m almost positive this will incite a mini revolt against Samsung, they have stated that GPS improvements are coming to “other carrier partners” just moments after they released the fix for the AT&T Samsung Captivate. I can’t, for the life of me understand why these updates would not be doled out together but hey, I’m just a lowly blogger with a minimal understanding of these things. However, it’s a little aggravating to see the fix be given to another carrier while T-Mobile users have been significantly louder in their complaints regarding the Samsung Vibrant GPS issue. Did AT&T simply approve the update faster while T-Mobile is focusing on making sure the update actually you know, fixes something? I’m sure there is more the story than you or I know, but I know T-Mobile users have been asking about this for a long time and hopefully it’s coming soon, very soon!

Update: Sounds like  a Samsung issue from what I’m hearing, not a T-Mobile holdup!

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  • Geniuz

    Whenever this GPS fix comes out if it doesn’t work flawlessly you better believe a class action lawsuit is on its way. False advertising. The Vibrant doesn’t work as advertised. The GPS is useless and nonexistent.

    • monkeyboy311

      I agree 100%

      • drmd

        Agree, complete failure. No GPS Fix or Froyo

      • Ural

        Samsung is known for is SUBPAR capabilities in the programming department.

        As a Vibrant owner, I shall never again purchase or recommend a product from Samsung, as their support for their customers is deficient at best.

        If you own a Behold or Moment, you would understand that Samsung is not a product you want to own.

        Great hardware! Deficient software and support is late or never arrives.

      • Ural

        Samsung keeps this up, and they will join the ranks of AT&T. If someone from Samsung is reading posts understand that the rejection of your products will be at a global scale, not just the US.

        Having purchased two of your cellphone products I can clearly state that your support is non existent and I’ll never purchase another Samsung product in my life.

        Reading other posts here, you are probably aware that this sentiment is getting louder and if you don’t do something good and fast forget any future with your TAB or TVs (yeah they are slim great pic, but with the support you provide, you can keep it, as if it fails I know as a customer I will be left out in the cold, so NO THANK YOU).

        To all here beware, STAY AWAY FROM Samsung its not worth your money.

    • Hilton

      Let’s not be so harsh to judge so quick. I think it all comes down to money, and since our carrier is the broke kid in this scenario, even tho we had the phone first, we get help last. Not to mention we have less users. On another note, the update was leaked unofficially online. I can’t remember the exact site, but if u google “samsung vibrant leaked rom” u will find it. An early version of the fix was leaked a week or so ago and if u are angry enough to rant, you can find instructions (not too hard) and root and fix ur phone now. Rumor I heard last week was our update comes on 9/23. We shall see. If not, they said in september and september will be over soon enough so no more than 7 days to wait.

      • Michael Petrillo

        That fixed that was leaked a week or so ago doesn’t work! I have already installed it. No change in GPS issues. Samsung should not have been hush hush abou this and neither should have T-Mobile this is why they are getting harsh reviews! I am returning mine. T-Mobile is allowing me to send it back beyond the 30 day policy as it’s a known issue. Goodbye Samsung.

    • Geniuz

      Stumbled on this …. It’s time we go hard as consumers. We spend hard earned money and expect quality products.


    boycott come on people!

  • Scott

    This is why i didnt buy the vibrant, after what they did with the behold II i will never buy a samsung phone.

    • ren

      Same here

    • david

      Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…Samsung promised 2.2 by end of Sept…I was thinking of getting their tablet, not now or never…SAMSUNG,will you also boot your CEO!!!!!!!!

      Sign me up for any class action….

      • remixfa

        samsung never promised 2.2 by the end of sept. that was all internet rumor. you need to get ur facts straight. they promised the GPS fix by the end of september so therefor it will be any day now.

        you guys are so impatient. its not like flipping a switch… give it some time. maybe its just not that easy to fix? maybe some of us are crying over very little? every phone has bugs. Be glad the vibrant only has the GPS unlike the Epic which has bugs that make it nearly unusable.
        BTW, like was already stated, the GPS fix roms are already on the internet and are not that hard to install. The other GPS fix that has already been out helps quite a bit. My vibrant GPS may take a minute to lock on compared to other phones, but its damn accurate when it does.

        frikkin cry babys.

      • Michael Petrillo

        No one is being a crybaby here. I am glad you have patience to wait. I have been calling both Samsung and T-Mobile. They both loed to me in the beginning. They say this is only a problem on some of the phones! I asked them to send me another one then. They refused. They advertised a functioning phone. I had a HD2 and the GPS was wonderful. The hype on this phone was great and I was sucked in. Now I have a phone that has more issues than my HD2 did with Windows Mobile. Not only does the GPS not work but the phone is slow. Lags something terrible and booting takes forever. That GPS fix that leaked by the way did not work on my phone! Why would anyone want to pay $500+ for a phone that they would have to hack to make work anyway? Samsung pushed this phone out too fast. They should have fixed the bugs first. I am possitive they knew about the bugs prior to the release date.


    Ok seriously how much longer do we have to wait. September is almost over and still no update. I almost went back to my G1 because I needed an accurate GPS location. I love the phone but seriously I need the GPS. Oh and froyo :-)

    • Loco Froyo

      Please provide a link where you can show that Samsung promised a September update for US carriers?

      • NiiDiddy

        They Did…I follow Samsung on Twitter and they had announced it as soon as the Vibrant came out and people were having issues. we are still waiting….

  • JaylanPHNX

    It it possible the fix for the Captivate works just as well for the Vibrant? Kinda how the Epic update for the Media Hub works for all the other Galaxy S phones. Someone should get a hold of the APK and give it a go.

  • XfooYen

    Bought the Vibrant on release day. Returned it within the grace period due to the bad GPS and compass. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for a fix, update, reassurance, anything. Nothing. I’m glad I returned it and got my upgrade status restored. G2 or MTHD will be my next phone for sure (providing there isn’t something major broken with either). Shamesung.

  • not-so-vibrant

    Yeah, I’m a super busy business user who is constantly in dense, complex environments. Not being able to use GPS is looking me! I was almost an hour late to a meeting the other day, because I was dumb enough to trust the GPS for a second (seemed fine for a while after I called in for the manual fix), but then the whole phone froze up before I got to a major junction. It really made me look bad.
    If you guys put together a class action suit, please count me in!

    • tpavey

      Go to the XDA forum. There is a thread about a company gathering info for a possible class-action.

      • Adam

        I really don’t think that is a real “lawsuit”. I think it’s fabricated.

      • Not-so-Vibrant

        Here ya’ go, buddy. Found the real suit:
        These Samsung online advocates really upset me (they seem to be all over the place), when all I’m looking for is a real, PERMANENT solution to the GPS issue within the timeframe promised (only four days left), so if we don’t get a real fix by that time, then I’m going with the suit.
        It takes a lot to get a very busy person dedicated to seeking gratification at all costs, but this has recently become a matter of principal for me. I’m getting tired of not being able to depend on the technology I paid for (a phone with working GPS!), and it’s stupid for anyone to suggest that I should be getting a separate GPS/navigation system, when all of my friends with other GPS-enabled phones get to enjoy their phone’s location-based features and apps.

    • Phaelenx

      I hate to burst your bubble, but you can’t blame a phone for you being an hour late to an important meeting. If it was that important you should’ve scouted the area out the day before you had to be there that way you know what you’re getting into. And I’m almost sure since you were an hour late you didn’t leave in enough time to buffer being caught in traffic, accidents, or any other unplanned incident.

      • dobscure

        Oh, that’s funny, Phaelenx (i.e. Tmobile or Samsung advocate). I did account for traffic (after biz hours = little traffic), and it’s entirely nonsensical to assume that a very busy person would ever have the time to ‘scout.’ Busy people expect that the technology they paid good money for (a phone with working GPS), precisely to help them achieve whatever it is they need to achieve, is going to do its job. If I just needed a basic phone, I would’ve bought a basic phone, but I bought a phone that was supposed to do everything its published features and advertisements say it will do.
        …and now that I’m fairly certain what some of this site’s “members'” real purpose is here, I am FULLY committed to adding myself to whatever class action is out there.

  • SEFan

    I like this idea of AT&T buying the quick fix by being first to bring the Galaxy Tab. I have a sort of counter theory. What if Sammy chose AT&T because they have the smallest buy-in to Android? What if they decided to test fly it on the Captivate so that if it doesn’t work they won’t “poison the well” with the customers of a carrier that has a much bigger commitment to Android?

    Arguing against this: Behold and Behold II. The well is already a bit brackish, if not outright poisoned…

    • tpavey

      The Fascinate would have been the ideal place to release. It was the last phone to come out. They could have released the phone with the update. Also, with the Droid X already launched and the Droid 2 on the way, there are likely fewer Fascinate phones than Captivate, Vibrant, or Epic. T-mobile was likely the largest simply because they were so desparate for a high end Android available in stores.

  • badaphooko01

    I dont care if I ever get Froyo, BUT FIX MY DAMN GPS ALREADY.

  • drmd

    complete failure. No GPS Fix or Froyo…EVO is far ahead

  • RaymondP

    Come on people, not every Vibrant handset suffers from this problem. Lawsuits!? Not working as advertised!? Did you previously have an iPhone4?

    • dannyo

      I’m pretty sure this isn’t like the iphone 4 antenna problem. From what I understand, it’s a software issue at a low level in which data of a different format is expected or something like that. The point is – your Vibrant probably has the same problem as everyone else’s, but based on your usage level and needs, the fact that it only kind of works has been sufficient. The people screaming “lawsuit!” are being a bit extreme, but the people saying “I don’t have a problem!” are on the equally irrational yet opposite side of the spectrum.

  • tpavey

    We’ll get the update. I mean, my Blackberry Curve finally got it’s official OS5 upgrade a few months ago. I’m sure our update will come before the phone is a year old…

    Samsung makes awesome displays, but I’m pretty sure I won’t buy anything other than a TV from then from now on.

    In the end though, we cannot be surprised. This phone has a big time hardware edge, and still lags much worse than the other phones launched in the last few months. Samsung intentionally designed TouchWiz and their filesystem, and it makes the phone run like crap. Can we really expect their coders to release a timely GPS update? I actually like TouchWiz interface, but their partitioning/file system is terrible… I cannot believe it passed QA testing.

    • RaymondP

      Just thought I’d let you know that you can have a better experience if you install LauncherPro. I have the free version and not only are the hiccups less but there is less battery drain. I use a switcher to go back and forth between it and TouchWiz. Also, I just installed a 16g class 6 Micro SD card and that made a big difference also. The 2g card it came with is a class 2 I sure. The read/write speeds a just a part of the mix. I have no doubt that Froyo will address a lot of these lag issues. After saying all of that, even with the minor lag, this is still the best smart-phone I’ve ever owned (My Third).

      • remixfa

        im testing out launcherpro, i dont really notice a difference. The “lagfix” got rid of any lag issues a long time ago.

        that said, the best medicine for the phone is almost out.. and its not samsung. its cyanogenmod. Heck, they might have 2.2 cyanogen out before sammy brings out 2.2 touchwiz.

  • Ivan

    its cause t mobile sucks lmfao….every other carrier has gotten at least one update to theri galaxy s phone excep t mobile cause their trash

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Seeing how your two-sentence comment has ten grammatical and spelling errors, I’d say it’s your brain that’s trash, not T-Mobile.

      • Sapphire


    • remixfa

      its because your an idiot.

      every other carrier has had “at least 1 update” because those phones had MASSIVE problems on top of the GPS issue. The Vibrant is by far the most stable of the american GalaxyS phones. Would you rather have the Epics radio issue that doesnt let it download more than 150kb? Or the freezing problems of both the fascinate and epic on top of the GPS issue!?

      Why is it the people that know the least talk the most??? ugh.

  • RaymondP

    Forgot to mention that my GPS has worked on my Vibrant since day one. If it had not I would have returned it for another handset and so on till I was given one that did. I would suggest that if you rely on GPS and you know this phone has issues right now and can’t wait for the problem to be fixed, just return it. If you are past your thirty days I’m sure that T-Mobile will refund you if you stress it’s ruining your ability to conduct bussiness. The squeeky wheel gets the grease. This is an excellent device with a few bugs that need to be ironed out. Next time do what the wise do and wait a while before purchasing brand new devices.

  • jeffro01

    Is anyone really surprised here???? There are a number of reasons why I would never buy a Samsung phone, this just adds one more item to the list.

  • Ryan

    Jeez… As a former BH2 owner, I defended Samsung and was convinced they wouldn’t screw customers with the Galaxy S like they did the BH2. I didn’t see the logic in comparing the two phones because they are worlds apart, but clearly they show no signs of improving on the customer support end.

    I will be calling TMobile this week and demanding a complete refund because the phone doesn’t work as advertised. I’ll be moving to HTC, even though I think their phones are shoddy Chinese chop shop construction. At least they work properly.

  • Hilton

    Had my first GPS battle yesterday. I was on surface streets trying to beat traffic on the way to work using google maps to see the surrounding streets. I finally got headed in the right direction with one more turn to get back to the interstate and all of a sudden the map said I was half a mile away. lol. Needless to say I missed my turn and wasted 40 mins circling back in the worst flow of traffic trying to get back where I was. BTW. read this forum if ur really out of patience wating for the fix.
    I almost did that but I heard 9/23 was the date we would get an update.

    • dannyo

      Oh man. That sucks. I have gotten into the habit of looking at what turn is coming next so that, if my location all of a sudden starts jumping around, I know what to do.

      • Hilton

        Sadly, I may have to start using the old Garmin. I hadn’t used it since Google Maps Navigation came out, but now I know I can’t trust my phone, nor trust Samsung to fix it in a timely fashion. I know, every Android phone has some deficency that takes forever to fix tho cause I’ve owned 6 of them. Patience is running thin tho. I was hoping the fix would make my phone what it was supposed to be like Froyo did for the Nexus so that I could hang on to this phone til the next gen stuff eventually hits T-mobile one day, but as it is, I’m really considering if I don’t have something soon getting a G2, then selling it and getting the HD3 when it comes out. Back to Windows til T-mo gets a complete package like the EVO, which prob will be after the other carriers get the full dual core phones next year is what I’m betting on. Come tax return time I get to upgrade again.

  • Cujo

    Did nobody learn from BH2? You can take an animal out the wild, but you can’t take the wild out the animal. No matter what dazzling device samsung releases, their support is still going to be crap! I hope you vibrant owners learned your lesson. Samsung will never change.

    • Shawn

      I definitely learned my lesson this second time around with Samsung. I thought that since it was the only smartphone T-Mobile has that is comparable to every other companies line of superphones, I would give it a try. And Samsung made such a huge deal out of the phone when it was released, I thought maybe, just maybe they would get in the game and offer support for it, I guessed wrong. No more Samsung products for this guy!

  • Pig Vomit

    Root your phone (voiding the warranty) and install the GPS fix from XDA. GPS works MUCH better with it. Of course, Sammy and TMO should have never have released this phone knowing the GPS doesn’t work.

    TMO users should get this first. They’ve been waiting the longest.

    • relikk2

      This GPS fix was pulled from the the leaked Rom, JI2.

  • Shawn

    I own a Vibrant. Love it to death! As far as lag issues, just root the phone and run the One Click Lag Fix from app market. works super well!!

    As far as support is concerned, I owned a Cliq. Motorola treated Cliq owners like crap! You thought you seen anger in these forums, you aint seen nothing.

    Galaxy S is a good phone serious. I dont think Samsung will be out to jeopardize that. T-Mobile needs to get their act together as far as supporting phone updates. Seriously!!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I’m with you Shawn… I love my Vibrant, best phone I have ever had and I have had quite a few, about 200 maybe.

      The Vibrant is a quality device and Samsung makes great products.

      That said, Samsung needs to not make these kind of PR mistakes. I don’t think the GPS is a problem on a large scale because most people don’t use that feature, but there’s some who do and Samsung should not be letting those people down.

      As others have said, GPS is an advertised feature and some people bought the Vibrant in reliance on the phone having GPS. Samsung needs to take care of its customers regardless if the number of people complaining about the GPS issue is insignificant compared to total sales of the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • http://Warning,ThismessagehasnotbeenproofreadbyPerry relikk2

    A possible GPS fix was leaked almost two weeks ago, and is flash-able VIA Odin. It’s a leaked ROM with the last 3 digits called JI2. It’s available on XDA forums. The majority of people who have commented have said that it’s a huge improvement. I’m now able to lock on to 6 plus satellites in under a minute. It also includes a “Speak to text feature”, a little better performance (IMO), a direct icon to the HD camcorder (useless), and a working Mediahub app (useless). There is probably some other improvements as well. If you don’t know what Odin is then I probably would just wait for the official update.

    • relikk2

      Almost for got, better battery life as well. At least for me.

  • Dale Murphy

    the point is people should not have to root their phones for it to work properly. so, stop mentioning root all the dam* time. root it is a good work around but it is not the cure for sub-par product development and should not be touted as such.

    • relikk2

      My point is that the ROM is being developed, and at least a beta has been leaked. No offense but I could care less if your’s or any other person’s phone works properly. I was sick of waiting and wanted my GPS to function better. Mine has for almost 2 weeks now because I rooted. IMO rooting is a major benefit of getting Android. Because it open sourced issues can be fixed by the community and we don’t have to wait on the MFG for everything. If you can’t wait root. If you don’t want to root then wait.

      • Dale Murphy

        @relikk. i own a Nexus One and G1, not a Vibrant. but i do understand the concerns of the Vibrant owners. rooting is not the acceptable answer to a fix.

      • relikk2

        @ Dale Murphy

        I own a hockey stick, socks and a tea kettle. Rooting might not be an acceptable answer to you , but it fixes it. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE THEN ROOT OR GET THE NEW ROM. SINCE THE ROM IS IN RFD FORMAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO ROOT. You load it with Odin. If you don’t want to root, or use Odin then you can wait. You could also complain about it too, but I’m not sure if that will help any.

  • rev2redlineguy

    I don’t know what to think of this anymore. I mean if someone advertises a feature on the product to work yet it doesn’t, isn’t that false-advertising? But on the other hand am I going to let it ruin my good experience I’m having with the phone? I wouldn’t say I am not mad because that simply isn’t the thing. What bugs me is that two other carriers are getting this correction to their phones quickly and the Vibrant was the first to be released. So from a consumer’s perspective, how does that look? Well, not really that good so far. I hope T-Mobile and Samsung get their act together and just get a fix for us and soon too.

  • joiseyeric

    How is that Samsung continues to get away with ripping off their customers? The orginal Behold and Memoirs are starting to self destruct…i.e., their touchscreens no longer respond (NO FIX). And let’s not mention the Behold 2…what a disaster (NO FIX)! Now we fast forward to the Vibrant, GPS problems with?? NO FIX! WTF Samsung? Get it together!!

  • now_onTMO

    umm i dont really care much about the update, i mean that would be nice, but my phone works fine i think.. GPS is the only main issue i can complain about , but i can live with that, im not a mailman who needs to have a navigation app to rely on when distributing mails.. i will only need the GPS on rare occasions, so why bother and rant about it when it’s merely a minimal issue, for me at least..

    besides gps works ok, not great but still useful.. :)

    some lags here and there, but whatever.. but i want froyo though!! errr LOL

  • k-mack

    Here is a link to a fix that several Vibrant users have said works great!! Enjoy!!!

  • Jesse

    I called samsung today and was shocked at how they responded. Terrible company. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit.

  • watbetch


  • Carlos

    Sold my vibrant! Now I’m using the mytouch slide with MY *RELIABLE GPS!a justa waiting for the G2… sigh. I hope it doesn’t have problems

  • Carlos

    Gps is one of those things I rely on especially google navigation and let’s not forgot the countless apps that use gps such as “where”which I couldn’t use because gps was putting me on the other side of Houston.. so I had to use my back up (my touch slide) to do anything relying on gps which was quite a lot of things..

  • jurey

    A few months ago I was deciding on either the Samsung vibrant or nexus one as my next phone. I decided on the nexus because of the whole behold 2 fiasco. I sure am glad I went with the nexus. Seems Samsung failed again with their mobile devices (still love their TV’s though). Boy does my froyo taste good.

  • watbetch

    Why the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff are my comments not posting.

    – The captivate update is BRICKING devices. Do you all really want to be the first to get this update?

    – T-Mobile is still working on the rom. We just got JI4 and there are some noticeable enhancements to this rom even over JI2. Small but noticeable.

    – Just because Samsung said the i9000 is getting FroYo this month does NOT mean the T959/T-Mobile Vibrant is getting FroYo! Wake the F up!

    • watbetch

      – September is when they promised the update and they kept that promise.
      Class Action Lawsuit? Where was it filed/When will it be filed? Ha, right. I wonder why they haven’t sued Apple! Better hope they’re not “collecting” your information for anything else.

      Some of you need to up your Xanax dosages and calm the F down.

  • Ural

    Tmobile, as your customer, please take the time to address this issue this week or before September is over. Not doing so would be irresponsible and would turn away many customers. My contact is up in NOVEMBER so both Verizon and Sprint are looking very favorable. Tmobile has some explaining to do. Passe learn from ATT, and Samsung, any great product with bad support and silence is a very easy way to lose market share fast!

    Most of your G1 owners like my self are wondering, ifl the lousy treatment Tmobile gave us for upgrades on our G1 is worth the trouble? Yes you do have the fastest network, and like very few I have used out in almost every back road across the midwest and the east of allmost every state except Florida.

    Having had an atT phone from work and a sprint one. Your service had the best coverage. Slow but it was everywhere Sprint wasn’t and Att was non resistant most of the time

    Your service its bad in northern Wiscosin and upper michigan, here sprint provides better coverage. And yes at Natrium West Virginia and Geismar Louisiana att had service where no other provider including Verizon had a signal.

    But you sold us a phone that its gps doesn’t work the moment it uses edge. If the user tries to surf or use data, the phone hangs for over ten minutes and is useless unless you reboot it. Basically a useless phone.

    Now Samsung is to blame for this as they manufacture the unit and a cladss action suit is grand for them, and I’ve documented their diopter across multiple carriers, and I wul join it the moment it arrives. If you don’t want to be parr of this, you better get your act together now!

  • Jesse Vaughan

    There is a GPS fix… FOR TMOBILE… I tried it 3 days ago and it’s ALOT better.. I used to be outside and get 0 fixed sats.. now I get 6 / 11 …. not too bad… (with no network help)…

    It’s an unofficial update from SAMSUNG.. on the tmo forums.. it’s completely safe.. and works great!! (it wipes your phone though…)

    Honestly I dont understand why no one has covered this already on here:

    IT FIXES GPS ALOT… Personally I think this link should be a whole new post on the blog to let others know……

    • monkeyboy311

      It has been covered on other forums (xda), just not on Tmonews because it is not official. The website that the firmware was on is not an official Samsung site. I personally would never advise someone flash their phone unless they know what CLI means and how to use it. Meaning, if you aren’t a geek (like me), don’t mess with the firmware of your phone!

  • Scott

    Here’s my take on things, and as much as I like T-Mobile’s service it’s hard to be charitable.

    Remember about two months ago when TMONews leaked the internal docs from T-Mobile titled “No Phone Left Behind”?? Any of those phones get updated yet? Yeah I didn’t think so…

    T-Mobile does NOT have a stellar history of actually updating phones, regardless of gems like the above. This coupled with Samsung’s no so stellar history with Android leads me to believe that, in order to cater to their many carriers customization requirements, the actual development process for the “Galaxy S” series of phones has become significantly fragmented. Even cursory DIFF’s of recent firmware releases for the other Galaxy S phones has shown me that there isn’t any real consistency in versioning at all.

    It just “feels” to me that rather than have a core team working on the core OS and Touchwiz, with carrier maintenance teams being primarily responsible for framework customizations and bloatware, that the exact opposite is taking place. Because of this it seems that the quality and consistency of releases (whether leaked or not leaked) is beginning to look like a coat of many colors with these phones. A trip to XDA Dev forums and just seeing what’s going on with various firmware leaks and releases on all of these phones gives one this impression easily.

    Given that the i9000 was released three months ago and is at least supposedly supposed to be the “base” or “core platform”, I can’t come to any other conclusion myself. I’ve done enough development work in the past to where this just seems like the most likely explanation of what is occuring here.


  • Swyper Always Swyping

    Had my second vibrant shipped to me friday because of the lag and non responsive attitude ny first was giving me and the staff at tmobile. Im getting angry because I was expecting a fix and update in september but it doesnt seem like its going to happen. I dont want to leave tmobile but I am seriously thinking about moving on. I bought this phone because of the wonderful things it promised it could do while in my possesion but while it is a great phone, I shouldnt have so many issues with it 2months out of the box. Im sad.

  • Larry

    What are you people talking about. I used my Vibrant GPS with navigation the other day in South Carolina. and it worked GREAT – I also had my Garmin GPS on just to make sure and it was pretty accurate.

  • John A.

    Samsung is a korean company that comes out with great designs and engineering on *paper*, but once the deal goes down on part prices, they cheap out worse than the contractors on the Big Dig. Same thing with LG. In fact, they’re the new General Electric – every only works for the first 3 months. I just can’t trust korean products anymore.

    If it’s any solace, HTC is great for now. They’re from Taiwan, but we’ll see how long they’ll last. Once they get a foothold on the market, I expect them to start cheaping out on parts too. But at least their phones work as for this moment – their Nexus One is the reference phone used to develop all of Google apps.

  • TmoFan

    i think people need to calm down a little bit. When was the phone released? Aug 15th? its only been a little over a month since its release. Give it some time. If you dont understand the complexity of programming then you should not be making comments. These issues aren’t just something you can change a quick line of code and boom it works. It needs to be tested and tested and tested. Not just for one day, or just stepping out side and say HEY IT WORKS!! they will test for days and weeks maybe even months to collect valuable data so they can make more changes if needed.

    I say, take your time with the update, as long as it is fixed 100% then i will be happy, no matter if it even takes 6 months…………just my opinion.

  • Rex

    lies after lies,just like the Kies,it is available elsewhere in the world except in the U.S.,but why?can’t believe this is from tmobile and samsung,guess U.S. consumers are not as important !!!
    Maybe it is time to switch back to Iphone,?