T-Mobile To Get HTC Incredible?


Place this one firmly into the major rumor category, but if true, hot damn T-Mobile is getting the HTC Incredible. Of course, that’s all dependent on if you believe the screen shots the guys at Phandroid managed to get their hands on. Courtesy of one of their readers who snooped through Costco internal systems, this image clearly shows the Vender as T-Mobile and the device as HTC Incredible. Just like the boys at Phandroid, we’re not quite sure what  make of this, but we know we’d welcome this device to the T-Mobile lineup with open arms. It’s the first we’ve heard of this device going anywhere but Verizon so I think we can all agree to go digging around for some more info!


One more image after the jump!


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  • DH

    God, I hope this particular rumor turns out to be true!!!! The HTC Incredible has everthing that I want in my next cell phone. . . But I’m not going to hold my breath!

    • 2FR35H


      • Ryan

        I think the part where it says Verizon for the vendor is cut off. We all know this is coming to Verizon momentarily. Until someone can show FCC clearance for an incredible with Tmobile bands, this is clearly just the Verizon phone.

        Instead of the Incredible, keep your eyes peeled for a cutting edge 600mhz Sidekick 2. Oops, i mean my-touch slider.

  • http://www.totallychristianshow.com wondercoolguy

    The Incredible isn’t as sexy as the Desire so meh! If this is true good for TMO its about time they get a high powered Android device!

  • J-Hop2o6

    YEA THE FUCC RIGHT!! but that will be INCREDIBLE if it came to TmoUSA!

    * 4.63? x 2.3? x 0.47?, 4.59 oz.
    * Android 2.1 “Eclair” with Sense UI
    * 1GHz Snapdragon QSG8650 processor
    * 512MB ROM / 512MB RAM
    * 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
    * GPS
    * 3.7? WVGA OLED capacitive display
    * 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video capture
    * HTML browser with Flash Lite 4.0
    * Microsoft Exchange support
    * 8GB internal memory
    * microSD support for up to 32GB
    * 3.5mm headphone jack
    * Accelerometer
    * 312 minutes talk time / 149 hours standby
    * Pre-loaded with Google Calendar, Gmail, Search, Maps, Latitude, Navigation and Talk

    • TFJ4

      It’ll never come to T-Mobile USA with the QSG8650

    • 2FR35H

      Those are my kinda specs 8mp camera gets me sold on the spot.

  • TFJ4

    Costco sellers, sell for multiple carriers….Can’t believe you guys actually published this

    • David, Managing Editor

      So why wouldn’t we publish it? Another respectable news source published it as a rumor so why can’t we?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Anthony… you say stick to the topic then don’t stick to the topic. Sorry, could not resist commenting on the soapbox contradiction.

      • Anthony in Utah

        Haha I just realized that… stick to the topic yet I chime in my 2 cents… my bad… totally contradicting myself… really though Tmonews is where we would expect such “rumors” and such. I love hearing about them as MOST of the things published turn out to be very legitimate.

        HTC’S Incredible is like the HD2 on Android, I am assuming? I think the HD2 would have been better set with something OTHER than Windows Mobile 6.5, I think that is why this phone keeps freezing up on me? Android is amazing! BUT I’ll stick to my iPhone unlocked for T-Mobile and HOPE-HOPE-HOPE T-mobile can at least get their hands on it…. it would HELP T-Mobile lure in SO many more sales and be up to competion with our network versus the phones itself.

    • http://www.totallychristianshow.com wondercoolguy

      I kinda agree some 6 dollar hour Costco employee put them under the wrong carrier.

      • Gina D

        Believe me, Costco employees don’t only make $6 per hour but your stupidity is really off topic.

      • Costco Employee

        First of all Costco employees start off at $11.00 an hour plus time and a half on Sundays(highest in the retail industry) in addition a topped out cashier could make up too $52k a year with bonuses. I am a 17 year employee and rarely are these mistakes made, I have access to this same screen and i will verify this tomorrow,next to qualify for this you must be a new activation and this will end up in a Tmobile store if sold at Coscto. I hope this is true, my G1 seriously needs to be updated.

      • J-Hop2o6

        @ Costco Employee

        hmm,, interesting.. i did not know Costco was payin they’re employee’s at that rate.. hmm

      • Costco Employee

        We usually on hire the cream of the crop and high expectations are set for said employees. We have tremendous benefit packages including some of the best dental and medical around not to mention they match you .50 on the dollar for your 401K up too 20% of your salary. People are surprised to hear what we make compared to Walmart. I love Costco and it has become my career. Sorry i had to chime in on this but 6 bucks and hour is offensive, we treat our employees great.

      • J-Hop2o6

        thats good.. thx for the info C.E.!

      • MacGuy

        I work in Debt Collection, Costco/Sams Club employees DO NOT make $6/hour. I’ve seen some in the 18/19 dollar and hour range.

      • kfree

        Costco start out at $11.00 hr and can top out at 17-19 depending on your abilities.

      • Anthony in Utah

        Stick to the topic my fellow T-Mobile customers…. ”
        T-Mobile To Get HTC Incredible?”

        I think T-Mobile is starting to get its hands in the right cookie jars and what better year to dig in them, then in 2010!? I am anxious to see what T-Mobile has in store for us this summer. =)

        P.S. Don’t dis on anyones job nor pay. We wouldn’t be doing our own jobs if it wasn’t for everyone’s put together…. you’d be surprised to find how much we rely on each other for our world to be stable… how cruel some of these comments are….sorry I JUST HAD to add my few cents… as I was offended.

      • http://www.totallychristianshow.com Aaron

        I kinda agree some 11 dollar hour Costco employee put them under the wrong carrier.

    • tortionist

      I can’t believe you’re actually bitching about this. Get a life and deal with it.

  • http://tmonews.com Ferdinand

    That would be awesome if tmo gets this! Tmo has been getting mid leveled android phones since, forever!
    But idk if this is true, hope so.

  • pdusk

    It was probably just a mistake.

  • sorandkairi


  • khan

    T-Mobile is finally getting in the game

  • Trill

    I honestly don’t see it but don’t blame me for not being optimistic

    • David, Managing Editor

      Not saying we do either, but its worth reporting, speculating and hoping!

  • Wicked1

    Um people, this was posted as a RUMOR. So why are you so quick to blame a “$6 hour Costco employee”? Was that phrase even necessary? It is a rumor, damn.

  • HD2/Nexus One user

    Ill sell my nexus if we do get it

    • http://www.totallychristianshow.com Aaron

      and I would buy your N1 :-)

    • ReadingGood

      I’ve yet to compare them side-by-side… but I thought the Incredible was bascially just another nexus one, just different face and not only sold by Google?

  • andrew

    i think this a joke but wish it would really come to tmobile

  • nell_z

    Its a rumor, not official. Why do people get so worked up over this? And isn’t the Bravo coming to T-Mo, or was that just a rumor?

    • Reece

      I think the Bravo is only for T-Mobile in the UK, imagine my huge joy before seeing that when I thought I seen “US” it was really “UK” :(

  • Omeer

    Wow you guys the article specifically says put this in the major “rumor” and I quote again “rumor” category so stop bashing Tmonews for doing its job…keep the news coming..you guys are doing a wonderful job!

  • http://www.matthewdlyons.com matthew

    The rumors are getting out of hand. I just don’t see this happening.

    • tweet

      Although Tmo USA replied to my tweet 2 weeks ago even before this news came out, coz i asked if there are any android device coming out. They said wait out coz they love android and there are some good phones coming up. Of course they didn’t share any info. But my huge guess is Tmo has pioneered Android to the market and they just won’t settle with mid-level phones.

  • DH

    i’m very glad that tmonews publicized this info, even if it is just a rumor. if it turns out 2 b just an unfounded rumor, then no harm, no foul. . .

  • Cybersedan

    Until a company officially announces anything isn’t it still rumor… keep them coming guys, this is why I come here multiple times a day and follow you on twitter, not all rumors pan out but hey I love them all.

    • tortionist

      Amen Cybersedan, I love your point.

  • cat

    You tmonews people always do this and by this i mean get our hopes up only to let us down. Anyone else remember all the other great phones that were suppose to come to tmobile but never did. its just sad how tmobile gets the leftovers after verizon and at$t are done and dont even start with the hd2 crap what a useless phone holy crap.

    • Alex, Editor

      As stated before, we’re simply posting info that a reputable site has posted. Maybe you should realize there’s a reason why we have categorized this article strictly under “rumors”?!? As always, all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt unless there is a substantial amount of supporting evidence or at least until we’ve actually confirmed it with our sources. Try reading the part in the article where it says, “Place this one firmly into the major rumor category”.

    • Matlock

      HHMMM maybe you should get an Iphone, maybe you’ll know how to use that one! The HD2 is an incredible phone, dont say stupid things, just cuz you dont know how to work a real smartphone!!

      • tweet

        agreed. these people who should get single task phones should not ever get devices such as the HD2. I LOVE MY HD2!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Sheesh… you sound like a teen Sidekick owner really upset that it’s being put out to pasture.

      Why are you even on this Site. Go hang at Verizon or Sprint. (And while waiting for your dream handset take a remedial English course or two.)

    • ReadingGood

      The HD2 is an amazing phone… the other day I tried whipping out my G1 to mess around on wi-fi and I literally had to click an app, set the phone down. Go do something else for a minute, then come back and see if what I was trying to load was ready yet.

      2nd, you get your hopes up over *OBVIOUS RUMORS* from *BLOG SITES* then you just revelaed how stupid you are. I’d say it to your face too if you want. Stupid.

      I’ll say this also: If the reason any of you love Android is becuase of the apps and the UI, then OBVIOUSLY any other OS is not going to be your cup of tea, except maybe the Iphone. I would never say Android is useless, I actually do like it, but WinMo actually suits my needs much better… much… MUCH better. So STFU with your complaints because all I hear are a bunch of assholes who are mad they can’t find a good Fart App for their HD2. Grow the fuck up.

      • 30014

        The same way you guys didn’t want android fanboys commenting about the hd2 being better with android, we don’t want to hear how or why winmo is a good os.

    • ReadingGood

      How is the HD2 useless? Instead of talking shit, you should explain in detail, otherwise you got a bunch of HD2 owners over here scratching their heads wondering what the f___ you’re talking about.

      Yesterday, I whipped out my G1 to try to do some stuff via wi-fi and that piece of crap was SO SLOW… it was like night and day. But you know, that’s not saying anything about Android, and everything about the G1 hardware.

      I would never say Android is useless, it’s just not for me. And a-hole like you don’t get that. Just like Apple fan-nuts don’t get that Mac OS or iPhone just doesn’t fit right with everyone. We have Apple, MS, Android, Palm and Nokia to choose from… each one fits someone else. What’s useless to you is perfect for others, so stop being a bitch and STFU.

      The fact that you believe in *RUMORS* from *BLOG SITES* pretty much reveals your level of intelligence anyway. Putting 2 and 2 together, I’d say you hate the HD2 becuase there aren’t any Fart or Team Edward apps for it.

  • Trill

    We all know its a rumor but we are just saying what’s running through most of our minds

  • Max

    I think David and his crew are doing a heck of a good job.It did say this is a rumor,so chill out dude
    @DAVID: Keep up the good work

  • Namo

    Oh please let it be true!

  • JBLmobileG1

    This sounds like a rumor all right. For one if this was real I would think the price would be more than $199. I know at my work the phone inventory screen shows the price of the phone at cost (outright) not with an contract. To me that pretty much gives it away. While it would be a rumor that we’d all hope for I doubt it’ll come true. In fact anyone remember the rumor of WalMart getting the Nexus One for $99 and they actually had it up on their website as coming soon. Just a mistake or someone trying to get fired if you ask me.

    • Costco Employee

      That will be the subsidized price to new sign ups,that is the price after your Costco rebate. Its always better than the Tmobile price. Although this may be up on our AS400 system it might come at a later date. I will try to get more info from the reps Asap!

  • MacGuy

    Some people on this site really need to invest in hooked on phonics. In the beginning it CLEARLY states that this is a rumor. It’s a rumor I want to come true more than anything! Right now T-Mobile’s phone line up is not really impressive (except for the blackberries), and I’m looking for something new. Right now my eyes are set on the HTC Evo, but Sprint is a tad bit more expensive, and I want to avoid the extra cost if I can. So my plea to Tmonews is, if there is any indication that T-Mobile will be scooping up the Incredible, please do not delay in posting this info! Thanks!

  • http://i-appreciate.org alt-mobile

    A few things…

    1) I like how half of the discussion on this form turned into a “how much do Costco employees make per hour”…ha…made me laugh…

    2) If this phone did come to T-Mobile, that would be ridiculously amazing. This phone is pretty much an amped up HD2 with Android though, right? I’m just basing this on the images that I’ve seen of the phone on the internet…

  • don

    *yawn* big deal. When my nexus one is on froyo the day it comes out evo and incredible will be lucky to get an update before gingerbread or whatever 2. 5 will be called is out.

  • Ktwist

    Either way, T-mobile is getting an Android device that will be comparable to the Nexus One sometime soon. This was confirmed at a meeting I attended in San Francisco. The only thing they would tell us was to look for it summer to fall and that it would be a Nexus “Like” android phone. This was the same meeting where we were told about the mytouch slide, so now I know something good is coming. Hopefully the Desire, but this would be good too.

    • J-Hop2o6

      interesting… thx for the info!

    • tortionist

      you know? That’s a good point. I still believe the Desire’s coming to T-Mobile USA. I figured it would be anywhere from April to October. I’m waiting for it specifically. For all of you who like to be negative and knock on Tmo news for reporting rumors 1) get a life and 2) go elsewhere if you can’t read the titles and understand that it’s just a rumor…. I mean come on. That’s why it says unofficial news(a.k.a. rumor) and not official news. Be patient and take it with a grain of salt. I for one think this site is doing a great job. That’s why I check it a couple of times a day. Thank you tmo news for everything.

    • GreenRobot

      Hopefully they’ll learn from HD2 debacle and order enough of them this time so that their existing customers and employees don’t have to wait for it couple more months. Do some demand marker research TMO…

  • jmts80

    Damn u Tmonews for getting my hopes up again! Good job tho you guys r awesome.

    • tortionist

      I was going to say…You get your own hopes up, not Tmonews. Only you decide how you feel or react to something. Yes there’s external stimuli, but you get to decide how you react or you feel to that stimuli. That’s what separates us from animals. Good job on the Kudos though.

  • manus

    Good Job Tmonews for posting this. I love when you post things that could potentially be real. the people who keep complaining about this post are the same ones who said the HD2 would be a fail. (it wasn’t) Keep up the good work Tmonews.

  • NiiDiddy

    Sweet addition to Tmobile…that is, if the rumour somehow becomes a reality. I am loving our smartphone collections thus far…

  • Mike

    I thought April Fools day was on the 1st of the month.

  • cj

    T-mobile really needs this phone, they need a great high end Android phone to complete with Verizon’s Droid. And the N1 isn’t that phone. The average consumer would rather go to the store try out the phone. Many will buy online, but after shopping around. T-mobile would have sold more of them if they had them in store. I believe it’s a great rumor, but like all rumors we all need to take it for what it is. Maybe fake, or wrongly labeled. Sometimes people who enter the info, or order don’t know the difference in phones. Most people aren’t like us, they just want phone that works, and does what they want. Aren’t concerned with processors, or ram like us. But if it is true, I’ll be one of the first in line.

    • southeastbeast

      How is N1 not that phone? The incredible is a clone of the N1 with 2.1+SenseUI that N1 owners have been rocking for months (Thanks Paul@MoDaCo!). Everyone on this damn site keeps saying “Oh TMo needs good android phones to compete!” The Nexus One is already here for not only Tmo but ATT. Plus it has the best devs cooking up ROM’s for it (CYANOGEN+MODACO!!!). It stomps on the Moto Droid all day (unless you require physical keyboard)

      • 30014

        I personally wouldn’t buy a phone that I couldn’t physically handle 1st. For the majority of us that is why the nexus one is not that phone.

  • Reece

    Being one of the chief naysayers who bitches about T-Mobile not having a Droid/Evo/Nexus’ish phone they can truly call their own to give to their customers, I can speak for many other naysayers when i say that IF this phone on T-MobUS is actually real, I would immediately stop my whining & bitching and start the praising

  • Halo

    Thanks for the rumor, my hopes are not high, but would get this phone if it was.

  • Pixiwish


  • DH

    i would like 2 post my thanx 2 u TmoNews guys 4 keeping us all informed on the latest tmo buzz. like Cybersedan, i check ur site freq 2 get the latest 411. :-)

  • Lindsay Vonn

    This might keep from jumping back to At&t when iphone 4GX (or whatever name they call it) comes out. I’ll never go back to CDMA, but come on now T-mobile, being the beta tester for everything is cool, but try and get the must have device for once.

  • Jim

    Cliq and Cliq XT are getting Android 2.1 sometime in the second quarter, so at least phones are getting the most up to date Android system.

  • Joemamma

    Tmo better come out with a super freaking phone, been with tmo for over 7 years and pre ordered the g1. they have been good to me but if they don’t step up their game then there’s nothing stopping me from heading for sprint and getting me the Evo 4G.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Seems legit to me. TMoNews has a good average on rumors turning into fact.

    Besides, at MWC HTC did NOT say the Incredible was going to be an exclusive handset, so I would not be surprised if T-Mo gets it too.

    • Anthony

      It’s not even their rumor stupid.

  • B

    So what if it doesnt turn out to be true? So the fcuk what? Whats wrong with you people? Why are some of you offended by reports on rumors? Lol man, people just complain to be complaining. I hope this is true just for the laughs alone.

  • PlasmaShark


    • http://www.totallychristianshow.com Aaron

      watch what you say around here; there are some ppl that are on edge especially those Costco employees. When you say liar you actually meant



  • Bravo

    The bravo will be coming to tmousa. This is going to be a huge phone. The Desire is the bravo in euro market. Any talk about a bravo phone is US talk.

  • wasup

    don’t understand why anybody would want a desire, if, again IF, tmo were to get the incredible, I just hope this news is true

  • Champcar

    Wireless Adv is the vendor that sells T-Mobile and Verizon at Costco..Someone made a mistake.

    First T-Mobile is not in the business of competing with Verizon and their Droid, second they just came out with the HD2, why would they come out with the same device again just running a different OS?

    Not happening.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Aren’t the questions you just asked actually pretty simple to answer? Of course T-Mobile is in the business to compete with various carriers and various devices. Isn’t that the nature of the wireless game? Second of all, why not come out with a similar device running a different OS? Oh I don’t know, maybe to appeal to different customers?

      • Champcar

        T-Mobile is not trying to compete with Verizon,they are not in the game of having the most kick ass phones. Second it doesn’t make business sense to have the same phone with two different OS. It increases inventory and makes choosing a phone more difficult for a majority of their customers, plus they know it would tick off everyone who ran out and got a HD2.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Well your logic is faulty, T-Mobile is absolutely competing with Verizon, albeit with different products and services. Rest assured, they are direct competitors. The customer should have choices, choices = good. Less choices = bad.

      • laphoneuser


        How could you even respond to Champcar (rhetorical question)? There’s absolutely zero logic to his/her post, and it reeks of inexperience in life.

      • Matt_TX

        Why are you defending this rumor? You and I both know that this phone will never come to T-Mobile. You do an awesome job on the site, but defending this rumor is not cool.

    • 30014

      Wow dude, u are a complete dumbass. Have u not read the comments about people passing on the hd2 because it runs winmo? A lot of us praise the hardware but refuse to deal with the os. Give me that hardware with android on the inside and I’m sold. That’s why they would release the same phone with two different operating systems.

    • Reece

      The OS makes a TON of difference my friend. It’s why some people are still holding onto their aging G1’s & mytouches instead of jumping on the pretty & faster HD2s that they can easily afford. If OS was not that big of a deal then why is HTC making more Android phones instead of WinMo 6 that’s now a lameduck?

      • binfartin

        Amen! Still have my loyal aging G1. I’m still waiting for the right phone so I can put my G1 to sleep for good. HD2 does have very good specs, but the OS is not my 1st choice nor 2nd.

  • Champcar

    You have no business experience. They do not care about the customers, specially their small niche of phone freaks, its all about making money. They are still all about budget and lower prices. T-Mobile vs Verizon would be like arguing Chevy vs Audi…not even close.

    “inexperience in life,” why don’t you get one. We are talking about a phone.

    • laphoneuser

      Actually, I wasn’t talking about a phone. I was talking about your inability to sound intelligent, and even more so, why the editor of this site would bother responding to your dribble.

      Get a life? Ok, you’re right. I suppose a wife (who I banged last night), two awesome kids, a dog, a mortgage, and great friends doesn’t constitute a life.

      Grow up and get lost.

      • laphoneuser

        I meant “drivel”, not “dribble”.


  • mikeeeee

    t-mo usa’s vp of marketing abruptly resigned to start her own ‘consultancy’.

    maybe they’ll get someone who gets ‘it’ instead of a ‘starbucks’ marketer.

    i just did my annual customer service thing and dropped my bill by 40%.

    i got both lines ready for upgrade and will definitely be looking to by flagship model hardware.

    as far as that guy saying verizon is like an audi.

    i was with verizon when they were nynex and i’ve been with t-mo since ’01.

    my chevy keeps on getting better and better and it’s so much cheaper to operate than any audi is.

    i can change vehicles anytime i want just by putting the sim card in it.

    how much does it cost you to change phones on verizon?

  • Alex

    Sweet rumor indeed!! If this was posted, maybe Mr. Blurrycam is not to far behind!! I will never understand why would anyone want winmo?!! Nonetheless, the HD2 is a great piece of hardware, just running the wrong OS!!

  • Alex

    I just did some checking around and engadgetmobile.com believes the screen is real. Let’s hope that CE gets some real info!

  • ryan

    all i can say is u andriod lovers are the biggest bunch of babies i have ever seen complain about every little thing its sad and so are u

    • 30014

      If u don’t like android lovers why bother posting a comment in a android related article. One more thing learn how to spell. It’s android not andriod.

      • David, Managing Editor

        I’m not defending the rumor, I’m defending the argument. His argument was inappropriate. Odds are this phone won’t come to T-Mobile but that doesn’t mean something won’t get posted because its unlikely.

  • john

    There were rumors a little bit ago about TMO managers being shown and trained on a new Android phone and was pretty hush hush about it. Nobody though it could have been this phone as it was pegged for Verizon. Hummmmmm.