T-Mobile To Get HTC Incredible?


Place this one firmly into the major rumor category, but if true, hot damn T-Mobile is getting the HTC Incredible. Of course, that’s all dependent on if you believe the screen shots the guys at Phandroid managed to get their hands on. Courtesy of one of their readers who snooped through Costco internal systems, this image clearly shows the Vender as T-Mobile and the device as HTC Incredible. Just like the boys at Phandroid, we’re not quite sure what  make of this, but we know we’d welcome this device to the T-Mobile lineup with open arms. It’s the first we’ve heard of this device going anywhere but Verizon so I think we can all agree to go digging around for some more info!


One more image after the jump!


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  • mike

    saying tmobile doesnt compete with verizon is like saying honda doesnt compete with toyota, it makes no sense.

  • Verizon CEO

    Since when did Verizon and T-mobile share phone names? They are always branded differently. Droid Eris = Hero, TP2 = Tilt 2. You know where I am going with this. I went out and got myself an iPhone 3GS, jailbroke it, unlocked it and stopped relying on T-mobile to come out with a worthy handset. Opera mini on edge = nice!

    • Confused

      Why would you buy the iPhone 3GS to only be able to use EDGE services?

      • :3 My HD2

        Confused, because the Radio Frequency for AT&T 3g is different that TMO & the radio on the iphone doesn’t support TMO 3g frequency….

      • ricr

        I think Confused knows that the iPhone uses a different frequencey. His point was “why” would someone knowingly buy a phone that would only be able to use Edge when T-Mobile has decent phones now that are 3G capable.

      • sorandkairi

        Or even if you wanted to purchase an Iphone why the 3gs for use with no 3g. Seems to me rather a pointless statement!

      • tortionist

        Not only that, I used opera mini on wifi in MT3G1.2 and it wasn’t that nice, still better than default browser.

      • Jeff

        So he should buy an EDGE iPhone because Tmobile doesn’t support the 3G or 3GS frequencies? Maybe he wants a phone that can be upgraded to OS 4, a video camera that is decent, the latest revision of the hardware? My work phone (BB on AT&T) was screwing up ALL DAY on Friday but somehow my G1 was working fine.

        I’m not an iphone zealot but you people are rather short sighted.

    • watbetch

      You’re obviously highly, highly misinformed..

      Touch Pro 2 = Touch Pro 2
      T-Mobile has no Hero.
      This is the HTC Incredible, Verizon is the DROID Incredible.

      • sorandkairi

        He wasnt directly comparing the names that are on Tmobile network. aka the verizon eris is the sprint hero… even so, stupid comment…

    • :3 My HD2

      Mike above: TMo is closer to a Hyundia than Honda if in this analogy Verizon is Toyota: Smaller, with a perceived lower quality product.

      Verizon CEO -> last time I checked, the TP2 was called the TP2 on Verizon, it’s the Tilt2 on AT&T. And the Hero isn’t avail on TMO-US.

      I’m glad you’re happy with your 3GS on Edge…Personally, I don’t like having to use Itunes & wait for random folks in cupertino to tell me/approve what apps I can put on my phone.

      • tortionist

        Amen to that. I tunes is so not user friendly and the only way to delete a song off of I tunes is to plug the device in to a computer. I won’t even go into I tunes not being DRM free unlike amazon MP3 which is DRM free.

  • Rob

    Sorry peeps…but this rumor is NOT true. At least the images provided are either a mistake or photoshopped. I just called my local Costco and they looked up the Item number and everything checked out…except she said it was a VERIZON phone. NOT T-Mobile.

    Which obviously makes sense…seeing as how the Verizon HTC Incredible will be released very shortly.

    If you don’t believe me…call your own local costco and I’m sure you’ll get the same story I did.

  • branon

    Has a GSM version of HTC incredible with tmobile frequencies passed FCC ?

  • havoK

    C’mon Guys the phone is just an HD2 running Android!! Geez I seen that one 2.5 miles away!
    HD2 or HD Incredible sharing same specs…..Hmmmm can you say cooked android Rom for the HD???

    No drama I’m just sayin’ that’s what will happen!!!

    • not quite

      its not quite the hd2. More like nexus one running Android 2.1 with HTC Sense

      I checked out the specs that was announced today and this is not quite a hd2 for verizon. the screen is 3.7″ not 4.3″…

  • Wilco

    Of course this rumor isn’t true. It’s T-Mo we’re talking about. T-Mobile phones can’t compete with Verizon. HD2 is a nice phone, if you don’t mind an outdated WinMo OS. But particularly for Android phones, T-Mo sucks ass in a bad way.

    T-Mo can’t help but stumble over themselves to release ANOTHER crap phone, cut from the same cloth as the old G1.

    • havoK

      Dang dude??!!?? maybe you should just move on cause I’m sure some people out here in Magenta world is loadin’ up on you right now…..

      By the way, Verizon can just kiss my EvenMorePlus Plan’s assets!!

    • http://tmonews belowsubzero

      yeah dude just continue on paying more for less as we continue to pay less for more.

    • sorandkairi

      why are on a tmobile blog site? bored with Verizon

    • not quite

      who said its outdated? haha you’re going off what the MEDIA tells you now adays… Look up what outdated means in the dictionary for god’s sake before you use it. Winmo 6.5.3 is still the latest OS of microsoft! altho they’ve announced winphone 7, its still NOT out yet. Therefore making winmo 6.5.3 still on top of microsoft’s mobile software lines, hence the fact that its not outdated… People these days…

      on the side note: who wants a win phone 7 os? they are leaning towards the iphone like OS. There’s only one things i wanna say to microsoft. if i wanted a Iphone OS type on my phone. I would’ve gotten a Iphone. so please do yourselves a favor and put multitasking, copy/paste on that wp7!

      • xDeToXx

        Just because WinMo 6.5 isn’t OLD doesn’t mean its not OUTDATED. WinMo 6.5 is the worst, most buggy pos phone software I’ve used in a long time. The Android, iPhone, and even Blackberry os’es are MILES ahead of WinMo in basically everything. WinMo 6.5 is outdated

        (P.S.: This was WinMo on an HTC HD2. I used the stock version that came with it, and also a couple different customized roms, Kumar and NRG.)

    • tortionist

      That old G1 out performs the HD2….still. I personally found out.

  • Supernaut
  • http://tmonews.com Cheech

    Listen Ass! Win mo 6.5 is the only availible o.s. 7 is not out yet! Unlike android phones being launched w/ 1.5 when 2.1 is out so F&^% off! The HD2 is Better than anything verizon is offering at the moment

    • Aston


  • Laz

    I think the whole point of all the posts for this rumor is that TMO customers are hoping that T-Mobile will drop a premium android handset or two! With TMO being the first carrier to bring android offerings, most folks feel that Google should remember this and drop a android game changing device for being an early adopter. I am currently a Verizon customer with a 23% corporate discount who still pays more for my service for two Blackberries and two dumb phones. I am waiting for a premium device to jump back on the bandwagon. I used to have TMO a while back and can tell you the voice and data quality in the Phoenix, AZ area is no different on Verizon for more money. Sorry for the threadjack…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Aside from the $6 comment, you could be right. Let’s face it folks, while this rumor is plausible, there’s lots of incompetency out there, no matter the job or profession. I see it all the time, from Harvard law grads no less.

    So as much as I would like this to be true, fact is that data entry is BORING. I can see someone in a hurry to go on break or on to the sales floor, or taking a call and then forgetting where one was at when entering this data.

    I imagine there’s vendor codes for everything so it would be easy to be one number off when entering T-Mobile v. Venison… Verison… Verizon.

    And the only other thing that gives me pause is the fact that someone had a camera and went on a spy mission? That’s a little too convenient, for someone with an interest in this subject to go snooping, to hit pay dirt, snap a pic, then to post it where he knows people will get silly about it.

    But as I said before, does anyone have any info that the Incredible is exclusive to Verizon? I have not seen Verizon say the Incredible was exclusive to it:


    Remember the Touch Pro2, all the majors got that phone.

  • Stilts

    No this rumor is not true. T-Mo gets the HD2, Verizon gets the Incredible, Sprint gets the EVO 4G, and AT&T gets the Desire.

    • Y314K

      Rotten apples to juicy oranges….

      HD2 is WiMo 6.5 = Crap unless u root to stick W7 when it comes out… Sure the curtains are nice… But u can still smell the WiMo Crap a couple of levels in…

      The rest are NEW Android v2.1 devices… Of course ATT doesn’t count since they have to cripple the phone to keep Apple happy…

      TMobile seems to be planning their 4th Gen MyTOuch which was obsolete within weeks of being release once the HTC Hero – Original come out…

      Damn Shame…

      • not quite

        lol, to clear things up, Winmo devices can’t be rooted… its called gaining admin level. ROOT is a LINUX TERM, hence its used on ANDROID devices. Winmo on the other hand wasn’t written on linux. so please, enough with people saying winmo is crap when they don’t even know what’s the difference between winmo and android…

        p.s. rooting/hacking your device is NOT recommended unless you know what the hell you are doing…

        this is where the problems come in these devices.. people are like, hey my phone won’t load after typing a linux command that they have never seen before.

        ROOT/Admin access is taken off by developers on the consumer level because of security risks like this.

    • tortionist

      ATT does not get the Desire. It’s already been released in at T-Mobile UK, and rumored to be going to T-Mobile USA either April or September, now mind you, they’re JUST RUMORS, but it seems highly plausible.

  • ant

    whats with all the ripping on tmobile android handsets? isnt tmobile the one that has the Nexus One, which as far as i know, the premier android headset right now?

    • Reece

      Not really ant, two major things

      1) Nexus One available for 200 comes at the price of killing certain plans (e.g. bye bye family plans).
      2) Nexus is also available made compatable for other carriers.

      • asudave

        3) Nexus One is NOT a T-Mobile handset. It is a Google handset that is compatible with T-Mobile’s network.

  • Flgirll

    I don’t know….this rumor is very, very hard to believe mainly because everything I’ve seen about this phone has been for Verizon. The pics look real but it could just be a mistake in the computer system. However, it would be cool if it did end up on Tmo as well. That would mean Tmo is really working on bringing the hottest phones to their customers this year.

    It would be nice if anyone reading this who is a Costco empolyee would confirm the info is true.

  • Y314K

    This seems to be a place holder for Verizon @ Costco in a system that doesn’t have Verizon on it… TMobile is to busy making sure they release their 4th MyTouch within a year… Sad… Their top of the line Android devices is still the G1… Sprint & Verizon seems to have caught TMobile napping when it comes to Android devices since the rest of the stuff they have doesn’t even count…

    Took them forever to release the HD2 too.. Guess they like the irrelevant price tag on top of the line phones…

    So this seems to be what’s going to be coming out for Android in order of importance in the next couple of months..

    Sprint – EVO – Want this phone but don’t want Sprint, would be perfect on TMobile + HSPA+… Shakes head… (We won’t see a device like this till very late 2010 or early 2011)

    Verizon – HTC Incredible – (Better then the Nexus One) Crazy Verizon plan prices… Not thanks… Would of been a good top tier phone for TMobile.)


    U.S. Cellular – HTC Desire – This just adds salt to the wounds… The 6th largest is leapfrogging TMobile on Android devices.. Pathetic…

    Cellular South – HTC Hero back in 09′ – This is the second time TMobile gets left behind by a smaller carrier… There is no excuse for this… Who the hell is running TMobile…

    TMobile – MyTouch v4 aka MyTouch Slider…. Crap… Every MyTouch owner I’ve meet hates this phone… It’s not only old tech… It’s not very good old tech… Wow… This is what passes as top of the line at TMobile…

    I’ve been looking for reason other than price to move over to TMobile… I know to TMobile fanboys the devices do not matter… But to me it’s everything… I’ve been busting my head trying to figure out how to make sense going with Sprint horrible Family Plans(small minutes amount) just cause of hte EVO… Sure no one can beat TMobile prices… But I’ve been waiting close to a year for a for a worth-while Android phone on TMobile, preferably HTC brand… And it looks like I’ll be waiting for that for another year… Fun…

    (How the hell do they expect to keep customers by being last… And not only last.. But late last…)

    • dreadloxdp

      I thought of making the switch to sprint but verizon and sprint don’t work inside my apartment. Stuck in a CDMA dead zone. Tmobile and AT&T work perfect in my apartment but no way I’m shellin out the cash for at&t when the iphone is the only phone they have worth considering. I’m hopin sprint 4g technology works better in my apartment, but I think that’s just wishful thinking. I want a quality android phone to come to tmobile so I can enjoy gloating to my iphone friends about paying less than them AND having a better phone, anyway……check this out if you want sprint….http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=173903

  • Will

    I thought T-Mobile was rumored to get the HTC Desire?

  • clocinnorcal

    @ Y314K

    I could not have said it better myself. I myself have had tmo for the last few years, and really love Android. I have been waiting for a decent HTC handset to land in tmo stores for a while now since my 2 year contract is up in June. So for the last few months I have been scouring all the Android forums trying to get a handle on what is to come for tmo. But so far it has all been disappointing. Its a shame cause tmo has great plans and they make the N1 near impossible to get as an upgrade. I may be moving to Sprint just for the EVO. Hopefully good news comes soon for tmo’s lineup. REAL SOON!

    • Namo

      I agree with you!!! Except moving to sprint part. No freaking way.

    • tortionist

      Patience my friend, patience.

  • Will

    The Samsung Galaxy S should have been picked up by T-Mobile they could have made that the Behold III. They also could have gone after the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini but they didn’t even try to get either of them and last year after all the hype of the Huawei U8230 aka T-Mobile Pulse and it supposedly passed the FCC it never came and also all the rumors of the HTC Hero coming to T-Mobile it never came either! If they would have gotten the T-Mobile Pulse they would have also gotten the T-Mobile Pulse Mini which would be more affordable because everybody looks at T-Mobile because of their great service and their low prices. Also the two Motorola Devices which never came the Motorola Sholes (aka Droid) which was rumored that a Motorola worker had confirmed to a T-Mobile employee that it would arrive on T-Mobile and their were rumors that there was a version that had T-Mobile USA 3G and the Motorola Sholes Tablet was supposed to land on T-Mobile after it passed the FCC it was pictured and everything but nothing was released. The Samsung Bigfoot which was supposed to come out as the T-Mobile G1 v2 it never came out it just sat there in the T-Mobile roadmap. T-Mobile lowered the specs for the Samsung Galaxy to release the Behold II and they should have later on in the year have added it as the Samsung Behold IIv2. T-Mobile also could have at least gone after the Samsung Galaxy Lite (aka Samsung Galaxy Spica) to add to their Behold lineup too but nothing. They could’ve gone after the HTC Tattoo which is a cool little phone which would be nice for the low-end phones but nothing. Also they were rumored to have met with LG Executives and they were talking about releasing the first LG Android Phones but nothing has come up and the meeting excitement has died down and still no news on an LG android phone for T-Mobile. Also the HTC Bravo (aka HTC Desire) better be around the corner because rumors all over the T-Mobile world is that T-Mobile stores have been testing a very speedy HTC phone (rumored to be the HTC Desire or maybe it could now be the HTC Incredible like said above) for at least 2 months already but whatever the name of this phone will be for T-Mobile they better release it because they need a better speced in store android phone. Its ridiculous if they are satisfied that the two latest android phones they got were the Nexus One (which is a hassle to order if you are an existing T-Mobile customer) and the Motorola Cliq XT, (which is not a phone that really can compete with other android phone out there) well they better think again because if I were T-Mobile I would get my ass to work and instead of getting the MyTouch Slide which doesn’t even have a 1GHz Snapdragon processor on board they should be thinking of more sophisticated top tier android phones because all they got is the Nexus One, T-Mobile G1, MyTouch 3G, MyTouch 3Gv2, MyTouch LE, Motorla Cliq, Motorola XT, and the Behold II. If they are taking a while they better be talking HSPA+ android phones because if not they are taking to long to come out with a well rounded android phone or they better be signing a deal with Apple for their next Iphone which Apple will probably push to get the new Iphone for T-Mobile working on their HSPA+ speeds. SO COME ON T-MOBILE ITS YOUR MOVE IF YOU WANT TO PASS SPRINT YOU BETTER START HAULING ASS!

    • halo

      Well said.

    • Ryan

      Dude, I’m as upset as you are, but please use the enter button once in a while.

      • Will

        My bad Ryan

    • Scuzzy19

      All I see is a wall of text… I’m not even gonna try to read that.

  • aaron

    tmobile uk is getting or already have the desire i dont think us will. but i bet we will get a 4.3 inch screen android phone in the future.

  • aaron

    tmobile uk is getting or already have the desire i dont think u.s. will. but i bet we will get a 4.3 inch screen android phone in the future.

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’ve truly given up on hoping for phones like this on TMo. I always get my hopes up, only to have it go to AT&T or VZW at the last minute. At this point, I’m not even sure the MyTouch Slide is gonna be on T-Mo.

  • Alex

    It’s very sad when I walk into a TMO store and the best they have to offer is a winmo handset and the cliqXT..
    I had it and returned it the same day. Been sitting off contract since March 1st. What anooyed me even more, is the fact that the rep I was dealing with semed convinced from the info he was sharing that, we will be getting a superstar android handset- END OF THE YEAR!!! WTF is that Tmobile?!!! I find it hard to believe they really are really on this mytouch slide… I don’t and refuse to sign up with anyone else, but you are making it really hard TMOBILE…

  • mpv

    I share others’ frustration about the lack of a high-end Android phone on T-Mo right now, but it does sound like one will be introduced by the holiday season; it’s just a matter of waiting. We know that the MOTOROI is likely on the way; and meanwhile, HSPA+ is being rolled out, and TMO has said that a compatible handset is coming later this year – hopefully it will run Android.

    To put things in perspective, TMO does have the top-of-the-line BlackBerry (9700) and 2 of the best WinMo phones (for what that’s worth) – plus a good selection of mid-range Android devices. It’s hard not to be envious of the high-end Android choices on other carriers (especially Verizon) – but I’m NOT envious of the prices that Verizon customers pay! :) I think our patience will pay off…

  • Gerry

    Right. When we get our high end Android, not only will the specs be as good or better than whats out there, but it will be internationally capable with simultaneous voice & data. Neither Verizon or Sprint can offer those features on their anDroids.

  • Brian

    im not holding my breath for this phone cuz iono if this phone will be released to tmo. ill just wait patiently until a new phone comes out on tmo that interests me

  • Lance

    Yahoo news links have pretty much confirmed that Verizon is getting the HTC Incredible on April 29th.
    Incredibly disappointing. Ive been waiting since October for a high end carrier subsidized phone that doesnt require you to use a certain plan to get a certain price.

  • HavoK

    Nuff’ Said……..TMO it’s your move.
    Save the no love crappy devices and get with the program and dish out a top of the line android phone.

    TMO is giving away the freakin’ keys to the Benz to BMW!!! Get it?

  • hammeedo

    I am sick of tired of all the bashing of Tmobile handsets. I just bought the Nexus one and it is currently by far the best Android handset out there. The only thing that the incredible has that the N1 doesn’t is the 8MP camera, and oh yeah the handset doesn’t exist YET.

    Quit complaining about subsidized pricing, I’m on a family plan and still got the low price. What puts Tmobile beyond all the other carriers is customer service, I switched from sprint over 5 years ago because of the crappy customer service that they have. Tmobile goes beyond to help their customers.

    All I did to get my phone at the low price was call Tmobile and tell them that I want the N1 but don’t want to pay $529 for it. So they temporarily changed my plan to meet what Google requires to get the lower price, that is what I call customer service. I can’t think of a single android phone out there that I would rather have than the Nexus One and Tmobile has had it since day one and at a subsidized price. The X10 doesn’t support multi-touch, its not because of it runs android 1.6 but because of a hardware limitation.

    I’m extremely happy with Tmobile and wouldn’t move to any other carrier.

  • Rick

    Wake up people! This is a lame device! I do computer performance management and capacity planning for a living. I work on balancing the CPU, memory and IO to meet business needs.

    So here’s my assessment:
    1. 1GHz snapdragon processor – pretty good, best speed available right now
    2. 256 meg memory – pretty lame The HD2 has 16 gig, the iphones have 16 gig. There’s not much more room to hold apps on this phone than any other Android phone. I can’t hold all the apps I want/need on my G1, this one is better but not that much better. If you can give WINMO 6.5 16 gig you can give Android 16 gig. WAKE UP!
    3. IO – The screen has a decent pixel size.
    Its got 3G and I assume the ability to run faster T mobile networks
    It can support a 32 gig microSD
    Its OK on the IO department.

    BUT the bottle neck is memory!

    From what I have seen on specs for the Samsung Galaxay S, it matches the CPU and IO specs but has either 8 gig or 16 gig for memory. This is a device planned for serious use. I can’t speak to Samsung’s reliability but the specs meet my criteria.

    I’ve used WINMO devices for years. My 1st cell phone is a G1. I use it for internet related stuff. I hardly use any of the phone minutes, but they are handy when I’m trwaveling. I like the flexibility much better than WINMO. There are 2 apps I use that run on WINMO that currently do not run on Android the vendor is fixing this. An Android phone with decent memory would allow me to do almost everything with 1 device (internet, music, video, email, keeping notes and logs, etc.). Otherwise you need at least 2 devices.

    I want a big memory, fast android phone!

    • AndroidFTW

      For someone that claims that they do computer performance management, your 100% wrong on the memory topic.

      The HD2 has 448 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM, and it COMES WITH a 16GB sdcard. capability of using 32GB sdcard

      The incredible has 512MB ROM / 512MB RAM and 8GB of internal memory (according to its spec sheet), and has the capability of using a 32GB sdcard.

      Get your facts right before you start bashing. sounds like we have a Winblows mobile fan boy on our hands LOL

      the only thing the HD2 has on this phone is the screen size. BUT if Incredible indeed comes with 8GB of internal storage, then i think we have a winner.

      regardless of its specs, its a CDMA phone, and i personally believe that this whole rumor is a fake and T-Mobile will not be getting it. Im still keeping my limbs crossed :)

      • kp

        Well said. Rick’s response smells of Windows fan-boy trying to bash a new non-windows device without doing homework.
        Rick for the sake of your customers/employer I hope you don’t charge a lot.

      • LI-TMoRep

        for someone whos gonna bash someone, youre 100 percent wrong on the momory topic.

        1GB of ROM. 576 of RAM.

        get your facts right before you stick your chin up.

      • AndroidFTW

        @LI-TMoRep, if that response was towards me, then you should practice what you preach. 3 of my friends work for Verizon corp and confirmed the specs, also the link below shows this as well.


        who’s chin is a little to high up? you have no evidence to support your accusation, so before you start getting all high and mighty, go research.

      • LT is right

        Lt is right about the HD2… havent you heard of google search before?

        type http://www.google.com

        search T-Mobile USA HD2

    • sorandkairi

      I’m with Androidftw on this one, your specs. are just wrong or i’m just not reading correctly or something! Besides even though most of the android phone currently have less than 8GB of internal memory,…just what/how many apps do u really use and/or need on ur phone. I mean i have a Mytouch and a Nexus 1 and to be honeest with you, wont use all that memory for app! Plus didnt Google say that with one of its updates will include run/install from sd?! Just saying

  • knightrider1919

    I had some glimmer of hope for this being on tmobile cause i really don’t want to have to fork over the cash for the nexus one, but my GF that is employed at a st louis area costco informed me that it is infact not for tmobile and this is obviously a fake or error. /cry

  • Rick

    Ok guys some of my specs may be wrong, but every spec I stated I copied from a source on the web. As for being a WinMo fan. Lets be real, Winmo has the integration of contacts, calendar, tasks with your desktop beat hands down. But when its synchronization breaks its near impossible to fix. Android/Google could go quite a ways in improving thier calendar and contacts, and they need a truly usable integrated tasks app. The inability to specify a repeating meeting only occurs n times from my G1 is very frustrating. I’m currently carrying both around because Ilium Software hasn’t ported their apps to Android yet. When they do my Winmo device is in the trash. I want one device to be my phone, my long term memory, my music, my video player, my netbook, etc. I’m tired of carrying multiple devices.

  • not quite

    Here’s a note to all that complained…


    get it? stop freaking complaining about T-mo when T-mo has its own company plans and stuff to consider.

    I really don’t get people these days. You give them options of 4 carriers and they stick to one hoping that they land a phone that the other carrier already has/has announced to get one… why don’t you just switched carriers and get the phone? life could’ve been easier than complaining.. right? tsk tsk tsk… its like saying, hey choose a number from 1 – 4. UMMM, I like 1 but I’m sticking with 4… Isn’t that stupid and ridiculous? and then to top it off, you complained about having 4 when you could’ve had 3 or 2 or 1?

    People did become like pi, we need to get rational.

  • Guess not

    Went to Costco today and looked up the item number and looks like they changed the description of the phone. They removed HTC incredible and instead of Tmo it says Verizon now. everything else is the same in the system. Sorry no pic, I had my hopes up and everything.

  • Alex

    Every one getting HTC running android but we got the HD2 amazing phone running crappy windows… So lame…phone gets choppy after 1 or 2 hours of use, needs rebooting often. … I don’t think we getting the incredible hulk…

  • Tmobemp

    Just to clear up the Nexus One misinformation. It IS a Tmobile phone. It can be bought unlocked if you pay full price because you buy it directly from google. However Every phone made can be unlocked. It does suck that the HD2 is not android, but we will get ours soon hopefully. I just wanted to comment on the fact that yes Tmob was the breakthru android supplier, but when the Incredible comes out we wont be on top anymore.

  • clocinnorcal

    Some of you tmo fanboys take this a little too seriously! I think we all have the right to discuss the fact that we have been waiting for Tmobile (the ones who gave google their introduction into the mobile OS game) to actually carry a decent Android handset that doesnt have two rolls of red tape wrapped around it. Especially when every other wireless carrier (including the sixth largest and even lower) has or will have a top model Android handset in stores within a month or two. I’ve been pretty patient with tmo about this. I have seen the rumors come and go with mostly disappointment for the last year and a half! Dont get me wrong, I love tmo’s service and pricing, all I ask of them is for a nice android handset. And please do it soon before Verizon and ATT get the Android Intel Atom Dual core :P

    • AndroidFTW

      Now if T-Mo i holding out so their newer generation of Android phones have the Atom core, that would be totally worth the wait for me :), but rumor has it (KEYWORD THERE”RUMOR”) the Galaxy S might be on t-mo’s roster of Android phones. Super AMOLED anyone? :)

  • Mike_

    For all the impatient skeptics out there like me I have some bad news.

    I called several Costco stores and gave them the item number shown in the alleged Costco inventory program for the HTC-Incredible; as Rob posted earlier, the item# and phone DOES register in their system, however, it is NOT registered as a T-Mobile device, but rather VZW. Sorry guys.

  • mike

    @ :3 My HD2
    even if tmo is Hyundai and verizon if Mercedes. hyundia makes the genesis to compete with what ever mercedes sedan. btw the genesis is a really nice car. both companyies are in the same business and compete with each other even if they cater towards a different consumer market

  • Virus4Verizon

    iphone is officially gay. it was cool in 2007. but we’ve moved on. so there goes that argument. Next, im incredibly stoned and forgot what I was saying. Good Day.

  • monsterwang

    no but seriously: u called costco? please touch a vagina for the first time rather than stalking a cell phone. u people are all f*cking insane.

  • Noel

    Bringing the HTC INCREDIBLE to Tmo is a good thing, a plus but we badly need the HTC DESIRE ON MAGENTA right NOW…hurry Tmo. Just wished the Desire had an 8meg cam…bcz it is a sexier phone than the Incredible. Either way…i will take the Desire over the Incredible or the HD2. It is a toss up between the N1 and the Desire though i wud prefere the Desire due to the Htc sense. But the Desires lack of voice inputs for txt n emails is a lil draw back thoough not major. If the Desire was available now on Tmo i wud certainly get it over the N1 but will be forced to get the N1 bcz i need a change of phone pronto…Tmo how long are we gonna w8 for it?? Also this is for HTC…can you guys make a SENSE UI widgit available on Android market??? That way one wud not have to root their N1.

  • Mytouck jack

    Im disappointed that tmobile doesnt have the best android phones on the market considering we had the first anfroid phone but tmobiles cheap i wouldn’t switch carriers based on that I
    sure they read these blogs and are cookin up something amazing

  • Mytouck jack

    Who thinks alien ware should come out with a phone running android *drools*

  • Qverse

    HTC INCREDIBLE to Tmo HA !!! now that’s funny…I have been a TMo user since voicestream…We get not breaks and no good phone …Why do I stay you ask?? because because They where the first to push the Android OS with the G1 (I still pimp Hard)…I find it insane that HD2 that amazing phone running sh#$%y windows. A phone with so much Hardware and not running Android..I refused to buy it and change my plan,and be locked into a year contract because of that. This is why Tmobile has fallen behiden in the times..
    So NO HTC INCREDIBLE for Tmobile because Especially every other wireless carrier (including the sixth largest and even lower) has or will have a top model Android handset in stores within a month or two. Its all now a waiting game !!! Rumors I Hate them…Oh yes wait ..Why I stay with Tmobile Great plans and great customer service. THat It