Sidekick Data Outage

If you happen to be handling a Sidekick right now, you may have noticed a lack of data service.  The nationwide outage reportedly started late last night or very early this morning and has been recognized by T-Mobile.  In the meantime, relax and T-Mobile will have it fixed “shortly.”  If this is really hurting you, you may want to give customer care a call and try out that award winning customer service.  On a related side note, there is word that there will be an OTA update for the LX 2009 that should resolve the crashing and freezing, so you have that to look forward to. Tell us what you think in the comments, especially if you have a Sidekick.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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  • bobby

    t-mobile sucks

  • vanessa


  • Anamika

    well technically its not tmobiles fault because the issue occured within Danger phones.

    im just waiting patiently… i just wish i had my contacts

  • Anamika

    Im not complaining and i love sidekicks.
    but thats true too.. if the service was having problems we shouldve been notified.
    it only sucks that i cant get my contacts right now :(
    oh wells, we’ll wait until it comes back on i guess

  • Scott Bowman

    My sidekick hasnt been working since Friday morning, it is now Sunday afternoon. Everytime I call T-Mobile customer service I am told that it will be on in “A couple of hours.” This is starting to get rediculous. I was never notified of this issue by T-Mobile and the inconvienience of not having my address book is infuriating. We shouldn’t have to put up with it.

  • Carmen

    Magenta– if indeed it was “planned”,which I doubt that it was because I don’t believe they would have handled it this poorly, a letter in our bill, a text, an email… SOMETHING should have been said to warn us about it occuring. I called the customer care, they did give me the free month which is nice. I’m still extremely frustrated about all of this though because it is very important for me to have my contacts and address book working.

  • Barbara

    Yes, this is my complaint as well. When I saw there was a problem, I went to the t-mobile web site and logged into my account. There was nothing there to indicate a problem so I went through the litany of checks and resets — for 2 hours or so, hoping to coax it into working. Then I spent another half hour on the phone waiting to talk to t-mobile to see what I should do next. That conversation was totally unsatisfying and left me very annoyed.

    Communications is always the answer. Companies who don’t want to look bad to the general public only turn off their customers in situations like this. This is not good.

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  • Dex

    Lmfao I laugh at all of you. I have never had a problem w T-Mobile because I stay away from those crappy Sidekicks. Invest in an Android phone and all your problems are a thing of the past. It links directly to your Gmail account so all of your contacts are ALWAYS available, even w a data outage. Suckers

    God I hate Sidekicks

  • Santiago

    I Got A Full Credit And Temporary Switched To My G1 And Using Data Via Wifi. So I’m Good. I Jus Wish The Update Comes Quick.

  • Tiffyy L

    YeeeO tmobliie dedd pissennn mi dii fuucC off w|. diisz serviiCe shiit ! ; iits biin 2 whole fuuckkkinn dayys ! WTH manG ! tmoblie stay on deaa periiOdd ! uuuqqqhhhh ! diisz bettah be fixxedd soonn yeeO OR iim changingg to verizon oor summ shiitt >:/

  • J. Edgar Hoover

    No, Bobby. You suck.

    And you’re a piece of sh*t too, Vanessa.

    Tell me, if you buy a car and it breaks down a few years down the road, do you demand that the manufacturer not charge you a payment for that month?

    I don’t think so.

  • Jennifer

    computers i.e. microsoft is unreliable. it just sucks for the world when it doesn’t work because we rely on it way too much. life sucks most of the time…get over it and get over yourselves!!!!

  • The Observer

    hey tiffyL, talk like you got god damn sense? you speak english?

  • cevinthwonder

    Call T-Mobile or hit customer service up on the online chat. I have 3 lines with 3 sidekicks and they have credited me $89.99 ($15 Friday and $74.99 Sunday) so far. Don’t just sit there… DEMAND ACTION!

  • Charles Stepp
  • dee.

    okay this is such bullshit. I don’t even care about AIM or any of that junk I desperatly need my contacts backk now! and everytime I call t-mobile they say it’ll be back in a few hours or so and nothing happens. IF I DON’T GET THAT G IM JUST GOING TO SWITCH TO VERIZON. im tired of seeing those damn 2 dots -__-

  • jenn

    i hope everyone gets compensated for this cuz this blows! i have nothing on my LX right. ive been to 3 different stores in the past 3 days and no one has their story straight!!! damn 2 dots are driving me nuts! and no contacts is pissing me off!!! GET IT TOGETHER PPL!

  • Johnathan

    J. Edgar Hoover says your a dumb ass idot annd tmobile is a piece of shit just as much as you are tmobile is the worst if dey didnt have such awsome phones i woul have nver had them the only reason they still have a buisness is because the creative phones TMOBILE SUCKS HORSE ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carla

    yea my sidekick aim isnt working we should atleast ge t the bill free this month or else i switching to verison GIVE ME SOMTHING BACK IN RETURN OF MY HORRIBLE WEEKEND OR IM LEAVING TMOBILE AND WILL GET OTHES 2 SWITCH TOO BETTER FIX THIS ISSUE BY MONDAY

  • Jimx2

    Well I got creditted for this month so its koo :] free texting at least

  • heather

    I am with most of you. Lost everything, now when I get a text I do not know who it is from cause my contacts are gone! And it is a big deal because I do business through my phone. Just called and they say it should be up tomorrow but they are not sure as to when. Exact words! I demanded to not pay for the past two days and they are going to credit me, they should credit all of us without us calling their asses. Fuck Tmobile

  • Odiezapha

    So it’s Monday morning now and still nothing. I still have my contacts but my-fav’s are gone and for some odd reason can’t get into my voice mail. they said it was related!? If this goes on for one more day I say we all start calling and demanding some kind of reimbursement for this b.s.

  • ebony Jahada

    so i couldn’t use my data services, and just when i was calling to yell at someone i got this automation when i dialed the number, which infuriated me further because it let me know that i couldn’t yell at anyone. the services came back saturday night to only let me down further because this morning, it locked me out! what a pain!

  • cecilia


  • TiffanyTaboo

    I agree with most of the comments I’ve read. We pay every month to have data services, and they are suspended right now. And our contacts? Yeah, slightly important over here…

    Is anyone else not getting notifications that they have a text message? My phone just flat out makes no noise when I get a text, no matter what setting I put it on… :/

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  • informed user

    Good luck getting on another network, most tmo customers don’t have the credit rating to get on another service. Plus sidekick users are really stupid, its painful to speak to you people.

  • Adelyn

    When it first happened I had no internet, obviously. That lasted for about…5 days. That whole time every time I got a text message or picture message it wouldn’t alert me that I had one. About a day after I got my internet back my phone randomly shuts off by itself, and it was fully charged. I couldn’t get it to turn back on so I did what customer service usually tells you to do and I took the battery and the card out, waited about three minutes and put it back in. IT STILL WOULDN’T TURN BACK ON. I plugged it in thinking maybe my battery was loose and it wasn’t showing the correct amount of charge on the charge bar. About 3 or 4 minutes later it turned back on and it was fully charged, so it wasn’t dying and my battery was fine. I went to text my boyfriend to let him know my phone was back on and all of my contacts were gone. Later that night I get a neat text message from tmobile about important information on regarding sidekicks so I go there and it tells me that if you allow your phone to power down or you remove your battery during this time when all of these problems are happening that they CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to restore your contacts. UMMMM you think that information might of been helpful earlier? and my phone shut ITSELF off. So now I’m about to call tmobile and ask them what the hell their deal is. I just recently switched to tmobile from verizon and I’m seriously thinking about going back.

  • AnnY

    ok, so the outage happend how long ago?? Y is it that I STILL dont have my MYFAVES!!! or the themes and ringtones that I downlaoded???!! Im very frustrated cuz I pay for these services that im not getting!!!