Android in the wild again?? Official name still up for grabs.


I have to say the phone looks a little smaller than I would have first thought, then again this “google spy” as he is referred to via the link could just have overly large man hands. I have to think that these are the most clear “in the wild” shots we have seen yet. Am I jealous? Absolutely. Just keeping saying 4 more days, 4 more days.


  • Darrell

    I dont see how this “reference design” everyone’s been talking about for the past year or so will actually be the same phone unveiled on 23rd. My reasoning is that HTC, Tmobile, Android and Google have been hyping the hell out of this for a while. So with all of the beautiful devices HTC has been dropping these past months, I find it very hard to believe that they will allow this “reference design” to grace the pages of Wired,WSJ, NY Times, etc., all of which are papers that have covered this story so far…

  • Darrell

    ……I just dont see this being the “iphone killer” design. The first impression will be based on physical attraction. We know she has a brain, but I expect her to look good too. Especially with this level of anticipation….

  • holden

    from: # lancerevo Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Isnt what holden just described exactly like one of the first photoshopped designs we saw that was supposed to be the dream that is in this pic right here.
    WOW someone actually has a real photo YES THAT IS THE ACTUAL PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY. I knew eventually someone in TMO would break the barrier LOL

    AGAIN the link above IS THE PHONE GUYS.

  • holden

    from:# T1 Connect Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    you know im starting to believe you
    you should believe me. i have no reason to mislead anyone. As i mentioned I like this blog. Just don’t like all the wrong info like the photo shop job of the mytmobile portal in another post today or the wrong and very obviously wrong dates being posted as this blog did .. their sources suck.

  • holden

    I should point out that my remarks are only related to TMO. For all I know the phone pictured above is the android headed for Sprint early next year … or ti is another bogus pic. But the link I referenced in my post #53 IS the TMO G1.

  • T1 Connect

    dude the post after this showed the phone on the site and its the one we see up at the top of the screen

  • WazzuKirk

    I personally love the design and look of the phone. If it performs as well as it should, this phone will be an absolute killer in the marketplace. Just get the pre-sale up and going and I’ll be a happy camper.

  • The Man

  • Greg

    That’s so funny. If Holden’s phone is the real G1, then it’s actually UGLIER then the leaked photos we’ve already seen. Who thought that could be possible. Wow.

  • gee

    this is nice lookin!! better then the sidekick 08.. this is more for the grown and sexy, real talk.

  • holden

    from: T1 Connect Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    dude the post after this showed the phone on the site and its the one we see up at the top of the screen

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    I hope it can record vids and have a tv out jack

  • nick

    enuff with the i phone killer i say we call it the

  • some dude in queens

    i look at it this way, if its the phone that we have seen around for the past month or so, it looks fine. if its anything better than thats just icing on the cake. And lets remember why we are really excited about this phone, its the OS running on it.

  • bekx

    Ok so I work for tmobile and they haven’t even shown us pictures or given us an actual release date to the android. That’s tight if that’s the phone

  • bekx

    Were not even aloud to say anything bout it if a cust. Asks its suppose to be super secret so im sure they wldnt release a pic of it..jus sayin

  • mrssherico

    I’m with gee, this phone is most definitly for the grown, sexy, and sophisticated. Looks so much better than that ugly white sidekick knockoff.

  • Jeffrey

    i’ll be going for the black myself. as for the size, i HOPE it’s as small as the pic shows…i don’t like a big ole’ phone taking up my entire pocket.

  • Brian here you guys go . i will download this to the G1 when i get it

  • chriaxx

    Ok so. Honestly this phone is still damn ugly. There is no way in hell this phones is going to sell. Ok well maybe you fan boys will buy it. But the average person will see this and pass it right by and the UI? What kinda crap is that?

  • Rhage

    I agree with chriaxx, whether it is the phone pictured above or the phone that Holden is describing, both are a disapointment in my opinion. While Google is hyping the software capabilities of the Android OS, I still want to buy a phone that is visually stunning. HTC just announced the release of the Touch HD, now that is a stunning phone. Why would they then settle to release Android on this subpar looking phone? The phone pictured above looks like a souped up Sidekick. If this truly the release phone, I’ll pass and wait for something worth my hard earned money.