T-Mobile Will Introduce New “Unlimited” Data Plan That’s Actually Unlimited

Hello brand new unlimited data plan coming to T-Mobile that is actually…unlimited. Be still my heart as T-Mobile is finally introducing, or re-introducing from days gone by a data plan that is without “speed limits, caps, or overages.” I’m so happy I just might shed a tear that T-Mobile is finally using the word “unlimited” properly with regards to a data plan offering.

The best news, this plan is just $30 for Classic Plan customers and $20 for Value Plan customers and is available for all account types, including Small Business, Enterprise and in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, the plan cannot be combined with the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (tethering), as customers who want to add the Mobile Hotspot should continue to choose from the 5GB and 10GB rate plan options instead.

So what’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data good for?

  • Watch HD videos, stream music, and browse the web without worrying about data speed limits
  • Do not plan to to share their phone’s data connection with other devices
  • Currently have 2GB data and want a worry-free data experience
  • Do not know how much data they will use per month and want the peace of mind of never having to monitor their data usage ever!

I’m so happy that T-Mobile is moving in this direction, I can’t even explain it. Now, let’s hope they market the #$)@ out of this plan and stick it to Sprint’s claim as the only truly “unlimited” national carrier.

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  • So… I can change my current $30 5gig data addon to a $30 unlimited data addon? Sounds too good to be true.

    •  yes, but what if it isn’t?  I’m sure it’ll be for a very limited time.

      • I plan to hop on it as soon as I see the option. Not going to miss out this!

  • Sanitylostone


  • Noor Mahmoud

    What Black Magic is this?

  • now THIS is good news!  I’m still on a truly Unlimited, no data cap plan from way back but its really great for T-Mobile to offer this once again – D

  • Curtis Mullins

    I look forward to this with tepid reservation. I really dont want the network to devolve into what Sprint offers. Unlimited slow data. Also as a salesman for T-Mobile I dont really find that many people who care that much about unlimited data. I understand it looks great in ads and its cool that they offer it but any rooted phone can be used as a hotspot and all I picture is my neighbors torrenting movies on the network and ruining it for everyone.

  • Jarhead

    Any news for next gen iPhone coming to T-Mobile or at least the old one?

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      In order to get the old ones to play nice on TMobile’s network. They’d have to put in some work on their network to make the current iPhones compatible. If you’re currently using an iPhone now on TMobile. You’re more likely getting Edge(2G). We’ll just have to sit and see what happens next month. Although I do hear they are currently reframing their network which should bring 3G for older iPhones and current ones.

  • BrianR.

    This is great news, but my only concern is the no tethering. I use it for work when I am on the road. Not often, but often enough it would be inconvenient without it. I wouldn’t want to have to add the hotspot on top of it.

  • Joelfreak

    Great news…but what about Andriod devices that HAVE wifi sharing in them…does that mean we technically can’t use this plan?!

    • niftydl

      Devices like the Galaxy Nexus do not “call home” when you enable the hotspot feature so you are free to tether without having the feature on your account.

      Edit: if you have a T-Mobile devices with stock software it will not allow you to enable the tethering feature on this plan without software modification (root + bypass)

      • Legione13

        Let me make sure I’m understanding this correctly – since the hotspot on a Galaxy Nexus is built in and isn’t a T-Mobile add-on, the tethering feature will work on a Nexus no matter what.  Is that right?

        • niftydl

          Correct. The WiFi hotspot feature on the phone uses your existing phone data connection, so it just looks like increased network traffic from your phone. T-Mobile branded phones “check in” with the mothership to make sure you have the feature on your account before allowing you to get to the internet.

  • OMG YES! I will switch just because. I just love seeing Unlimited on my plan. It’s just feels good to not have to worry about it.

  • Tmo_employee

    pretty much guarantees we arent getting the iphone 

    • Tmo_cutomer

      pretty much a knee jerk simplistic reaction….
      You should look into this company called sprint. They have unlimited data and guess what, they carry the iphone.

      • mfor33

         yea and that company is doing great, the reason they havent been exploding their margins is because they have decided to take a loss on clearwire and have taken on loans to build out their lte network.<—true story, its always in the details. you should look this up

        • Tmo_customer

          Margins have nothing to with investment losses. Take a few accounting classes before you try to sound “in the know”. Operating margins are before investment losses, same goes for financing costs (
          loans to build out their lte network.<—true story )… You get an F in business analysis. Try again.

        • Joseph Tongret

          Lol, it’s like teaching chemistry to a kindergarten class!

        • mfor33

          “Sprint’s financial loss was almost entirely due to Nextel, coupled with drawing on credit and putting even more pressure on their margins. Sprint’s CFO recently told a group of investors that the iPhone has helped them rake in more customers than Verizon or AT&T. The
          company lost $543 million of which was
          from a write-down on the Nextel phase-out. ” -CNN Money.com April 25, 2012

          true story. dumbass

      • TayshaunBoba

        Yes but there 3G speeds barely rival T-Mo 2G and there LTE network is about the same (if not a tad slower) than T-Mo’s current HSPA+ network. I’d rather have unlimited, nationwide HSPA+ than a iPhone with unlimited 2G speeds on Sprint.

        • Freak4Dell

          If you live in one of the bigger markets, you’ll probably get the 1900MHz refarm, so you’ll be able to have an iPhone with unlimited 3G (or 4G, if you get one of the future iPhones).

        • Tmo_customer

          What does that have to do with what I said? Get hooked on phonics. Let me make it clear:

          Offering unlimited data, irregardless of network technology, does not preclude a company from offering the iPhone which is what T_employee was suggesting… In my opinion that’s a simplistic conclusion.

          Get it? 

        • TayshaunBoba

          oops, sorry, that one’s on me. Due to the length of the thread I didn’t see your comment was a response to somebody else’s comment. I thought you were just dissing T-Mo cause they don’t have the iPhone when Sprint does, which I think is just a cheep shot. As for what you were saying, I agree that unlimited data doesn’t mean the iPhone isn’t coming next month.

    • bruce_leer0y

      how so?

      • DaltonS

        My assumption is that he/she believes that T-Mob isn’t getting the iPhone so they are now offering this plan, to try and lure people (and keep people from jumping ship) to T-Mobile for the iPhone 5 which will probably sell a shitload.

        • DaltonS

          from* T-Mobile to another carrier.

        • DaltonS

          Actually, I just screwed the crap out of that comment. But I believe you guys know what I meant.

        • bruce_leer0y

          Lol yes I do. I think you meant jump ship to ATT

    • UMA_Fan

      Even if it’s a move in response to not launching the iPhone yet again it’s a GOOD move.  It’s a move that benefits consumers but is easy to understand.  Unlike the Value Plans which some consumers find difficult to understand.

  • Jorge Santana

    this is amazing 

  • Wait so i have the old-school Tmobile Android Unlimited Web for $25. Though over the years (however long its been since i got the first Mytouch 3G) iv read if i actually used a lot of data it would get throttled which im assuming this “real unlimited” plan gets rid of. 

    So from what i can tell, is this article saying if i got a 4G capable phone i could change my Data plan to this 4G Unlimited Data for $30? 

    • Chrisroberts7577

      No need to change your plan at all. I am still on that same plan and have been using 4G for years

      • Oh ya, i forgot, they probably mean 4G as in HSPA+ dont they? They dont mean it as a separate thing like LTE etc? Ha, man, to get to 5Gb of monthy use…it would have to be free to tether to my Asus Infinity tablet and then use it and my phone heavily. 

    • Baronvonj

      I have that plan too and found it has a 5 GB throttle point.

    • MHPhan

      The WB400 plan you have include unlimited data and 400 txt. They downgraded to 5GB cap few years back from unlimited no cap. I got the same one when the G1 first released.

      They switched me to the Android Pref Plan last month and on my account it shows:

      Data: 100.3 MB

      Unlimited on our network.



      So I guess they already have the real unlimited plan for the long time customers like me.

  • Jason Crumbley

    HOT DAMN! I know what I’m getting in September.

  • chris125

    This is what tmo needs to try and lure more customers. Hope they keep this around

    • Littlesis1774

       So what going to when the iphone is on LTE

  • Brenden

    Will this be available for T-Mobile Family Plans?

  • Brett Schulte

    Horrible idea. It’s simply impractical and unsustainable and will make the network far less consistent and reliable.

    • DaltonS

      With as few customers as T-Mobile has, I doubt it. How many will jump to this? Not all 33ish million. I think it should be fine.

    • TayshaunBoba

      Despite what most people think, unlimited data plans rarely lead to less consistent and reliable service or greater network congestion. Data caps only force users to pay more money to use the same data. It never really prevents people from using that data. For throttling or caps to be effective, they have to been done on a precise, local level. For example, if a particular site in a crowded area is seeing congestion, certain users who are using data excessively may be throttled so that bandwidth for other people on that tower is freed up. Unfortunately, none of carriers (except in certain cases Verizon) use this technique.

    • UMA_Fan

      I think the primary reason for data tiers was to capitalize on people using voice less and data more.  Remember back in 2007ish, even on T-Mobile, voice plans with 2000 minutes were almost $100 and people STILL added edge (that was all that was available back then) unlimited data plans to those lines.  With voip, sms, and im people started to use A LOT of data and voice usage steadily declined.  Then came affordable voice unlimited plans where there was hope people would pay for more than they needed for the simplicity.  With Verizon’s new plans, they get rid of tiered voice completely and force you on unlimited voice and text.  Plans are completely data usage based. This way Verizon will roughly get roughly the same monthly rates from customers because data is what is now used more. T-Mobile’s current pricing is a similar approach.

      That being said, I’m no engineer and hopefully we won’t see drastically worse data service due to the all-you-can-eat 4G data plans. At&t’s network crumbling with iPhone data traffic and Sprint’s network just being lousy are horror stories that don’t sound too reassuring. However from what I understand, At&t and Sprint, didn’t have the fiber back haul in place that T-Mobile currently has now. LTE without back haul is nothing… just look at the 3mbps you get on MetroPCS LTE.

      • GS3

        Metropcs trottles too.

  • Sickofu

    whats the difference? dont they usually cap “unlimited” anyways?

    • This isn’t “capped” and that’s a HUGE difference.

      • MuthaFuckinStephen

        The problem is people don’t read.

        • Sickofu

          The problem is nasty people . EXCUSE me for just wanting something clarified since there is always something with these cell companies. But thank you for your input

      • Sickofu

        but wasnt there something about even unlimited being capped after 10 gb or something ?

        • jonathan3579

          You seem to miss this is an entirely new plan with NO caps. The picture is self-explanatory.

        • Bmg1001

          Yeah, if you are on the 10gb plan. Derp

        • Georgie1234

          You should actually read the article or at least whats in the picture

  • bruce_leer0y

    Oh thank god. Now i can finally keep 4g on and not worry about if im connected to wifi


    What about domestic data roaming….is that gone too?

  • niftydl

    This and the 1900 MHz spectrum refarm nationwide and I will gladly come back with my i9300.

  • Crush

    I only get 200 mb for ten dollars will this plan give me at least one gb

    • Bmg1001

      This plan can give you 1,000,000,000,000 GB at HSPA+ Speeds.

      • UMA_Fan


    • :::head:desk:::

  • TechAce01

    If this turns out to be true, I’m changing to this on day one! It’ll finally be able to use my phone again at work. (Because of the 5gbs soft cap, I had to kill 70% of my usage) 

  • Sickofu

    i change my plan in june.. recieved discount on my monthly bill.. if i was to change my plan for this one will i lose the discount?

  • NewZ05

    This will be an easy seller to customers which will in turn help out my pockets w/ more money every month

  • I have a Galaxy Nexus which I know doesn’t tell T-Mobile that it is tethering but does anyone know if T-Mobile is or is going to use pack sniffing to detect tethering?

    • J-Hop2o6

       Doubt it for the very small amount that does. Won’t that be more costly for Tmo to implement that?

    • Lolo

      I can’t believe people are talking about what we “can” do with a gnex on a tmobile article where tmobile employees will read. Kiss that “get around” good bye.

  • Oh and this plan pretty much IMO guarantees the end of T-mobile introducing another G-series phone since you can’t restrict tethering on AOSP Android.  Of course if T-mobile is detecting tethering on the back end then I stand corrected.

    • sspeedy23

      Yeah they can still detect it. I have a Gnex and when I tether to my laptop it tells me to buy a tethering plan. To get around it I just use canary and make it view the browser as an android or tablet. That way it’s not detected as a pc. 

      • Thanks.  I had a G2x before my Nexus and right before enforcing tethering rules across the board T-Mobile offered the 5GB with tethering plan for $5/month less than the going rate so I got it then as long term precaution.

      • Matlock

        What is this Canary you speak of? is it the Canary Google Chrome Browser? I want to know, because I need to be able to tether at will.

        • Matlock

          If any one could help me out with this I would appreciate it.

        • sspeedy23

          Yeah, you just go to developer settings. 

    • Psaux

      They do have back-end tethering detection.   I thought my plan allowed tethering (annnncient data plan which I thought the rep had told me allowed that) … anyway I was tethering quickly while on a business trip, not trusting the hotel wifi with certain data, and I hit a browser redirect on my laptop that took me to a T-mo page telling me I didn’t have tethering rights, but that I could buy them for an additional $15 a month.  Bear in mind this was on a G2 … so it was decidedly backend.

      • Thanks. T-mo offered the 5GB with tethering plan for $30/month (instead of the $35 it is now) right before they implemented the back-end system and I took advantage of it as a long term solution just in case (and I was using a G2x at the time).

        • 09261994

          I used to use tethering a lot, like almost a year and till like a week ago they decided to block my mobile hotspots..the only thing that works now is USB tethering and its pretty dam fast..(g2x)

    • Anthony baca

      no because they legit have blocked all the tethering apps

  • Sidekicker89

    Can’t you just download apps like Foxfi to tether and still get the unlimited plan? I love that app!

    • JBrowne1012

      Absolutely thats good if you don’t root and custom rom your device just make sure you don’t use google chrome because somehow they can detect it from there all others are safe though.

    • Froude89

      Sorry Im stupid about this stuff but what exactly is tethering?  Is it you hook up your phone to your computer or tablet and use your phones data as your wifi or instead of your broadband internet?  Is this something you use to not use home internet or when youre in a hotel?  Ive never understood why this is always such a big deal – same with mobile hotspot – is t hat the same thing?  But maybe with unlimited data, you could cut the home broadband cord…I use that all the time with my home wifi 10 hours a day

      • Legione13

        Right, it’s when you use the phone as a hotspot, and piggy-back off of the phone’s data plan as a way to let other devices access the Internet. 

        It’s a big deal for people who do not always have access to wifi. 

  • UMA_Fan

    Wow I’m REALLY shocked with this.  But the more I think about it, it’s a necessary move from T-Mobile to increase market share and for once, it’s a move that acknowledges Sprint as a competitor.  T-Mobile needs some ballsy moves to make potential customers from other carriers take a look at them.  For the past few years it seems every move they’ve made ignored whatever Sprint is doing. (In terms of rate plan pricing).   

    So with the entire industry moving to making more money off people who use the most data, T-Mobile is taking a Sprint approach… but hey, it’s working for them.  They will be Sprint without the overage charges when you tether and obviously T-Mobile has a drastically better data network.  I always thought if this was ever to happen, it would replace the 10GB data plan and not the 5GB.

    T-Mobile is also a smart company and I doubt this is a rash decision.  They most likely looked in depth at their customer base already at who was using past 10GB of data but if they just let those guy go crazy would it severely worsen the data network?  

    I think what will be most interesting is when all those Verizon iPhone owners are told to move to a shared data plan from unlimited in order to upgrade, we’ll hopefully see a lot of them move their business to T-Mobile.

    • KWNI

       it would be even better move with the tmobile iPhone…Theyd have so many disgruntled people from other carriers willing to give Tmo a chance.  One thing  is they have to have an excellent marketing and PR plan – not like what they have done before.  Cellphone users everywhere need to know about this.  I wish theyd do some campaign like Get Reaquainted with the New TMobile…or Find out what youre missing at the New Tmobile.  They need to relaunch – like a detergents new and improved…Make people who would never consider Tmobile stop in their tracks and be willing to give it a chance.  It needs major social media component.  Be part of the New TMobile and never worry about your data ever again….Something BIG BIG BIG and executed PERFECTLY.  But I do wish Tmo would get an iphone..it would really change the game and whether you guys like to believe it or not, the fact t hey dont carry the iphone makes Tmo look like an inferior carrier to many many folks.  (Something must be wrong with Tmo or theyre not good enough for Apple)

  • This is excellent hopefully we dont get people who like to torrent files like on sprint network my friends torrents 500 gbs of data on sprint network like its wifi. I just canceled my sms plan using google voice for all text now. I can finally find a reason to use and upload all my music to google music now as well.

  • randomnerd_number38

    Well I’ll be damned. Well played, T-Mobile. Well played.

    Now for a surprise announcement next month involving a certain fruit.

    Right? … Right?

    • Joseph Tongret

      I’m not much of an Apple fan, except the ipad, but this would be the nail in the coffin! iphone with unlimited data=HUGE numbers for Tmo! Hell, I may even buy one myself!

      • Kugel678

        But Tmo is not selling the iphone.  Id sign up too and I know a lot of people on ATT that would go to an unlimited Tmo iphone plan…but its not happening this year…again

        • Joseph Tongret

          When they’re done refarming the network, you’ll be able to bring your unlocked iphone to Tmo & that will be better then what any other carrier has to offer. Tmo doesn’t necessarily need the iphone for the educated consumer to take full advantage of this.

  • JB

    This is great news! When these plans go live, I’m all over it! Though the only downside is not being able to tether… Tethering saved my arse a couple of times when I’m somewhere I didn’t have wifi.

    • Yesmaam

      im sure someone will find a way around it. give them a few weeks :-)

    • J-Hop2o6

       Gotta hack your phone for that, or just spoof/change your UA string on your browser.

      • JB

        Oh I’m already rooted and hacked… I just want the worry free experience of tethering without the fear of T-Mobile finding a way around the hack, then the hackers finding a way around T-Mobile finding a way around the hack, if you know what I mean? haha

        • J-Hop2o6

          Doubt it. Especially the Browser UA String spoof.

    • JBrowne1012

      Just don’t use Chrome Browser and you will be fine

  • Josue

    Finally TMOUSA does something good. lol

  • Nick Cannon

    Prepare for slower data everyone, just like Sprint

    • Steven Peck

      not really…only reason why sprint sucks is that its cdma data which is painfully slow compared to hspa+

    • UMA_Fan

      It’ll NEVER be Sprint bad.  Just won’t happen.

    • J-Hop2o6

       We have a better backend (fiber) + better data network than Sprint, especially their crappy CDMA/EVDO.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      Sprint’s main problem was they did not keep up with demand. They are still using T1 at a majority of their cell sites, while tmobile is using fiber for its backhaul.  

      This could slow down their network if cellsites become overburdened, but I believe having HSPA+ on 1900 and LTE in the future will keep those problems at bay for a couple years.  Also tmobile only has 33ish million customers compared to sprints 56 million. 

      Both companies will be better off once their Network plans are complete. Sprint and Tmobile could become real competition for the big two, especially if they stick to their guns on these shared data plans. 

      • Guest

        I just emailed Sprint about whats going on with their LTE network in Atlanta where itw as announced and people are complaining theyre not getting anything so they end up with LTE phones on Sprints 3G which seems close to 2G on other carriers.  They didnt answer anything but gave a cut and paste PR response about their plans…Its like the email was answered by a bot who didnt read theemail.  Sprint has an unadvertised plan where they everything plan is only 70 -I as thinking about the possibility in ATlanta if I could get LTE speeds – either for a galaxy s iii or for the new iphone 

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Sprint rushed their launch. They basically gave themselves a deadline( middle of the year) and were behind on those cities. I believe the main reason was lack of backhaul. They launched with less than 40% of the cellsites complete, so I would not worry if you do not have LTE at this moment, since every week more cell sites come live. If you want some real information on sprint 4g LTE, I would check out S4GRU.com . They have information of future markets, launch days, completion days, maps of 4g lte sites.

          You are referring to the Sprint Plus Referral Plan. I plan on moving my family line to that plan once the new iPhone comes as well. The site I mention has information on how to get those plans as well.

    • You have a fundamental miss-understanding of HSPA data vs CDMA data…

    • Kornmatrix44

      Well im already there at home im rocking GPRS on tmobile just 30 min from minneapolis which is a major market for tmobile so i dont get it 

    • Aryeh

       If they are not prepared for this, it is going to backfire huge.  It will add even more to their bad reputation and make it worse.  They will win the battle but lose the war…unless DT is trying to get an influx of new customer and then dump it.  I read today a big MetroPCS announcement where theyre apparently getting a new LTE phone and offering unlimited everything including 4GLTE data for only $55 (and apparently no throttling – or theyre not saying so because there were no asterisks in any of the press releases or stories)

  • Bmg1001

    Great, I have 5gb of Data at $35 and I can get truly unlimited at $30? Shut up and take my money

    • Aryeh

      Thats whats not making sense to me.  How in the world can unlimited data be less than 5gb?     The only thing is they may be thinking that the average customer that buys this would not use that much data.  Ive read stories before that people like the security of unlimited data without overages but they still dont use as much.  Kinda like a all you can eat buffet.  I currently use very little data but I could see not thinking twice about watching a video (I dont want to watch movies on a small screen)…and I would definitely stream Google Music instead of carrying my ipod whenever I want access to my 5000 songs.  I just dont understand how people use t hat much data. I am on wifi a lot of the day but still.  

      • TmoNews_Inuyasha

        It’s because the $35 5GB plan includes tethering, where this one does not.  If you want tethering with this plan, then you’ll have to pay extra(I believe it’s $15/month extra).

  • UMA_Fan

    Can T-Mobile start calling the other data plans ‘overage-free’ now?

  • Lawjd96

    i hope they offer this to prepaid customers as well.

    • …yeah …no don’t see that happening.

  • great deal if true .. heck i’d give up my mobile hotspot for it .. would save me about $10 a month

  • Taron19119

    Some thing is not right here this plan comes out the same day that’s the iPhone 5 announcement is rumors to be announce so this mean no Iphone for t-mobile

    • Tmo On The Fencer

      Well I think we know theres no iphone for Tmo.  I wish there were (and it probably wouldve leaked by now) and Id probably 90% stay with Tmo if they got the iphone.  ITs gonna be a tougher decision now becuase I have a Mac and I think the iphone would probably the smarter move to have everything in sync wirelessly – photos, documents, bookmarks ,reminders, calendar – things that Android will not do  for me.  I always thought Tmo would try to do something in advance to compete against the iphone.  I thought it was going to be some kind of Labor day sale since the iphone announcement is expected on Sept 12..Yknow like either a discount plan or a SG3 for 149 or something to try to force people into pulling the trigger before they even hear about the iphone.  Still wish theyd do  a  promo that would save you 5-10$ a month for a limited time.  That got me to sign on to my first cell plan.  The value plans make no sense to me unless youre keeping your phone for longer than 2 years; the sales guy even admitted that you dont even break even on the sales plan until 20 months- and thats almost the end of a 2 year contract when most people want to upgrade to new phones anyway

  • T-mboile

    omg i lvoe this

  • J-Hop2o6

    Wow! Almost TOO good (and cheap) to be true. Tmo better market the HELL out of this the best way possible.

    • Bostonsinclair

       Im still getting the feeling theres more than meets the eye here and there is some kind of catch…Time will tell

      • J-Hop2o6

        So far its just no tethering. But there’s ways around that. Maybe something like max of 1-5GB/day to prevent abusers from torrenting large files back to back.

  • Taron19119

    I well get this day one

  • Jsantillan87

    So this wouldn’t be for the monthly 4G plan then? Only contract plans?

  • Mloudt

    LMFAO at how stupid some of you all are lol! People can you not read the internal screen shot? It says unlimited 4g data plan. What it does not say is unlimited everything plan. Some of you all are comparing it to sprint already in which they advertise unlimited everything for 79.99 meaning text talk and data. This is just talking about unlimited 4g data people not text and talk. Some of you idiots are not comprehending this. I read some of your comments and some of you all think this new plan would be only 30 dollars for unlimited everything hahahaha. No dumbasses this is just for the data part not text and talk. So you add 30 dollars classic or 20 dollars value to what ever you are paying for text and talk and you get your total bill.
    Oh and for you people that think this will slow t-mobile’s data network down like sprint’s, I highly doubt it. People/dumbasses who think like this you need to remember sprint has 56.6 million people while t-mobile only has 33.4 million. Also, sprint whore’s its network to any MVNO company that will pay them to use their network. So besides the 56.6 million people a lot of people are on sprint’s network from MVNO partners which clogs the network down even more. To further prove my point out of the 33.4 million t-mobile people about 7.8 million of them are on no contract prepaid and monthly 4g plans. The other 26 million people are contract and value plans. And to all you prepaid haters that is right about 25 percent or 1 out of every 4 customers on t-mobile does not have a contract so stop hating on them. Prepaid gains quarterly and postpaid loses quarterly. Anyway my point is this new 4g unlimited plan would only be offered to the 26 million current contract and value customers and also new customers that sign a 2 year agreement. With that being said and you have to remember with the 1 billion in att spectrum, the leap swap spectrum which will increase coverage in certain areas, and now that the fcc and doj are about to approve the verizon/cable companies deal; in which t-mobile gets some of that spectrum; t-mobile will be able to handle this new 4g unlimited plan without suffering slow sprint data type speeds!

    •  Nobody ever thought that included Voice and text, you’re the idiot.

    • Maverick

      Yes Mloudt I knew about it only covering data but that’s really a big thing considering I myself use 15 gigs on a monthly basis and I’m not a chatty patty so text and talk is really a non issue and even if I was I can always use skype or other apps to avoid using the carriers text and talk. As far as T Mobiles spectrum that’s common knowledge plus the fact that it’s continuing to grow both in performance and expansion. T Mobil is in the right position to offer this at this time and I’m hoping it will put AT&T & Verizon on notice. However in a way it will put pressure on Sprint considering what you just stated and for consumer who are not happy with Sprint may just jump ship.

      Anyways great feedback. 

    • randomnerd_number38

      I’m sensing some anger here. What’s odd is I don’t see anyone in the comments section talking about $30 meaning unlimited everything. So I’m not sure what “idiots” you’re raving against. Also, you realize that now that T-Mobile is going to have this, they could also start advertising “TRULY UNLIMITED EVERYTHING OMG” for 69.99, right? Value plan Unlimited Talk + Text(49.99) and Unlimited Data ($20). So there ya go, it actually does make sense to compare this to Sprint’s Unlimited Everything, T-Mobile will be the better value.

    • Colombiatulua

      You need to read better SPRINT fine print. ( IN OUR NETWORK ). Do you know what it means?????.

    • Bob

    • JBrowne1012

      You are an idiot.

    • George

      First, read the comments thoroughly and than post your dumbass ideas, looser!!!!

      • Tmo fan

        How “loose” are the comments? I thought they were pretty “tight” Hang loose, loser.

        • George

          nothing else to comment on? found a typo and feel better? happy? get lost, find a purpose of your life!

        • George

          BTW figure out who I was referring to in the first place

    • U MAD BRO?

  • Yesmaam

    hope they let us add HotSpot for an additional fee. id pay $45 per month for unlimited with Tethering

    • JBLmobileG1

      From the looks of it you can add HotSpot for an additional $10 to $20 depending on your plan however it looks as though you only get 2gb of tethering. Correct me if I am wrong but does anyone else notice this from the first screen?

  • Guest

    Could someone please clarify if the Tmo tethering detection limits enabling wifi hotspot sharing? Also, can Tmo detect wifi sharing from the GNex if they limit it? Thanks!

    • JBrowne1012

      T-mo was only able to detect me using mobile hotspot without paying on my HTC sensation with Viper S rom 1.1 through means of google chrome… There is however always just running FoxFi on your device of course these are one of the apps that get blocked from play store from t-mo’s end anyway because they really want you to pay lol

    • Sdas

      yes, ice cream os update or newer controlled through the device to limit hotspot to shut it down automatically without the tether feature on the account. however it sounds like there is no rule for hotspots to be added to the unlimited 4g speeds plans, so thats $45 for unlimited web and hotspots. still cheaper than my cable internet bill, pass me a pair of scissors another cord to cut to save cost

  • mingkee

    Here is a catch…you can’t use “sharing” feature, but you can stream slingplayer all the HELL out @ 600kbps!

  • GS3

    But…….. When?

    I pay 39.99 for 5gb, im switching to this.. But when?

  • Jarrod

    Im happy they are re introducing a plan like this, I’m not thrilled about the no tethering but I’m glad that if I get this plan I can Netflix and Spotify to my hearts content especially once they refarm the network for iPhone and other international device compatibility.

  • dbz1983

    T-mobile’s unlimted data on current plans are 59.99 on Value and 79.99 on Classic. Thats unlimited call text and data with this new data plan So with the unlimited data feature on your plans still comes out beating or matching sprint.

  • Joseph Tongret

    I’m so shocked! How in the world is unlimited cheaper than 5gb just because no tethering is included? This seems almost too good to be true! Tmo is going to rob Sprint of every customer they have, lol! I’m wondering if this is a hook because LTE will be launching, and this specifically says 4g? When LTE launches, could we still use LTE with this plan? So many questions, I’m so excited about this! Every one of my devices are rooted, and I wouldn’t tether a single kb at this price, I would definitely play by the rules & not take advantage, as I’d be too worried of Tmo detecting it & stripping me of the plan. I’ve been coveting 5gb data packages for $20 on 4 of my 5 lines & I was so disappointed wasn’t able to get it for the last line I just added. I don’t get tethering at my current prices(legitimately), so for $10 a month more, all of my lines will be getting this unlimited plan!

  • BigMixxx


    HYFR! (no more Drake references)

    Dancing like he was in a bar mitzvah!

    That is all.

    I’ll comment when one gets home….

  • Just switched over to the classic plan and I decided on 2gigs of high-speed data. Now I have the peace of mind knowing that I can always upgrade my $20/month 2gigs to $30/month truly unlimited if I absolutely need to. 
    My family and I were just discussing switching from T-Mobile to AT&T because they were refusing to grandfather in our formerly great 3000min-unlimited text-$20/month 5gigs high speed data plan and allow us to buy subsidized phones.
    I was seriously furious and thought about paying the extra $20-$30/month to AT&T because they consistently get the best phones first and even though they have higher monthly prices their high-end devices are constantly on sale.
    Now that I see this announcement though, I’m glad I was forced to switch to the classic plan because now T-Mobile will be the only carrier (with fast speeds) offering truly unlimited data. Sprint’s networks sucks, and while T-Mobile service may be the spottiest out of the big-4 but when you do get their service, it’s incredibly fast and that’s without LTE.

    • CRT24

      Not sure where you are getting the $20-$30/ month figure if you were to switch to AT&T. It would be way more than that plus they charge overage if you go over your data

      • Dakota

        ATT 450 minutes with rollover and 3gb data is $70 – if you want an unlimited texting plan thats another 20.  Otherwise if you have an iphone you can use imessage for free to other ios devices…or use an app that lets you text over data.  I use TextFree by Pinger which gives you a separate text only phone number.  I even text Canada, UK, and Australia regularly without paying a single SMS fee.

      • On the picture on the article it shoes $20/month for Classic 2gig. $30/month for truly Unlimited. $35/month for 5gigs with hotspot. $65/month for 10gigs with hotspot. 

  • TMoFan

    This is a great differentiator for Tmo. They need to do a marketing blitz so people actually know about this.

  • jian9007

    I’m becoming happier and happier since I was going to get a value plan with 2 lines instead of individual. Between the new fee change for migration and this unlimited plan, I’m just about ready to get rid of my grandfathered individual plan I currently have. Hotspot isn’t an issue since I root my devices and can grab the Wi-Fi tether apk, then use it without any issues. With the new rumored devices launching in the next few months and these changes, I’m excited about still being with T-Mobile.

  • SouthernBlackNerd

    Sprint forced one carrier to switch back to unlimited data. Now sprint and tmobile can force ATT and Verizon to do the same. Unlimited data is making a comeback. I cannot wait to see the massive amounts of people leave the duopoly. 

    • Dakota

      We were planning to get an iphone on VZ but with their stupid share plans – a 2gb plan is $100 plus fees – you do get unlimited talk and text but many dont want that.  It used to be your entry point was $70 (without a text plan) for 450 min and 2gb and smart people who took advantages of their promos got Android phones with 4GB…..ATT is now following VZ with these share plans…They still have the individuals but they will not last long…Theyre even saying you have to switch to the share plan to be able to use the iPhone Facetime over cellular – which again is a ridiculous cell carrier scam.  If a customer pays for data, why do you care if they use it to make a video call or stream a movie?  If anything, theyd be use more data and make you more money.  Makes no sense

    • BigMixxx

      I dig the tmobile and sprint can do X, Y,Z…however

      I don’t think that was a ‘force’.  Sprints plan is still more expensive.
      T mobile’s move is to simplify and I applaud them for that.  This also differentiates the monthly 4g customers from contract customers.  In fact, I was REALLY considering going monthly 4g.  HYFR I’ll sign a two year….Take a look at sprints site. it clearly says 99.99 for unlimited everything, 109.99 for smartphones. 

      • BigMixxx

        Damn…a Drake reference again…

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        If you want to play compare the numbers game.

        Sprint’s unlimted data/text/anymobile/ 500mins is 79.99
        Tmobile’s unlimited data/text/anymobile/500mins is 89.99( 49.99 base plan+ 30 unlimited data+ 10 dollar any mobile)

        Now Sprint is cheaper than Tmobile.

        Tmobile copied the main differentiator that sprint had, because they were losing subscribers in droves. Tmobile is not worried about simplifying. they are worried about the shrinking numbers, while their main competitor has gained a huge number of subscribers. Sprint went from 50 million customers back in q4 2010 to over 56 million last quarter, and they are growing. Tmobile has basically become stagnant during that same period.

        • BigMixxx

          keep it straight up now.

          Sprints unlimited data/text any mobile + 500 is 79.99 <— SMARTPHONES are 89.99.

          Pricing is roughly the same.  

          T mobile's customer conversations are simpler.  No doubt.

          T mobile had no differentiator between their own monthly 4g at 5 gig and Their 5 gig plans.  The monthly 4g plans turned out to be cheaper.  T also lost customers to prepaid services like Metro, whose growth has been phenomenal.  They are in growth mode agin.  

          Plans are not driving T mobile customers away, iPhone is.  iPhone is now EVERYWHERE BUT T mobile.  Yet, T mobile is still making money.  Sprint is in Growth mode again, ALL because of phone selection, including iPhone. 

          T also has a jacked up model for common carried phones.  PRIME example is the costs for the gs III.  199 on every carrier, 279 for T mobile. nonsense.  T also picks NON prime devices for what seems to be preferential treatment for Samsung (YEah I said it). 

          Prime example:  One S vs. One X, Galaxy S III comes out (and the one X is actually a better device),  nokia 710 vs. 800 or the 900 (pick one). (710 is a fine device but has been relegated to prepaid).  Samsung Galaxy S II is still a hot seller (But the Amaze is EOL).  Bad decisions.  

          I believe, with all the hope in the world, that those days are of the past.  (Yes mytouch is a bad device, but contracts are contracts aren't they…some people still like mytouch devices).

          T plans, are cheaper.  There is no question, yet they refuse to model device plans after the rest of the carriers.  That is the standard that has been developed. I think the classic plan may end up going the way of the do-do soon…

          It's those things that drive consumers away and look for alternatives.  Sprints sudden rebirth is riding on the tail of the iPhone and regaining customers on the network.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          1st, 79.99 includes the 10 dollar Premium data device fee, so I was keeping it straight. I am 100% about letting the facts tell the story. They both are great alternatives to the big two. Also, I believe tmobile gives the better value at this moment.( HSPA+ is better than dial-up speeds).

          I am 100% with you on them screwing themselves by raising their device costs compared to the other three. I also agree that they seem to get the shorter end of the stick. Sprint seems to be getting killer devices, iPhone, Photon Q, Evo LTE, S3, while tmobile on has the S3, One S( midrange compared to evo lte and one x) and 710.

          They do not have any phones that differentiate them from their competitors, and then charge more for the devices that the other guys have. Lets not forget their customer service has gone to the crapper. Its like Sprint and tmobile switched places from a few years ago. Sprint now gets high remarks in customer service and buying experience.

          I think they want to get rid of the classic plans. they keep pushing value plans down peoples throat. Look at the names. Classic makes it sound old, while value makes you think you are getting a great deal.

          I am just happy that they are backtracking on unlimited data. No matter the reason, US as consumers win.

  • SouthernBlackNerd

    Well, Tmobile’s HSPA+42 uses twice the amount of spectrum as Sprint’s LTE network, so it is not really a fair comparison, plus once they shut down their iDEN network( by june 2013), they will refarm that 800mhz spectrum to LTE. 

    Unlimited 2G<<<<<<< Unlimited HSPA+<<<<<< Unlimited LTE on 800/1900.

  • ticket

    The cost of the present classic data plans, 5G and 10G are $35 and $65? respectively. Why would TMO reduce there profits to offer a unlimited plan for $30
    If course this unlimited plan will not include TMO Mobile Hotspot a value of $19 . Now if you add this unlimited data plan of $30 and the $19 Mobile Hotspot of $19 you get $49 which is lower then similar plan that is limited at !0G at $65 Do you think TMO would give up millions of customers that are already paying, I doubt it.
    This plan ONLY applies for the present 2G data plans classic $20 and value $10 which is good for those TMo subscribers.

    • jarrod

      It’s a good marketing ploy to get subscribers like Sprint, Except they can back the promise of reasonable data speeds. Also it will be a few dollars cheaper then Sprint maybe $10.

  • Eanfoso

    I cannot be happier you guys, however, let’s all just pray we don’t have an atnt and sprint situation,where everyone decides to migrate to these carriers, their network gets saturated and since there isn’t enough back haul people on. 3G were getting GPRS speeds, so unless tmobile has enough backhaul this is excellent! I will get this as well, and suggest everyone to do the same, since this offers are limited time, idk for sure, but come on, it will be limited time people lol

    • Two words: fiber backhaul

    • TayshaunBoba

      Well for one, if T-Mo didn’t do this and no customers switched over to them, speeds would be even slower than GPRS (as in non-existent because T-Mo wouldn’t exist, which would be sad). Also, T-Mo’s VP of marketing was very clear that this is NOT a promotion and will be staying for the foreseeable future.

    • jarrod

       Most of their network has fibre in tow so they will be fine, the only thing they might have to do is tell their providers to step up the line speed to the towers so it can handle the additional load. The cell site capacity might be an issue for a month or two until they install mulit mode base station equipment but once they do the network will be more efficient.

    • JBrowne1012

      T-mobile isn’t stupid of course they have the back haul we will never be sprint bad.

  • RotaryP7

    Amazing. I work at TMO and now I’m hearing about this.. If true, this should honestly sell people from other carriers.. REAL unlimited. No more capping after 2GB etc. And for only $30/month classic and $20 on value? Perfect. This tells me something. No iPhone in 2012 but unlimited data is back. 

    • Dakota

      So what would the total cost be for 500 min and unlimited talk with unlimited texts and data…Im not understanding the chart and how 5gb/10gb are at higher prices?  I just really really really wish that Tmo would get the iphone.  As is, they probably would lure a lot of customers with their cheaper rates at a speedy HSPA+42 speed…Offering true unlimited with an iphone, the churn rate would do a complete turnaround- no questions asked.   Its also going to make the decision harder; Im leaning to the iphone but am open to the SG3…I dont think I need unlimited data right now…Im on wifi most of the day so have a cheap prepaid plan right now…but you never know how life circumstances change.  I just wish theyd offer the iphone..wish DT would just include the USA in the phones they buy…I dont know if thats possible…Ive read a lot of other stories that say the iphone is just not compatible with Tmo because of their frequencies.

      • jarrod

        By the end of this year the iPhone should be compatible with their network in most major markets, Especially the ones that get LTE because they have to shift the data usage over to the PCS band to make room for LTE on the AWS band that is currently used.

      • RotaryP7

        Well, unlimited talk & text w/ 2GB of data on Classic would be $79.99. Add $10 more to that plan for unlimited data ($89.99). If you want 500 mins and unlimited text. It’s $49.99 plus data. It’s $30 for unlimited. So it’s $79.99. You can go with 2GB of data for $69.99. Remember, data is still unlimited, it just slows down after 2GB. The iPhone isn’t coming this year. TMO is in the process of releasing LTE. It should be done in 2013. They came out with this real unlimited data plan to not lose as many customers as last year. 

        5GB & 10GB are higher because they include free tethering and free mobile hotspot. However it will slow down after reaching such level.

    • Get_at_Me

      Ive heard the same iphone comment from a number of ppl on the blog. Why is it assumed that we wont get the iphone bc of an unlimited data plan? Sprint still has unlimited data and the iphone 4s. I think tmos refarming effort will have more impact on getting the iphone than unlimited data plan. If september rumors are true about the next iphone, its highly unlikely tmo would get the iphone at launch simply bc the network isnt ready. Or maybe im underestimating how quick 1900mhz hspa can be rolled out…..can this literally happen over night? Or will it be a staggered rollout like 3g/hspa+?

      • RotaryP7

        I’m sure. I work at TMO. I’ve already asked the same question to corporate when they visit my store. 

        It won’t be released this year because of time. They aren’t LTE yet. They are in the process. And this unlimited data feature is telling me.. No iPhone this year but at least we have something other carriers don’t offer. Excluding Sprint because they don’t stack up vs our 4G speeds. It’s still cheaper than the rest. Adding the extra $10/month for unlimited. 

        • MysticLeviathan

          I actually disagree.  It would be one thing if Sprint didn’t have unlimited and they wanted to be the only carrier with truly unlimited data, but Sprint does. 

          If you think about it, if T-Mobile gets the iPhone but doesn’t switch to truly unlimited data, why would anyone use T-Mobile’s version?  It’s common knowledge AT&T and Verizon both have far superior coverage and Sprint would have unlimited data and for roughly the same price, so why would anyone use T-Mobile’s iPhone?  If they create this truly unlimited data plan and sell the iPhone, it gives people a reason to buy their T-Mobile’s iPhone over the other three.

          I mean I understand what you’re saying, but it doesn’t make as much sense as a response to not having the iPhone.  It might make sense just in general to try and compete with Sprint, but to make it seem like a “we aren’t going to offer the iPhone, but we’ll give you this instead” doesn’t seem as logical as it would be to sell a truly unlimited data plan and the iPhone to create real competition.  I get what you’re saying and it does make sense, but I don’t think it makes as much sense as what I’m saying.

        • RotaryP7

          Well, it may or may not be. Honestly, T-Mobile had to do something before the new iPhone released. They added truly unlimited. Funny thing also, Metro PCS joined in and is now offering everything unlimited for $55 instead of $70. Rather odd I guess. Both of these carriers do not have the iPhone on their respected networks. 

  • George


    • George

      no I didn’t, I probably missed it though…

    • George

      Never mind:) September 5, 2012

      • George

        I did read the article, I missed reading the info on the snapshot

  • Olber Ramirez

    next month release att iphone 5 lte ,verizon iphone 5lte ,sprint iphone 5 lte,tmobile unlimited 4g speed lol lame 

    • jarrod

      I plan on getting the next iPhone and possibly tweaking my current data plan to that and utilize Facetime over cellular along with Netflix and Spotify.

    • JBrowne1012

      LTE sucks battery life, I hate it but t-mo is going to get it in 2013 and as well be able to utilize 4g on unlocked iPhones because of the frequency. T-Mob has an all round better network speed with HSPA+

  • Anyone else notice what’s missing?

    That shitty 200MB + Overages data package.

    Good riddance.

    • George

      I’m on 200MB plan ‘cos I can’t afford more, hate it, have to use the wifi akll the time. I’m glad that for $20 more I’ll be able to get the unlimited one.

      • George

        Actually even better idea: Since my 2year agreement is over I can switch to a value plan with unlimited everything and still pay the same! 

  • techymexican

    The Verge and Engadget have said that it’s official, not a rumor :D 

  • CRT24

    This actually makes sense and would probably increase revenue as well. Most customers that do value plans sign up for the $10 2gb data and type ones that do classic sign up for the $20 2gb data. If this is the only option then you will be losing some revenue on roughly 20% of the customers with data plans but gaining revenue on 80% of the customers and th plans will still be competitive or less than the other 3 major carriers…..plus it will truly be unlimited! This will be a welcome change for us

  • Singleweird

    i dont get it. why is unlimited cheaper than the 5, 10gb cap plans?

    • Zach Mauch

      Those plans have tethering charges included.

  • Jj

    Here is what happends… .you will change you’re plan and sign another 2 year agreement…

    Then down the road when you upgrade again this will not be a promotion and you will be required to pay another $20 a month and grandfathering will not apply.

  • Sprint NI66@


    • Zach Mauch

      Unless you live somewhere that doesn’t have their 4g which is about 90% for wimax and 99% for LTE. Everywhere else they average less than one Mbit and often her down bellow 100 kbit. I know, I used it for years. For the openness of gsm, the cost of the value plan, and the speed of HSPA+ available 90% of places you go, there is no better option than tmo.

    • BigMixxx

      First NO.
      Second…T mobile is STILL cheaper.

    • Drew

      Considering that they paid waaaaay too much for the iPhone, WiMax was an utter fail and their data speeds are horridly slow, I’m going to go with no…Sprint is NOT the way of the future. Thanks for playing…

      • Littlesis1774

         Sprint was already slow before getting the iphone

  • Dakota

    Guess Im not that well versed with the rate plans or Im confused by the chart above.  It says unlimited for $30 (or is that 30 added to something else), but then it says 5gb for 35 and 10 gb for 65 – so am I reading wrong ?  Really unlimited cant be more than 5 or 10gb.  And does that screenshot mean that all classic/value data plans are being cancelled so like someone else said, a 200mb plan wont be available anymore?  I know a lot of people who use less than 200mb and like Tmo for offering that choice because they dont use Facebook, stream music, watch videos and are on wifi a lot of the day.  So Im confused…

    But I knew Tmo was going to do some kind of sale or promo in advance of Sept 12 and the iphone announcement.  Its really a shame Tmo doesnt offer it.  Their plans would definitely provide the best value (price + network speeds where Sprint cant compare right now and the other carriers are hiking prices with the idiotic share plans).   I went to Tmobile store yesterday and was so disappointed with the staff.  They were friendly but knew nothing.  Only three phones were ‘live’ and able to be tested.  They answered questions incorrectly about SG3 and HTCOneS – the guy even said theres no difference between those two except for Beats Audio – and then told me the HTCOneX is the same as OneS except for its on ATT and knew nothing of the One series.  They need to be better informed not only about their products but the marketplace. I chatted with the other rep and told her I had a lot of service and handset problems so wasnt sure if I was going to stay with Tmobile.  She apologized, asked for my number and said shed see what she could do.  She then proceeded to head outside, smoke, and talk to her friends on her cell.  I walked right past her to get to my car and she said nothing. Kinda sad.

    • Evang3los

      Come to my store. I know everything. Haha. No. The five gig plans include mobile hotspot for free, whereas the new unlimited plans would disallow tethering. The approach we are taking is byod. Bring your own device. arecall

      • JRomeo

        i doubt the new unlimited plan will disallow tethering.

        • kalel33

          It does not allow tethering.  

  • Arvin

    i tether with my nexus anyway and i dont have a tether plan. But to be honest its not that useful a feature anyway i use it once every 2 months at best. Finally tombile is stepping it up. 

  • Dp4609

    Soo what happens with the domestic data roaming cap with this plan?

    • jarrod

      Im sure that isn’t going anywhere, it would be to expensive to release.

  • BigMixxx

    I think the plan now is to say…’Trust the network’.

    This is a great move.  Differentiating between monthly 4g customers and offering better options for contract customers is an awesome move.  Now the portfolio is open.  T mobile can sel valuable monthly plans, at a high value and low price and build customer relationships there as well as incentivize contract customers with simple conversations and much simpler pricing.


    Now finish up the portfolio with great devices, buy metroPCS and continue to mature the network….

  • JustSaying

    In other news T-Mobile donates money for Marriage equality…  “T-Mobile has a long-standing focus on creating an inclusive workplace environment for our employees,” said Jim Alling, interim chief executive officer and chief operating officer, in a statement.

    • Bob

      Well, even with this stupid decision, I may still switch to T-Mobile for the new plan. Maybe they will pull their heads out and change back…like they did with the unlimited plan.

    • Little Jimmy

      What the hell does ”Marriage Equality” have to do with a cell phone company? This is the exact opposite of what Chick-Fil-A did, only this time, nobody will give a crap.

  • nathan118

    So will current “unlimited” plans that are subject to the 5gb cap turn into true unlimited plans?

    • RotaryP7

      Nope. It’s a different data plan. The 5GB data plan is $35 whereas the new unlimited data plan is $30 on Classic. 25/20 on Value. Remember, the 5GB & 10GB plans have included tethering. The unlimited data plan does not.

      • nathan118

        I’m on a grandfathered $25 android unlimited plan from years ago. So will Tmo make my plan TRULY unlimited now…or are they going to have separate unlimited plans. Old ones that are capped at 5gb, and new ones that are not? 

        • RotaryP7

          Honestly, I doubt it. They would want you to pay the $5 a month more to switch to the new unlimited data plan. I know what plan you’re talking about. I mean, if you don’t go over the 5GB, why switch? Then again, for only $5 more, you can have unlimited data.. Not to worry about slowing down after 5GB. But yes, I’m almost positive you’d have to switch your data feature.

        • Eric

          I agree with Carlos. I am 99% sure you will need to upgrade to the $30 plan if you are on a grandfathered feature.

      • JBrowne1012

        Not that it matters really because anyone could just use foxfi

  • Anonymous

    dam i just switched to the value plan………

    • Get_at_Me

      U can still switch to unlimited data once it becomes available

    • ransom

       value plan data is $20. why u complaining?

    • JBrowne1012

      Why the damn? This is for all accounts. Including Value Plans you guys actually get it $10 cheaper than contract 

  • Lnxarepou812

    yeah this is great for all the reps who just switched everyone we could to the 5GB plan so we could add the Family Data Discount promo who are now going to lose $5 on every downgrade to the new unlimited plan and then get chewed out because of their sales….i swear if it’s not one thing to screw the “oh so very important frontline employees” (t-mobile bullshit line) then its something else

    • Eric

      As a T-Mobile sales rep of 5 years in a high traffic LA store, I say quit your bitchin’. I am really unsure how you can whine about this when people regularly complain about getting throttled. This is an excellent plan for customers because they will be able to get truly unlimited data for cheaper than the 5 gig plan they were paying. On the same token this will be an extremely easy upsell as a sales rep too. If you can’t sell an UNLIMITED data plan without throttling to customers for 20 bucks on Value, I think you should reconsider your sales career and find another job that will complement your ability to complain.

      • randomnerd_number38

         While I agree with what you’re saying, being a sales rep in a store is VERY MUCH different from being a cell center rep. While the vast majority of the customers you get come in to the store wanting to buy something, the vast majority of the people who call into customer care do so because they need help with something, but the reps are still required to sell to them. His concern is legitimate, though he chose the wrong place to air it and he’s overlooking some key things. Remember, Customer Care is no longer Customer Care- it’s “Customer Care and Sales.”

    • Thepanttherlady

      If you’re reading this as bad for you as an employee instead of good for the CUSTOMER who helps pay your paycheck, you need to find a new job.

      • kalel33

        It’s a numbers game with T-mobile and their CSRs.  I was going to get fired because I couldn’t hit the outrageous sales numbers, even though I led the unit(80 employees) in ratings by customers.  They don’t care if you are a good customer service rep, you just have to sell sell sell.

    • randomnerd_number38

      I have sympathy for you still having to deal with the “numbers game,” but you really shouldn’t air that here. You’re just gonna look like a wet blanket while everyone is cheering for the new feature ;)

      Besides, I think you’re being a bit too negative. Sure, you’ll get some customers switching from he $35 to the $30 feature, but it won’t be a lot because many people have that for the tethering. Plus, you’ll also get customers switching from the “preferred” data SOCs($20/5GB) and 2GB feature. It should balance out in your favor.

    • Bronze 6

      I can ee this, but you can upsell people to unlimited from 2GB

  • Testo21

    So will this make those of us on grandfathered “unlimited” plans REALLY unlimited?

    • Get_at_Me

      No…youll have to change.

  • Aaron vita

    Whats stopping someone from switching to the truly unlimted plan and using the mytouch 4g for the wireless hotspot . How is tmobile going to stop it..

    • By watching for signs like different TTL and browser signatures to make sure you’re not tethering, like many carriers do. (T-Mobile has been historically lenient about this, try tethering on AT&T though and you’ll get a text saying you’ve been “upgraded” to the tethering plan.) Of course, there’s ways around these things, but that may take more savvy than the average customer has for packet and browser spoofing.

  • Zev


    • Cuquiandgus


  • got the OG galaxy(vibrant) but left tmo about a month ago for straight talk because of the so called unlimited data tmo had and i am enjoying the unlimited everything with ST including data. right now, ive probably used about 13gb of data at 3G speeds that averages at 3-4mb down and 1mb up. 

    • Sirphil

      And they didn’t cancel your account? I read that if you use more than 3gb in a month Straight Talk would cancel your account, plus right on their site it says you can’t use their service for streaming video or audio.

  • Bob

    All the iPhone cry babies need to STFU seriously.  Americans are spoiled and have to have subsidies.  Pay for outright and wait for T-Mobile to finish their refarming.  

    Glad to see this move on the Unlimited Data.

  • efjay

    Pointless without tethering, LTE and better coverage.

    • Little Jimmy

      Sure it is…Go back to your cave, troll.

      • Rcanela144

        I have a SGS II and I get much faster download speeds than my friends on Verizons LTE network and AT&T LTE. I have seen speeds on my phone up to 35mbps while my friends are getting average of 10

    • kalel33

      Pointless without LTE?  My HTC Amaze gets 18Mbps download speeds.  My home internet is 3Mbps slower than that.  Looking forward to LTE but is definitely not needed.

  • noelsito

    damn, i hope the refarming is here by January, my birthday month lol. 
    Apple couldn’t say no to T-Mo, everone would want an iPhone with Truly Unlimited 4G at a lower price and higher quality!

  • ticket

    I qualify for the android preferred $20 with 5G softcap , what are those of you that have this plan going to do ?

    • Bigjohn82

      Preferred plans are for the retention department use, they are staying the same as a way of lowering the price of web as an alternative to canceling. But if you’re canceling over 10 bucks, you’re crazy. We shall see how this works. Bad part is once this goes live the call volume will skyrocket so hold times will be horrible because people are too lazy or ignorant to use the website.

      • ticket

         “But if you’re canceling over 10 bucks,
        you’re crazy.”

        What do you mean by this statement, ty ?

        Do you mean that the $20 5G softcap is a good deal that it is not worth dropping (cancelling) and switching to the $30 unlimited no cap plan or do you mean cancelling with TMO entirely?
        BTW I also have the $20 5G plan and in the end it will cost more then $10 to upgrade because I would need to switch from 1,000 minutes to unlimited plan which cost more

  • get at me banana

    can i switch to this data plan if i have the 5gb data plan without the mobile hotspot? if so i would jump on this because im already paying 30 dollars for 5gb.

  • The big homie

    Wonder if they’ll offer this for my hotspot too…that’ll be the shhhhhyyyyyyyyyyttttt

  • JRomeo

    ok, t-mobile cannot tell the difference if you’re using mobile hotspot or if you aren’t using mobile hotspot. data is data whether that data is being transmited to your cellphone antenna and then to your mobile device, or if that data is being transmitted to your cellphone antenna and then to another device. that data still passes through your phone.

    • CRT24

      Oh yes they can. If you have one if the older phones with HS capability then you may be able to tether without the feature and T-Mobile not do anything about it and The new phones will not tether without the feature added to your account so they can definitely tell if you are tethering…you are misinformed

      • h4x

        But if you have a rooted phone with a different than stock rom they can’t.

        • Amen to that!

        • Marquez1369

          U can use foxfi from the play store.. its free and it works !

        • None

          They can tell if they do deep packet inspection like looking at the HTTP request headers.  If they see Chrome for Windows they know you’re tethering. So you have to either fake your client header, or use a VPN to encrypt everything.  I have heard that there are other characteristics of internet traffic that differ between PC & mobile so they could look for that too.  Again, either disguise or encrypt to avoid this.

  • TMoFan

    This is great for Tmo they need a differentiator. Now they need to advertise so people will know about it.

  • Qcknot

    so if i sign up for a the 

    Unlimited – Plus


    up to 2 gb of high speed data, value plan right now that means i can get this for $20 more?

  • fixxmyhead

    now who wants to switch to that joke carrier sprint? 

    • bleeew

      As long as tmobile makes 2g areas 3g



  • Guest

    well, thats annoying… I just renewed my contract… with sprint… fml… I would have loved to go to this…

    • Then return your phone, you should have at least 14 days to return it.

  • RotaryP7

    Just so that everyone knows, this can’t be combined with tethering or mobile hotspot. Not even with an additional fee. So if you get the unlimited data plan, you can’t tether. Not unless you root the phone of course or whatnot. 

  • TechBoi727

    I’m going to say this, if they don’t extend this plan to all of their customers, especially the pre paid accounts. I’m bouncing and going Metro PCS! Yeah they’re not all of that, but they do give you unlimited 4g LTE for $70 a month, plus their getting better phones now!!!!

    • Aqxea2500

      OK BYE LOL..

  • bleeew

    Imagine if sprint gets sued for false advertisement claiming they are the only unlimited data.

    • Asgxtriad

      Imagine if tmobile does, because of claiming the same thing, and they just did.

      • jarrod

        No, they are claiming they are the only one with a national 4G network with unlimited data.

  • so excited! im gonna be switching from the monthly 4g plan to a value plan for 2GB today, then when sept 5th rolls out im changing it to this new plan! Already got my mytouch4G rooted with tethering cabalities and have firefox and google chrome running in Android mode, so tmobile cant detect tethering.. this is gonna be great!

    • ok really? come on now… we all know how to bypass that crap…

    • KM122186

      It says this will not work for tethering

  • S34545

    so how does this work with the 4g monthly prepaid plans?

    • kalel33

      It doesn’t, only post-paid.

  • gregorypierce

    Is this LTE 4G or “4g”?

  • JBrowne1012

    The catch is probably that once t-mo releases LTE next year this plan will only apply to hspa+ and everyone will have to get on the newer plan or at least for data. Good thing I love good ol HSPA+ 

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t even care. Fact still remains that LTE is a major battery drain, & Android isn’t always that effective on battery life itself. So, I’ll pass. Plus, I think with all the features of my HTC One, I’ll be keeping it for some time.

    • jarrod

      People are still using data plans from a decade ago without an issue I don’t think they would try to screw customers out of something like using a new enhancement on the network.

    • SurgicalTech

      because 42mbps on HSPA+ is not fast enough.. FOR A PHONE

  • Tiffany101

    What if you have a $20/month grandfather data plan for 5gb?  What’s the catch?  Should we switch?

    • kgr101

      you can only be on the 1000 or ulm new plans so the catch might be you would have to change your plan, agreeing to a new 2 year contract

      • Sirphil

        I hope not..

    • WirelessRefugee

      Sorry for this long comment, but whenever I see someone post about “grandfathered contracts” I am compelled to say it like it is so the SE crawlers pick it up and educate consumers.

      Anyway, you might be able to search in here what I said about the concept of “grandfathered plans and pricing.” There’s no such thing. None of the carriers have ever used that term nor admitted a customer has that right.

      (The concept of “grandfathered plans” gained momentum in the BlackBerry forums in 2006 after T-Mobile had been selling the BlackBerry 7100t and BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, that debuted in September 2006. It was a concept that certain people made up out of whole cloth and started posting it on the Net, in the BlackBerry forums. Eventually people believed grandfathered plans were a right, or even a term included in the contract he or she signed.)

      Per the Terms of Service, and Terms and Conditions that everyone signs, no matter the carrier, when you signed the contract you gave T-Mobile the unilateral right to change your plan any way it sees fit, from the date it sends you notice forward.

      You also gave T-Mobile the unilateral right to suspend or cancel your service for any reason, no reason, or even unfair reason. (Recall a few years back when Sprint sent contract termination notices to about 3000 customers who it considered too needy and/or problem customers because, for example, they called customer service too often, or they posted online complaints about Sprint).

      In your situation T-Mobile is within its legal and contractual right to send you notice that it is terminating your 5GB $20 data plan, effective your next billing period.

      It can then give you the option of moving on to a different carrier, lowering your data plan to 2.5 GB for $30 (or whatever), or signing a new 24 month contract to get an actual unlimited data plan. (Yes, the new contract would also have the same provision as the old one, that for any reason T-Mobile can cancel that contract too.)

      Note: Some people complain “But I have a 24 month contract guaranteeing me 5GB data for $20.” Short answer, no you don’t. Long answer, see above.

      Doubters can check their phone contracts, including the terms and conditions posted on T-Mobile’s website. I challenge anyone to find a provision that says T-Mobile is obligated over the life of the contract to honor the original plan pricing, that is, when he or she signed the contract.

      Doubters should also think about it logically. If T-Mobile can legally cancel your contract any time it wants, for no reason, wouldn’t that conflict with or render meaningless language elsewhere that promises the original pricing over the life of the contract? Of course it would, which is why there’s no such thing as plan price guarantees in mobile contracts.

  • Km122186

    What happens when you are roaming on another carriers tower??? Are they going to change that to ulm or is this only while on tmo towers?

  • Sirphil

    Will this require a whole new contract? Or can I just replace my $25 5GB data?

    • Aqxea2500

      it will replace your current data plan, only when you change your minutes you need a new contract. But you will not be able to tether or use hotspot. 

      • Sirphil

        Thanks, I never really use those features anyways. So that would be fine.

  • WirelessRefugee

    So I guess that means T-Mobile will save money on not having to get new signs for its stores. They will tell employees to simply slap some duct tape over the fine print that said the unlimited plans were not really unlimited.

    Interesting that if those class actions were not dismissed (due to the SCOTUS banning most consumer class actions) this would constitute an admission of guilt, that the old “unlimited” plans were not really unlimited. 

  • None

    Well, unlimited in quantity.  We still have to slay the dragon of the bull&$*$ tether fee.


  • So root and have unlimited data usage … again lol

  • Joe

    So… Is there a catch or is this just straight up unlimited? My father is the account holder and he is usually not easily convinced about doing anything involved with the plan. Haha

  • SurgicalTech

    question, just need a yes or no.
    So this means I can download 100+gb of torrents on my phone per month?

    • sixkiller115

       no scumbag people like you mess things up

      • SurgicalTech

        haters gonna hate. “scumbag” lol

    • SurgicalTech

      answer from another site

    • Paul

      If we are all reading it correctly…yes. But I’d rather you didn’t, torrents use a SH*T TON of bandwidth. That’s what PCs are for, if you actually do that stuff. 

      • SurgicalTech

        here in my area of LosAngeles ATT DSL is 3mbps. compare that to the 18-20mpbs I get on my phone. Right now I have a limit of 5gigs with t-mo, I do download torrents on it and transfer then to my PC but Ive been staying under the limit

        • Paul

          I feel ya on the internet speeds, and the ridiculous prices they charge for slow connections. As long as you’re not taking up my bandwidth on my tower, which is in Texas, we are golden. 

          To cover my Arse, torrents are bad. 

    • Guest

      This from Tmobile TOS: “Web/Data: Your data session, plan, or service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted
      if you use your service in a way that interferes with or impacts our
      network or ability to provide quality service to other users, if you
      roam for a significant portion of your usage, or if you use a
      disproportionate amount of bandwidth during a billing cycle. You may not
      use your plan or device for prohibited uses.”

      I used Tmobile as my main internet line until I got my home connection fixed with the cable company (big headache) and they singled me out. It made my connection almost worthless. Over half my page requests came back with errors and it was slow as a snail. Not to mention, it overheated the hell out of my phone.

      BTW, a vast majority of torrents won’t work or they won’t connect very well. I’ve tried just out of curiosity and most of the time you can’t connect to peers.

      I used about 8-10gigs of month back before they had the 5gig limit on the unlimited lines… and that was regular usage considering I was an art student and needed access to references/large image files/zip files for things.

  • Jake Pham

    I still have the original G1 internet plan. $24.99 for unlimited web and 400 text.
    Is there a cap on this plan? Worth upgrading??


    • brian

      I’m pretty positive it has a 5GB cap. I called t-mobile a while back to ask and thats what they told me

      • Guest

        It has a 5gig cap. I’m on the preferred data plan (pretty much the same thing, but loyalty version) and it’s “unlimited”, but it caps at 5gig. I never hit the limit anymore, but my husband does all the time using Gmusic and pretty much if it’s the grandfathered unlimited, it throttles at 5gig. Though it’s worth asking if that means our connections will once again become truly unlimited again… I highly doubt but it’d be nice…

  • Sucksforu

    so pretty much this will be a useless plan when LTE rolls out soon …

    • King 42

      When is lte rolling out?

  • Saul Paita

    i dont suppose this will work with their Mobile HotSpots such as the 
    ZTE MF61
    i have one and the 5GB for $50 a month sucks!! any input or theorys??

  • Chaim

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and occasionally use the built-in mobile hotspot feature now without paying extra. Will I still be able to do that with the Unlimited 4G Nationwide Data ($20 Value Plan), or would I have to change to a plan that officially permits that feature?

  • claykin

    Not sure if that has been discussed, however I got word that these new “unlimited” data plans will be prioritized lower than capped data plans.  That means capped users have priority for traffic over the towers/back haul.  This will surely be a problem during peak usage.

    • JBLmobileG1

      This would make sense since the capped plans do cost more. I myself have the 10gb plan with tethering and to think I would pay an additional $30 just for the tethering and only get 10gb of high speed data… yeah I believe it. Can anyone else confirm this? I was thinking of switching to save money but if this is in fact true, I may just hold onto my current plan. After all I already save $5.00 because I signed up for this plan before they raised it to $65.

  • what if tmobile decided that yes they will offer truly unlimited 4G data speeds but secretly “throttles” certain “types” of traffic… such as the use of bit torrent or files being downloaded over 500mb… ?? any thoughts???

    • Guest

      It’s in their TOS that they reserve the right to discriminate connections. At least I finally found it when I was looking at the change plan/change services page in the fine print. I know for a fact they singled me out when I was using my tethering as my main internet when we were still fighting with the cable company. Like 3 out of 4 DNS requests would come back as page request errors when trying to just use the web. It was excruciating.

      • Guest

         Here it is: “Web/Data: Your data session, plan, or service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted
        if you use your service in a way that interferes with or impacts our
        network or ability to provide quality service to other users, if you
        roam for a significant portion of your usage, or if you use a
        disproportionate amount of bandwidth during a billing cycle. You may not
        use your plan or device for prohibited uses.”

        • Wow! how much data did you use normally? I plan to use this new plan for netflix and xbox 360 gaming which is totally possible… Also, have you noticed that sometimes when tethering clicking on “ads” dont work.. or when clicked it gives a request not found… so i do know that tmobile defaults to blocking certain spam ads or known popups… Also to prove my point, Connect to your tmobile wifi hot spot device on your laptop or PC, go to http://www.google.com and search “tmobile” (without quotes), and click on the very first link, which is a google ad services link… it will be blocked and say “could not find the page, or request cannot be completed..” Can anyone else Confirm this? 

        • Guest

          The first month it was OK until I was “flagged”. I used somewhere inbetween 8-10GB for a few months at first, but then I cut back substantially to probably something more like 5–7ish and still was pegged as a bandwidth hog for a while until I finally got my DSL connection and cut back to my old usage (200MB-2GB depending on the month). Even when out and about, my phone itself would lose page requests and nothing would load. Probably because I was put on the lowest priority, because it just seemed like punishment for my actual usage. This didn’t seem to stop until I completely backed off using the net for a month or two. It didn’t seem to matter if my billing cycle had reset or not, which was weird. A lot of times it would flat out deny some of my attempts to use the internet and if I backed off enough, it seemed to ease up, but if my usage went up a certain day, it went back to where it was (and my phone was not overheating, I checked). I used netflix and streamed two movies the first month  and it worked great. Once they pull you back, netflix and really any video streaming is extremely painful, even Youtube is slow as a snail. Especially since it just starts to disregard page requests half of the time, then it becomes more infuriating. If you were desperate, you’d have to leave the a video open and let it sit for half an hour or so for the video to load enough, but it felt like being back on dialup. Keep in mind, even without being throttled, the ping on Tmobile always seemed to be really high (150-200ish). So if you are trying to make it your primary connection, it’s not really the way to go if you’re gaming… My husband is into first person shooters and when he tried to game on his phone, he said it was impossible, the ping was just way too high. He used less data than me, probably 3-5GB. So in other words, for what you want to do I don’t think it’s really an option…

  • nth256

    So, someone please essplain…

    I currently have unlimited talk+text+5Gb data, and pay about $100/mo.

    If i call and “upgrade” to this, will i end up saving $10/mo?