T-Mobile Will Introduce New “Unlimited” Data Plan That’s Actually Unlimited

Hello brand new unlimited data plan coming to T-Mobile that is actually…unlimited. Be still my heart as T-Mobile is finally introducing, or re-introducing from days gone by a data plan that is without “speed limits, caps, or overages.” I’m so happy I just might shed a tear that T-Mobile is finally using the word “unlimited” properly with regards to a data plan offering.

The best news, this plan is just $30 for Classic Plan customers and $20 for Value Plan customers and is available for all account types, including Small Business, Enterprise and in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, the plan cannot be combined with the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (tethering), as customers who want to add the Mobile Hotspot should continue to choose from the 5GB and 10GB rate plan options instead.

So what’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data good for?

  • Watch HD videos, stream music, and browse the web without worrying about data speed limits
  • Do not plan to to share their phone’s data connection with other devices
  • Currently have 2GB data and want a worry-free data experience
  • Do not know how much data they will use per month and want the peace of mind of never having to monitor their data usage ever!

I’m so happy that T-Mobile is moving in this direction, I can’t even explain it. Now, let’s hope they market the #$)@ out of this plan and stick it to Sprint’s claim as the only truly “unlimited” national carrier.

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  • Sirphil

    Will this require a whole new contract? Or can I just replace my $25 5GB data?

    • Aqxea2500

      it will replace your current data plan, only when you change your minutes you need a new contract. But you will not be able to tether or use hotspot. 

      • Sirphil

        Thanks, I never really use those features anyways. So that would be fine.

  • WirelessRefugee

    So I guess that means T-Mobile will save money on not having to get new signs for its stores. They will tell employees to simply slap some duct tape over the fine print that said the unlimited plans were not really unlimited.

    Interesting that if those class actions were not dismissed (due to the SCOTUS banning most consumer class actions) this would constitute an admission of guilt, that the old “unlimited” plans were not really unlimited. 

  • None

    Well, unlimited in quantity.  We still have to slay the dragon of the bull&$*$ tether fee.


    • FirstWorldProblems
      • http://tmonews.com David

        That’s awesome, just the picture, not saying anything about the lack of a hotspot, just the meme.

      • Paul

        What’s the deal with the HopSpot necessity? Root an android phone and problem solved. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/unfazedrebel Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    So root and have unlimited data usage … again lol

  • Joe

    So… Is there a catch or is this just straight up unlimited? My father is the account holder and he is usually not easily convinced about doing anything involved with the plan. Haha

  • SurgicalTech

    question, just need a yes or no.
    So this means I can download 100+gb of torrents on my phone per month?

    • sixkiller115

       no scumbag people like you mess things up

      • SurgicalTech

        haters gonna hate. “scumbag” lol

    • SurgicalTech

      answer from another site

    • Paul

      If we are all reading it correctly…yes. But I’d rather you didn’t, torrents use a SH*T TON of bandwidth. That’s what PCs are for, if you actually do that stuff. 

      • SurgicalTech

        here in my area of LosAngeles ATT DSL is 3mbps. compare that to the 18-20mpbs I get on my phone. Right now I have a limit of 5gigs with t-mo, I do download torrents on it and transfer then to my PC but Ive been staying under the limit

        • Paul

          I feel ya on the internet speeds, and the ridiculous prices they charge for slow connections. As long as you’re not taking up my bandwidth on my tower, which is in Texas, we are golden. 

          To cover my Arse, torrents are bad. 

    • Guest

      This from Tmobile TOS: “Web/Data: Your data session, plan, or service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted
      if you use your service in a way that interferes with or impacts our
      network or ability to provide quality service to other users, if you
      roam for a significant portion of your usage, or if you use a
      disproportionate amount of bandwidth during a billing cycle. You may not
      use your plan or device for prohibited uses.”

      I used Tmobile as my main internet line until I got my home connection fixed with the cable company (big headache) and they singled me out. It made my connection almost worthless. Over half my page requests came back with errors and it was slow as a snail. Not to mention, it overheated the hell out of my phone.

      BTW, a vast majority of torrents won’t work or they won’t connect very well. I’ve tried just out of curiosity and most of the time you can’t connect to peers.

      I used about 8-10gigs of month back before they had the 5gig limit on the unlimited lines… and that was regular usage considering I was an art student and needed access to references/large image files/zip files for things.

  • Jake Pham

    I still have the original G1 internet plan. $24.99 for unlimited web and 400 text.
    Is there a cap on this plan? Worth upgrading??


    • brian

      I’m pretty positive it has a 5GB cap. I called t-mobile a while back to ask and thats what they told me

      • Guest

        It has a 5gig cap. I’m on the preferred data plan (pretty much the same thing, but loyalty version) and it’s “unlimited”, but it caps at 5gig. I never hit the limit anymore, but my husband does all the time using Gmusic and pretty much if it’s the grandfathered unlimited, it throttles at 5gig. Though it’s worth asking if that means our connections will once again become truly unlimited again… I highly doubt but it’d be nice…

  • Sucksforu

    so pretty much this will be a useless plan when LTE rolls out soon …

    • King 42

      When is lte rolling out?

  • Saul Paita

    i dont suppose this will work with their Mobile HotSpots such as the 
    ZTE MF61
    i have one and the 5GB for $50 a month sucks!! any input or theorys??

  • Chaim

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and occasionally use the built-in mobile hotspot feature now without paying extra. Will I still be able to do that with the Unlimited 4G Nationwide Data ($20 Value Plan), or would I have to change to a plan that officially permits that feature?

  • claykin

    Not sure if that has been discussed, however I got word that these new “unlimited” data plans will be prioritized lower than capped data plans.  That means capped users have priority for traffic over the towers/back haul.  This will surely be a problem during peak usage.

    • JBLmobileG1

      This would make sense since the capped plans do cost more. I myself have the 10gb plan with tethering and to think I would pay an additional $30 just for the tethering and only get 10gb of high speed data… yeah I believe it. Can anyone else confirm this? I was thinking of switching to save money but if this is in fact true, I may just hold onto my current plan. After all I already save $5.00 because I signed up for this plan before they raised it to $65.

  • http://twitter.com/qhdevon43 Devon Edwards

    what if tmobile decided that yes they will offer truly unlimited 4G data speeds but secretly “throttles” certain “types” of traffic… such as the use of bit torrent or files being downloaded over 500mb… ?? any thoughts???

    • Guest

      It’s in their TOS that they reserve the right to discriminate connections. At least I finally found it when I was looking at the change plan/change services page in the fine print. I know for a fact they singled me out when I was using my tethering as my main internet when we were still fighting with the cable company. Like 3 out of 4 DNS requests would come back as page request errors when trying to just use the web. It was excruciating.

      • Guest

         Here it is: “Web/Data: Your data session, plan, or service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted
        if you use your service in a way that interferes with or impacts our
        network or ability to provide quality service to other users, if you
        roam for a significant portion of your usage, or if you use a
        disproportionate amount of bandwidth during a billing cycle. You may not
        use your plan or device for prohibited uses.”

        • http://twitter.com/qhdevon43 Devon Edwards

          Wow! how much data did you use normally? I plan to use this new plan for netflix and xbox 360 gaming which is totally possible… Also, have you noticed that sometimes when tethering clicking on “ads” dont work.. or when clicked it gives a request not found… so i do know that tmobile defaults to blocking certain spam ads or known popups… Also to prove my point, Connect to your tmobile wifi hot spot device on your laptop or PC, go to http://www.google.com and search “tmobile” (without quotes), and click on the very first link, which is a google ad services link… it will be blocked and say “could not find the page, or request cannot be completed..” Can anyone else Confirm this? 

        • Guest

          The first month it was OK until I was “flagged”. I used somewhere inbetween 8-10GB for a few months at first, but then I cut back substantially to probably something more like 5–7ish and still was pegged as a bandwidth hog for a while until I finally got my DSL connection and cut back to my old usage (200MB-2GB depending on the month). Even when out and about, my phone itself would lose page requests and nothing would load. Probably because I was put on the lowest priority, because it just seemed like punishment for my actual usage. This didn’t seem to stop until I completely backed off using the net for a month or two. It didn’t seem to matter if my billing cycle had reset or not, which was weird. A lot of times it would flat out deny some of my attempts to use the internet and if I backed off enough, it seemed to ease up, but if my usage went up a certain day, it went back to where it was (and my phone was not overheating, I checked). I used netflix and streamed two movies the first month  and it worked great. Once they pull you back, netflix and really any video streaming is extremely painful, even Youtube is slow as a snail. Especially since it just starts to disregard page requests half of the time, then it becomes more infuriating. If you were desperate, you’d have to leave the a video open and let it sit for half an hour or so for the video to load enough, but it felt like being back on dialup. Keep in mind, even without being throttled, the ping on Tmobile always seemed to be really high (150-200ish). So if you are trying to make it your primary connection, it’s not really the way to go if you’re gaming… My husband is into first person shooters and when he tried to game on his phone, he said it was impossible, the ping was just way too high. He used less data than me, probably 3-5GB. So in other words, for what you want to do I don’t think it’s really an option…

  • nth256

    So, someone please essplain…

    I currently have unlimited talk+text+5Gb data, and pay about $100/mo.

    If i call and “upgrade” to this, will i end up saving $10/mo?