T-Mobile Listening To Feedback, Improves Customer Service

T-Mobile is clearly making an attempt to listen to customer feedback by reinstating the ability for a customer to call in and say “agent” or “rep” to directly reach a customer support rep. This comes two weeks after they removed the very same ability in an effort to ensure customers were properly routed to the right department.

Feedback for this change was clearly negative based on our comment and social media feedback and T-Mobile obviously took that to heart by reinstating this feature. We can’t say our story was the sole cause but we’d like to think that way! In any case, bravo to our Magenta friends for making this change and helping to ensure the customer has a positive experience when they call in. We wished all companies made these kind of changes so smoothly.

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  • Cell Phone Chick

    News Flash Guys!! I have been finding out more and more outsourced call centers are being opened up. Right now I know of several supervisors and trainers from my call center alone that are in Panama training these people. Since more than half the call center is empty due to “nature attrition” in order to stay on the payroll they were pretty much forced to go train outsourcers. So yes, anyone who won’t reveal where they are located are an outsourcer. Those of us in the U.S. will tell you at least the state we are in. I figure either this is DT’s way of cutting costs before the merger so they can make as much money as possible or to ultimately replace those of us in the U.S. if the merger goes south. In Gen Care there were about 1000 reps in my call center at one point. Last shift bid there were over 350. Customer Retention is being ramped up (hiring/transferring) reps more and more and the word is that will be the main U.S. department as the merger approaches. All I can say for sure is that the T-Mobile we’ve grown to love is gone for good. Good ol’ corporate greed is here to stay.

    Those of you complaining about sitting on hold for a rep keep in mind you are dealing with now low staffed U.S. call centers and dumb ass outsourcers. You ask, why when I call sales I get right through?”, well Web and Telesales have always been outsourced to a company in Miami. So they are not T-Mobile reps either. I know our customers are pissed. Please don’t take it out on those of us fighting for our jobs. Take it out on outsourcers and contact DT or T-Mobile corporate. The rep that your bitching at in the U.S. can’t change a thing and thanks to these greedy ass execs, reps these days are more worried about their job rather than your future cell phone service.

    • servantofjc

      Fight back. demand to be transferred to a US call center and if they refuse ask to be transferred to cancellations.

  • Eddie Honey

    When my contact is over I will not use t-mobile as a celll phone carrier again, they have all those hillen fees your cell phone bill is higher then they said it would be. I have been with them for 12 years and I have never been billed such a high bill before.  It’s a shame no wonder people are going to prepaid phones.

  • Bobby

    I just say “Cancel” every time I call in (hint hint) I always get what I want each time by a rep that speaks perfect English and goes above and beyond my reason for calling in. 

  • Budjucat

    Rediculous. I have been with T-Mobile for 11 years. My phone is not working right. I replaced battery and still doesn’t work right. I called them to see if I could get it replaced, even if I had to purchase a phone.They won’t let me unless I renew a new 2 year contract. I do not want a renew but need a working phone till this current contract is up. Needless to say, I will still get a bill even with no phone and if I break contract, I will be charged 200 dollars. What kind of bull is that? Never again will I deal with or suggest anyone deal with this poor service again. Besides that, you cannot get reception in many areas.

  • v123456

    I have been with T-Mobile for many years and never been billed such a high bill before. The customer service is so disrespectful. Cell phones signal is not good as well. I will not use t-mobile again.

  • Juan

    hi guys if you read this think really hard before getting t_mobile because is the worst customer service ever and if you ever want o get out they will charge you a fee to port your phone number out. I was jacked $300 for no reason. Customer service will never work with you their only answer the have is “i am really sorry but” They do not decrease the cancelation fee as the other companies do like ATT Verizon or Sprint. If you go to their stores make sure you know your signing a two year contract even thoug they tell you no. Just a heads up for you guys to make sure you do not go throught out what I went.

  • Asif

    I hate T-Mobile I am stuck with T-Mobile 2 years plans please no body buy T-Mobile .dad service